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20th Pokémon Movie Gets its First Full-Length Trailer


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Back in December of last year, the first teaser for the 20th Pokémon movie was revealed by the Japanese children's TV show Oha Suta. Now, two and a half months later, Oha Suta has also aired the first full-length trailer for the film, named "Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!" in Japan.

This new movie trailer shows us a retelling of the day that Ash Ketchum first met Pikachu. Long-time fans of the anime series will quickly spot several differences within the trailer from the original anime episode, such as the slightly altered design of Ash's hat and, more importantly, the increased focus on Ho-Oh. You can take a look at the trailer for yourself below.

There's still little known about the movie beyond the currently existing promotional materials and this trailer itself, but we'll be sure to share further details once more information is revealed. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer and speculate away!
This looks adorable :) the Pokémon movies usually aren't the best apart from a few but I have really high hopes for this. But how will one episode be a whole movie? :? Really excited for this, I wonder if they'll show it in cinemas? (They usually don't)
I'm honestly very curious to see how they'll be stretching the original 24 minute anime episode into a full-length movie. The movie is looking really cute thus far, though, and I adore that movie logo.

Also, have some adorable new artwork:

wow I cant wait!! usually in pokemon movies there is a focus legendary Ho oh must be it! overall it looks epic cant wait for the English trailer so I can understand it!<.>
I'm pumped about the concept of it. But as mentioned above, I'm curious on how they will expand the episode to a full movie. My best assumption is that they'll spend more time on the whole bonding issue between Ash and Pikachu, and make the Spearow conflict a little longer. But still can't wait for the release. Only complaint, is the hat. It's gonna drive me nuts the entire movie. I know it.
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i cant wait i wonder if they finally explain what went down with the GS ball depending on how they play the movie out maybe they will come out with a less annoying conclusion for it then it just sitting at Kurt's workshop though i wish they had brought back the original hat design in stead of mixing it with the original and the more recent versions


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The hat kinda bugs me.

As someone who sought out the original Indigo League hat for yeeears and was super stoked when I finally found one to buy, it bugs me, too. It's just differeeeent. XD

That being said, I've managed to accept it as a means of quickly distinguishing the movie reboot from the original anime series. I'm still curious to hear exactly why they changed the design but, even if we never do, I can live with it.

That being said...

Original design > Redesign~ :angel:
After only watching sporadic episodes and movies of the anime growing up and only watched the first episode recently, I hope they improve greatly upon the 'cringeworthy' aspects of it. Ash was kind of dull on some of the basic facts of the world given that he had grown up in the Pokemon universe.
I wish the English release would come soon. I've waited too long for it. I also wonder why an Incineroar would show up in Kanto. In the original anime we don't see a Pokemon from Alola.


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People think in the 3rd trailer that red would be in it, I don't blame them, that guy's hat looks exactly like red's old-school hat. That's one of the reasons i'm curious to see it.