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Do you think a Red/Blue remake with lusamine and Lillie is a good idea ?

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    Votes: 3 50.0%
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Do you think this is possible, like Black and White 2, to have a Pokemon Sun and Moon sequel ? Or also, I thought recently that the next Pokemon game could be a Red/Blue/Yellow remake, /!\ LITTLE SPOILER /!\ you know that Lillie and Lusamine went to Kanto, because Lusamine is ill or somethind like that, so Lilie and Lusamine could be at bill's house in this remake, and Lillie could be a key figure of the game, and that would be awesome (because i love those two characters), AND BETTER, our character could be the same that in the Sun and Moon game, and that would be really awesome !

Please leave your thinking or some others theories !
Thanks for reading
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Possibly, since we have seen Red and Blue in the game. But Bill's case and Lusamine's case was not the same. Bill was combine with a Pokemon because of Teleporter system, and Lusamine and Nihilego's case wasn't artificial but instead because of Nihilego is capable of physically possess its host so all we can do is wait.(Actually I just want another remake of Gold and Silver :p)
if we're going to get another red/blue game or anything that really throws us back into kanto, it'd better be a sequel. If we get another remake, I'm not having anything to do with it. Sick to death of this holding kanto on a pedestal crap.
If pokémon Stars is set in kanto, and alola is an optional region afterwards, fine. If you travel alola then go to kanto, fine. If it's only in Kanto, you'd better be giving me 7 generations worth of pokémon, because I have no desire to be restricted to 151 again (let's be honest, you're restricted to even less than that, but we grew up with the lie)