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2nd League Season coming up fast! Make sure you're ready.


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The 2nd season, the 6 on 6 doubles season of the first league, will be starting quicker than you think. If you haven't already been begun tweaking or constructing a new doubles team for this next season, now's the time to do it.

Just as a reminder, Andrew and Kerauno have been blocked from participating in the second half of the league due to not meeting the 10 match completion mark, just as KoL originally explained in his final notice. This means they'll be blocked from competing in the leagues next year, too. Everyone else is fine and able to compete as normal.

If the rest of you have any issues with competing in the second half, let me and KoL know ASAP so we can discuss the situation.

Another fuller announcement concerning the 1st season final scoring and a couple of changes that will be happening during the 2nd half will be posted within the next few days, so look out for it.

Scroll down to see KoL's post reviewing the doubles season rules, thanks. :)


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Competitors probably already know the rules for this part of the league already, but for those who aren't 100% sure, I'm going to clarify the whole lot right here:

- All matches will be double battles for this half of the league (I hope to Arceus everyone knows this at least...)
- All matches will be 6 vs 6, so make sure you have 6 Pokemon all ready to compete.

The clauses active are as follows:

- Species Clause: No two Pokemon with the same National Pokedex number can be used on one team.
- Item Clause: All 6 hold items on your team MUST be unique - no duplicate items whatsoever. Soul Dew is banned from use entirely.
- Fair Play Clause: If a player uses Explosion, SelfDestruct, Perish Song or Destiny Bond to cause a draw, the user of the respective move loses.

The following Pokemon are banned from use:

- Mewtwo
- Mew
- Lugia
- Ho-Oh
- Celebi
- Kyogre
- Groudon
- Rayquaza
- Jirachi
- Deoxys
- Rotom
- Dialga
- Palkia
- Giratina
- Phione
- Manaphy
- Darkrai
- Shaymin
- Arceus

If any competitors have any queries, please PM either myself or Katie and we'll do what we can to help you.

Best of luck to all participants. :)