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Ask to Join Adventures threw the Seto Region.

Character BIOs and OOC's go here.https://pokecharms.com/threads/adventures-threw-the-seto-region.16429/

Drew stood on the boat as it was heading towards the docks. The smell of the salt water flooded his nose. He looked around at the other people wondering which of them might be joining him. He heard about the dangers of Seto's evil gang. He wondered if he would have to fight them.

After the boat docked Drew headed off of the boat and waited at a designated area that all new trainers must go to. He looked around as people passed him by. He let out a breath as he released Poli from his ball. The Poliwag with a torn tail looked up at Drew. Drew smiled. " It's time for us to rock Poli. Poli jumped up and down in excitement.
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Ivory whistled as she carried her small poisen type. The girl walking quickly to the designated place to meet up with other trainers. She pulled her hood up with one arm before scratching her pal's head.
Drew looked and saw a girl standing near him. " I take it you're a trainer." He said to her as he took in her look. " I'm Drew." he said introducing himself.
"Hmm? Oh hey I'm Ivory and this is pine," the hoodie wearing girl smiled in greeting as her poison type poked her head up to say hello to drew. She put pine down and the little skunk Pokemon started to sniff about the place.
Gemin woke up in his quarters. "Lovely day chaps." He coughed. "Jeez did I catch some British talking sickness? Anyways." He all of the grunts up nice and calm. He ate a Doughnut that he got yesterday from a nearby Doughnut place. He walked towards the boss' office. "Hello there Boss." He said in a calm manner. "I think I should lead a brigade of grunts to the ports, I hear new trainers are arriving."
" No not yet." The boss said as he looked at the man. " Stay at rustboro. We don't need to spook our guests just yet." He said.

Poli walked up to the skunk pokemon and bumped into it. " I think they'll become quick friends. So where do you come from?" He asked.
"OK then boss, should I take my.." Gemin looked around. "Position?" He winked. "I think that will buy us enough time to train for any coming trainers!" He suggested.
"Yeah and I'm from jonto," Ivory put out a hand to properly greet him. Her eyes staying trained on her Pokemon though just to be safe. She then looked back at drew, "I'm surprised actually. Usually people who see pine turn and run the other way".

Pine went rigid for a moment before relaxing. Her nose twitching curiously before stopping. She pressed, more leaned, agasint her trainer for support and icory leaned down to pet her ears.
" That's because most people only want the best or what they think will help them become masters." he said as he shook her hand. He then crouched down opened his palm for the skunk. "Take Poli for example sure one day he'll be a strong Poliwrath, or a slender Politode but right now he's a water type that can't swim, and has torn tail." He said. " But were going to become champions one day." He said with a smile on his face. " I wish you and pine best of luck."

" Poliwag." the humans heard Poli say. " I'm terrible sorry mam,, I'm a bit of a clutz."

The boss nodded and looked at the man. " Good luck." He said. " Keep me informed of any future developments."
"Yeah I guess. Also most people are driven off by the smell though it is used in lots of perfumes," Ivory pulled out a small bag of pokepuffs and offered to the two Pokemon before she put the treats back, "so you want to become champion? Well tough luck. I think I might beat you to it".

"Stun Stunky(it's not a problem darling)," Pine smiled before she started to eat the pokepuff left out for her. She narrowed her eyes at t passing furfuo before relaxing.
He smiled. " Bring it on." he said as he looked at her. " So where in Johto are you from?" He asked wanted to get to know the trainer.

Poli ate the Pokepuff. "Poliwag.(I'm Poli who are you?) He asked as he looked at her. he walked a little closer to her.
"Goldenrod city," Ivory spoke like she was boasting. Her hands falling to her hips before she started to look around. Her eyes catching a few interesting places, "so did you hear about the rule here? Trainers having to have companions"?

"Stunky stunk(my name is Pine. Nice to meet you)," she took a step back at his sudden closeness before getting comfortable beside her trainer.
" Yeah I heard." He said as he looked at her. " Would you like to be my companion?" He asked her as he gave her a bright smile.

Poli stepped back and jumped a little bit. " Poli Poliwag. ( Sorry I didn't mean to freak you out again.)" He said as he looked at skunk.
"Yes sir!" He saluted. He walked out of the base to his post. He toke out a digital notepad so he can keep in touch with the boss in Real Time. He looked around for any trainers that dared enter the city. He was taking notes on Pokemon in the area, and how boring it was. He toke out his Portable Console, and started playing games on it.
"I'd love to be your companion," Ivory adjusted her bandana with a bright smile that matched drew's. She looked down at her poisen type and picked Pine up.

"Stun stun(it's fine. Just a little jumpy)," pine let herself be picked up and got comfortable in Ivory's arms.
Drew looked around. " So you think anyone else is going to show?" He asked as he looked around them at the many people that are moving around. " Our is it just going to be us." He said.
"Maybe we are early," Ivory shrugged as she looked around. She pointed to a shady tree that had a bench under it and started to walk toward it, "how about we sit and wait"?
" Alright." He said as he walked towards the bench. He sat down as Poliwag jumped into his lap. " So tell me." He said. " What are you're future goals." He asked as he gently rubbed the top of Poli's head.
"Hmm? I don't really know. I guess champion but I haven't really thought about it," Ivorry admitted as she scratched Pine behind the ears. Her hands running through the skunk Pokemon's fur with ease. Pine watched the people walk by them.
" Well I plan on becoming the Viridian gym leader." He said. " I plan on taking on as many leagues as I can win or lose so I can gain experience." He said with a smile on his face. " So how is Johto like." He said. " What's you're family like?"
"Family isn't that bad. I got two older brothers. Johto has been boring. Not much happens in my neighborhood and I didn't get out much from the area around the city before I actually came here," Ivory shrugged as she pulled a water bottle out and took a drink.
"Well maybe if this companionship... Partnership works out maybe we should go to Kanto... then Johto fallowed by the other regions together." He said He looked threw his bag and pulled out a water bottle.
"Sounds cool though I would love to make a stop in unova," Ivory grinned as she remembered a trip from her childhood. She cross her arms and leaned back on the bench. Pine shooting her a glare when she stopped being petted.
William glanced around, glad to be in a far more rural town. Although he loved the high life, the scenery was far more suitable around here for his next performance. Like usual, Fluffy was right behind him, his massive Bewear body casting a shadow over his theatrical trainer. Briskly taking a step, he decided to take a breath, and quickly glance behind his shoulder. Fluffy knew not to hug William, since he didn't want to kill his trainer, but always felt tempted to and sometimes gave way to the fuzziest form of ferality. He honestly felt like a battle; pity that doing so would reveal his team, and probably be prohibited. After all, this was Sabrina's town, where she tested many incoming trainers. His job was to prove to them how everything they thought they know of pokemon is a facade; even the cutest facade can hide a deadly might, best shown in Fluffy. Hopefully he could find some new trainers to speak to, and get to see how they were doing. Maybe instruct them a little. As he glanced around, he clearly out-of-place blue tuxedo glimmering in the bright light, he saw plenty of new trainers coming in, but a few in particular seemed to catch his eye. He could only hope he caught theirs.
" Unova is definetly on the list." he said with a smile on his face. He took a drink of his water and looked at a tuxedo man and a bewear. He just shook his head.

Sabrina looked at William. " You look like a fool." She said. The farmer had russet colored hair that went down to her ears. She wore a plaid shirt on with blue jeans. " So what brings you to my part of the woods William?" She asked. as she looked at the trainers.
"Oh, you know, the usual. Theater and all. See, I'm thinking of performing around these parts in a little while, so I wanted your permission. Oh, and, as you know there are a lot of new trainers around this town. You know what that means: Team Zodiac is likely to strike. Double the Gym Leaders means double the protection. Besides, with all due respect, madame, a single fighting type pokemon could easily defeat your team." William gracefully bowed as he spoke, maintaining proper composure. And she was one to talk about looking like a fool: that ear-hair was so twenty years ago.
" I just got off work." She said. " Unlike some of you rich folks us farmers actually have to do manual stuff." She said as she looked at the man. She looked him over. " At least I'm not dressed like someone who clearly doesn't these parts of Seto." She said. She started to walk away before bringing out miltank. " sand attack." She said. Miltank nodded and threw sand at William. " And yes you have permission to perform here." She said.
"Why is he wearing that? Isn't he hot standin in the sun," Ivory wondered out loud before putting her drink back into her bag and crossing her legs on the bench. She relaxed her shoulders and let pine sit up taller. The poisen type's posture confident but calm.
William casually nodded, as Fluffy literally heaved a chunk of rock out of the ground to use as a shield against the sand. "Judgmental as usual. And, seriously, catch a flying type. Fluffy here has type advantage on your entire team." As William began walking away from his fellow leader, he noticed a young girl in rather gaudy pants and otherwise faded grays sitting nearby, with a stunky on her lap. "Hello there, Madame. May I ask how experienced you are as a trainer?"
"Just started out," Ivory looked up at him with curious eyes. She pet Pine and the Stunky moved back to sit in her lap. The poisen type looking over the preformer just like her trainer. Ivory looked at his Pokemon then back at him, "aren't you got wearing that? The sun isn't getting to you"?
"Of course not, I'm used to this." And wearing more than a pound of cologne, he thought. "So, what do you want to do with your journey? Simply travel? Fill a pokedex? Or take on the gym challenge?
"Haven't really decided," Ivory shrugged. She scratched Pine's head before letting the poisen type jump down to wander about. Pine padded about, sniffing around and checking scents.
Gemin stopped one trainer, and no one else came. He sent all of the notes back to to the boss. He got up from his chair, and head back to the base. He ate lunch in the Lunch Hall, then reported back to The Boss' office. He bowed a gentleman bow. "Sir, I have beaten one trainer, and have obtained a Lilipup, and a Rattata, should I give them to the Grunts?" Gemin asked.
" Go ahead." The boss said as he looked at the man. He took a sip of his tea. " Remember you have to act like a responsible gym leader so the cops won't get suspicious." He said.

" I plan on taking on the gyms." Drew said as he looked at the man. " I'm Drew. it's nice to meet you sir." he said with a smile on his face.
"Alright then Boss." Gemin replied. He sent the Pokeballs into the Grunt Retrieve Chute. He walked up to a Microphone. "All of you grunts, there are two Pokemon awaiting Pickup, they are a bit more powerful than then ones you already have." He turned it off. He walked back outside, and saw a Kid waiting to fight. "Hey kid, if you want to challenge MY gym, you need to bet a Pokemon." The Kid bet a unless one. "Alright come to the battlefield if you please." Gemin said. The kid was easily defeated. and looked sad when giving the Pokemon up. He brought it to the back, and sat back down in his chair, and pat Fluffy. Gemin drank tea whilst waiting for another challenger.
"Ah Trop isn't it great to finally have some nice peace and quiet?" The Tropius look down on his trainer an average height teenager, dressed like an average teenager: jeans, black sweatshirt, boots. The only difference being the sunglasses he wore despite the onset of night, he was one if those guys . From the big cities in Hoenn this calmer city was a nice change of pace the trainer thought. And he continued to whistle a tune as he and his Tropius meandered down the street just enjoying the quiet.
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No one else showed up. Gemin went back to base and returned to the chute, he put another Pokeball down it. The Pokemon was a Pidgeotto. He went on the announcement speaker. "2nd stage Pokemon." He simply said. He then went back to his quarters, and laid in his bed a bit. After awhile he went back into the Boss' Office. "So, when can I have a Mission." Gemin asked. "I mean, the Gym has no more trainers scheduled to show up. So may I go on a mission with grunts?"
The boss thought about it. " Alright Gemini." He said. " Head to Nightengale and steal any of the pokemon that performer left behind." He said.

Drew retracted his hand as the man didn't respond to him. He looked at Ivory. " Maybe we should start heading out." He said.
"Sure thing Boss, it is a pleasure working with you. And my name is Gemin, not Gemini, just pointing that out." Gemin bowed. He walked out of the Hideout. "I wonder if I can arrive fashionably late?" He asked himself walking over to Nightengale. "Maybe when I arrive, I will show that 'Actor' whose boss."
"Yeah. I'm getting tired waiting," Ivory whistled and called pine back over. The poisen type running over quickly to be picked up. Ivory checked her supplies of things then looks around, "do you see any place where I can get pokepuff"?