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Private/Closed A Carpet Stained Red (Murder Mystery RP)

[RPers: @EnderTheFox, @Eeveechu151, @Mewtwofan259, @Jagson, @DopeLeafeon470, @Lucas Inazumai, @Ry_Burst, @Shimmering, @SismicFlareCharmander, @Glaceon trainer, @StormingCobra55, @kyuukestu]

It all happened in just a few hours.
July 7th, 1972. A massive party was held at Storm Manor. Clarke Storm, head of the house, was hosting a celebration of his fortieth birthday at his house. He invited many of his friends over. ...or, ones he thought were his friends, anyways. The party was a night of drinking, laughs, games and memories.
...and apparently, revenge.

John Harmon smiled as he stepped out of the fancy car Clarke had sent to pick him up from the bakery. The fancy air of the mansion always seemed incredible to him. The two griffin statues sat at the front, guarding the entrance, always astonished him. The beautiful stained glass at the uppermost level of the manor was incredibly pretty, the angel and demon motif working beautifully. The rest of the house had elegant and concise brown bricking that made it look classical. John noticed three other cars pulling up, and saw people conversing inside the building. He wasn't the first here - nor was he the last. John walked up to the door, propping his glasses up.

From the second floor, Clarke Storm watched as more cars pulled up. The last of his guests were now arriving. It was his fortieth birthday - he wanted his chosen friends to be there to celebrate it with him. Sipping a bit more champagne from his wine glass, he snapped his fingers for one of his servants. A maid came up, refilling the wine glass.
"Inform me once all of the guests have arrived." Clarke said. "I wish to make a classy entrance."

James and Fae were sitting on the bench outside, Fae leaning against James' lap. The party preparations had taken up their entire day, and they were just now getting time to themselves.
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Richard drove to the party. He opted out of being driven in one of Clark's fancy cars he figured his sixty five Pontiac Ventura was good enough for the job. He parked on the side of the rode before strolling up to Clark's house. While he's done his best to forgive the wrong that Clark did to him it still hurts him to this day. He let out a breath walking up to the door. He chuckled realizing that he wasn't the first nor last to arrive. ' Good.' He thought. ' Just how I like it. ' he said. He knocked on the door and waited. He noticed another man there but decided to just ignore him.
Olivia Walker stepped out of the car, smiling. Her older brother had sent one of these cars to pick her up, how fancy. Olivia was excited to be returning to the manor. It was much, much bigger then their childhood home. "Isn't this nice?" She muttered, walking up to the door. Olivia was standing next to another man, whom she didn't recognize. "I assume you're here for the party?" She smiled, looking at him. Looking back at the door, Olivia rang the doorbell.
Tobias walked to the party, bringing nothing but what he thought he needed; his house key, a roll of medical tape, if needed, and a pocket knife. He stared at the demon and angel motif on the glass as he got out, and then focused on the other people around him. He recognised one of them as John, but he didn't recognise anyone else. "I bet you guys are excited for the party." said Tobias, walking up the stairs and then fidgeting with the roll of medical tape he had brought with him. He wanted to be formal this time.
Stepping out of the car she arrived in, Robin huffed as she looked around, her violet eyes scanning across the face of the large estate before walking up the stairs in front of her. Once she reached the top she stayed silent, touching the rim of the dull colored fedora that cloaked the red long hair people associated with her gender. She never really liked being told she couldn't do her job just because of her gender so, she covers up the one thing that people decided her gender on, her hair.
"Indeed." John said to Tobias. "It has been a while since I've talked with Clarke, and this party is quite the special occasion. Imagine me, a regular baker, able to come to a splendid mansion like this merely through invitation!" John then noticed a boy wearing a fedora walking up. "Oh, hello." John said with a smile. "Are you one of James Storm's friends? You look about his age."
A small sigh came from the females lips as she began to speak "Yes, I'm one of his friends" she spoke with a low tone "But I'll tell you one thing, looks can be deceiving". Her violet eyes narrowed as she turned to face the one who spoke to her "I'm twenty not forty" her hand was now down by her side as she looked at the man. Placing her hands in the coats pockets she wore she turned and faced the door once again "but think what you'd like, I don't really care".
"You are positive that nothing is missing?" The driver of the car spoke. "Because I can head back to the mansion and get it."

"No, Jiro, I have everything needed." Luna spoke before getting out of the car. Glancing at the stained glass, the design of them seemed slightly unsightly to her. "You can head back now."

"Alright then... Stay safe." Jiro said before driving off.

Luna walked in, habitually opened her parasol as she made her way through the front. Her uncovered eye noticed a pair sitting on the bench. Not wanting to ruin any moment, she decided to head up the stairs. Reaching the top, she took a glance around. 'The things I do for you brother...'
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“He sent me home only to call me back. How annoying,” William Pembridge, mumbled as he walked through the front door. While his home was only a short walk away from the estate, he still had to go home. It would hav been easier to head back from the office with Clarke. There was no stopping that man.

“Good to be here. Now it’s time to get a drink,” he mumbled as he began to search for a glass o champagne to quell his thirst.
"James is Clarke's kid, and I suppose that answers my question." John said, realigning his glasses. "And- sir, excuse me!" John said, as the man passed him by without a second thought. "...now, I wonder when we're going to be let in..."
Tobias decided to pace back and forth in front of the door, waiting for Clark to actually let people into the mansion. He thought about what John had said, about being a baker. "I'm, uh... a chef." said Tobias, out of nowhere. He kept fidgeting with that roll of medical tape he brought with him earlier.
Richard listened to the others studying their actions. it was something picked up on during his time in Korea. Watching his men getting to know them without saying a single word to them. ' It was better that way.' he thought. ' Less chance of me getting to close to them.' He thought before slamming his fist onto the door.
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Robin glanced over at Tobias as he suddenly spoke, her eyes trail to the floor before huffing "I'm a detective". Her left hand slid out of her coat pocket before she pulled out a small ring from inside another pocket somewhere. She held it in her palm, touching the silver rings surface.
Tobias stopped pacing back and forth, stood up a bit straighter, and replied "That's cool. I haven't seen a detective around here for a while. Although I got into a fight with Clarke a month ago, I still come back to this place, on occasion." Tobias pushed the medical tape back into his pocket, feeling the pocket knife when he did that. "Also, what's that silver ring about?" asked Tobias, looking at Robin.
Luna waited patiently with the other guests, though the sound of the loud knocking on the door by the man slightly startled her. She regained her posture as she turned to the man. "Excuse me sir, can you restrain yourself from knocking so loudly? It is quite rude to do so." She said, slightly brushing aside her bangs.
Suddenly, a maid opened the door. "Ah, sorry about the wait, milords. Simply needed to finish up some preparations." The maid let the others through, revealing the interior of the manor.
"How elegant." John said with a smile, walking inside.
Robin looked at Tobias as she placed the ring back in her pocket "It was a gift, from my parents". Once the doors opened Robin stepped inside, her eyes wondering around the room. She slipped of her long coat folding it nicely in her hands, she turned towards the maid before speaking "Anywhere I can put this?".
Luna had a slight surprised look when she saw the interior. 'Quite a stunning embellishment with the decor.' She thought, closing her parasol before entering. "Don't worry, I'll be holding on to this." She said to the maid.
Tobias saw the oppurtunity to go in, and of course he took it. He was astonished when he saw the furniture and decor inside, but didn't mind it. He said nothing and went to what looked like the kitchen, and felt like cooking. But he kinda felt like he shouldn't have been doing the things he usually did, so he decided to just stay inside the kitchen.
The maid simply bowed. "I can take that for you, milord." she said, taking the coat from Robin. "If you'd like, I can take your hat as well."
John walked into the dining room, seeing the twelve seats laid out around the table - two at the ends, each with a name on them. John then walked into the kitchen, where he saw a single chef preparing a large meal. "What are you preparing?" he asked, looking over at the stove.
"Some steak for supper." the man said, continuing to cook.
Robin lifted her left hand, touching the rim of the hat, slowly she pulled it off letting her long hair fall to her back. Placing the fedora on the top of her coat she turned around "Don't lose it" she huffed before walking off.
The maid was shocked at Robin's gender revelation - she had assumed all of Lord Storm's invitees were going to be male. Nevertheless, she took the hat and coat, hanging them up nearby.
Vladimir slowly walked towards the mansion. T'was his first social gathering he'd be actively participating in, and he wanted to leave the right impression. He had been told of the idea of 'fashionably late', and as such he attempted to do something similar. He went in, stood there, clearly out of his element.
Jeremy drove up to the mansion in his car. He walked through the door right behind Robin, as he looked at the many pictures on the wall. He handed his jacket and hat to the maid, and walked into the dining room, where he sat down and waited for Clarke's party to begin.
Stepping into the dining room Robin sighed as she sat down beside Jeremy "I have a weird feeling about today" she muttered to herself. Fiddling her thumbs she looked up, her eyes in a trance, looking out the window that was behind the head chair.
Luna walked in with her parasol in hand, passing the maid and headed to the dining room. She then took her seat near Robin and placed her parasol on her lap. Looking to her left, she noticed Robin seemed slightly uneasy. "Nervous?" She asked.
Robin turned her head as Luna spoke "Oh um, I just have a really bad feeling" she replied. The red-head sighed as she leaned her head back "Like a really bad feeling".
Jeremy, who had just come back from the bathroom, saw Robin, who was conversing with Luna. She looked a little stressed about something. He sat back down.

"You feeling okay?" he asked, in case she was feeling ill. He usually wouldn't care if someone was sick, but she seemed like a nice person.
"I see. Worry not, I'm sure things will be alright." She spoke calmly. Luna felt slight concerns on Robin's claim as she too felt uneased in the scenario she's in. 'How did you even meet these types of people...' She thought. Snapping out of her thinking as Jeremy spoke out. 'Well, at least there are some here that are easy to interact with.'
Suddenly, a loud gong noise came from the main hall. John, curious, walked out towards the main hall, looking at the stairway.

Walking down the stairs was a man wearing an elegant, fancy suit, followed by a maid that was holding a sword in a scabbard. As the two reached the end of the steps, Clarke Storm took the blade from his maid, sending her out to the kitchen to do some more preparations. "Friends, rivals, acquaintances. Welcome." he said with a smile, waiting for everyone to quiet down and gather.
Although a bit late to the party, Gwenyth had managed to arrive moments before Clarke's greeting. She had initially been appraising the decor of the estate when a deep, rumbling and heavy gong startled her out of her wits. She jumped slightly, and the corners of her mouth twitched hyperactively, awash with irritation. Her eyes slowly drifted from the exquisitely decorated windows to the approaching figure of Clarke Storm. She remained taciturn as the man greeted the audience, herself included, but her eyes gleamed with curiosity - or more aptly put anticipation. She was sure the other guest's shared her sentiments, after all, who carried a sword to receive their guests?
Jeremy chuckled at Gwenyth's reaction to the gong. 'I'm not one to scare easily,' he thought.

He looked back at Clarke, and was skeptical about the sword in his hands. 'Who greets their guests while holding a sword?' he thought to himself. 'Definitely a weird way to make a first impression.'

He looked around and saw that there were many people staring, and one in particular looked at Clarke with pure hatred in their eyes. 'Wonder what's their deal,' he thought.
Halt's FORD drove up to the large house, where Mr.Clark Storm was hosting his party. As his loyal and ever trustworthy lawyer, Halt had to accept. But due to some family issues, he was a slight bit late for the festivities. His door opened, Halt's butler on the outside. "Thank you Doren. You may go." He said, and received a bow in return. He walked to the door, and walked inside. He handed his coat to the maid, but kept his hat on. It would be inappropriate for a lawman such as himself to remove his hat. Halt was shown to the room where everyone was already meeting at. Walking inside, in quite the hurry, Halt took a seat. "My apologies, I had some issues preventing me from being on time." He said aloud as he sat down in his seat.
Jeremy sat in his chair, waiting for the others to do so.

'Hope they sit quick so that we can get the introductions done quicker,' he thought. 'I'm starving, and I'm sure everybody else is, too.'
'Well, that's one way to greet guests...' Luna thought after slightly being startled from the gong as she waited for Clarke to continue the introduction. The sword mostly caught her attention, she thought of why did he even have a sword with him? 'I wonder how you manage to even know this person brother...'
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Robin turned her head watching as Clarke spoke 'why a sword, maybe he doesn't trust some of us? no that's insane then why a sword?' quickly shaking the thought she turned to watch as halt sat down "It's alright". Now with her thumbs fiddling again she looked back to Clarke, her eyes looking at the sword with curiosity.
Clarke then leaned on the sword, putting the blade down to the ground. "Don't worry, this sword is just for some extra flair. There's not going to be any death tonight. Now, then. You all are here, so I don't see why we should beat around the bush any longer. Let's start the party! The living room has an area to play some card games, the courtyard has some stuff for you to observe as well as a mock dueling area (don't worry, no real blades) and the dining room will soon have a buffet. I hope you all enjoy yourselves!"
Vladimir cleared his throat. "What sort of card game?" He asked. He sat down, still with his coat, and was noticeably tense. He had a stack of papers with him, all of which were most likely work.
Standing up Robin walked over to the living room, she grabbed a deck of cards and shuffled them in her hand "I know a few alright games". Her hands fiddled with the cards as she sat down, her eyes keeping track of every shuffle "What would you prefer to play?".
Halt walked into the living room as well. Taking a seat across from Robin, he leaned back in the chair. "What do you play? Warning, I play a mean card game."