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Ask to Join Adventures threw the Seto Region.

"No." He said. "Then again I rarely give Poli any. I mostly just give him berries and whatever I'm having." He said. He smiled a little bit. " Do you think anyone might join this little group?" he asked.
"I don't know but maybe we should ask around," Ivory shrugged as she scratched Pine behind the ears. She lifted the poisen type into her shoulders and let her companion get comfortable.
Trop saw them coming well before Daniel being a 6"7 dinosaur certainly helps. He gently nudged his trainer and motioned with his head towards the group of two that was approaching. Daniel looked at Trop smiled and said "Well I guess it's about time we met some people here don't you think so buddy?" Daniel winked at Trip then bent down and pretended to tie his boots stalling till the duo approached more closely.
Gemin walked into the city, and blended in pretty well. He walked into an ally, and put on a Ski Mask. No one will know it is him. He walked into the theater to find William was not present. "That guy really miffs me." Gemin Mumbled, going into the back. He found some of the Pokemon for the next performance, not many were there, and definitely not any trained ones, but it will do. He walked out with the bag, and toke off his mask. He ran out before anyone noticed. He started his trip back. I mean, I wonder what the boss will think. He thought. I beat that Will thinks that he can help out in Rustboro, he won't be able to step inside.
Drew stopped when he saw the Torpious and his trainer. He looked at the trainer. " Hey there." He said. " nice Tropious." He said. He then looked at Ivory. " So anything you would like to talk about." He asked her. He kept an eye on the green dinosaur.
"Thanks nice Poliwag yourself," Daniel said as he stood up from his "newly tied boots". "So I was wondering if you guys know any places where we could possibly get a bite to eat?" "Tropius and I are famished from the journey here." He said looking the two trainers up and down. Trop leaned forward and looked down at the two pokemon a Stunky and Poliwag, he seemed to sniff the Stunky and then took a few steps back clumsily.
Pine growled at the grass type until Ivory raised her hand and calmed her down. The poisen type hiding her face in Ivory's neck.

Ivory pulled out a map and made a face as she looked around, "ah! There is a bakery not to far from here that will probably have food and poketreats"!
Ken was walking around after getting off of the ship at the Dock. "Finally here, this region sure is different here." He said to himself as his Squirtle walked beside him.
Gemin walked into the boss' office and dumped out all of the Pokeballs he collected. "I have not checked what they are yet, so do you want to do the honor?" Asked Gemin. "What should we do if there is an actual powerful Pokemon in here, give it to the grunts?"
Ivory felt the map slip from her fingers as a particularly hardy gust of wind took it from her hands. She swore as she went chasing after it. Her feet racing to keep it from getting past the docks.
"Trop!" He snapped his head towards his trainer. "Go get that paper!" He took off the ground with a running start and lept into the air the wind carrying him as he glided past the female trainer easily. Trop then reached his neck barely grabbing the paper before it flew into the water.
I don't." He said as he started to go towards the paper. "We just got here. I'm Drew." He said as he stretched his hand out for the man. "Nice to meet you." He said.

"If there's any powerful pokemon in them you can take it." He said as he threw the first pokeball. " You disserve it." he said. The first one help a magikarp. " well that's something." He said.
Ivory smiled as it was caught. She let pine calm down as the poisen type was holding her in a death grip. The trainer that gave a two finger salute to Trop, "thanks a lot! That's the only one I have"!
"Ha don't mention it!" Daniel said as he walked over to Trop and grabbed the paper from his mouth. "Nice job Trop that was great," Daniel whispered. Trop nodded very approving of his trainers praise. Daniel walked back over to the lady and said "Well now that we've been acquainted to some degree my names Daniel what's yours?
"Ivory. It's nice to meet you," the female trainer accepted her map back and tucked it safely back into her bag. She scratched pines head and the Stunky made a chirping noise in happiness.
" Well now that were all acquainted let's try and find a place to eat." He said as he looked at Daniel then at Ivory. " I take it you're new here as well." He said.
" Ivory." Drew said as he looked at her. " Can you find any place to eat on that map?" he asked. He turned his head and looked at the expanding sea fallowed by looking at the city. " Here we go." He said to Poli.
William sighed. Something was just....off for some reason. All his pokemon were with him....he chuckled at the thought of his rival taking a bunch of decoys from his theater to base. Seriously, for a gentleman, that thief was an idiot. At least the tuxedo-wearing cat burglar hopefully had the decency to open all the pokeballs. If not, well, the police were about to strike gold. But no matter. He had talked to a new trainer, time to get on with the performance. Both performances. Now....to plan against the cat thief. His ace countered his rival's ace, which was quite thankful....but he needed some backup plans. Luckily, if his enemies tried to strike during his performance, he would have a massive upper hand. They wouldn't know a fly system from a panorama, but he would. Fluffy went to work, lifting up massive props with relative ease, and skipping into position. How joyful.
"Oh um yeah! Follow me," Ivory puffed her chest out before marching off toward where the bakery was. The trainer chatting excitedly to her companion as they moved along quickly.
Drew fallowed her from a distance. He then stopped and looked at Daniel. " Are you coming?" He asked as he looked at him.
Ivory moved around people on her way. Her Pokemon companion creating a large enough path for her as it was. Pine looked back at their apparent new friends and waved a paw at them. Soon stopping infornt of a blue building with a Lucario on the front, Ivory stepped inside.
Daniel followed after Ivory and then said to Trop "Hey you stay out here okay? I don't think you could fit through the door no offense..." Trop seemed to glare at his trainer. "But hey I'll get some don't worry," Daniel said laughing. Trip seemed to look more pleased and laid down a little distance away from the door waiting expectantly.
Drew walked in the aroma of smells penetrated his nose and made his mouth water. He shook his head. " So Daniel tell me about you're self." He said.
"Well I come from Mauville in the Hoenn region and Trop over there I met him after a bad storm when I visited relatives in Fortree city." Daniel said. The constant smile on his face disappeared for just a amount. "It was a really bad storm lots of wind some of the houses even blew off their trees, but Trop and I helped each other out. I saw him after the storm he was hurt so I healed him and he helped to rebuild and carry things once he was better. I haven't been able to get rid of him sense!" Daniel said the smile coming back onto his face. "So how about you and Ivory here what can you tell me about yourselves?"
"I could tell you lots but it's up to what you want to hear," Ivory was staring up at the menu as she debated on what to eat. Her poisen type staying close and ignoring the few looks she was getting. She ended up buying a small loaf of berry bread for their adventures.
Ken walked around town and found the bakery, his belly growled slightly. "Man, I haven't eaten anything when I was on the boat, want to grab a bite Bass?" He asked. His Squirtle nodded as they walked in.
Ivory turned away from the counter with her bread and almost ran into Ken. The female trainer shooting him an apologetic smile, "sorry for almost running into you. I should have just been watching the area around me".

She sat down at one of the tables. Pulling her chair in closer while Pine sat on the floor.
Ken watched as Ivory ran past him and walked to the counter. "I would like that loaf and those pokepuffs please." He told the person at the counter. "Right away sir." The person replied and went o fetch the bread.
Ivory tucked the loaf of bread away into her bag and leaned down to move her poisen type closer to her as curious children started to look their way. She folded her legs with a smile to her traveling companions, "are you guys gonna get anything"?
" I'm good." Drew said as he looked her. He smiled a little bit before he noticed Poli eyeing a pokepuff. "Alright you win." He said as he paid for it.
"Yeah but I'm curious how did you two meet your complains there?" Daniel said as he walked towards the counter passing a fellow with a Squirtle. "Some pokepuffs and a thing of water please," Daniel said to the clerk who promptly gave those to him. "So now that I've got something to eat where are you from and howd you meet your Stunky there?"
"Goldenrod City," Ivory patted her Pokemon and let Pine wander over to look at the pokepuffs. She then leaned back in her chair with a whistle, "she was a gift from my aunt who is a major poisen type fan".
Gemin opened the Pokeballs. Nothing came out. "Oh, well. I guess free Pokeballs?" Gemin shrugged. "I mean, now we can actually catch some Pokemon, or even sell them to get a few Ultra Balls." Gemin said taking out the twenty Pokeballs.
"She helps make cute for diffrent types of venom and poison so that people don't die," Ivory shrugged before she went over to order a small package of the pokepuffs that Pine wanted. She smiled down at her small skunk and glared at a couple that made a disgusted face at her partner.
"That's pretty cool Ivory." Daniel replied. "So how about you... Drew was it?" "How did you and your Poliwag meet?" Daniel asked inquisitively.
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I was visiting vermillion city to meet my grandparents a couple of years ago." Drew said as he looked down at Poli " I decided to walk around the city. When I went out of Vermillion I saw Poli here struggling to stay afloat. He was crying out. So I jumped into the water and did what I could to save him. I saw that his tail was pressed under a rock." He said as he was remembering that fateful day. " I used all of my strength to free him. I rushed him to the pokemon center. When he was better he started to fallow me around to the point that my mother gave me a pokeball to use on him."
"That a really sweet story," Ivory lifted up pine back onto her shoulders and sat down. The package of pokepuffs being tucked away into her bag as she sorted things about. Once done she laid pine on her lap so that the Pokemon could take a quick nap.