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  1. M

    Free Pokesona,Original Character, and Random Pokémon Drawing Art Request!

    I can draw something you want me to draw!But you need to give/sent me the picture/appearance.Ask me anytime!Always free and open!
  2. Joy~

    S/M/US/UM Free Pokerus!

    Hey! I know that Pokerus is rare, but if anyone has a gen 7 game, i can trade you some Pkrs mons! I got Pkrs before the Fire Trial, and will happily give it to anyone who needs some! I'm not asking for anything rare. I'm just trying to complete the Island Dex atm, so if you have something i...
  3. BonslyJuice

    Art Requests

    Hey, how's it going? I'm Potato, and I'm here to ake your ideas into reality! I'm somehwat limited and varied. Here are the things that I mainly do: - Megas/Primals (Can give me ideas for abilities and moves, in addition to looks) - Fighting Scenes (longer wait) - Characters from RPs (require...
  4. Scrafty

    Sprite Requests

    You can give me some requests and I will make some for you. Some samples pokemon splices Some Pokemon Trainer Sprites