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pokémon showdown

  1. kawaii_corgi

    Sun/Moon Singles Showdown teams to use to help start out

    Primarina @ Life Orb Ability: Liquid Voice -Hyper Voice -Moonblast -Scald -Psychic Clefable @ Leftovers Ability: Magic Guard -Fire Blast -Thunder -Amnesia -Defense Curl Milotic @ Leftovers Ability: Competitive -Recover -Toxic -Scald -Ice Beam Garchomp @ Rocky Helmet Ability: Rough Skin...
  2. kawaii_corgi

    Other One of my pokemon showdown teams suggetions?

    Ribombee @ Room Service Ability: Shield Dust -Sticky Web -Substitute -Dual Wingbeat -Draining Kiss Gardevoir @ Life Orb Ability: Synchronize -Triple Axel -Dream Eater -Hypnosis -Confuse Ray Garchomp @ Rocky Helmet Ability: Rough Skin -Spikes -Stealth Rock -Aqua Tail -Dual Chop Cinccino @...
  3. SylvieThePokemonTrainer

    Pokemon Showdown!

    Is this allowed under Pokemon Games Discussion, because it isn't an official Pokemon game (Or is it?) ? I'm sorry if this isn't allowed. Guys, I've recently been obsessed with Pokemon Showdown and I'm sure a lot of people are also XD I've just been battling a lot of people on Showdown who...
  4. Palusokudo

    XY/ORAS Singles Pokemon showdown uu team help

    Hey guys I need replacements for my Furret and Ninetalls, also you guys have any other ideas please tell me much appreciated. Here's my team right now. Furret @ Choice Scarf Ability: Frisk EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Return - Trick - Knock Off - U-turn...
  5. Troll Mewtwo

    XY/ORAS Potogo League

    The Potogo League is a small league on Pokémon Showdown. It is organized like the Pokémon Leagues you see in the actual games, with 8 Gym Leaders, the Elite Four, and the Champion...