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Open Adventures threw the Seto Region.

Welcome to Seto. This region consists of farmlands High hills. mountain regions. large cities. Every non legendary pokemon calls this region home. Due to recent criminal activates trainers must have traveling companions to stay protected. Join me as trainers make their way threw the newly formed league for a chance to become Seto's Champion.

1. Fallow the rules as stated by pokecharms.
2. Everyone starts out with one pokemon. it must be basic.
3. Fan made pokemon are allowed as long as you tell me about them and their evolutionary line if they have one.
4. Be respectful
5. have fun.
6. you can have multiple characters.
7. You can take any of the open gym leader and elite four spots
8. Fanmade Pokémon are allowed as long as they fallow Pokecharms Rules about it.
Character bios

Starting Pokemon
what it is
nickname (Optional)
Here's mine
Name: Drew Leuric
age: 16
Sex: Male
appearance: Light blonde hair, Green eyes, He stands at six one. He wears a blue jacket and red shirt with black slacks and tennis shoes.

Starting Pokémon
What it is. Poliwag
Nickname: Poli
ability: Swift swim

Gym leaders (gyms aren't going to be type based but theme based.)

Sealburch town a farming town and the first town the group will get too. The gym leader is a young twenty year old girl named Sabrina her team is farm themed. She has three pokemon, A miltank ( Her ace) a torrros and an Alolan meowth

Sandpiper town near the coast known for it's great seafood

Nightengale city. A flourishing city where all the rich people live @TepigTurtwig

Diamond town. a mining town @JohnsonAce

Sam's city a somewhat developed city known for it's loud music and respectable cooking. Gym leader Christopher. His team is music based, Chatot, Loudred. Wigglytuff (Ace)

Rustboro town: Nearly deserted town do to Team Zodiac @montymike

Satellite city: Known for it's advances in technology @koopa000

Dracon Cove: Being considered as a little blast to the past like area. Gym leader is David. the gym is medieval themed. His team is A Gallade, Dragonite, Slowking, Delephox, Aegislash, Nidoqueen (His ace)

Elite four all are up for grabs
Elite one @JohnsonAce
Elite two
elite three
Elite four
Champion: Clair
Her team Gardivoir, Umbreon, Goodra, Charizard, Hitmonchan, Primerina

Evil team: Team Zodiac
Admin one: @montymike
Two @TepigTurtwig
Three: @koopa000
Leader: Orion
his team Crobat, Gengar, Gyarados,
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Well, I am certainly interested here and I will be using one of my Fan Made Pokémon for the roleplay. Also, I will be putting in my character bios a bit later on in the day since I am having to take the AP test real soon. (There will also be more information on the Pokémon part especially since it is my Fan Made Pokémon after all.)

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Previously Ratbag the Coward
Hi. I like the idea of theme based gyms, but you have only put details for not all 8 gyms. Will there be 8 gyms for this or is it just that we can claim one of the gyms in one of the towns you mentioned? Just wondering.

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Previously Ratbag the Coward
yeah Johnson there are eight gyms. You can claim a gym in any of the towns that are written up there.
Oh cool so we can essentially create themes for the gyms based on the description for the city. Asssuming they aren't taken, could I try taking the gym spots for Sandpiper town and Diamond town gym leaders please? Sandpiper town would obviously be fish pokemon and pokemon you can only find in the sea and Diamond town would be ground, rock and steel types that live underground, I surpose?

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Previously Ratbag the Coward
I'm going to change a few more things when I have the time. I have a bunch of ideas for these two so they may change significantly.

(Gym Leader of Diamond town)
Name: Landon
age: 19
Sex: Male
appearance: Flat dark brown hair, tall
Pokemon: Excadrill, Carbink, Diglett (normal form), Dwebble, Lairon. He specialises in mining pokemon: rock, ground and steel types.
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Character bios
name: Ivory Mays
age: 15
sex: female
appearance: short chin height blond hair, pale skin, yellowish green eyes, wears a sleeveless grey hoodie, white long sleeve shirt underneath, yellow bandana around her neck, grey hiking boots, black tights, yellow shorts

Starting Pokemon
what it is: Stunky
nickname: Pine
ability: keen eye

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Previously Ratbag the Coward
Decieded to scrap the form for the Sandpipe gym leader, but I have I suggestion that he/she should have pokemon from the Tynamo and Inkay families. I'm thinking of posting a form for a gym leader instead.

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Previously Ratbag the Coward
(Elite four member)
Name: Gabriella (or Gabrielle)
age: 21
Sex: Female
appearance: Long blond hair, bright skin, blue eyes.
Pokemon: Altaria, Togekiss,Talonflame, Claydol, Mismagius. She specialises in pokemon that can be used in sky battles-pokemon that are either flying type or have the levitate ability.
Well, now I am finally finished with my character bios! (Added more information to them to express them out more. If there are any question(s) and/or concerns, feel free to privately discuss them with me via conversation.)

Trainer Character:
His name is Somaiar Kyoto.
Age: He is 17 Years old.
Height: He is at a slightly short height of 5'2".
Weight: He is slightly underweight for his age, as he is only 107.6 pounds.
Personality: He is taciturn when it comes to socialization, as he often uses hand signals to communicate with his Pokémon. His vast leadership can often make him a bit bossy around others, since he is often accustomed to being in charge of things as a result. He is also determined, as he sometimes takes risks to protect his Pokémon; even if it means jeopardizing his safety for them.
Physical Appearance: He has a skinny build, as he is slightly muscular. He has brown eyes, short, pale yellow blond hair, and some freckles near his cheeks. He also has a small scar under his chin, though it is hard to notice at first glance.
Clothes: He has a blue jacket on with a hoodie around his head; the jacket also has hidden pockets on the front. He wears a white T shirt, short white cargo pants, and brown leather sandals. He also has a tan leather bag that functions as a carrier sling and storage for items and such.
Pokémon: He has a Nicaong. (See below for more information.)

Pokémon Information:
His name is currently unknown.
Species: Nicaong / Turf Pokémon
Gender: Male
Type: [type]Grass[/type] [type]Dragon[/type]
Native Region: His native region is Huniaru.
Primary Moves: Claw Rush, Attune Roar, Frond Blade, Draconian Incursion (See below for more information. Note that the Pokémon is not just restricted to four moves like in the games, as these are the four moves that the Pokémon primarily uses in battle.)
Ability: Graconic Stand (If the Pokémon is at critical risk of fainting, the potency of both Grass and Dragon-type moves are slightly increased.)
Appearance: Nicaong is a small, dragon-like Pokémon that has a primarily chartreuse body. His eyes are brown, while he has a small nose that is just two nostrils, as his mouth has four small teeth that can be seen when he opens his mouth. A patch of small, root-like protrusions can be seen above his head; giving off the impression of hair. A small, pale green leaf grows in the middle these roots, as the leaf has a linear pattern on it. He has a pale green underside, as his hands have three fingers, while his feet have three clawed toes each. His stubby, tapered tail has some encircling, yellow stripes that are seen around the middle of the tail.
Personality: Nicaong tends to be rather reserved when it comes to meeting new people and Pokémon, since he fears that he will be reguarded as an outcast since his species is widely unknown to most of the world. His behavior is often seen by others as being quirky, since he has some weird habits that he is obsessed with. Although he can be rather silly at times, he can still get around the public if he is careful enough to not get a fight started with his bad temper causing him to go after the nearest person that ridiculed him.
Fakemon Creator: @Charlespark
Other: He is the Grass starter Pokémon of Huniaru.
Primary Moves Information:
Type: [type]Normal[/type]
Catagory: Physical
Power: 10 x 5
Accuracy: 100%; But can be evaded more easily
Power Points: 25
Target: Enemy
Range: Close quarters combat
Description: The Pokémon assaults the target with a brief series of punches. This move always has turn priority over others.
Effects: Critical hits happen more often with this move if all hits connect.
Type: [type]Normal[/type]
Catagory: Status
Power: N/A
Accuracy: Sure Shot
Power Points: 20
Target: Self
Range: N/A
Description: The Pokémon lets off a loudening roar that quickly gets itself into an intense state of awareness.
Effects: Grants the Pokémon the effects of Accelerate and Robust.
Type: [type]Grass[/type]
Catagory: Physical
Power: 85
Accuracy: 100%
Power Points: 20
Target: Enemy
Range: Close quarters combat
Description: The Pokémon slashes the target with a sharp, palm-like weapon.
Effects: May inflict Fragility upon the target.
Type: [type]Dragon[/type]
Catagory: Special (Signature Move)
Power: 5 x 20 (Meteors), 75 x 1 (Comet); 175 Power total
Accuracy: 80%
Power Points: 5
Target: All Pokémon, excluding user
Range: 5 Meters area of effect (Meteors), 10 Meters area of effect (Comet)
Description: The Pokémon summons a relentless bombardment of meteors from the outer skies followed by a large comet at all Pokémon. The attack's recoil will greatly tire out the Pokémon however.
Effects: Makes the user have to recharge after using this move, as the user's next turn is jumped. In addition, also forces Exhaustion upon the user.
Special Notes:
  • Weak to ???, ???, ??? and ???.
  • Feeble against ???.
  • Utilizes speed to attack quickly and elude attacks with ease.
  • Employs Physical and Special combination attacks.
  • Impervious to the effects of spore-based moves.
  • Resilient against Paralysis and electric-based moves.
As some of these status conditions are custom status conditions that I have made on my own or with some inspiration, they are down here below with pristine detail to know what exactly happens to the Pokémon if they have that particular status condition.

Accelerate: The Pokémon's speed is increased by 50% for three turns.

Robust: The Pokémon's physical attack and physical defense is increased by 25% for five turns.

Fragility: The Pokémon's physical defense is reduced by 50% for five turns.

Exhaustion: The Pokémon's stats; excluding HP and accuracy are reduced by 75%. The stats rise back up in increments of 15% per turn, until the stats are back to normal levels. In addition, the Pokémon cannot coordinate any team attacks with other allied Pokémon when under this state.
For Team Zodiac Admin/Rustbro City Gym Leader (If it is overrun by Team Zodiac Members, it would make since the Gym Leader is part of it)

Name: Gemin
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Appearance: Wears a Tuxedo, A Black Top Hat, and has a Handlebar Mustache. Wears Fancy Black shoes. Is an average height.
Personality: A Strategic Mastermind, pretty nice at times. The perfect picture of being a Gentleman

Theme: Cat Pokemon


1st: Meowstic
Nickname: Sir Meow
Gender: Male
Ability: Prankster

2nd: Pyroar
Nickname: Blaze
Gender: Male
Ability: Moxie

3rd: Delcatty
Nickname: Dela
Gender: Female
Ability: Cute Charm

Ace: Persian
Nickname: Fluffy
Gender: Female
Ability: Technician
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Hello, I was looking through and interested to make an important npc/semi-character or two.

(Gym Leader of Nightengale City)
Name: William
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Appearance: Short black hair, when not in costume, wears a dark blue tuxedo.
Pokemon: Bewear (Fluffy), Oricorio(He changes the form depending on his last performance, Dancer), Ditto (Impostor), Oranguru (Inner Focus), Aromatisse (Aroma Veil).
His theme is theater, dance, and poetry. The name obviously comes from William Shakespeare. He can be found performing or studying famous classical literature.
Personality: A gentlemanly fellow, who overuses fanciful linguistics to communicate with those he meets. He adores all sorts of fine art, and considers those with wittier prose to be superior to peers. He is surprisingly smart, and has a bone to pick with Gemin.

(Admin 2 of Team Zodiac)
Name: Colt
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Appearance: Wears traditional western movie cowboy garb, in faded tones of grey and black.
Pokemon: Rapidash(Flash Fire), Mudsdale(Stamina), Zebstrika (Lightningrod)
Personality: A flamboyant, loner-type fellow who is always willing for a fair scrap. He's a little rough on the edges, and a bit of a wild card in terms of admins.
Character bios
name: Ken Mars
age: 16
sex: Male
appearance: Wears a black Jacket, grey pants, black fedora and black shoes

Starting Pokemon
what it is: Squirtle
nickname (Optional): Bass
ability: Torrent
Gym leaders can leave their positions occasionally and meander, right? Also...would you be up for Colt leading a quick attack in a little while to add some action?
Not yet going to let them simmer in a little bit before Zodiac is introduced. and yeah Gym leaders can leave their position temporarily and mentor trainers. I mean look at Brock Clain and Clemont?