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#667 - Litleo


Eevee Tamer
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#667 - Litleo

Japanese Name:
Classification: Lion Cub Pokémon
Height: 0.6m / 2" 00"
Weight: 13.5kg / 29.8 lbs
Egg Group: Field


Ability: Rivalry or Unnerve
Hidden Ability: Moxie


Revealed: Litleo was revealed in the 2013 July CoroCoro issue alongside Scatterbug, Flabébé, and Spewpa.

Additional Info: As translated from CoroCoro, "Litleo is a hot-blooded Pokemon that is quick to start fights. In battle, its red bang radiates heat, and when up against a strong opponent, the temperature increased. When wild Litleo grow stronger, they leave the pack and begin to live alone."


X: The stronger the opponent it faces, the more heat surges from its mane and the more power flows through its body.
Y: They set off on their own from their pride and live by themselves to become stronger. These hot-blooded Pokémon are quick to fight.


Route 22



Evolves into Pyroar at level 35


--- Tackle
--- Leer
Lv. 5 - Ember
Lv. 8 - Work Up
Lv. 11 - Headbutt
Lv. 15 - Nobel Roar
Lv. 20 - Take Down
Lv. 23 - Fire Fang
Lv. 28 - Endeavor
Lv. 33 - Echoed Voice
Lv. 36 - Flamethrower
Lv. 39 - Crunch
Lv. 43 - Hyper Voice
Lv. 46 - Incinerate
Lv. 50 - Overheat



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Hero of Pizza
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Re: #??? - Shisiko

The Sugi artwork makes Shisiko look a bit dopey but its 3D model is adorable. I bet it'll look even more cute animated in the TV series too. Something tells me that I won't regret passing over Fennekin on my first (maybe even second) playthrough of X/Y with this fuzzy in the game.

Can't wait to see what it involves into. ♥
Re: #??? - Shisiko

Well, isn't this guy the quite little derp. Haha, all jokes aside, he does look like he has some potential.

I've been wanting another fire hound like Arcanine or Houndoom, so hopefully this pokemon can live up to those expectations. I'll most likely end up having this on my team, but we'll just have to wait and see.


Eevee Tamer
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Re: #??? - Shisiko

It's perfectly adorable and I knew the second I saw it that I /must/ have the thing on my team and I hope it evolves into some epic lion. ♥

Between this and Talonflame though it does make me realise that I can't really choose Fennekin as my starter and still have all these Fire Types, so I'm probably going to end up with choosing Chespin.


Formerly Karu
Dear god, I was hoping for a lion Pokemon. Not that I'm late to this discussion or anything... Upon looking at it I questioned Fire/Dark but I doubt that'd even be factored into the evolutions. Here's some hopes that it has two evolutions! ;D
Am I the only one who wants this adorable little thing to turn into a chimera like creature with a mane of fire?? I mean it would look cool and it could possibly be Fire/Flying. By the way did i say this thing is adorable??
I was fortunate to find this little gal early on my Y adventure. It's like many stage 1 Pokemon, cute but also tough over time. When she evolved, it was a little bittersweet for me.