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  1. BonslyJuice

    Commissions~! (OPEN)

    Welcome, one and all! I'll be doing commissions here and there, and if you want one, just talk to me! Here are the options and prices: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Undertale Sprite Customization -----$10 Pokemon Sprite Fusion (Only gens 1-5) -----$12 Trainer Sprite...
  2. Cerol24x

    Pixel universe of Cerol's requests

    Howdy. My name is Cerol. You got on my page of requests. You can write here any pokemon you want... But there are exceptions. 1. Fusions. 2. Final evolutions (I have piece of paper, and pencils... I can't draw final evolutions, of some pokemons, because they are too big) 3. Something that...
  3. BonslyJuice

    8-Bit Requests

    Alola, everyone! (Prepare the cringe syringe) I'm doing a request thread, and I can do any pokèmon (wihtin reason; not too much detail) as an 8-bit character. The space is 32x32 pixels, so it can only be one object/character/pokemon, and if you have a request that isn't a mon, feel free to ask...
  4. Seal Pup

    Minecraft Armor Requests!

    Hello, it is VulpixNinetales! ⚆ _ ⚆ (Please don't say VulpixNinetails) I am doing Minecraft Armor Requests! Basically, I draw pixel art into fan-made minecraft armor! This takes a lot of my time, so please be patient with me. I can take 5 requests at a time, and feel free to request more! The...
  5. Scrafty

    Sprite Requests

    You can give me some requests and I will make some for you. Some samples pokemon splices Some Pokemon Trainer Sprites
  6. Shiny Motley

    Shiny's Sprite Thread (Open)

    Requests: OPEN Commissions: CLOSED Heyo! Welcome to my sprite thread! This is where I post all request/commission information. Request Rules: If requests are closed, do not ask me to make a sprite for you. If you do, I'll just ignore your post. One request per person. I have a heavy workload...