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  1. Psymallard

    Open Get Isekai'd

    Life is life. Drama, loss, degeneracy, taxes, and crises of futility are all common, though the love and glee experienced periodically by the masses makes it all worth it to them. What if there was something more? It's human nature to dream of a world better than what they have, whether it's...
  2. Mr.RMA

    Private/Closed Trainsekai

    (As stated in the title, this is a Private/Closed RP. Those involved know who they are) Sometime, someplace, you’ve just boarded a train. For what reason, and to what destination, only you know, but wherever it was you were expecting, you’re about to find yourself taking a detour. As the train...
  3. JayTaku

    Open Escape to a fantasy world discussion

    In this world if you die through some freak accident or unexpectedly while under the age of 20 you will have the choice to go to heaven (or hell depending on the person) or you can live out your life in an RPG type fantasy world. In this world you will be able to again magic powers and go on...