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team building

  1. kawaii_corgi

    Sun/Moon Singles Showdown teams to use to help start out

    Primarina @ Life Orb Ability: Liquid Voice -Hyper Voice -Moonblast -Scald -Psychic Clefable @ Leftovers Ability: Magic Guard -Fire Blast -Thunder -Amnesia -Defense Curl Milotic @ Leftovers Ability: Competitive -Recover -Toxic -Scald -Ice Beam Garchomp @ Rocky Helmet Ability: Rough Skin...
  2. Prof. Galeun

    Open Scoria Foundation [Neutral Team] Discussion

    Scoria Foundation “To make a Continent, to Make Are Own Home! To Build a new Future for us, To Study Pokemon to Move us forward:” “Together!” -Prof. Galeun Description: For Centuries we lived under the Rule of our Government and their unchanged ideal making choices that benefit them over us...
  3. Silver-Solis

    XY/ORAS Singles Crushed by Stalls!

    So, recently I have been experiencing more losses. It tends to come from stall Pokemon (Such as the Whirlwind Skarmory) I would expect my Talonflame to be able to take care of this with flare blitz, but for some reason, they are surviving with just a bit of health, and it just cracks me open...