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Private/Closed 7 Seas (discussion)


Previously Schrift007
600 years ago, the world was ruled by Lord Daragon, he ruled the seas after eating the Fruit of the Heavens, making him a living god. For years he ruled the world, until seven heroes, challenged and fought him. The heavens shook and the oceans raged, the legendary battle created the seven seas. When Lord Daragon was defeated, his body became the Blood Gems, powerful stones that fuse with their user's soul giving them extraordinary powers, the bond can only be broken with death. These gems are extremely rare. Those seven heroes, founded the seven seas, as for Lord Daragon's his soul was bound to a hidden island. The year is 1649, and pirates own the seas. The world is split in seven pieces: Gekido (volcano island), Sakana (The underwater City), Kemono (The savage lands), Hikari (The holy lands), Kinzoku (the Iron city), Kage ( Assassin's island), Horitsu (Marine's base). Each of these places, are owned by their Warlords, descendants of the 7 heroes.

Hello, I am Chester Tamashi. I am the captain of the Northern Dragon. During a raid on an unmarked ship, my crew found a logbook that dates back a couple hundred years ago. It had some truely terrible things, but it was mainly focused on Lord Daragon. Whoever wrote it was not alone, it was almost like a piece of a puzzle, but shockingly enough, it has plans on how to resurrect him. Whoever wrote it coded it in a secrete language. Sadly during the raid, I lost part of my crew and I'm asking for you're help. If you find this bottled note and you're a pirate meet me and my crew on Ghost Island off the coast of Kage. Till then I wish you luck.

Captain- This is pretty self explanatory, he is in charge of he ship and what happens. He controls the important matter: Where the ship goes, Should they go to port or should the engage in combat.

Quarter masters- These people were second in command, just below the captain, they controlled, treasure distribution and punishments. They often checked that everyone was doing their jobs. They were the captain's second hand (wo)man

Boatswain- These seamen, were skilled and were incharge of the deck, they supervised the deck crew. They were incharge of the mast as well. If the ship was in combat, they would lead a small group to fight.

Master gunmen- These people were as the name suggested, they were incharge of the guns of the ship, they controlled the cannon crew.

Pilot- These people navigated the ship, they steered the ship and are often seen in the helm.

Rigging monkey- This was often a very young child who often climbed the mast to work on the rigging.

Character sheet:

Blood gem: (If they have one, they can get one later on in the rp)
Backstory: (Optional)
Pet: (if they have one)

-As usual follow pokecharms' rules

-Romance is allowed (maybe encouraged)

-Blood gems are really rare

- The amount of people with blood gems will increase in time

-Don't take violence too far, if you do add a warning

- This is not going to be mainly focused on fighting, though there will be a lot of it.

-you can make up animals, for pets

Name: Chester Tamashi

Age: 364 (but looks 19)

Gender: Male

Rank: Captain

Appearance: He tall skinny man with multiple scars in his body. His eyes are dark red, and his hair is black and knotted, often smelling like salt water. He wears a dark red, gentlemen's coat, with black trousers, his black boots boots run up to the top of his shins. On his head he wears a feathered black hat, with on singe red feather. His blood gem is located on his chest, just above his heart, it is shaped like the infinite symbol. His ship tattoo is located at the nape of his neck, it shows a dragon.

Personality: He is a very optimistic captain, who doesn't really take much seriously. Some call him insane, others say he's a moron. Whatever he is, it doesn't stop him from being a great captain. He does not rule with an iron fist, but with a daring and adventurous attitude. He is sly and nimble preferring to use stealth and ambushes, to win a battle but that doesn't mean he won't go in guns blazing.

Blood gem: The immortality gem, to put it simply ,he cannot die. This means his gem cannot be separated from him.

Weapon: Duel machetes, and one flint lock pistol.

Backstory: He was born on Kemono, the place was very tribal and only the strong could survive. He wanted to leave, but knew he had duties in his Tribe. That all changed when pirates attacked, most of the tribe died and few (including Chester) were kidnapped. While in the ship, Chester was forced to do the rowing and the cooking. After a few moths, the ship was attacked by pirates, Chester was the only one saved. He grew up on the ship, learning the ropes of becoming a pirate. By the time he was 16 he was the quarter master to the ship, and during a raid he found a blood gem in a chest. He didn't now what it was at first, but the captain allowed him to have it. Soon after, new about his having a blood gem ran though the ship, and part of the crew started a mutiny, where the captain and Chester were thrown of board. Chester survived and spent 250 years submerged, until he was able to crawl his way out of the ocean. He took back his ship and killed all the men that threw him off, making him captain of the Northern Dragon.

Pet: Saru, (his capuchin monkey). Saru looks like most capuchins with backhand white fur. Saru is often seen with a knife on his back, but the strangest thing about Saru is his 4 tails.


Blood gems: 1/3
Immortality (@Schrift007 )
Illusion (@EnviousWorm )

Captain- @Schrift007 (Chester Tamashi)

Quarter Master: @Gamingfan (Piran Swern)

Boatswain: 1/2 @Red Gallade (Ren Erwin)

Master Gunmen: @EnviousWorm (Olanian Scipio) & @Radioactive_Microwave281 (Dorian Blackhorse)

Pilot: @MihajloJedi (Mickey Grau)

Rigging monkey: @Night's Shadow (Kei Tanaka)
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This RP looks really interesting! Before I make my char, may I ask for a lil' more detail about the seven places? The char I make will most likely come from Kage.


Previously Schrift007
Thanks! Kage is the assassin's island, it is home to the most dangerous killers. It is the opposite of Hikari, with little laws that centre around their warlord. Most people there either kill for a living or be killed, Kage is normally a run down island, with homes being made from pieces of drift wood and scrap metal, it holds a hierarchy where the deeper in you go, the more the place accommodates more important people, it's like a penguin huddle, with the safest and best place to live is the center.

Tell me if you need more information on the place.
I'm sure I'll be fine.

Name: Ren Erwin
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Rank: Boatswain
Appearance: Standing at 5'9" with skin between pale and fair, his body build shows him to be quite slim. He has Dark Brown eyes and his facial expression is mainly a scowl and has long, messy jet Black hair that reaches down to his chin. His attire consists of a Red shirt, a Black knee long jacket, Black pants held by a Brown belt and tucked in to Black boots, the belt has two slits for his cutlasses and two straps forming an X on his chest which hold many throwing knives which strongly resemble feathers. Above all this, he wears what is considered to be his 'notable' hooded Black cloak, reaching down to his ankles and able to cover his entire body with a mane made from large Black feathers.
Personality: Ren is a quiet person of few words and doesn't often have the first word in conversations, often rude or blunt in his way of speaking regardless of who it is and never afraid to talk back to anyone, despite this, he shows signs of being kind to people he likes... or tolerates. When in battle, he shows his true colors, a man who relishes the thrill of battle and the feeling of taking the life of those who "have it coming." If the battle is challenging enough, his scowl can change in to a ear wide, terrifying smile.
Blood gem: Doesn't have one yet.
Weapon: Dual cutlasses, multiple throwing knives.
Backstory: As a man born Kage, Ren's life was a never ending struggle in a land where it was kill or be killed, his parents murdered in front of him before his sixth birthday, luckily, he was found by a skilled killer who seemed to have a "kinder heart" and a diagonal scar across his face. The man took Ren in and raised him as his own, training him everything he knew about the world they lived in, the skills he needed in order to survive and to kill people before they killed him. Ren killed his first person at nine, much to his mentor's delight, however by the time Ren reached fifteen, his mentor mysteriously vanished. Ren spent his next two years as a sword for hire, known for the bloody outcomes of his battles and the crows that seemed to follow him, earning him the title "The Red Crow."
Pet: He doesn't have one, but whenever he's around, he's likely seen around a few crows, one notable one has a scar diagonally on it's face between the eyes.
Other: N/A

One other question I have is even though your guy's immortal, can't he still be killed? If not then that just becomes unfair and your thing is practically plot armor 2.0.
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Previously Schrift007
@Red Gallade accepted nice character, the powers you can obtain, range from elemental control to body modifications, if a human doesn't have it you can add it.

Also my character can be killed, if they destroy his soul, the gem only makes his physical body, immortal, so if you destroy his souls that would kill him. He can also die, if you destroy every cell in his body instantly, like there has to be nothing left. My guy is basically dead pool, with a quicker healing factor.


Previously Night's Shadow
Name: Kai Tanaka
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Rank: Rigging monkey

Appearance: Small and frail-looking, with large vermillion eyes and white-pale skin. Her hair is naturally the same shade of red as her eyes with natural gold highlights. She wears a beat-up sleeveless black leather top with a pair of ragged trousers. Doesn’t wear shoes. Wears a leather strap diagonally across her chest that holds her quiver of crossbow bolts. Has a large scar at the base of her throat that continues down to her sternum. Sometimes dons a black bandana that covers the lower half of her face.
Personality: Calm and withdrawn. Shown to be incredibly tactical and strategic in the heat of battle. Fiercely loyal to her crew. Quick and agile, almost impossibly so, and her eyesight and hearing are both incredibly well-developed due to rigorous training after the accident. Enji, her dragon gecko, is her best friend, who she found as an abandoned egg at five years old.

Blood gem: None yet, though I’m hoping for a telepathy gem later in the story (because that would just be convenient, you know?)
Weapon: Crossbow
Backstory: Kai was born with nothing on the island of Kemono. Abandoned at birth, she fended for herself in the wild, resulting in a chaotic spirit, a love of danger, and a general mistrust of the entirety of the human species. She made herself a life as a pirate, joining the crew of a ship called the Avenger as the rigging monkey. The captain was like a father to her, and she felt that she’d finally found a home.
Of course, that was never going to last. There came a day when the crew of the Avenger bit off more than they could chew. Half the crew was killed, the other half seriously injured and taken prisoner, and the ship was sunk. Kai herself had her vocal chords torn to shreds; she would never speak again.
After several years of imprisonment, Kai took Enji (see pet section), who’d hidden in her pocket, and her friend Jet, and the three escaped together. Jet, however, died of his injuries soon after. Exhausted and alone, Kai went back to her old way of life, training herself to bypass her new disability, vowing never again to let her crew come to such ruin. Her crossbow was handcrafted out of redwood by herself, and as a result, is a bit more resilient to fire.

Pet: Dragon gecko (I made this up lol) Essentially, a firebreathing dragon the size of a small lizard. Would fit in the palm of an average person’s hand. A rare specimen, Kai’s dragon gecko is black with several scales of red and gold. The skin flaps of his wings are also red-gold. Named Enji.
Other: She’s mute (though she can still whistle and make other sounds that don’t require vibrations of vocal chords), and communicates with hand signs or writing. Owns a small skiff. Skilled in woodworking.
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This looks dope! Before I make my character, would I be able to request a Blood Gem that gives my character either illusion magic or some sort of Familiar he can conjure?

If not that's cool and I either want to reserve the quartermaster or gun master role if that's cool!


Previously Schrift007
yea sure, your character can have illusion magic for your blood gem. And sure I can reserve the master gunman for you.
Name: Olanian Scipio
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Rank: Master Gunman
Appearance: Thin and quick, Scipio is covered in scars from past battles. He wears no more than a pair of trousers loosely tied about his waist and a pair of sandals. His chest and back and neck are covered in memories of past battles. Scipio's hair is long and straight streams of jet black, often disheveled and pointing in odd directions. He covers his jaw and upper lip with a thick beard that is already peppered with the greys of age.
Personality: Gruff and not particularly friendly, Scipio is a man who likes to fight and likes to win - he will play games with a crew or in a bar but often speaks only when I need of it. He maintains a fine sense of duty and justice, understanding the flexible morality of piracy as a true evolution to society
Blood gem: Gem of Illusion
Weapon: Cutlass, a musket w/ bayonet
Backstory: Born in the Hikari lands to a proud clan of warriors pledged to the local Warlord, Scipio and his brothers were taught the religious ways of their land and the warrior ways of their family. Believing themselves true protectors of the zealous Hikari, the Scipios seemed to grow in clan power over the years.

Olanian's faith was shaken when his older brothers - Mierido and Dalidae - were lost in the savage lands of Kemono. Taking it upon himself to retrieve them or be lost himself, the youngest of the Scipio plan set out.

He found them held captive by the illusory magics of a powerful blood gem left untamed in the wilds. Olanian himself spent nearly a week lost to the power of the gem, stuck reliving the early glories of their family life like some happy, lucid dream.

Upon breaking the gem's illusion, Olanian was unknowingly thrust into a contract with the gem. Binding with it, Olanian became the one who held his own brothers within the power of illusion.

Untrained in its arts, Olanian was unable to retrieve Mierido, who was lost in a dream state deep in Kemono. It was this loss that divided Olanian from his family, who couldn't help but blame him somewhat for his older brother's loss.

That was when found his way aboard a ship, with a sword in one hand and a blood gem empowering him. He spent a year on the seas honing his skills and his newfound power, trying to forget his family. Ashore on leave, he found an intriguing message in a bottle, and decided to join what promised to be a right adventure.

Pet: A turtle-parrot named Waxwing


Previously Gamingfan2
I'm in way too many RPs.

Which is why I'm gonna join another one.

Name: Piran Swern
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Rank: Quarter master
Appearance: 5'11/Black, messy hair/ Brown eyes/ Slightly muscular, but overall pretty skinny/ Tanned skin. He wears a red trench coat over his blue undershirt, black trousers and brown boots. He actually has a fair amount of scars on his arms. Some from battle, most from raising Fang.
Personality: Unflinchingly loyal, intelligent, and strong(ish), Prian makes for a great Quarterman, once you ignore his age. Despite his position, he's kind and has a sense of humor, although it can get pretty dark at times. He's a bit of a softie, though, and has a hard time actually punishing the crew if they get rowdy. Despite that, if you press the right buttons, you'll be faced with someone willing to cut you in half without remorse...until he calms down, that is.
Blood gem: None yet, although I do have an interesting idea for one
Weapon: A typical cutlass sword, and a small dagger on his hip for emergencies.
Backstory: (Optional)
Pet: A 3 year old black wolf, named Fang, he raised as a pup. Acts somewhat like a dog, only he hates everyone and everything that's not Piran. He's actually quite big and can be ride on.

Did I make him too young? Probably.
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Man, this looks pretty interesting... I’m not quite sure if I’ll join or not, though. I may be stupid, but I don’t quite understand what the plot is...

EDIT: ah, nevermind, I get more info from my second read through. I think I may have a character. Is there a land that would be the equivalent of England?


Previously Schrift007
Man, this looks pretty interesting... I’m not quite sure if I’ll join or not, though. I may be stupid, but I don’t quite understand what the plot is...
The plot is to stop Lord Daragon, from coming back, because his followers have found a way to bring him back. The only clue we have is a book which is encrypted. Through the rp, we will discover more about the plan, and how we can stop it. @RenzFlintrock
Sounds good, gives me more info. I actually edited my post to say that I re-read some things and figured things out. So, what area would be most like England? I have a Seventh Sea (that’s a Pirates of the Carribean D&D game) character who I’d like to reuse. His father tried to pull a coup on the throne of England and failed, and long story short my character was forced to run away and join a band of ‘men of fortune’.


Previously Schrift007
Horitsu, this is one of the more lawful places in the 7 seas, this place does not like pirates and prefers to colonise on different islands, it is one of the strongest in the 7 seas.. All of the places have a hierarchy, but this place is more like England. If this one doesn't fit, then I'd suggest Kinzoku. Kinzoku, is mostly industrial, sort of like england in the 19th century in the industrial revolution. It's mainly a steampunk island, with their ships being steam powered.


Previously Schrift007

I know it's not a masterpiece, but in my defence I don't have Night's Shadow, ability to make everything she touches look good.
Name: Dorian Blackhorse
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Rank: Master Gunman
Appearance: Blackhorse is standing at 190 cm, nineteen years old half-wildling from the savage lands. He currently holds the position of master gunman aboard the "Northern Dragon". From below of a mane of long, unruly, brown hair mismatched eyes shine out, one green, one gray. Dorian often wears black warpaint around his eyes, as a tribute to the savaga lands' tradition. His garb usually consists of a light, black vest with no sleeves and loose trousers.
Personality: Dorian Blackhorse is a mix of two worlds - he sometimes shows behaviour common to native inhabitants of the savage lands (Dorian can get angry in no time, his mood is as changeable as mountain weather), but also some known to more sophisticated people - he can be quite eloquent if he wishes to, and perceives the world through irony and sarcasm, sometimes even acts a bit as a slyboots.
Asides from these traits, he is a rather open and joyful person.
Blood gem: None (yet)
Weapon: Triple black powder pistols, long sabre, and a less commonly used in these times short axe
Backstory: As I mentioned before, Dorian Blackhorse is a child of two worlds - he calls both the savage lands and the open seas his home. His mother was a simple tutor, his father a Kemono tribe warrior. Not even Dorian knows how exactly it happened that the two managed to beget a child, but what he knows is that his parents got separated after Dorian's mother gave birth to him. From then on Blackhorse's mother lived on her own, raising her son to the best of her abilities. Although she wanted to make him a high-noting official, his savage nature eventually took over, causing young Dorian lots of trouble.
When he turned sixteen, one of his "playful jokes" went too far, resulting in a serious quarell, which, in the end, led to bloodshed. Blackhorse was forced to escape the island and the law itself, and soon found himself serving under captain Chester Tamashi aboard the "Northern Dragon".
Pet: None
Other: None


Previously m1h4jl0
Name: Mickey Grau
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Rank: Pilot
Appearance: Mickey is 6'8 tall, he has a short black hair with blue strands, his eyes are dark blue, but depending on the level of light they can change into turquoise blue. He is semi muscular. He wears a blue shorts and simple white t-shirt with a light gray collar. He wears brown boots and while sailing he wears a black tricorne.
Personality: Mickey is loyal and intelligent. He is somewhat strong and he is very skilled in sword fighting. He is farsighted and well oriented on open sea. It's not easy to infuriate him, but when he is angry he can't really think straight. He doesn't trust people who he doesn't know very well and it is not easy to earn his friendship.
Blood gem: He doesn't own one and it's very unlikely that he'll find one.
Weapon: Mickey has a Cutlass which blade is made out of really expensive metal that gives him dark gray color. He also has a ordinary flintlock pistol that he carries around with him.
Backstory: Mickey grew up on Kinzoku in a middle classed family. He had a pretty normal childhood. After he finished school, his parents wanted him to start working in a factory, but he had different plans. He ran away from home, and he smuggled himself to Horitsu where he learned how to pilot a ship. At age of 17 he went to Kage Island where he spent some time until he found a message about Northern Dragon putting together a crew.
Pet: N/A
Other: N/A
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Name: James Bloomstead (Jr)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Rank: ‘Able-Bodied Seaman’
Appearance: James is fairly tall and somewhat thin, and although he does have some natural strength he is clearly weaker than most of the seamen you see in these crews. His eyes are a calm blue, rather cold, and his somewhat messy dark hair makes his features hard to see. Despite his generally youthful appearance, something in his expression denotes a inner hardness. Despite working aboard a ship, his clothes are well made and might be found in the home of a wealthy man, if they weren’t worn beyond what might be considered the proper amount of usage in a royal court. His boots are equally well made and reach nearly to his knees. They are also incredibly stealthy, allowing him to move without a sound despite his noticeable appearance.
Personality: James is a fairly quiet person. Unobtrusive and often seemingly uncommunicative, he goes about his duties with hardly a question. He is very stealthy and cunning, and whenever he acts by stealth, behind the scenes or by proxy he most often manages to come out on top. Despite a general reluctance to engage with others, he is actually fairly good in social situations and can work around people to a surprising extent. However, he clams up when people try to get information about himself. His primary downfall is a quiet hunger for power and wealth. (This personality is general, it will change subject to events in-RP and from person to person.)
Blood Gem: None.
Weapon: Ceremonial dress sword. Very fancy, but not really the strongest. James can wield it well, but there’s a decent chance this sword will snap one day.
Backstory: He prefers not to talk about it. In fact, the most people ever hear is usually a comment about ‘hailing from Horistu’. However, for those who reaaaally want to know OOC, 100% Meta Knowledge:
James comes from a noble family in Horitsu that has very recently (as in, like, only a few months ago) fallen into dishonor. Throughout his childhood he was pretty well off, with practically everything he could ask for. He was used to having whatever he needed within fairly easy access, but despite this he didn’t become fully spoiled. His father had him take lessons in the arts of sword fighting, horseback riding, and various such sports. Besides this he also attended court events and learned the way around polite society. Then, late in his teens, he was introduced to his father’s secret group. James Bloomstead (Sr) was the ringleader of a group planning to overthrow the ruler and seize control for himself. James (Jr) was an important member of this group after a time, and could have been considered one of James (Sr)’s lieutenants. Then the time came for the coup to take place, and James (Jr)’s future was shattered. The coup failed, his family was in disgrace, and his father was executed for treason. James (Jr) boarded a ship and left, and he didn’t think he’d ever return. He got passage outside the province on a large ship. After making a small port, he joined up with a small crew and began his life in the rough. After working with them for a while, he and several crewmates discovered a bottle containing a note, and he and two others decided to take the opportunity offered in the letter and join the crew of the Northern Dragon.
Pet: None so far. (He used to have a horse back home.)
Other: DERP