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#663 - Talonflame


Eevee Tamer
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#663 - Talonflame


Japanese Name:
Classification: Scorching Pokémon
Height: 3' 11"
Weight: 54.0 lbs.
Egg Group: Flying


Ability: Flame Body
Hidden Ability: Gale Wings


Revealed: Talonflame was revealed during the Pokémon X and Pokémon Y presentation at E3 on the 12th of June, it was revealed alongside Clauncher and Skrelp.

Additional Info: As described by Pokemon.com, "An evolved form of the recently announced Fletchling, Talonflame is a Fire- and Flying-type Pokémon that gains a whole new level of speed and firepower. It dives at foes, and then attacks with devastating kicks."


X: In the fever of an exciting battle, it showers embers from the gaps between its feathers and takes to the air.
Y: When attacking prey, it can reach speeds of up to 310 mph. It finishes its prey off with a colossal kick.


Evolve Fletchinder



Evolves from Fletchinder at level 35.


--- Brave Bird
--- Flare Blitz
--- Tackle
--- Growl
Lv. 6 - Quick Attack
Lv. 10 - Peck
Lv. 13 - Agility
Lv. 16 - Flail
Lv. 17 - Ember
Lv. 25 - Roost
Lv. 27 - Razor Wind
Lv. 31 - Natural Gift
Lv. 39 - Flame Charge
Lv. 44 - Acrobatics
Lv. 49 - Me First
Lv. 55 - Tailwind
Lv. 60 - Steel Wing
Lv. 64 - Brave Bird



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So this is technically the first Pokemon of Generation VI that we've seen that is an evolved form of a previously revealed Pokemon, and not only is it the main bird of the region, but it's not normal typing :0 This Pokemon is already pretty unique, and I can already see it pulling a Swellow and not really needing a third evolution, though I really would love to see one~


Feathered Overseer
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I don't care that it has a crappy name. It's beautiful and I adore it already and it's perfect :') It's the bird of prey Pokemon I've been waiting for, and it's fast which I love and it's Fire/Flying! That might give it a few nasty weaknesses to common types/moves but I shall be having one anyway. Insta-fave :D



Eevee Tamer
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I'm one of very few people who actually like its name! It really is a very nice bird though and I'm quite happy that they made it flying/fire, because if Fletchling is the bird we catch early on in the games then that means I could choose Chespin as my starter and still have an awesome fire type..hmm.

It's a really nice design too, and I can easily see me falling in love with it. ♥


Hero of Pizza
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I gotta agree with others on the name thing: the Japanese name would've been perfect as this birdie's English name too. But a name's a name and doesn't detract from how frelling awesome Talonflame looks - and it can learn Brave Bird to boot! I love it and will happily grab a Fletchling on my first playthrough now that I know it evolves into this. :love:

Doubled said:
This Pokemon is already pretty unique, and I can already see it pulling a Swellow and not really needing a third evolution, though I really would love to see one~

Unless they end up shoving a mid-stager in, I'm thinking the same. It looks too big and mighty to not be the final evolutionary stage.
This pokemons name..meh. Looks like they didn't even try on this name.

Hmm, I do like its design however. I absolutely love the flames on its back, it really caught my eye. I like how his hair/feathers spike up at his head, and the color scheme for this pokemon is awesome.

This should be enough for a 3rd evolution, but if we do get another evolution for this guy I can imagine how cool it would look.
:? i dunno bout this one, i'm planning on fennekin, so i hope their is another early flying type, but just not like zubat and woobat though ( they where terrible :@)
The name..how uncreative. Still has a ring to it. But that design; It looks like a real bird of prey, unlike Pidgeot. And this thing having a fire/flying combo? I can picture KFC creating a forest fire. Its like a small yveta- //slapped.
Talon and Flame, So creative. . . I'm disappointed.
Just like with Team Flare, they had a chance to come up with an epic evil team name, but didn't.
I'm surprised how many don't like the name. I think it sounds really cool. This was one of the first Pokemon I used in Gen 6 and it's pretty good.
Moltres just got served. Now this is a butt kicking Pokémon that I'd want. Finally they come up with a bird Fire and Flying type that's not legendary (Talonflame and Fletchinder).