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trainer character

  1. L

    How to Make a Sprite for the Trainer Card Maker?: Answered!

    Hello! I'm brand a brand new member, although I've been using the trainer card maker for a while. I was wondering if there was any maker for the custom trainer sprites I've seen or are they just made and then uploaded. I would really appreciate the help! Thank you so very much~!
  2. thepsifox09

    Open STRENVIL: The (almost) non-human habituated region!

    Greetings, curious one. Do you dare to explore the wild region of Strenvil? Be aware, not many trainers come from the capital of the region, since it is the only town in the whole region! Fear not, since there are gyms, but only the strongest and bravest are able to reach them, and not many have...
  3. Nidocool

    Pokémon Sun and Moon: Trainer Customization

    So, I was just wondering. Do any of you guys think that they actually WILL bring back trainer customization in Pokémon Sun and Moon? If so, what would you like to see. There's personally a lot for me, such as bandanas, ponytails for the guys, more hair colors, and maybe the ability to NOT wear a...