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  1. NotaViolinist

    Private/Closed The Midnight Ball (based on Monster Prom)(COMPLETE)

    Discussion board is here! Check for more details on the characters. As a student at the nation's most prestigious school for monsters, you have a duty to study hard and pass your tests. But the Midnight Ball is coming up, and you really want to go with someone special! A list of the school's...
  2. NotaViolinist

    Ask to Join Squad 17 (Superhero RP)

    If you're interested, read the "Squad 17 (Superhero RP) Discussion" thread under General Role Play Discussion, thanks! ~ Leon had done the research. He had read file after file, filled out spreadsheets, even polled his coworkers to see their opinions. These were the best candidates for the...
  3. FrouFrou

    Private/Closed Murder in the Circus?!? ((FINISHED))

    This RP has now been completed. Well done! ((Signup thread is here.)) It is said that once every three years, a very special circus comes to Kanto's Celadon City to perform, staking their tent behind the Game Corner. Humans and Pokemon alike travel from all over the region to marvel at the...
  4. Stormursa

    Open Void dancing

    This is set in the same world of my old Wisteria rp. This time this rp takes place in the empire of ash, Omeae. Born from aggression and the subjugation of other weaker kingdoms this empire is now part taking in a war. As the emperor focuses on the war his lower classes are starving. This...