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Ask to Join Adventure on the Verdant Isles / The League of Elders - PokéMon RP Discussion!

"They say training's a youngun's game. Sure, these days we saddle 'em up with starters soon as they leave school and let 'em roam 'til they've had their fill. But we remember the old days, aye? When everything wasn't so easy, so safe... I suppose it's all better now, with the PokeCenters and everything that's made training easier, but don't you miss the thrill of not knowing if you'd get away unscathed, huh? These young upstars wouldn't know real danger if it hit 'em in the face..."

Welcome to Adventure on the Verdant Isles, featuring The League of Elders... or as we'll know them, our characters!
Y'know how nearly every PokéMon Trainer on this forum is somewhere between 11 and 17 years of age? Well, not here.
No, our characters will be at least over fifty - elders, indeed, perhaps respected masters of their fields... or merely recent retirees, gagging for excitement?

Onto the story;
- Renowned Hoenn multimillionaire and eccentric Alistair Jameson Hateley is rumoured to set off from Slateport Harbour soon, aboard the S.S. Evergrande, an outdated exploratory vessel that he has renovated for the sole purpose of unlocking the mythical secrets of seldom-trodden islands in inter-regional seas. Though he has a complement of prodigious, youthful researchers and engineers aboard, his inner circle consists of members roughly his age or older- whom the crewmates jokingly refer to as the League of Elders. Still, their tenacity and skill as Trainers are nothing to scoff at... and they may just be what Hateley needs to finally fulfill his dreams in his twilight years.

So! Do you have a Trainer who might not be a young whippersnapper anymore, but still wants to prove their experience and expertise?
Are you willing to put them on the sea-faring, island-skulking journey of a lifetime?
Apply below!

( You are encouraged to limit your team to 1-3 PokéMon for ease of play, and given the lifespans of certain PokéMon...
PokéMon from earlier and later generations than the 3rd are 100% welcome!)

Name: Alistair Jameson Hateley II
Gender: Male
Hometown: Fallarbor, Hoenn
Age: 66
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 81 KG
Hair: Silver, short and back-combed; complemented by a full beard and moustache of the same shade.
Eyes: Narrow, bespectacled, storm-blue.
Clothing: Varying from fanciful black suit-and-tie to tropical beige or green khaki; generally, prim and proper in social engagements but purely functional when roaming and exploring, satchels and bags included.
Identifying Marks: Walks with a cane despite having only a barely-noticable limp that does not in any way seem to slow him down. There is a faint, faded scar under his right-side eye.
Musculature: Not noticeable, but he seems spry for his age, leanly-built but lasting.
Personality: At engagements, he's the most magnanimous, extroverted man in the room, with a sly and dashing smile, full of wit and armed with clever repartees. There is a clear intelligence, even shrewdness to his every word, though it may be lost on whoever only sees his quirky, boisterous nature. In more intimate settings, he seems an analytical, forward-thinking sort, though he always abounds with optimism and cleverness.
Skills: Over the decades he has picked up a passing knowledge of archeology and its accompanying sciences, such as PokéMon ecology; for a man born into and accustomed to wealth, he seems quite at home in the wildest locales, keyed in to keeping himself and others safe. The charisma that he bleeds may not serve him there, but it does keep his companions believing in him.
Past: Relatively little of Hateley's past has been well-established; it's known that his predecessor made a fair fortune off of meteoric ore and lumber in the Fallarbor region, at least until the unhappy locals of Meteor Falls disrupted his trade. After roaming Hoenn some time as a Trainer, Hateley took his father's coin to Slateport and invested into the faltering shipping trade, revitalizing it and making more than any man could possibly have need of in a lifetime - fueling, in turn, his eccentric habits of gathering rare materials such as minerals, fossils, relics of and scripture pertaining to ancient history. He continues to be an enigmatic figure of some renown both in Hoenn and beyond, with many being able to lay claim to having met him at a Rustboro gala, but only a scarce few who can claim to know the man with any level of depth.
Family: A wife who has passed, and a daughter (Ameriko Jane Hateley) who is one of Slateport's foremost industrialists, having all but assumed control of her father's shipping emporium.
Love Relationships?: N/A


Nickname: N/A
Gender: N/A
Special Features: Fairly large for a Claydol; often sits as still as a statue.
History: Hateley describes having come across a particularly statuesque Baltoy while lost in the desert, who led him to a spring; owing his survival to the PokéMon, he became its lifelong companion. Over the course of years and many battles, it grew to be both large and powerful.
Personality: Unflinching, restful, though inquisitive about people and endlessly loyal to Hateley.

Species: Shedinja
Nickname: N/A
Gender: N/A
Special Features: A barely visible crack in its halo.
History: Though the Ninjask that Hately evolved in his youth has long since passed from age, its shed shell lives on without aging. Hateley treats it as a living memory, often keeping the Shedinja out of its PokéBall and treating it like a confidant.
Personality: The Shedinja is often seen roaming, but will quickly return to Hateley at his call. It is fiercely protective.

Species: Wailord
Nickname: Otis
Gender: Male
Special Features: Lightly pockmarked with white barnacles.
History: Otis is, in fact, Ameriko Jane Hateley's closest companion - loaned to her father to keep him safe on the open seas. Found in the Mossdeep surf as a runt of a Wailmer, Ameriko's relentless care made the PokéMon flourish to the point of evolving into a Wailord after some years.
Personality: The titanic beast can be oafish and playful, spending almost all its time tailing the Evergrande out of its ball - but were he to see Hateley in any danger, he'd be sure to act.

Identifying Marks:
Love Relationships?:


Special Features:

Do come with any and all questions you might have! I realize this is quite basic, but that's sort of the point - a low-stress, improvisational RP.
Oh? This is actually quite an interesting concept, I like it! And the pacing of the RP seems attractive too. It's a shame it hasn't garnered more attention though. I'd still be happy to drop a character for this; so I bring my question here - does my bio need to state how my character knows A.J Hateley or can it be improvised as we go? And what is the role of the elders in this trip? Are they to supplement Hateley with their skills or are they simply along for the ride?