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  1. Sharksuitguy17

    Palette Swap Requests

    Welp, here it is. Quarantine got me bored and I need something to keep me sane during these times, so I've taken up spriting in the past 3 months! One type of spriting I found I really like is recolouring, specifically palette swaps, where you take the colour scheme of a Pokemon and put it and...
  2. ThePlayfulFox

    Private/Closed Eli in Dragnos

    I love this idea too much! Got to RP it! @Eliiiscool @RenzFlintrock You control ship, got it (I'm not going to auto) _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Flarea flew at breack-neck speed her sprite friend, Shui, held on to her scales...
  3. ThePlayfulFox

    Ask to Join The War of Dragnos (RP)

    DISCUSSION:https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-war-of-dragnos.20963/ Flarea defeated Ragenrok. She and her sprite friend, Shui, took his neacklace. But it wasn't enough. His followers built a new body for the dragon. He came back and tried to claim the throne. However, Flarea also claimed the...
  4. ThePlayfulFox

    Ask to Join The War of Dragnos

    RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-war-of-dragnos-rp.20983/ Oh boy, there is a lot to explain. To save room most of the information for the races of this world will be kept in Spoiler boxes. This is a world that I created myself. If there are any similarities for any book, Tv show, or movie...
  5. N314

    I take sprite requests

    I take sprite requests. I just like editing sprites but I need requests. This is an example of what I can do: My DeviantArt: https://chaosneia.deviantart.com/ (ChaosNeia on DeviantArt)
  6. AyraDX

    DX Recolour House

    Excepting Sprite recolours at all times! I can do 3D sprites, so feel free to request a pokemon from gen 6 and/or gen 7!
  7. Scrafty

    Sundover kids ideas

    Hello everyone. The Sundover kids are kids that have a talent and I have to make a sprite based off them. Their talent has to be based of their looks. In my sig the Sundover kids sprites are there. Ill add all Sundover kids to the sig. Thanks for helping me for ideas.
  8. Anchiale

    Anchiale The Muse - Sprites and Stories - Open

    Hi and welcome to my thread! If you couldn't already tell, this is for sprites and stories. I will take two requests for stories and two request for sprites, but mind that I take my time in building plot and story, or brainstorming and researching detail on characters. Also, when you get your...
  9. Coliboom

    Mega Sprite Request

    Anyone see the new Sun and Moon trailer? I may have to get off Team Popplio now :p Anyways, it said that Mega Evolution is back in the new trailer, so I decided to make some sprites for you guys (also as kindof a welcoming party, I'm a little new here). Give the Pokemon, what Ability and Type...
  10. Hisseki

    {OPEN} Hisseki no Mise - Sprite Request Thread

    (^0^)ノ Kon'nichiwa! I'm Hisseki, if it wasn't evident enough. This thread is here because I wanted to start doing sprite requests. I find sprite-making to be pretty fun, and while I may not be the best at it like some other Charmers, I still try, and I still enjoy doing it. I can take up to...
  11. Luke The Evil Spheal

    Gen 3 overworld sprites [Requests: open]

    You want gen 3 overworld sprites made for one of your original characters? Well look no further! Send me a drawing, trainer sprite [battle], photo, whatever you want and I'll make a spritesheet in the style of a GBA pokemon game.
  12. Shiny Motley

    Shiny's Sprite Thread (Open)

    Requests: OPEN Commissions: CLOSED Heyo! Welcome to my sprite thread! This is where I post all request/commission information. Request Rules: If requests are closed, do not ask me to make a sprite for you. If you do, I'll just ignore your post. One request per person. I have a heavy workload...