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Private/Closed (12+) The Daycare

(@Frisk @EspeonTheBest @NightRaven @Twilight Nova @Eeveechu151 )

(Warning viewer descretion is advised.)

It all started one day, when a trainer figured out that if you breed to Pokemon, you could make it stronger. And then a series of events occurred as to which now the world we live in today became what it is now. Where humans force pokemon to breed weather they like it or not, and then watch as their children are taken away. All of this takes place at a location simply known as The Daycare.

The Umbreon was dropped into the enclosure with the some other Pokemon. Knowing what was going to happen soon he decided to get to know his surroundings. It was a nice open meadow with a forest to the east, and a lake to the west. And around him were Pokemon just milling around, unaware to what was going to happen. Dusk had been sent there because he had had a modest nature. And 2 Ivs. And right up until that point his life had been great. Not looking where he was going he bumped into another Mon'. "Sorry." He said quickly to the Pokemon.
Ironically, the other Pokémon happened to be an Umbreon as well. This one, however, seemed to be rather nervous, jumping a bit and half-tripping when they collided. She quickly regained her footing and apologized sheepishly before hurrying off in the opposite direction.
A few minutes later after the other Umbreon had scurried off, the humans started coming. The Umbreon had heard tales that only the strongest were picked for breeding, and survival, and the others well, they were disposed of. So Dusk strutted around until he was grabbed by his collar and dragged over to an empty stall. He was dropped inside, into a bale of hay and there was stuff all around him. Food, water, blankets. The Umbreon was a little confused. "I thought this Place was going to be a dungeon..." He said out loud.
"Bye bye! Be a good girl Ina!" The trainer called as the Espeon stared ahead; moderately confused as to why her trainer was leaving. She looked up and smiled uncertainty up at the lady who was looking down at her. Around the Espeon's tail was a bright pink and orange ribbon that glowed softly. Her paws had the lightest tint of blue to them; a rare Espeon. If not rare, than unique at least. Ina sighed softly and shook out her pelt before standing up. The lady who was there before held up a small collar, to which Ina leaped off the table and casually strolled around the main room of the Daycare. 'What goes on here? Why did he leave me?' Ina thought, panic pricking at her fur. Eventually she trotted around happily; her ignorance blessing her.

The lads approached her once more, cooing words like, "Aww! Look at the Espeon! She wants a treat, right? Right?" Ina tilted her head in dumbstruck confusion. She wasn't a kit anymore. "Fine..." She mumbled and allowed the lady to slip a red collar around her neck and pick her up; carrying her to the back rooms.

Ina was dropped into a small enclosure. "Hey! I'm not a Ponyta nor will I ever be! I do NOT eat hay!" She protested as she was secured in there.

"I thought this place was a dungeon."

The Espeon heard another voice, not too far from where she was. Ina sighed and plopped down; unhappily flicking her tail back and forth.
"Do you think this is a test? What do they want us to do?" Nocturne asked nervously pacing. Another of the Day care workers started prodding the Umbreon with a metal rod. "Hey cut that out!" He yelped biting at the pole. The human growled something before coming into the cage itself. It dragged the Umbreon over by the scruff and set it next to Ina. It then walked out of the room, and turned off the lights.
Ina stopped swishing her tail in discontent as an Umbreon was dragged over by a human. Ina whimpered in sympathy for the Umbreon. The Espeon jumped up in surprise as the lights turned off. "Hey! I don't appreciate you turning off the lights. I can barely see." Ina growled to herself. "So, how are you?..." She asked the Umbreon with hesitation. It was truly an intriguing first encounter to be honest. Ina lit up the red gem on her forehead to release more light, but the dim red glow was barely better than the darkness that already shrouded the two Eeveeloutions.
"Unharmed, at least for the time being." He said as he tried to figure out the layout of the stall. His rings glowing slightly as well. He pawed at something in the the gloom. "Hey i think I found a bed. Although there is only one..." He trailed off quietly. The darkness seemed to muffle his voice, which he found slightly unnerving.
The Umbreon from before, wishing to avoid as much contact with anyone else- Pokémon or human- climbs up a tree in the corner of the Daycare and lies down on a high branch.
"Err... Hey? Are you still there?" The Umbreon asked dragging the bed towards the middle of the room. It was a large nest like object, made from soft grasses and leaves, most likely form the daycare yard. And the lights flickered again.
"Oh, yes... I'm sorry I drifted off. I do that quite often; my apologies." Ina remarked as she snapped her head along with the exit of her daydream. It was a nice daydream, one with many other Pokemon and many adventures. The Espeon glanced at the nest with a slight appalled look on her face. "One? What do they expect us to be cramped all night or one of us to freeze?" She commented quietly. Ina shook out her fur and jumped as the lights flickered. "Goodness, they might want to fix that." The Espeon sighed as something inside her snapped. 'I am so done with this. Where is my Trainer? I can't keep being formal like this.' She thought to herself.