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shadow pokemon

  1. PyroGaleZX

    Ask to Join Treasures of Todeno

    Sign-Up Link https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-treasures-of-todeno.23600/ Accepted Participants and their Characters @PyroGaleZX - Adrien Jones @BriefStar - Hayden Masters Region Map Oleaf Town Oleaf Town, a small urban town located on the edge of the Autumn Zone next to the Volcanic...
  2. Dapper_Cat

    Open Shadow Pokemon Outbreak RP?

    So, for some reason I just really want to do an RP based on Shadow Pokemon. For those of you unfamiliar with them, the Pokemon made their appearance in the Game Cube games Pokemon: Colosseum and it's sequel: Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness (I hope that doesn't put an emoticon). Essentially, Shadow...
  3. Riolu and Zorua

    Open The Aaria Mountains (Romance and adventure sign ups)

    Another roleplay made my me. Enjoy :blush: So all Pokémon in the Aaria region gather in one spot. It's called the Aaria mountains (it actally isn't a steep mountain. Just a city in a large hill like about 3,000 ft tall) They gather due to its the mating season. Where Pokémon choose their...
  4. Evenir

    Ask to Join Pokemon XD: Return to Shadow

    Alex watched from the small tunnel into the stadium with bright brown eyes as two elite trainers battled with their incredibly strong pokemon. A Venusaur was launching leafy attacks at a Dragonite as it soared around the battlefield. As the dragon temporarily haulted to launch its own attack...
  5. Evenir

    Ask to Join Pokemon XD: Return to Shadows

    Main Thread Welcome to the Orre region, a fairly small region that does not fall within the large League based region alignment. Here, pokemon champions are made in tournament style battles, set in coliseums for nearly the whole region to watch. However, many years ago, a group known as Cipher...