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heart gold soul silver

  1. Artisan-Cybersmith

    (HeartGold/SoulSilver) Moveset for technician Ambipom during main story

    Greetings! I require assistance in deciding on an moveset for my technician Ambipom. Currently I got... Strength (For overworld and battle usage) Double-Hit (Heard it was good for Technician Ambipom and benefit from STAB) Shadow Claw (Emergency Move in case my Scizor and Houndoom goes down...
  2. Cockyroaches

    Does anyone know the source for this art?

    I'd like to make a matching version of "heartgold" by mr. munchlax on the trainer card maker but i have no idea what the source for this Ho-Oh picture might be, much less if there even is a Lugia counterpart to fit a SS theme. Any clues?
  3. Tatzu

    Ask to Join Pokemon ReBurst: Kanto's Soul

    (The Discussion is over here: http://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-reburst-kantos-soul-discussion.14572/#post-32052 ) It was A Sunny Morning in Pallet town, Pidgey Singing, Butterfree flying through the Sky, a House next to The Lab, Sat with Jack sleeping inside, He woke up, Remembering that...