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world coronation series

  1. kyuukestu

    Private/Closed World Coronation Series Promotion Match

    EstherWednesday, June 15 – Motostoke Stadium, Motostoke, Galar Region Esther sat in an envious position; cozying up in a front-row seat, ready to witness the match of the month. It was five minutes to the hour and the sun hung high in the sky, on the cusp of its noon-day zenith. Even now, with...
  2. kyuukestu

    Ask to Join Pokémon: Role Play Thread

    Esther Wednesday, June 8 – Aqua Resort, Sophian Island, Oblivia Region Island Life! All around the world that phrase stirred envy and wishful fantasies. A lounge by the beach accompanied by a fresh Piñap Colada: three ice cubes chilled it to perfection and a half-squeeze of citrus provided that...