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  1. Fraseandchico

    Open Minecraft: Chronicles

    This Is A Minecraft RP. The Server Of Chronica Is A Peaceful World, Ruled By The Fair King Heir, Okay, Just Kidding, King Heir Is A Prejudged, Paranoid, tyrant Who Hates New Players Due To Influences, And Now He is Planning To Kick All the New Players out of his Main city With No Explanation...
  2. Fraseandchico

    Open My Hunger Games(PREQUEL)

    So, I Joined A Hunger Games RP A While Back, But, It Is Getting Closed Down, Sadly, So I Am Choosing To Make My Own Now! Here Are Some Rules 1. RULES 2. Flip a Coin To See if your Characters dies Or Not... It Works. 3. Play Two Characters, But They have To be The Same District. 4. Once All...