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  1. =Nightshade=

    Ask to Join Jungle Juice: NEONEST (RP)

    Happy birthday to me, here’s a Jungle Juice RP! Anyway discussion thread is in the place where discussion threads are, and there is a discord server. Let’s get right into it! HIVE was a vast underground complex that housed most of the insect-humans still alive following the massacre ten years...
  2. RhythmThief


    (Link to discussion thread ----> https://pokecharms.com/threads/gathers-under-night.28029/ In there you can find plot details, current characters, a map of the RP location, the character sheet and much more.)...
  3. RhythmThief


    (RP THREAD LINK -------> https://pokecharms.com/threads/gathers-under-night.28128/) To ye who hears my voice, you are broken...plagued...demented, and deformed. You feign happiness, blissful ignorance, false forgiveness...yet your heart cries in pain, silenced and hidden away by the fear of...
  4. TheGrimmRemix027

    Ask to Join Circulo De Muerte Discussion Thread

    Plot: A plane harboring refugees, criminals, and military personnel flies back from a recently ended war. The plane malfunctions and they crash on a medium-sized deserted island in the Atlantic ocean. Some survive and the bodies of those who died along with the crashed plane float out to sea...
  5. Ultimate Roleplayer

    Open C.A.H.

    C.A.H. Is a secret part of the government that Contains, And Hides supernatural things, like Aliens, Werewolves, talking animals, and ect. In this rp you can either work for C.A.H. or be a supernatural creature. Here are the C.A.H. ranks: Trainee. Soldier. From here you can choose to be a...