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Abra Kadabra Alakazam’s Art



These guys are based on Japanese Macaques, Carcinization, and the folktale of the Monkey and the Crab. Macaqrab evolves with a Water Stone.
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Now for my take on a a regional and it’s evolution. These fellas are based on asteroids, moon rocks, and the Filipino myth of the Tambokano. This regional Klawf evolves into Tamboclipse by giving it a Sun Stone at night or a Moon Stone during the day.
Taking a break from the random Fakemon, here’s some art of object show OCs I made for a roleplay. Their names are Bunsen Burner and Comet by the way.

Name: Bunsen Burner
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Limbs: Arms and Legs
Personality: Bunsen Burner (or BB for short) is always curious about the world and its many aspects, always eager to learn more. However she is actually very intelligent and perceptive, along with being quite creative. She doesn’t tend to be logical, being more exploratory in terms of her research. Bunsen Burner is quite hyperactive and can sometimes ramble on and on about science and other topics she likes. A consequence of this is she doesn’t really have any sense of personal space, but she can dial it back when told. She can sometimes panic and overthink situations. While not her speciality, she is still a decent inventor and can make tools in a pinch. She’s also quite sympathetic, empathetic, and friendly to the other contestants most of the time. While she rarely ever gets angry, she can be a complete firestorm when she does. However she is very apologetic afterward.
Where Your Character Is From:
The Dodecahedron, a giant spaceship/space station/planet where society is focused on science and innovation. A transparent hollow dodecahedron is of immense size containing various flora and fauna inside, along with containing a futuristic utopian metropolis.
Other: Bunsen Burner actually has ADHD, which can affect her flame. This flame is dependent on both her emotions and surroundings, and she can make it bigger by plugging in a gas tank in her valve. Bunsen Burner is actually around 17 in terms of age, and she isn’t that athletic. She always keeps her goggles near her in case of emergency. She has a soft spot for animals, and has a floating alien cuttlefish as a pet that she left at home. Bunsen Burner is also bisexual.
Appearance: (She doesn’t have a twin/sibling, this is merely a reference picture inside the Dodecahedron)
Name: Comet
Gender: Female/Demigirl
Pronouns: She/They
Limbs: Arms
Personality: Tougher and rougher than the rest of them, Comet is a headstrong tomboy who looks for adventures across the galaxy. At first glance, she can be bold, brash, and volatile. They seem to prefer doing her own thing and taking charge, with poor social skills. However this is merely a consequence of her spending most of her life alone exploring the depths of space. While it may not look like it on the outside, they are fiercely loyal and faithful, especially to those she considers her friends. She may be blunt, impulsive, and a bit dense, but makes up for it with a heart of gold. She can also be very awkward when trying to connect with people, especially when she isn’t trying to act tough.
Where Your Character Is From: Not from any one planet, Comet is a drifter among the stars. She usually chills in deep space, visiting planets and other extraterrestrial locales in her long journeys. Seems like the show planet was the next stop on their intergalactic tour…
Other: Like Needle from BFDI, Comet is exceptionally fast and strong compared to most other contestants. She has crossed paths with the Dodecahedron (Bunsen Burner’s home planet by technicality) though she hasn’t met the scientist yet. She is pansexual and 18 in terms of age.
Appearance: (Same as Bunsen Burner’s art, these are just multiple poses.)

Here’s the link for anyone interested: https://forums.pokecharms.com/threads/the-pokecharms-show-an-object-show-rp.30298/ (Open - The Pokécharms Show (An Object Show RP))