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  1. Rinoa Heartilly

    Digital ̷A̷r̷t̷ World!

    As of the moment, this is a request thread. However, there will be times that it turns to commissions; Paypal only. For this request thread, I will only accept Digimon related ones. OC requests will be ignored. If commissioned, I will gladly draw them for you. COMPLETED REQUESTS
  2. flashback

    Artwork:The Legendary Pokémon (By me)

    Hello everyone, I made a new Pokémon Artwork about Articuno, it reminds me a lot of the League of Legends Anivia in which I had also done. A drawing, with the different than the Articuno is much easier to draw. Simpler strokes. Hope you like it was done recently without sketch and using as main...