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  1. Cryronn the Mudkip

    That’s right, another Superpower High School Romance (ETC) Roleplay Discussion

    You all must be very exited to get this letter of acceptance. Congratulations, you are one of five-hundred and fifty people entering our first year program in Comet Trail High School!! In this school you will learn about power control and usage, as well as normal studies. Dorm rooms will be...
  2. Cryronn the Mudkip

    Ask to Join All Righty Folks, Here’s To Whitesnake High School! (Rp)

    Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/hey-guys-guess-what-another-romantic-superpower-school-rp-discussion.22190/#post-847298 Hello there! This is your acceptance letter into the School- Whitesnake High School for Superpower Training, California! No matter your future course, we’d...
  3. Cryronn the Mudkip

    Open Hey guys guess what another romantic superpower school rp discussion.

    Hey pals! You may know me for making several role plays that never took off, and may know me for my grandmaster project Comet Trail High School, which took off like crazy by the way..! I decided to make another one with a similar setting and premise, but with less combat and more relationships...