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Private/Closed A Second Chance (Isekai RP)


Previously Shadow_Pup
In a small shack in the woods in a land that is not our own, there stood a tall woman dressed in blue and gold robes that were once royal and majestic now ragged and torn. She stood in front of a circle of drawn runes and was chanting in a ritual. This was here last hope, the demon lord’s men would discover her location soon, she just hoped there were still heroes left to summon.

In our world, the day started out like every other. People walked through the streets, on their way to work or back from work. Children on their way home from school chatting about the day or their plans. On one particular street however, events were about to unfold that would change the lives of those involved forever.

John Murphy was walking down said street, his mind full of thoughts about his upcoming interview, he really needed this job, or he would not be able to pay the rent on his apartment. Murphy was so wrapped up in his own thoughts that he didn’t notice the bus coming round the corner, he didn’t notice the child run out into the road chasing after a ball they had dropped, he didn’t hear the screeching of the buses brakes or even notice the crashing vehicle heading straight for him, but when someone screamed he was awoken from his thoughts giving him several seconds to turn and see a large object, before it crashed into the store he was standing in front of and crushed him in its path, Murphy lay stunned as his crumpled body lay among the rubble and bus parts, he didn’t know the severity of what his body looked like but he knew he was dying and as his eyes closed he hoped that someone would help him, spare him of this fate as the world went dark around him.

Then everything went white as a voice spoke calmly and softly “Fear not my child, for you have been chosen to live a new life. But be warned this life will be filled with dangers and enemies. So, I grant you three gifts, a few powers, and a weapon. These will help protect you and your allies in this new world” the voice stated before the light became blinding and suddenly Murphy was standing in the middle of a shack, with several other people with an oddly dressed woman barely conscious before them. He glanced down at his hand found a bow clasped within his fingers, as he examined the bow, he was not yet aware of the changes that had occurred within him as the large wings upon his back went unnoticed for now as he admired the bow he had been gifted by the voice.

Ashley stood awkwardly in front of the store while holding a hard poster of the newly released game Dragon Crossing: Fresh Outlook. In the poster was a cute anthromorpized orange dragon, she's called Maribelle apparently. The game was released today and their manager ordered one of the employee to 'hype up' the game. No one knows what he meant by hyping up though so Ashley ended up just lazily shaking the poster. The costume was rather embarassing and definitely didn't gave Maribell's design justice, her highschool self would probably consider wearing it as some sort of dark history that would haunts her for life but she's too jaded to care about that kind of things now. At least it was quite comfortable to wear.

She yawned lazily, wondering how much hours she needed to endure when her eyes caught the sight of a kid chasing after a ball, right into the middle of the road! Moreover, there's a bus approaching! Ashley's body flinched for a moment before she toughtlessly leaned forward almost as if she would leapt towards the kid, but she was far too late. The bus barely avoided the kid and her eyes went wide as she watched the bus flipped midair towards her and squashed her body onto the store's wall.

I died... huh... That was anti-climatic

Ashley felts like she was floating in a void but then she heard a soothing voice. The voice talked about new life, danger and gifts. She didn't understand much of it but she just follow the flow and let her very soul got pulled in. When she opened her eyes, Ashley was standing in a shack with several other people, all seemed to be equally confused as she was. There's a woman with a torn robe barely holding her consciousness. Ashley jumped to catch the woman before she fell.

"Hello? You okay? Feeling any pain?" She didn't even consider her own circumstance as she put her attention on the woman first.
Adrian hummed softly to himself as he entered the store, due to the fact he went there every day, he was rather familiar with it along with those who worked there, well enough to know the employees by name. He walked over to grab his favorite drink before he noticed a sale on a brand new video game... along with the unfortunate soul who was forced to wear a costume in the form of the game's main character, but for her sake, he did his best to ignore it and just focus on purchasing what he came to get. However... before he could go to the counter to pay, he heard a strange screeching sound followed by several crashes, he quickly turned his head only to see a bus head straight towards the store they were in, he instinctively tried to run out of the way, but it was too late, the moment the bush crashed inside and collided with him, everything suddenly went dark.

...only for a moment...

The darkness of death slowly began to get brighter until it became all white, Adrian looked around, he was certain he was dead, unless this was what the afterlife had to offer for him. Suddenly, he heard a strange voice come from everywhere, yet nowhere at the same time. This voice mentioned how he was selected to live another life, a life with many hardships what he had to be prepared for, a life that provided him with what he needed to overcome them and prevail. And with that, the white atmosphere started to get brighter and brighter until finally, he woke up in the middle of a strange unfamiliar shack as if it was all a dream.

Adrian looked around to see a few other individuals, some he recognized and some he didn't, but one he certainly didn't recognize was the woman in torn robes who seemed rather exhausted. He noticed in his hands was what appeared to be an elegant spear, for some reason, he could feel a strange energy come from it, but he knew that there were more important things to worry about and he had far too many questions that needed answers.

He watched as one of the people went to hold the woman and slowly stepped over to her. He didn't ask if she was okay as someone already beat him to it, so he simply looked at the one who held her. "She looks exhausted, and judging by her strange attire, do you think she had something to do with us here...?"
Einstein once said that there are two infinite things in this world, The Universe and Human's Stupidity.. And he also mentioned that he wasnt sure about the first one.

In any way, he definitly was right that Stupidity is Infinite, endless as thats how Dominic saw his life, thats how he saw his decisions, thats how he saw people he met and thats how he saw the fate that he got... One big Stupidity, A mistake and his death wouldnt change this world in any way. Beside his parents, no one would cry...

Dominic get into the bus after he finished his today appointment in the Worldwide Teenagers Prison, also known as school. His parents wanted him to go straight up to some middle-aged woman that they believed can help him and them with 'troubles' he has and will find a 'path' for him. He couldnt really care about all this, they dont have time for their kid So they want him to meet a stranger and talk about his shitty life for a few hours. He sat at the end of the bus and he could notice that many people try to avoid meeting his eyes or even coming close to him. He then looked through a window and wouldnt notice if later someone sat with him or not. They were on their way and he was lost in thoughts about how much he doesnt care for what happends to him, he Just hopes his parents would be less responsible for their work and Pay him some attencion. He wanted this, but wouldnt admit it. Suddenly, he heard a scream and before he noticed the bus was litteraly flying in his eyes before a sudden *CRASH*.

He was in the void and heard something about enemies, Powers and allies. He in all honesty didnt Pay much of the attencion. He didnt care who those people are, what his Powers would be. His mind Just said "Didnt ask, dont need it, go screw yourself" Hovewer voice seemed to ignore him anyway cuz he suddenly woke up, in completely new place.

"Goddamn my head.." He felt he was holding something cold in his hands and then glanced over to see some really fancy looking sword, It definitly didnt suit Dominic's taste, but he had to admit that the blade looked a bit cool. Then he looked around, seeing various randoms in a modern clothes and the fainted woman in a torn clothes, he took his guess that either she was a voice from earlier or Just had something to do with it, he cursed quietly and asked the fainted woman "Couldnt you Just let me go to hell?.. God, what a Bother"

He looked at the older Man that asked if she could have something to do with them "I would take a guess that Yes, if you all arent Just my coma hallucination then she may be responsible for a new life thingy" He slowly got up "Man.. It gonna be So goddamn troublesome"
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Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
Amelia walked into the nearby convenience store. She hasn't been in there much before, but school was over and she didn't feel like heading home. Amy was observing the few posters, advertising a newly released game, plastered around the store's walls while picking up a few items absent-mindedly. She then looked outside, and besides the unlucky employee holding the poster, there seemed to be a kid running into the road. Well, that wasn't safe, but someone was bound to stop them, especially before that bus comes. Unexpectedly, the speeding vehicle had swerved straight towards the store and killed everyone in the vicinity, including Amy, who was crushed by the debris.

Stuck in a void of pure darkness and silence, before Amy's vision suddenly shined a bright white, as a mysterious voice started to talk, speaking of a new life, gifts, and allies. Amy was trying to process this peculiar event; however, before she could gather her thoughts, the light had shined even brighter until she seemed to awaken in some shack. There seems to be several others there as well, notably a strangely dressed woman with someone aiding her.

Yet, something about the situation seemed odd to her. Observing the other bewildered people, she couldn't recognize most of them, and they all seemed to have some sort of weapon, including herself. Amy held a set of armor in her hands, and just holding it felt mystical, sensing something, no, someone unfamiliar. It's likely that she's experiencing some weird fantasy dream; it's not every day somebody gets whisked to some random shed with people they don't know. Hell, she feels smart for once and can see a guy with wings, it's definitely a dream. But on the off chance it wasn't, she started thinking to herself much, much quicker than before about the current situation.


Previously 'Candle'
Sharky was on his way, that’s for sure. He had moved the school bus window down allowing the warm New York air to brush his face and blue hair. Something seemed wrong, was it the cheerful people? The fact that the bus driver new and inexperienced? Or the fact that the screeching of tires was the only sound Sharky heard as the bus crashed.

Now his body lay on the floor of the bus, few blood was there and wait. What had killed him? Well the fact that the sudden turn made him ram his body to the other and then topple over that’s how. But indeed his had also cut his forehead on one of the open windows. His arm had also been cut a bit, some blood dropped down the side of his arm and the blood from his forehead dripped into his blue hair staining some of the strains red. The sleeve of his red jacket had also been sliced along with the cut that could be seen if you actually looked and his pants well. Part of it had been ripped because it had been caught on something as he rammed himself into the left side of the bus. Deceased, the corpse lie there it’s not like it could see anything and if you asked Sharky, he would’ve said he wanted to be dead. So here he was dead.

But within a flash of white, he awoke. “What the hell.” He mumbled looking at the other people. “Wait is this heaven? Because the things I did, I’m not supposed to be in heaven that’s for sure.” He smiled a toothy grin, it was meant a joke but really it was true. “Anyways what are we doing here?” Sharky eyed the old lady and few people that were there as well. The area seem out of place, it seemed as if it wasn’t somewhere he was supposed to be. And he felt that he hadn’t belong a lot. He stood, glaring at the people with green eyes which had shifted to teal from confusion.
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Demonic Bunny

Previously Moxxie the ultimate imp
Daisuke walked out of the school once the bell had rang, he waited for his father to pick him up before receiving a text message.
“Running a double shift at the restaurant
won’t be able to make it, sorry.” Daisuke sighed after reading the message and decided to just take the bus back home he was a tad annoyed that his father put his work over him but was use to it by now he had to be. Once he reached the bus stop he sat and waited for a while before pulling out his phone and started playing games on his phone. “Dammit, this is so boring I wish this bus would hurry up I’m getting bored.” He waited for a few more minutes until the bus arrived, he sat up from the bench and headed inside the bus, took a seat in the back and put on his headphones and fell asleep. Daisuke Body suddenly jerked awake as it felt like the bus began to fly and then crash as everything went black.

Once he woke up he saw that he seemed to be in some sort of shack with other people and a women in a odd robe before he could say anything he realized he was holding somethingit seemed to be a axe of some kind it seemed to pretty sturdy and the metal it was made from, it looked new and shiny he couldn’t help but admire the fine craftsmanship of the weapon he was holding he could tell it was handled with care. He then got up and made his was to the mysterious women on then floor.
“Ma’am are you ok?”
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Montgomery Blackward took a seat on the bus with a sigh. Once he was settled comfortably (or as comfortably as one could be on a city bus), Monty took off his glasses and gave the lenses a quick wipe-down. Once he was satisfied, he slipped them back on, and turned his attention to his book bag. He unzipped it, fished his hand around inside, and pulled out one of his books that had been assigned for class, which he promptly began to read as the bus rumbled into motion. Monty blocked out the noise and bustle of the bus' occupants and the city outside, and focused on the pages in front of him. Sounds dulled, smells were ignored. All that mattered were the pale pages and thousands of black markings laid out before his eyes.
His breathing was regular, and all was at peace within his little world. Or, at least, it was until the bus swerved with no warning, throwing Monty around in his seat and sending the book flying from his hands. The bus shifted violently once again, tilting on its side and throwing Monty out into the aisle of the bus. With a shuddering noise that rocked him to his core, he was hurled around once again as the bus crashed into a building. The collision knocked him unconscious, which may have been a blessing. By the time his body was discovered among the wreckage, it was sitting in a pool of blood from various scapes, cuts, and a nasty gash on his forehead.

But unconsciousness was not the last thing Montgomery Blackward would experience. He was called, or perhaps destined, for other things. As his soul fled the confines of the mortal plane, a thin strand of light pierced through the fabric of reality, reaching out from another time and place. It gripped the departing spirit, locked it in a soft embrace. And then it began to pull, and slowly warp, and then the soul was gone from the world.
Monty could see the light, although he wasn't sure his eyes were even open. And with the light came a soft voice, a calm tone that caressed his auditory senses and gave him an odd sense of ease. It told him of a new life, a new world, and a new purpose. It also warned of danger and peril, but promised the power and equipment to protect himself and others. Then the light blurred, the voice became merely the echo of a whisper, and his eyes blinked open.

Monty found himself taking in his surroundings with a slowly growing sense of panic. He was standing in an old shack, with what seemed at a glance to be around half a dozen other people, plus a woman in robes that reminded him of something in a fantasy book. Additionally, most of the people in the room were complete strangers to Monty. The last thing he knew had actually happened was being thrown out of his seat on the bus. So... this strange sight surely had to be some kind of delusion or dream caused by drugs in the hospital. It couldn't be real. Monty raised his hand in front of his face to see if he was in control of this dream, and was surprised to see that his hand was clenched around the smooth wood of a longbow. He hadn't even realized it was there until that moment. However, he couldn't help but admire how pretty it looked, despite its simplistic style and overall lack of ornamentation. His attention was quickly snapped away from the weapon, though, by the various voices around the room. Plenty of curses were being uttered, as well as concerned questions from those who were attending to the robed woman. Monty stayed silent at first, simply taking in the appearance of those around him. What stood out to him most were the brilliant feathered wings of one of the room's inhabitants, and the elaborate-looking weapons they all seemed to carry. Otherwise, most of them seemed to be relatively close to his age, and in fairly normal attire.

"This... is definitely weird. Yeah... this has gotta be a hallucination, right? I probably just hit my head on the floor and got a concussion or something. But... what was that light, then? This is confusing..."

Monty shook his head and blinked rapidly. It all seemed too real, from the clarity of the voices to the texture of the wooden weapon resting in his hand. He didn't know what to think, so he decided simply wait. Perhaps the robed lady would wake up and explain what had happened.
Megan sat in the hot bus, her head down and focusing on her sketchbook. She was, unfortunately, on her way home. To her parents fighting over her, she assumed. School was so-so, just like any other day, and she just wanted to draw. Her ears were plugged up with white earbuds, which had a wire that snaked down to her phone. On the paper, a dragon was coming to life. Sure, he was merely graphite, but Megan had been drawing her whole life, to the point she could pick out invisible lines in objects.

She sketched and sketched, not noticing the outside world, until the swerving. Instead of attempting to grab hold of the seat, like a normal human being, Megan brought her sketchebook close to her, hugging it it her chest. Her head banged into the seat in from of her, a massive headache forming instantly. The bus continued to crash, and Megan was thrown from her seat, and glass shards rained upon her. All she felt was pain. She screamed as she sobbed, but she felt herself grow weaker and weaker as the bus tossed her around like a toddler playing with a brand new toy, though she never let go of her sketchbook. Darkness encroached on her vision, growing larger and larger, until she fell into what should have been a never ending sleep.

She, awoke, however. Megan kept her sketchbook close to her chest as she glanced around the white void. Terror thumped against her chest. Then a woman's voice spoke up. Megan flinched, but listened. M-me? She thought, W-why choose me? Why not one of those popular kids? You know, the ones people actually care about. She shut her eyes, hugging her sketchbook tighter.

Then she woke up around the others. She looked around them, stepping away from the group, though she looked at the battered woman on the floor. Concern crossed her face, but she had zero idea how to help. Not like she could, anyway.

Took her a minute to realize that she was holding a spear, however. It was almost effortless to hold, as if she had been holding one her whole life. Which was the exact opposite of the case. Heck, she found lifting a gallon of milk to be difficult! What was happening? Why was it happening to her? She was just a normal kid with normal, everyday problems! She shouldn't be here! She should've died on the bus crash, or miraculously survived with tons of injuries! Not be here, like this! She felt her eyes water. This was not the bus! She was dying! Why was she here in perfect health?! Tears started to roll down her cheeks, as she started to cry silently.
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Previously Shadow_Pup
Slowly gaining her wits, the woman slowly stood up thanking those that had come to her aid. She glanced arpund at the collection of people around her, it had worked. She cleared her throat "Hello, I am Blondina Vixartos, I am the court witch of this kingdom, a vile presense has taken control of these lands and you have been summoned to aid us in their erradication" footsteps could be heard in the distance and Blondina motioned to the back door of the shack, "but you must go, you are to recently summoned to fight the hordes yet, go to Grunkirk, it is straight North from here, there you must meet with Frederick Von Tranton, he will help you figure out you abilities, but you must go now, I will distract them long enough for you to get away, gain strength and harness your powers, save this kingdom, now go" she said waving her hands at them summoning a gust of wind that forced them all swiftly out of the shack. Stunned and confused Murphy shook himself viiolently eventually becoming more focused, "I guess we head north, she said to go right so we should go befo..." he halted slightly noticing the tip of a wing in the corner of his eye "wait do I have wings" he said becoming completely distracted before accidentally taking off from the ground, "woah, wait I see the town I think" he pointed "that way" he said right before a spear collided with him in mid air and he fell to the ground hard before standing slowly, "ow what the hell was that" he said not noticing the jagged metal scrap style spear sticking through his chest "did someone throw a god damn rock at me or something" he said turning to the group, before glancing down slowly "oh I see, I've been impaled" he said with a confused chuckle, "it doesn't hurt, do I pull it out, what do I do in this situation" he asked the group.
"Well, I dont think that as a deadmen we have any appoitments So of course we can do the dirty work of killing off the dangerous monsters" Dominic said as the landed Just outside Shack. "I Just gotta punch her if she survives."

He got up and then listened to some adult that clearly saw himself as a leader of this merry Group already (Lets skip the fact that Dominic doesnt want to be anyhow connected with them) the Man that definitly took the lead and Just casually said that they should head north as some weird stranger that for es them to fight want them to wasnt too appeling to the boy that glanced over to all girls and Boys in the group.
'I bet None of them got into a fight before.. No matter what Powers or some crap they may have'
He thought then he chuckled and said his idea out loudly "I bet they couldnt find anyone else as they had to show mortality percentage of the Job" He smirked as he looked at the adult that got pierced through by a spear.
Poor thing
Was another thought Dominic had as he headed to him.. People that tell him what to do, Shy people that doesnt want to show off, Charismatic ones that always had So many friends.. He wasnt jealous of them, obviously.. No..
But he hated it.. Now he Just approached the winged Man and placed his hand on the spear that pierced him with a devilish smile on his face.
"Now you pull it out, bleed out and hope someone can do first Aid to help you" He said, turned to others "Hey Kids, wanna see a dead body?" and then with all his strenght pulled out the spear from the Man's chest. He wouldnt kill him tho, he knew how to patch wounds and he wouldnt cause someone death even if he hate their Personality to the very core, but then he saw something that he didnt expected to see and cursed under his nose at whatever he saw at this moment on the Man side.. Whatever it was, Dominic was probably first to see.
"Tch... What a mood killer..." He whispered. "We can as well go.. Just dont think that any of us are buds or something" He said and then he threw away the spear at the nearby field. He couldnt see it but the field froze instantly, then ice started to break and destroyed to pieces everything that on the field was at this moment.

Things happened so fast that Ashley didn't had enough time comprehend much of the woman's introduction. One seconds she was trying to comprehend the woman's name and title and the next second she was blown out of the shack. She landed face first and rolled on the ground several times before she was able to stop herself.

"If I get a dollar everytime something push me away for today I would have 2 dollars by now." Ashley said flatly as she got up and dusted herself. She glanced around and watched as the boy try to fly with his wings and got impaled midair. She was sure the boy should've die again with that kind of wound but he surprisingly survived and acted almost like nothing happened even as the other boy pulled the spear off his chest.

"I see. We already dead so we can't get hurt anymore huh. Interesting." Ashley relaxed back as she arrived at her conclusion. Only then she noticed the sword in her hand, she thought she was still holding the poster this entire time! Looking back and forth between the winged boy and her sword, she decided to test her theory. She hold her sword firmly with her right hand and then stabbed her left palm with it. She thought she would be able to brush it off like the boy but it didn't turn out like what she was expecting.

"Damn, this hurts." Ashley held her left hand in pain as blood pouring out of the stab wound. Though she was surprised at how calm she handled it, maybe because she still remember getting crushed by a bus a few minutes ago. Her eyes darted between the other people. "Anyone has some bandages?"


Previously Shadow_Pup
Murphy instinctively winced as the spear was yanked from his chest, only to be surprised by the numb feeling his felt that seemed to replace the pain, he peeked at the wound on his chest only to catch the last of the healing process as his wound closed up. His confusion was unparalleled until someone mentioned that it could be because they were already dead before disproving her own theory "ok I think we really need to get to this guy Frederick or whatever he was called so he can tell us about our powers" he said before realising he was speaking a lot "unless people want to do something else" he said before his mind suddenly remembered what the guy had said when he pulled the spear out "hey wait a minute dud you just try and kill me" he said getting visibly angry the feathers on his wings becoming ruffled showing his emotions.
The wind pushed the crying girl out of the cabin and out to the outside. Megan landed on her hands and knees, tears falling from her cheeks. She was terrified. How could she not be?! She wasn't supposed to be here! Someone more capable was! She caused problems, not fix them. She glanced at Murphy as he fell with a spear in his chest. She sat up and clasped her hands to her mouth, tears rolling down her cheek. Now, well, now she was properly terrified. Tears flowed more fully now, as she grabbed her sketchbook and curled up. A sob escaped her mouth. What would happen to her family now? What would happen to them? Would she mess them up like she did with her parents? It was not like she could control on how and when she messed things up for people. And people also wanted them dead! Megan rocked back and forth, scared.


Previously 'Candle'
Sharky landed on his feet as the wind pushed him from the cabin to the unrecognized landscape. He scrambled back to the cabin trying to open the door but nothing. He turned to see a winged man with a spear through his chest. “Oh shit..” Sharky muttered something more but it didn’t deserve time as he ran over, glancing between the two. “Come on! To the north!!” He yelled at them, fixing his now green eyes on each of them before deciding to take off to the north. They would catch up, somewhere Sharky knew they would. But energy didn’t last forever and he had came to a stop before falling to his knees and laying there. “WHY? Why did this happen to me!” He screamed as loud as he could, tears were there of course and now he wished that he could’ve went with the others as a group instead of wing it and going solo. Now what would he do? Lay there? Because that’s all he was doing, laying there.

Demonic Bunny

Previously Moxxie the ultimate imp
Daisuke fell flat on his face outside the shack and was incredibly confused about the whole situation. he picked himself up he began to think about it some more and then took a look at the group. He was pretty sure none of them had any fighting experience whatsoever and the pink haired guy had a spear in his chest but he didn’t seemed to be fazed when he took it out. Then he saw a girl who was much shorted then him, rocking herself back and forth he stood up, walked over to her and sat next to her. “Hey… are you gonna be ok?”
"But I was unlucky... Oh come on, dont be mad, I know that others had ability to heal you and with spear in the body you would not do much anyway, old Man" He smirked and glanced over to crying girl, He normally would use this occasion to remind how crying is for the weak and that she should not play some victim, but he somehow didnt have mood for it now. He however noticed that one boy left the group and sighed "Damn... You guys Just cant keep being in one place? Is it too hard to ask for? If you wanted us to go there anyway, Old Man. We better hurry and fetch that prodigal child before he harms itself like someone that I wont mention now"

He clearly wanted to play on Murphy's nerves, and his anger Just granted him a bit more strenght to carry himself in this situation.
Monty watched quietly as the robed woman got back to her feet. She began to introduce herself, and gave some instructions that sounded like they came directly from a fantasy book. Monty opened his mouth to ask a question, but before he could finish forming even a single syllable, the witch created a gust of wind which forced him out of the building. He blinked rapidly and rubbed at his eyes with his free hand, trying to clear them of the stinging caused by the wind in his eyes. The touch felt... real. Too real for a dream. "But... this has to be a dream...! Right?! That guy flying with wings isn't possible, it defies all-" His thoughts were interrupted as a spear shot out from... somewhere, and impaled the airborne man. Monty gasped in surprise, and took a half-step backwards.

Everything around him was adding to his unease. The girl sobbing nearby, the guy pulling out the spear from the flying man's midsection, the girl stabbing her own hand, and the kid wildly running off to the North. Or what might have been North, Monty wasn't really sure considering the lack of a compass, GPS, or really any survival skills in general. Regardless, Monty took a slightly shuddering breath, and spoke up for the first time since the 'dream' started. "Uhm... this is a dream, right?" He wasn't sure if he even expected an answer. Maybe the dream-people would interact with him, or maybe the scene would just continue to unfold until he woke up from the coma. Maybe Georgia would be there, waiting for him to come back. Maybe he was at the hospital his parents worked at, and they'd come rushing over to his room once he regained consciousness. Maybe they'd all laugh, and cry, and maybe he'd recover and be as well and whole as he ever had been. "This has to be a dream. I want to see my family again..."
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Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
Amy was trying to intake the information the robed woman had said to them; however, a gust of wind had pushed her out the door like the rest. She thought for a split second before landing on her feet outside, still holding onto the armor. She was still incredibly confused, but the woman did say to head north, and that's where most of the people were going. Amy was still skeptical about this whole thing, yet headed in the general direction, wincing as she saw the guy with wings get stabbed by a flying spear and started to pick up the pace. She heard somebody nearby mutter something about a dream, making her think about the situation even more, and the more she did, the more distraught she felt. Is this really reality? Was this what the woman meant as a new life? Wasn't there something about a bus...?

The sound of crying had stopped her train of thought, perhaps for the best. Amy looked around until she saw someone sat down, comforting somebody else having a mental breakdown. Amy ran over instinctively and attempted to help the crying girl up to her feet with her free hand, holding her armor in the other. "Hey, listen, I get that we're in a completly terrifying situation right now with no clue what's going on, but I'm sure you don't want to wait around to find out what that lady had to fend off for us. We just have to keep moving and head to that Grunkirk place, alright?" Amy tried to say in a reassuring tone to get the two back onto their feet.

Since no one seemed to have a bandage on them, Ashley made use of whatever currently on her. She did have a handkerchief in one of the pocket. It's a bit dirty after she used it to wipe her face several times during her hours long of standing in front of the store but it would do for now, at least to stop the blood. After wrapping her left hand, she glanced around and realized how unprepared they're. One of the girl was breaking down while a few tried to console her, a boy run ahead alone, another one seemed to have an existential crisis and another two just riling up each other.

"Did I really die?" Ashley muttered to herself while massaging her own temple. There's too much things happened in such short time and there's no one to explain it to them. The woman ruffled through the pocket of her pajama costume. Fortunately her pouch was still there. It's a regular cheap brown-colored small purse women usually use to carry their cosmetic, but Ashley carried various kind of stuffs inside it. Perfume, eye drop, hand sanitizer, inhaler, aromatherapy, cigarettes, pepper spray, gums, cellphone... wait, where was her cellphone? She was sure she didn't put it anywhere. Guess it didn't survive the crash or something, eh. Ashley shrugged off the thought of her cellphone for now and pulled a cigarette. She's used to work in long shift and at unusual times like midnight or holiday, smoking and energy drink always helped her pass through those times. She had just put it on her mouth when the tip of the cigar suddenly lit up by itself and Ashley didn't know how to react to that but after a few puffs she felts a bit more energized and had clearer mind to deal with the current problems.

"Allright you two, knock it off for now." First would be the two boys. She tapped their shoulder to draw their attention. "You can continue killing each other later but for now I think we should focus on getting everyone together."

"You're the only one who have wings here." Ashley turned her head to look at Murphy directly with her tired eyes. She felts like she could use a giant comfortable bed right now. "Can I ask you to scout ahead and guide us to this village the witch said? I will try to round up the people here and get them moving."

"And you." Ashley shifted her sight to the blonde boy now. "You are right. We are simply too stupid to deal with our situation now. I think we all should stick together until we know what is happening. It's also confirmed that not all of us can survive a stray javelin thrust so going alone can be dangerous. I would appreciate it if you're willing to check on that boy who ran ahead." She raised her poorly bandaged left hand to emphasize her point across.

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Previously 'Candle'
Sharky sat up grabbing a smooth rock. He mustered up the anger as he chucked it through the trees which seem to lead to nowhere. “I shouldn’t have ran off. Shouldn’t have be so quick to run.” The sound of snapping twigs made him straighten his back as he looked around slowly, alert he was. It was only a small animal making it’s way through the forest. But as he thought of the past few hours, the robed woman only made it seem stranger. He reached out for another rock this time mustering the confusion as he cocked back his rotator and flew out into the unknown trees. Sharky was out an unknown place but it was better then some homeless shelter that’s for sure and even despite the past things that had happen, his tense back had posture and it didn’t hurt. For the first time in his life, his back hadn’t hurt. But the happiness hadn’t last long as he began to churn, he wished he would’ve traveled along with the others rather than running off, but it was freight that had scared him running into the forest like a young schoolboy being chased by his fellow feminine peer. He decided to set up a little bed with leaves and kept his jacket on as a warm blanket. Sleep overcome him as short snores of relaxed happiness were let out. Sleep was winning and Sharky only anticipated for when the others happen to stumble upon the sleeping boy.
Suddenly, the Dragon mascot interrupted him, she seemed to be around the Old Man Age which made her older than Dominic and the bad smell of cigarette only confirmed this to him. She didnt seem like a bad person and he didnt know if she got a good character to bully.

He went silent when she approached them and calmly listened to what she had to say. Apperently she wanted to finally somehow make a move in their own survival, asking old Man to do the scouting when Dominic wonder what would happend if Javelin hit the head.

Then She turned to the boy and asked him (It better would be a request, not order) to go and find the boy that went ahead without them. He sighed, feeling that it would be a pain, but finally said "Fiiine, if you all lack abilities to do it then I can come and fetch him." He said in a way that he hide true feeling about the given task. "Just dont Forget by accident to leave some Marks of where were you passing or we may not find you." then he headed to the Forest.

He honestly hoped the guy is not dead yet as he assumed the one that attacked old Man did it from the forest. He followed tracks that Sharky could possibly leave on his way as he went to forest. Some broken branches, a footprint in the mud. He was Lucky that the boy didnt Intend to hide in the forest... And unlucky too, as he wasnt the only one tracking Sharky. He met them on his way, two unknown, seeming Humanoid creatures were coming his way, with one of them having a spear and other being bare-handed, though he took a guess the one without Weapon was the one that threw the spear...

And if its true then those guys are some great marksmans

Dominic thought, remembering that old Man was pierced on the first attempt. He was focused to avoid the attack but a spear quickly went flying his way and... Bounced out from his body, while Dominic didnt felt a thing. He couldnt think about it and quickly grabbed a spear, tho he never fought with one.. Yet, he had Expierience in fight So hoped that he can manage.

As both of them rushed he tried to Block one of their kicks with a spear, but they crushed it easily, tho one stopped attacking while the other tried to punch him in a stomach. He hit and... Dominic didnt feel anything again, he grabbed opponent hand and made a throw, hitting him on the Tree. First one fell unconcious.

"Weird.. Their punches are light as pillows and yet they broke the spear.." Dominic comment but couldnt stay montionless and think for long as the other one attacked too, but it was suprised his companion lost and was clearly slower, Dominic managed to dodge and punch his opponent Chin, making him to stumble and fell to the ground. Now, if not for his Passive ability, Dominic would clearly be dead by now, but he didnt give it too much of a thought and hurried to find the other guy before those Wake up. He eventually tripped on something he thought was a log, but was a person.. And The one he know too!
"Oi, oi, OIIIII!" He shouted to Wake him up as he wanted to join the others.

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Adrian had too little time to process everything that happened, he was told that he was summoned, that he had somewhere he needed to go and that their would was under a dangerous threat. Before he could ask any questions he had, he was suddenly thrown out by a gust of wind that the woman cast just as everyone else was. Adrian quickly got up and looked around before he saw one of the guys... who somehow got a pair of wings fly up and tell them the direction of the town only to be pierced by a spear, Adrian gasped as he watched such a gruesome display... only to see him shrug it off.

He turned his head to a girl who cried at the situation they were in and decided to join the other that attempted to comfort her. "She's right, this has been thrown at us instantly and I know there's a lot we don't understand... and with what's happening, it would be best to get to safety." He said before looking back and noticed how they were one man short. "Did someone run off by themselves...?" Adrian asked before he shook his head. "I dunno about you guys, but I believe we should get moving as quickly as possible, who knows how long that lady'll hold off whoever threw that spear."


Previously Shadow_Pup
Murphy was thinking things through as people around him moved around and spoke to each other, upon hearing a few of them also mention that they should get going Murphy looked up from his thoughts "Yeah we should get moving, one of us should go after the other two to make sure they are aware of where they're going, I'm going head toward the town" he stated simply before rising slightly off the ground "right lets see if I can figure this out" he muttered before accidentally drifting off to the side slightly and slamming into a tree "ow, you know what I'll just walk" he stated as he brushed himself off and started to walk towards their destination.
Through bleary eyes, Megan looked between the three people trying to comfort her. Her teeth chattered, wanting to lash out at the others. Why would they comfort her? She was probably one of the worst people out there. She was the reason why her parents hated each other, and she never kept friends because she feared that she would ruin their relationships, too. Especially since she saw two friends groups of hers fall apart because of infighting. After the second, she decided not to get any other friends. She wiped her eyes and looked at the three, before around her. There was one guy with wings, who somehow rammed himself into a tree with his wings. She winced at that and stood up, not accepting the three's help. "Thanks," she muttered to them. "I'll do better" She had tears lingering in her eyes as she merely observed everyone else, trying to be metaphorically invisible to everyone. To stop bringing attention to herself.


Previously 'Candle'
Sharky peaked his eyes open and squinted to the shouting boy. “What’d you do that for?” He snarled, sitting up. “Your one of the people that met the robbed woman huh?” He muttered, flicking a few curly blue strands from his face. “I hope so,, I’d hate to be alone.” He grumbled, standing to his feet and dusting himself of dirt and leaves. Sharky placed his hood on and showed a few teeth trying to give a warning that once he was considered dangerous but it didn’t seem as if it were that easy.

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Daisuke stood up after hearing the girl speak and brushed away the dirt that was on him from the fall. “Ok then if we really want to find this guy we gotta get our heads in the game, I don’t know if I’m in a coma or something but this is getting a little interesting!” He grab his axe and headed into the forest to find the two who strayed away from the group.

Ashley nodded at the two boys as they set off their own ways. Though she winced when Murphy slammed into a tree, maybe having wings didn't instantly made him into a birdman. Now she should do what she pronised and set to coordinate the rest of the people. Her cigarette puffed out of existence as a bright fire consumed it entirely as Ashley tried to draw the attention of the remaining people by letting a few claps.

"Allright, everyone. I know that each of us might be scared, confused and tired with this sudden strange situation. Still, this place is not safe and I'm sure no one wants to get stabbed by another flying spear. We should go and head to the nearest settlement, the winged boy in the front will guide the way. Don't hesitate to ask for help and support each other, okay? Let's go." Ashley looked at them and nodded. Though she didn't move from her place. She would follow at the back of the group to make sure no one left behind and to carve some arrow signs into the nearby trees in case the three people who separated from the group need it.

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"Yes! I am!.. Or something" said Dominic not very interested to protect the guy, he decided to lead him to others.
"We should hurry, its not save here so you better dont słów us down or I wont give a shit about what happends to you" Dominic said and started to lead Sharky out. He went a way not to meet more weird Humanoids and when he reached place they were in before, He started to lead Sharky, watching the signs that Ashley left for them.
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Previously Shadow_Pup
Murphy walked with purpose along the road that was far shorter than he had originally guessed and soon enough the village was in view and he walked up to the gate and knocked loudly, the gate created open and a pair of guard came out pointing their spears at Murphy who jumped slightly "um we're here to see a Frederick Von Tranton, Blondina sent us" the guard narrowed his eyes glancing from the groups weapons to the hard to miss wings "ok, third house, I think he is expecting you" he said allowing them entry, as Murphy made his way into the village their was an almighty bomb and he quickly turned to see a stream of smoke coming from the approximate location of Blondina's shack allowing Murphy to infer a quite tragic fate of their summoner. He opted not to dwell on it and entered the indicated house that had the door open and was immediately greeted by a deep cheerful voice "ah you must be Blondina's summoned heroes, her lack of presence likely means she is no longer with us" the voice went on for a bit about nonsense and ramblings while Murphy looked around confused his height usually meant he had to look down to speak with others but with this voice he was struggling to place the man till he properly looked down and found a very small man coming up to about Murphy's waist and he took a step back "woah", the short fat little man wore a dirty apron and was very obviously balding and he was standing there chuckling to himself "yes I'm small but anyway I am Frederick and you all are?" He said before taking a seat in a chair as he waited for introductions, "I'm Murphy, John Murphy" Murphy said still completely taken aback by the tiny man.