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  1. Sky_

    Ask to Join Imprisoned

    Pokémon have been caught for generations. Even before the invention of the Pokeball, people still kept them with each other. Some would develop bonds with their trainer, some would reject them. You, in this RP, will be playing as either a Pokémon living in the wild, or a trainer, hunting in the...
  2. ThunderScookie

    Pokeball Requests Here!

    Hello every one welcome to my FIRST ever Request thingy remember this is my FIRST ever so I may not have the right painting thingy to use(which is my mouse)but in the future I will get a better one(which is a tablet).Here are a few things you should know -Don't give to many details just tell how...
  3. Petrus G.P

    Open A different world, a different adventure - Welcome again to Kanto

    ((((((( In this pokemon adventure you will need a few things and a more important one is doing one of the consistent story, explore your imagination and your desire to be a pokemon trainer as well as companionship with others been, because after all we're here for fun. Ok... The rules... - In...
  4. TrappedNutCase

    Open Journey of Types

    ((In this one, you can only catch one type of Pokemon, with the exception of Pokemon with two types(example- if you're a flying type trainer you can catch a Charizard because it's a fire, and flying type) because at the age of 10 you take a personality quiz and are paired up with a type of...