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All League Competitors Read: Second Season of Charms League 2010 Canceled

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Due to the number of competitors who've had to drop out of the second season thus far, and a lack of activity in general, myself and KoL have mutually agreed to cancel the second half of the Standard Competitive League 2010. With schools having started back up and life becoming more busy for most everyone involved, canceling the second half seems to be our best option available. It will also give everyone a well deserved rest.

We heavily apologize to anyone who has put time aside and trained doubles teams in order to compete, but rest assured that your work won't go to waste. Sometime in the near future we'll be announcing a winter holidays (online) doubles tournament that will give you another opportunity to get those teams some action. Keep watch for the news! :)

A fuller news update finalizing the closing of the league is to come, so look out for it.
Not open for further replies.