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valorine region

  1. •spirit•

    Private/Closed ◈The Valorine Region! (RP)◈

    Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-valorine-region-discussion-sign-ups.22165/ ~~~~~~~~~~ Jade woke up to the scrubbing of rocks on her neck. She rolled around groggily in her bed, before opening her eyes to an orange blur. She got up and rubbed her eyes, and looked down at...
  2. •spirit•

    Private/Closed The Valorine Region! (Discussion & Sign Ups)

    A newly discovered region for you, Valorine sports many different environments that other regions don't have. New Pokemon have been discovered here, as well as the ones we all know and love. This region is divided into 6 small islands, all connected by red bridges and many cherry blossom trees...