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Open A Shiny Hunter's Guide to Saving Pokémon

In which the Pokémon all over Kanto and Johto suddenly start to disappear. No one knows what could possibly cause such a dramatic decline in Pokémon populations--Is it natural? Is it caused by evildoers? No one knows where to start, but Shiny Hunter Rei is determined to uproot the cause.

Pokémon from any generation are allowed, and any location in Johto or Kanto is fair game. Normal rules otherwise.

Character format:
Trainer Class:
Random fun fact(s):
Random character traits:
Pokémon Team:

So here's my character.
Name: Rei
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Trainer Class: Shiny Hunter (yes, you can make up trainer class)
Random fun fact(s): Has caught around 50 species of shiny Pokémon. Currently the world record holder for most shinies caught in 1 week, so other up-and-coming shiny hunters may recognize her.
Random character traits: Blunt, stubborn, and somewhat overconfident when it comes to shiny hunting, yet still nurturing towards her Pokémon. Loves statistics and is always calculating probabilities.
Team (all shiny): Umbreon (Zushi), Ninetales (Treasure), Pidgeot (Lucky), Glaceon (Tundra), Leafeon (Taiga)

Time to start roleplaying!

Rei dug around in her messenger bag. Max Lures? Check. Ultra Balls? Check. Premier Balls? Check. Master Ball, just in case a legendary shows up? Absolutely check.
She left the house with her signature blank expression, sending out her umbreon to keep her company as she walked.
"There you go, Zushi. Happy to be out and about?"
"Umber." Zushi gave a sharp nod in response.
"A'ight, so today, Zushi, I think we'll be targeting Clefairy and Clefable. How's that sound?"
"Umbreon?" Zushi pawed at a berry on the ground.
"Food source? C'mon, we won't be in Mount Moon for THAT long. But," Rei sighed, "I guess we could pick up some snacks at the Magnet Train station. Deal?"
"Umber." Zushi nodded, satisfied. Rei crouched down to pet his head.
"What would I do without you?"
Eventually, they arrived at the Magnet Train station, buying their snacks and setting off for Kanto. When they arrived, Rei sent out her Pidgeot, Lucky, and took off for Mount Moon.
But as Rei and Zushi descended into the caves, Rei noticed something was off. COMPLETELY off.
Where were all the Pokémon?
Name: Jason Cross
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Trainer Class: Former Elite Four
Random fun fact(s): He was an Elite Four until he realized that he was beaten by teenagers far too often. So he quitted to hone his skill.
Random character traits: A bit timid. Doesn't talk a lot so people just assumed he was rude. However, he was kind to his pokemon.
Pokémon Team: Charmeleon (Char), Infernape (It has a small scar above its left eyes), Magmortar, Fletchinder.

To hone his skill, Jason had been taking the gym challenge. He had done this before. Almost a decade ago. Back when he just started out as a novice. The old gym leaders became stronger. The new gym leaders weren't bad, either. He almost completed his journey now with only two more gym to beat, one in Pewter Town and another in Viridian City. It's impressive, considering he only used one type.

He was at Cerulean City and was heading to Mt. Moon. He sent out Char and Infernape to accompany him on the journey.
"Infer..." The Infernape said, suddenly.
"What?! didn't we have breakfast before we left the city?" Jason complained, slightly annoyed. The Infernape crossed his arm stubbornly and looked displeased. Jason sighed and looked through his bagpack and handed the Infernape an Oran berry.

That was when he noticed something strange. There was no wild pokemon to be seen. "This is strange." Jason murmured.

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Name: mike

Age: 15

Gender: male

Trainer Class: pokemon researcher

Random fun fact(s): he learned how to speak and understand the Pokemon language, that helping him in his researches, He have a lot of knowledge about pokemons too.
He would never catch a pokemon without their permission.

Random character traits: he is very curious, he mostly interested in pokemons and want to know more about them.
He acting more kindly about pokemons more then humans, he can be a little shy sometimes.

Pokémon Team: male meowstic (mythic), female sylveon (aura), male altaria (aria), female ribombee (pollen), shiny male minun (sparky), female plusle (jolty)

Mike was walking at mt. Moon with sparky and jolty on his shoulders, serching for clefairy or clefable, he looked around in worry and confusion.
"I know clefairies and clefables are a rare thing to found around here but this is really worrying, theres no other pokemons around" mike said as he looked at plusle and minun, the two tiny pokemons didnt understand what going on too, the whole place was quiet.
"Maybe mythic could see if theres anyone here" mike said and sent out meowstic, "mythic, try to see who is around here" he said softly as mythic nodded and closed his eyes.
After a several moments mythic opened his eyes again, "meo meow-stic" he said, mike could fully understand what he said, "theres a few things nearby that you can feel?, Thats mean theres not a lot pokemons here" he said and returned mythic, after he pointed where the closest thing he felt.
He didnt expect that what mythic felt would be a human, he saw jason but instead of talking with him, he decide to go info the cave.

He passed jason and went info the cave entrance, jolty start shivering a little upon relizing that mike going info the cave.
Mike felt plusle feeling, "plusle plu (dont worry, it would be alright)" mike said in the Pokemon language, sparky added to what mike said, "minun min mi (you can do it, the darkness wont hurt you)", jolty felt better from what sparky and mike said and stop shivering.
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"This is really weird." Rei muttered to Zushi. "I mean, when we caught that shiny Paras, these caves were overrun with Pokémon!"
"Umbreon...." Zushi snapped his gaze around the cave, concerned.
"Okay....hang on, Zushi. I'm gonna use a Max Lure. We'll see if that does anything...."
Five whole minutes later, the only thing that showed up was a Diglett momentarily peeking out of the ground.
"What's going on? Normally we'd have seen at least a hundred Pokémon by now." Rei complained.
"Umbreon...." Zushi's face was incredibly worried now.
Suddenly, a footsteps echoed throughout the cave.
"Wh-Who's there? Show yourself!"
Out from the shadows stepped a tiny Pokémon. A Minun.
"Oh, hello little Minun!" Rei said, relieved. "And you're a shiny? Now that's cool. Normally, I'd try to catch you, but Minun definitely don't live around here. You must have a trainer then, somewhere, right?"
"Min! Minun Min!" the little Pokémon cheered.
"I'll take that as a yes. C'mon then, Zushi, we've got a trainer to find!"
Marzo, that had been a trainer for a while now was floating through the sky with his Alakazam. It had taken months to find someone he could trust enough to trade him, and trade him back. "Let's go get some food bud." My smaller than average Pikachu would say, "Pika Pika!" I would pet him on the head before being launched down into the ground, but as soon as my nose was near the ground, alakazam used him telekinesis to float me up, and I smiled before being let down. I would walk down the street, and getting to the restaurant. "I would like a double cheeseburger!" The food was being made, and while I waited, I would return Alakazam, and I would send out Machamp. He was there to just scare off any creeps who wanted to mess with me. Machamp has to go to the Pokémon bathroom, so I let him. The food came, and we ate a lot. Machamp came back, and he was angered. He jumped high in the air, all the way to the table, and just threw food in him mouth. I looked at him very upset. I returned him into his pokeball.


Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
After a few moments after searching in the cave mike start to give up, "it just doesn't make any sense, something unusual happening..." He said in worry, jolty start patting him as he trying to cheer him.
"Plus plusle plu!" She said, she was afraid and worried too, but it was more important for her to cheer mike, mike felt better from the plusle's cheer.
But after jolty found out that her brother, sparky, was gone she got info panic, "plu plu!" She fast said to mike, after mike heard what jolty said he got info panic as well.
He looked on his shoulder where sparky is, the minun wasnt there, usually the pokemons in the area helps him but this time no one around to help.
"Go mythic" mike said and sent out meowstic, "mythic, can you see who is around here, we need to find sparky" mike asked kindly, the meowstic nodded and closed his eyes once again, he wasnt panic about hearing that sparky is gone, he was calm.
After the meowstic opened the eyes he pointed straight, "meow meow" he said.
"Theres a lot of things you can feel dipper in the cave?, Good job, we will find him!" Mike said cheerfully, try to cheer the panicking plusle.
Jolty hugged mike tight as she was on his shoulder, she was afraid from the dark and was afraid to get lost too, mike only smiled and returned the meowstic, then petting the plusle, "dont worry, it would be all right" mike said as he start walking deeper, "p-p-p..p-plu-s-s..le" jolty replied in fear as she continued to hug mike tightly.

(Sparky story)

In the start of the cave sparky decide to go ahead and search by himself, he jumped off the shoulder and landed on the ground, because the darkness and the fact he was tiny, mike and plusle didnt notice him running ahead, he continued running fast until he heard voices.
He stopped running and start walking happily upon hearing the unfamiliar voice, he knew that he has found something new.
He start to see a trainer with an umbreon in a distance, he started to get excited to see an umbreon, and that one was different from those he saw.
He heard what the trainer said and start cheering, "min! Minun min!" He cheered, he start sending sparks from his cheeks from excitement.
Sitorro walked into the forest peacefully, she liked to come here often so that she could meditate. She was one of the more experienced trainers in the region, already beaten the champion, along with a few others, but she found that the region still provided a challenge for her, so she stayed, hoping to beat all of the champions later. Walking into the forest as she often did she noticed something off, usually, Pokémon like deerling or pidgy would come to her, wanting seed, but today there was nothing...
She looked around, surprised. What happened? Had the forest turned against her? With her sensitive hearing, she heard voices in the background and decided to hold off on meditation. She went to observe what they said.
"Hmm...." Rei muttered. "I don't see a trainer anywhere on this floor of the cave system."
"Umbreon." Zushi nodded in agreement.
"Min..." the Minun said, thinking. "Minun. Min Minun!" He pointed to the roof.
"Up a floor? Okay then. Maybe there are Pokémon up there." Rei speculated, quickly locating the ladder. "Want a lift, Minun?"
"Min." Minun shook his head stubbornly, climbing the ladder all on his own.
"Okay....Not sure how you did that, but okay..." Rei mumbled, returning Zushi to his Poké Ball for easy transportation up the ladder.
"Hello? Anybody out there missing a shiny Minun?" she called into the darkness.

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Sparky planned that though the trainer he could see different things then what he usually see, unlike his sister he always happy and excited to see new and unique thing, thats because of his different color.
The minun also wanted to show the trainer that he can do things by himself, when rei called out info the void, sparky sends more sparks from his cheeks, which make the cave less dark.


Mike continue walking as jolty hugging him tight, but mike stopped walking as he noticed a yellow ball.
Mike could recognize that the yellow ball is a sandshrew who curled up into a ball, he walked to him and he could clearly see how the sandshrew is scared and afraid.
Mike sat down near the scared and shivering Sandshrew and start talking, "sand, sand shrew" mike said, trying to explain that he means no harm and only want to help.
The sandshrew decided to trust mike and stood up, "sand sand" the sandshrew said curiously but still with worry, he didnt expect that a human would understand and know his language.
Mike wanted to ask him if he saw sparky but he decide to take the chance and question him something.
Mike questioned the sandshrew if he know why theres no pokemons, the sand didnt know how to answer, he explains that pokemons just starting to disappeare.
Mike and jolty got shocked uon hearing that, jolty holded mike the tightest she can, she didnt was to disappeare and she was very worried that it might happened to her brother, sparky.
"T-thats terrifying" mike said quietly in his normal language, he was worried that it happened to sparky as well, "sand sand shrew" mike said in panic, questioning if he saw a minun with green ears nearby, luckily the sandshrew saw the minun and the trainer before and pointed the direction mike has went before he noticed the sandshrew.
"Sandshrew! (Thank you)" Mike said happily, he then told the sandshrew that he will do his best to help the pokemons get back, then mike start walking to the direction the sandshrew pointed, the sandshrew waved his habd as a goodbye and curled back into a ball.

When mike mas out the sight of the sandshrew he start running the fast he can, jolty keep holding mike tight as tears start dropping from her, she never was so worried before.
"Sparky!" Mike called out every several seconds, he continue running until he saw a leader, he stopped near the leader and start huffing, he couldn't run anymore.
Rei blinked in surprise as the Minun started to light up. When she and Zushi opened their eyes, the area immediately around them was aglow.
"Hey, now that's a neat trick! Nice going, Minun." Rei complimented.
"Umber." Zushi gave a curt nod in agreement.
"Minun, Minun!" Minun cheered, hopping up and down.
"I wonder where your trainer is, Minun." Rei commented. "They might still be down on that last floor...but I'm pretty sure we've checked that one thoroughly enough...."
"Minun!" Minun called out into the darkness. "Minun Minun!" He seemed to be calling out to his trainer.
"Helloooooo? Shiny Minun up here!" Rei joined in, hoping that they would get an answer.
Zushi Story

"Helloooooo? Shiny Minun up here!" Rei called into the darkness, joining Sparky.
Zushi yawned, deciding instead to have a look down the ladder. After all, he wasn't the best at yelling, and he might as well contribute this way, right?
As he peered over the edge of the ladder, he saw a boy's face. He looked like a teenager--definitely not an adult. On his shoulder, he had a tearful Plusle.
"Uh....Hi. Are you looking for a shiny Minun, by any chance?" Zushi asked, realizing that his words probably didn't sound like words to him.
But to Zushi's surprise, he answered.

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Sparky jumped in excitement, he was proud in himself that he know to do that trick while his sister dont, but he started to worry about mike and stopped jumping.
He then heard something, it was sound like mike calling out, but he didnt recognize from where it came.
"Minun!, Minun minun!" The little pokemon called out, he hoped that mike or jolty will hear him.


Mike continued to huff until he heard footsteps from above, mike immediately look up the leader, he saw an unbreon in the top of the leader, but his patterns was blue and not yellow.
After hearing the umbreon mike got happier, if he asking that means the umbreon know wheres the minun, jolty got happier as well upon hearing that, but she still cried.
Mike coughed a little and answered, "umber umbreon (we do, do you know where he is)" mike said, "umbreons dont live in that cave, so theres probably another trainer here, but that umbreon have different color like sparky" mike thought to himself.
Name: Oliver
Age: 11
Gender: Boy
Trainer Class: Rare Pokemon Raiser.
Random Fact(s): Oliver is a RPR ( Rare Pokemon Raiser ) who works on raising rare Pokemon so he can keep them from disappearing.
Random Character Fact(s): Oliver is really shy, and almost never talks. He communicates through noises and actions. When he trusts someone, he will rarely speak softly to them, and will appear happy and energetic. Overall, he's shy at first, but will become a great friend who sacrifices everything to keep others safe.
Pokemon Team: Pichu ( Zapz) Munchlax ( Munchkin) Rockruff ( Rocky )
" O-OW!!! SOMEONE HELP!!! " Oliver cried out, trying to climb out of the pit he fell into. Rocky, Zapz, and Munchkin all couldn't reach him down there, since it was to far. Oliver climbed down there to help Zapz when he fell, but now, after he climbed up, he slipped and hurt his leg badly. He could see a couple Clefable surrounding him, and they were mad. " ANYONE? P-PLEASE! " He cried again, backing up against a stone wall.
Sitorro heard the cry in the distance and decided to wait to talk, she jumped up and immediately rushed to Oliver. “Hello? Did someone cry for help?” She saw him in the hole, she peered down and twitched her ears, “Do you need help?” She pulled him out. “Hi, my name is Sitorro. Are you hurt?”
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Sitorro whipped around looking at the Clefable, accidentally smacking Oliver in the face with her tail. “Urgh... Come on out Hunebo!” She grabs a Pokeball from her Kimono that she always wears and tosses it, giving way to a Decidueye. “Spirit shackle!” The Decidueye knocked and released the arrow instantly, just like the legends rumored, hitting the Clafable directly and knocking it out.

“I think I went a little bit over the top there...” She said, going over, picking it up, and laying it on the ground near you. “You broke your leg huh? I might be able to help you greatly decrease the wait time, I’ll get you up and walking tomorrow afternoon instead of the weeks you’d spend in a cast otherwise. That’s if you want it of course, otherwise I’ll just carry you to the nearest Pokémon center, although I don’t know where it is.”
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“Ok.” She recalled Hunebo and grabs another Pokémon from her Kimono. She released it, giving way to a Lucario. “Rex, please heal him.” It looks over to Sitorro and actually speaks. “Yes, my lady.” It says, and kneels down, putting its paws on your broken leg. You feel things shifting around inside of it, although a lot of it would probably be drowned out by searing pain.
“He is using your aura and transferring it to energy, then using that energy to move your bones. The reason it hurts so much is because he is tearing through flesh that he has to heal again to move your bones. It will make you sleepy, but it works well. I’ll make a tent for you and I to sleep in for tonight.” She walks away, leaving Rex to tend to your wounds, thus trusting him to keep you safe too.
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"Holy--What was that?" Rei exclaimed upon hearing the cry for help echoing through the whole cave. "Minun, Zushi--We gotta help them, don't we? Wait--Zushi?"
Rei turned towards the ladder, spotting the Umbreon seemingly talking down the ladder.
"Zu....shi? What's over there?"
"Minun! Minun Minun!" the Minun danced right on over to the hole, took a quick glance down it, and jumped down.
"Ah! Minun, what the--" Rei stared down the ladder, spotting a person--a boy, maybe in his late teens--with the shiny Minun perched on one shoulder, and an overjoyed Plusle on the other.
"Oh, hey! Are you Minun's trainer?" Rei asked.
"Yeah. Thanks for taking care of him."
"Happy to help. Oh yeah, speaking of help--that reminds me! I heard someone calling just a few minutes ago--I think I'm gonna go check that out. You wanna join us?"

(I'm gonna meet up with Sitorro and Oliver, if anyone else wants to join with Rei--and if you haven't gotten to do much yet, this is a good chance!)

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
(i see you controled my character but next time plz tell me before you controlling my character)

As sparky land on mike shoulder jolty suddenly jumped at him and start hugging him, "plu! Plusle!" The plusle happily yelled as she sobbing, she was happy that her brother is safe.
"Why you ran off like that? Its dangerous right know due to the pokemons that are disappearing, it could have happen to you as well" mike said with worry, the minun stopped hugging jolty back and start thinking, he couldn't remember clearly, he think he saw something bright and he start following it but he's not sure.
"Its not really metter, at least you're safe" mike said, stopping sparky from continuing to think, mike then turned to the girl, "i will join" he answered, then sent out meowstic.
"Meow..." The meowstic said, she got a bit annoyed that he is being sent out again, "sorry for sending you again mythic, but you know why i did it" mike said quietly, mythic sighed and closed his eyes once again.
While meowstic was searching mike was thinking, 'this is still strange, its not really like sparky to go alone, besides the fact that there almost nothing in the cave, its getting really worrying' he thought to himself, a moment later mythic opened his eyes.
"Meow meo sti" mythic said, mike nodded, "so theres only a little things you can see inside the cave you say?, Thanks for the help again" mike said, apologies and return him back.
"The call wasnt from the cave" mike said to the trainer and the umbreon, he hoped that the trainer wont be confused.
“Glowing thing... do you know what it is?” Sitorro asked Oliver, trying to get her information. Rex finished tending to Oliver’s wounds. “Rex, go get some wood and start making a temporary house.” “Glowing thing... evolution stone? Summoning stone? What the heck... it could even be several different types of Pokémon... Oliver, when your leg heals, I want you to come along with me and check it out. Until then, please, get some sleep.” She goes over and starts to put leaves under your head, but her ability unintentionally activates. (Her ability is that she can possess someone else, usually of her own accord, and have complete control over them if the person playing the character allows it, but what she isn’t controlling at the moment can be controlled by the Role-player. I typically only use this for in character communication that others can’t hear.) She yelps, going out cold, the rest of her pokeballs rolling out when she falls. (“* *” means telepathy when I do it. “*He-Hello?*” David hears inside of his own head, but it sounds different from his consciousness, he may or may not know that it is Sitorro.
(Sorry! I'll try not to do that again, thanks for being understanding)

"I....what?" Rei paused for a moment. "Wait, so I'm going to guess that Meowstic told you that, but how did he.....? Actually, y'know what, don't tell me. We might or might not have a rescue mission on our hands--so we better get going, huh?"

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
"we better get going" mike replied after all what rei said, he didnt get the chance to explain, he then turn to jolty and sparky.
"Do you want to go inside the pokeball right now?" Mike asked, the plusle nodded, she was still afraid of being disappeared, she tried to convince sparky to do it as well.
The minun refused to inside the pokeball, even after what jolty said, he tried to look like he is brave and that he can handle by himself, but he was scared like jolty, the fact that he was forced to go ahead because of a bright light is terrifying.
"Okay, return jolty!" Mike said and returned the plusle, leaving the green minun still on his shoulder.
the minun looked around, he tried to see if he can spot the bright light from before, but it was all dark again, "mi...." The minun said to himself in worry.
Rei and the trainer walked in silence. Zushi was at Rei's heels, and Minun was still stubbornly perched on the boy's shoulder. They were completely following Meowstic's instructions, having no clue where to go themselves.
"Oh, right. I guess I should probably ask you....do you know anything about the disappearing Pokémon?" Rei asked. Zushi's ears seemed to perk up, as if he had heard something interesting.

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Mike walked with the other trainer as the shiny minun is still on his shoulder, when mike got questioned about the disappearing pokemons the minun's ears perk up as well.
Mike sighed and start explaining, "i have no clue, someone i met in the cave said that they just start to disappeare with no reason" he explained, he didnt want to say that the 'someone' is the sandshrew he saw before, sparky looked with worry at mike, he wasnt sure if to tell him about the lights or not.

After a few moments mike could see a light, it was the entrance of the cave.
Rei raised an eyebrow. "Someone, huh?" she mumbled, suspicious. This kid was the only other person she'd seen throughout the whole cave system--who could the "someone" be?
She shook her head. "Never mind that for now. It looks like we're at the entrance....I'm gonna send out my Leafeon, just so she can soak up some sun." Rei said, pulling out the Ultra Ball with her Leafeon inside.
"Leafeon!" Plume greeted the boy and Minun warmly, shaking herself off as she padded over to stand in the cave's doorway.
"So, where to next?" Rei asked.

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Mike looked at the leafeon, her color was a bit different the usual, "interesting" he thought to himself in a curiously way, sarky waved to the leafeon cheerfully after her wellcome.
"To what mythic said, the call suppose to be outside the cave" mike told to rei, he decide to explain her later about his 'ability'.
Curiouser and curiouser. Rei thought. The boy said that his Meowstic--Mythic, he called him--had said something to him. Interesting as it was, however, Rei was on a mission--this cry for help had to be answered.
The group exited the cave, leaving behind the shadowy caverns for the lush greenery on the route.
"Leafeon!" Plume cheered as she danced in the sunlight.
"Well, I'll let you and Mythic lead the way from here--they're somewhere on this route, right?"

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
"well... I wont sent out mythic again to confirm its on this route" mike explained, "but to what mythic felt, theres a group of things nearby" he continued before rei could say something.
The minun jumped from mike's shoulder to the ground and walked to the shiny leafeon, "mi minun" he said cheerfully to her, he tried to have fun and play with her.
As they walked mike noticed something from a distance, it was a clefairy, and he looked mad.
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(Oh well.) His trainer not moving for several hours, Rex decided to come out of his Pokeball, he noticed Sitorro is unconscious. “My lady?” He said, calmly at first, but as time went on he got more and more frantic. “Help! Help! My Lady’s fainted!” He screamed, in the raspy voice you would expect from a Lucario. It was getting dark, and colder and as the temperature dropped. his need got more dire. “HELP!!”
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Rei looked in the same direction as the boy had, noticing exactly what he was staring at.
"A......Clefairy? What's that doing out here?"
"Umbreon!" Zushi ducked behind Rei, worried by his type disadvantage.
"Don't worry, Zushi. Worst comes to worst, Plume uses Sleep Powder." Rei said.
"Leafeon!" Plume agreed, a determined look coming on her face.
"But! We don't want to strike first. We might be able to avoid this whole thing." Rei commented, looking back at the angry Clefairy. Then, suddenly, a loud, gruff wail filled the air.
"A....Lucario?" Rei muttered, confused. "What could one of those possibly be doing here?"

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Mike noticed the Lucario as well, "thats weird" he said, "he is probably belong to a trainer" mike muttered.
"Im going to see why the clefairy is mad, you go and check the lucario" mike said and took a pokeball from his pocket, "okay aura, i need your help!" Eitan said and sent out a sylveon.
"Sylveon!" Aura said upon coming out of the ball, she looked at the clefairy, who seem furiously and ready to attack.
Rex got up, knowing he had to stay calm. He went over to the pokeballs that fell and collected them. He picked one out, threw it, and a Reuniclus came out. “Kiner,” Rex said. “Please keep watch over Sitorro, she fell unconscious. I’m going to go look for help.” “Ok!” The Reuniclus said. Rex set off, coming out into the clearing, he saw Mike. “Sir! I need your help!” He said, running to him. He then noticed the Clefairy and recognized it as one of those that attacked Sitorro, he got defensive and used bone rush on it. Sadly, because he’s a level 95 he knocked it out immediately.
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Rei pulled out the Ultra Ball housing her Ninetales. "Okay! Go, Treasure, we'll probably need you." she said, an elegant silvery Pokémon bursting from the Ultra Ball.
"Ninetales!" Treasure cried in greeting to Zushi and Plume.
Suddenly, a blue-and-tan blur came running out from the trees, racing immediately over to the Clefairy and using Bone Rush.
The Clefairy never stood a chance.
Now that the Pokémon had stopped moving, it was clearly the Lucario. And from the looks of things, it was strong.
The Lucario studied both Rei and Mike, assessing the situation. Zushi shrank back a little, concerned by his type disadvantage once again. Plume seemed to be preparing Sunny Day, both to maximize her Synthesis and boost Treasure's moves. The platinum-colored Ninetales moved protectively in front of them, somehow calm, despite the level disadvantage.
However, the Lucario's face didn't seem in the fighting mood to Rei--more desperate, in a way, as if he was searching for help.