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Ask to Join An absolutely original Galar journey


Previously Gamingfan2
Discussion thread:https://pokecharms.com/threads/oh-my-galar-an-original-roleplay.22459/


Ben took a deep breath as he left the wedgehurst train station. Behind him was his Lucario, who looked around suspiciously, as if being followed.
The lucario nodded at Ben, signalling that the place was clear. He could've easily told him mentally using the power of aura, but they both preferred to speak in their own language. Lucario was understandable enough as it was.
Ben smiled and took out a paper he found stapled on a wall back in kanto from his backpack. He reread it to see if he missed anything.

Greetings trainers!
Our Champion Leon has decided to host a small event where new trainers may come and get both a starter and an endorsement from him! This event will be hosted in Professor Magnolia's house in route 2! Hope to see you there.

Apparently these were posted all over the world, and publicly said in the Galar region. From what Ben heard, trainers from all over the world have been coming around. He himself wasn't new to travel, but he was new to Galar, and as such wanted to journey around there with his partner, Lucario.
Ben started jogging down Route 2's slope, beyond excited, and becoming more so when he saw the house at a distance. A new region! That means new pokemon, people, and places!

Lucario followed behind him, looking more bored if anything. He wanted to battle, but what kind of a fight would any newbie trainer put up?
John had just finished his day's shift at the Poke-mart. It was a decent day overall, only a few annoying customers with the rest being kind to him. He stepped out of the front door as one of his coworkers walked and talked with him.

"Hey, did you hear that Leon's going to give new trainers a Pokemon and endorsement for a gym challenge?" the coworker mentioned.

"Eh, I did, but I guess I'm a bit old for that, right? I'm going to be 19 in a few months..." John responded.

"Oh, don't give me that excuse! You'll still be allowed to compete! And besides, you've been working at a store for 2 years now... I think it'd be fun to go on that journey. But hey, that's just me."

"See you on Monday, Ricky." John said as he started walking away at a faster pace. After about a minute, though, John thought about it a bit harder. It could give him something to do, and perhaps he'd be able to reignite a passion for friendship like he used to seemingly have. After a bit of back and forth in his mind, he finally decided. He'd go on that journey.

He sprinted back into his workplace and immediately told his boss that he'd be gone for the next month or two. The boss was frustrated, and immediately let him quit without any paperwork or anything.

John, feeling excited for the first time in a while, sprinted to the nearby train station and waited for the earliest train to Wedgehurst.

When he reached Wedgehurst, he glanced at a map to find Professor Magnolia's house as he wandered towards the location.
Gregory spent quite a while on his walk from his hometown of Turffield all the way to Route 2--with a train ride from Motostoke to Wedgehurst--but Gregory didn't mind, in fact, he encouraged himself to walk for good exercise and so that he and his Pokemon could enjoy the wonderful fresh air and calm breeze. As he walked, a little bird flew around Gregory and went to land on his shoulder, Gregory looked at the bird Pokemon with a smile to see his trusty Rookidee joined him.

"Hey there pal. You ready for our new team member?" He asked his Pokemon who replied with a cheerful chirp. Because his parents knew Professor Magnolia, it was relatively easy for Gregory to know where her house was as both would be trainer and Pokemon began to walk the path of Route 2 with Professor Magnolia's house in sight.


Previously Gamingfan2
As the group of eager new trainers grew, an old looking woman, followed by her much younger granddaughter walked out of the house. The old lady spoke.
"Greetings new trainers! I am Professor Mongolia, and this is my assistant Sonia. We're happy to see such a large crowd of people ready to begin their adventure around the galar region. Thanks to a recent meteor shower, we have a number if Dynamax rings for you to wear, and many starters for you to choose. Please-"
Out of nowhere, a purple haired-man flew down on a charizard. He jumped of the kanto starter and grinned. "Sorry I'm late, I ended up getting lost around town, and had charizard here help. Anyway... I'm Leon, and..."
Leon spun around, before striking his ever-famous charizard pose. "WELCOME TO GALAR!"
Many people cheered, although Ben stood, a little confused. That pose looked nothing like a charizard. He should know, he has one back in kanto.
Leon continued "SO! I'm sure you're well aware that we're giving away many starters and Dynamax Bands for all you today. But that's not all. You'll also get a chance for my endorsement, so that you can begin your journey immediately. Of course, everything takes effort y'know. So, what will happen is that after you get your starter, you'll have a battle with someone here today, and depending on your performance, you might just get an endorsement from me! Okay! Now Mongolia, if you will, RELEASE THE STARTERS!"
Mongolia chuckled "My My Leon. As excitable as ever. Very well, Sonia, if you please.
"Gotcha Grandm-I mean, Professor!" Sonia gave a grin before opening a door to mongolia's house. Three separate streams of pokemon came through. Scorbunny, Sobble, and Grookey. They stopped and stood behind Mongolia. Some looked excited, others nervous, some indifferent.
"Okay everyone, please form an orderly line and choose your starter, then go and see who you'll battle." Mongolia ordered.
Immediately, all hell broke loose, as nearly everyone, excited to pick, rushed through. Ben nearly drowned in the sea of people around, until he somehow found himself in the middle of the line.
Wait, where's Lucario?
He looked up to see his Lucario on top of Mongolia's house, keeping a distance from the trampling. Ben sighed, well, there he is.
Putting that out of his mind, he started thinking about what starter he was going to pick.
John ended up near the back of the line. He didn't mind too much, as he knew his chance would come to him anyways. His real problem was with picking one of the three starters.

Grookey looked like it would get along with him well. He used to be in a band in college, so it'd be fun to have Grookey be a small homage to that band. He also knew about the starter's evolutions, and Grookey's seemed fierce later on. Then again, he wasn't entirely sure how Pawniard was going to like Grookey. They seemed to clash in personalities, but hopefully Pawniard would be alright with it if he did pick a Grookey.

John didn't want Scorbunny. He noticed a large majority of people were going for that, and he wanted to capitalise on that and pick the type advantage. Plus, he never was a giant fan of bunnies...

So, eventually, John decided on Sobble. He honestly could've gone with any of them and have been happy, but he felt a resonating connection with Sobble. Plus, he saw the evolved forms of Sobble and that it turned into a menacing spy-like Pokemon, which sounded really cool to him.


Previously PrimarinaHatterne
After taking the initiative, Violet arrived appallingly near the line’s head. From behind a younger, admittedly taller, beginner, she craned her neck to catch a glimpse of the trio of available Pokémon. Her rucksack was cumbersome on her shoulders with Chiara cozily cuddled inside, the petite Umbreon’s dusky grey button nose dividing the top flap from the rest of the bag. Pastel azure-lavender eyes glimmered curiously in the vessel’s confines. She kneaded the crumpled blanket beneath her anxiously with her paws.

Violet, however, halfheartedly murmured comforting words to soothe her companion’s unease, instead transfixed on the Pokémon in the center. She repeatedly hopped from paw to paw, bouncing on her heels eagerly as a cocky grin complimented her pearl-furred features. Her body was that of a bipedal rabbit, the main color being a pure white accented by scarlet ear and paw-tips. An apricot stripe branched between two emerald eyes. Embers flickered at the base of her lean, robust frame, produced by her rapid springs. Violet purposely nudged her Umbreon. “You see her?” she questioned in a whisper, jabbing her finger at the Scorbunny. After swiveling her head to face her, Chiara nodded. “She’s going to be our new partner.”

The child ahead of her had decided on a bulky, masculine Grookey, and was now finished, sprinting aside with his new partner crawling on fists beside him. Leon’s Charizard blasted a blistering fire spray out of his grisled, scaly jaw, steely, menacing yellowed fangs glinting. “Next Challenger!” Leon announced. Disguised whimpers wafted out of the frilly, ebony rucksack hanging limp on her back. She walked forward, sensing all eyes on her, and casually swept her strawberry brown high ponytail from its braided base to the side of her head. A confident facade camouflaged her apprehension. “So, new trainer! Which will you choose? Grookey? Scorbunny? Or Sobble?”

She swallowed the lump in her throat. “Scorbunny, please. That one,” she affirmed, pointing at the Pokémon she’d been inspecting earlier.

“Scorbunny? Alright! Good choice, m’lady! Now, go forth and pick up your starter! Your journey begins...” He paused, striking his legendary Charizard Pose. “Now!”

Any doubts she had once harbored had been diminished by his stubborn enthusiasm. “Thank you, sir!”

She squatted down, carefully approaching the Scorbunny as not to frighten her. Chiara wriggled free from her grip, wreathing around Scorbunny relentlessly, the pair exchanging sniffs among other things while scrutinizing each other. Eventually, something clicked, and Scorbunny willingly bounced with Chiara onto opposite shoulders of hers. “Awesome! I’ll name you Stella, because you’re a star!” And with that, she headed back into the crowd, bypassing everyone in order to reach Wedgehurst.
As Gregory neared Professor Magnolia's house, he noticed the large crowd of people who seemed to have beaten him to it, this knowledge annoyed him as he hoped there would still be some good Pokemon by the time he arrived. When Gregory made it to the crowd and patiently waited for his turn, Rookidee simply rested on his shoulder as his head darted around curiously and realized that Leon of all people was there as well, he heard the Champion lived somewhere close to here, but to see him in person was something else entirely. When it was finally time for him to get his starter Pokemon, he looked at the Pokemon that were available, all three of them looked very cute, just like his Rookidee.

As Gregory looked around, one of the three Pokemon caught his eye, Grookey, who curiously looked back at Gregory with a smile. Gregory also smiled and let out a small sigh. "I choose Grookey." He simply said. "Grookey huh? Not a bad choice, why don't you go and pick her up?" Leon asked with a smile as Gregory went to do just that, but when he reached out with his hand, Grookey immediately jumped on to his arm and went to nuzzle him, this made Leon laugh lightly. "She likes you." Gregory also laughed while Rookidee went over to the Grass type ape to introduce himself, to which Grookey responded cheerfully.

"Another reason I chose the Grass type is because my home is in Turffield, same place as the Grass type Gym and where my mom owns a lil' flower shop. So I figured having a Grass type as my starter would be a good way to honor both Milo and my family. Leon simply smiled and nodded. "A respectful reason, before you forget, you still need your Dynamax band, why not come and collect it?" Leon asked as he gestured to them, Gregory nodded and walked over to collect his and put it on his wrist. Grookey happily rested on Gregory's shoulder while Rookidee rested on the other.


Previously PrimarinaHatterne
Violet’s spine jolted with a sudden realization. Chiara and Stella stiffened as well, alert and tense. Because out of all the possibilities, everything that could’ve gone wrong, she’d forgotten her Dynamax Band. How could she go back up and get that now? She turned to who, unbeknownst to her, was John, in the line. “I forgot my Dynamax Band! What should I do?”

She knew it was outlandish, even a bit dangerous, to ask a complete stranger for assistance, but that was the least of her worries. How could she defeat any single one of the gym leaders if she couldn’t Dynamax? In Galar, it was go big or go home. And for Violet, going home wasn’t an option. A sense of urgency rugged at her muscles and told her to dash back to Leon, but she stayed firmly in place, common sense lording over her. If she wasn’t so naturally cold, sweat would be pouring down her face.
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John looked to his side as a young kid asked him for some guidance. Something about her forgetting to get the Dynamax Band, whatever that was. He wasn't that knowledgeable on the special technology in Galar.

"Okay... so I'm not entirely sure what a Dynamax Band is, but I bet you could just quickly cut the line and get it. Somebody would get annoyed, but eh, at least one person is gonna be annoyed at literally anything at any given time, so what does it even matter?" He replied. John often didn't think thoroughly before he said things, making a lot of his speech a huge ramble.

He shrugged at her before turning back towards the front of the line.


Previously PrimarinaHatterne
“Um... thank you!” she acknowledged. “Have a nice journey!” Violet jostled a few leaving trainers, pushing for the front of the crowd. She slipped in between a boy who looked about ten years old, and an adult woman lugging a briefcase around with her. Only two more spots to go until she could speak with Leon. Stella hooked her legs, settling to a sitting position next to her neck. Chiara had resumed her catnap in the bag. As the business lady swaggered off with a serious-looking Sobble, Violet started again at Galar’s reigning Champion. He opened his mouth to speak, but she was quicker. “Mr. Leon... I- I forgot my Dynamax Band. I heard you tell someone they needed theirs? I know I just w-went...”

“‘Course you can come and get it, rookie!” he reassured, tousling curly, purple locks of hair. “I got one for you right here!” Leon opened his clenched palm to reveal a white wristband with an azure and crimson border, and a blank screen situated like a watch.

“Thank you so much!” she sighed in relief, clipping the Dynamax Band onto her wrist. It felt snug and secure, as if it were crafted specifically for her. “I’ll be on my way now.”
Barreling through Route 1 and heading past Wedgehurst, David clutched Gumbo, his Clauncher in his left arm, running as fast as his legs can take him. Gumbo huffed. He disliked the outside. David's panicked dash barely seemed out of place considering the event occuring on Route 2. Eventually, the two made it to Professor Magnolia's house, where aspiring trainers were celebrating with their new starters.

"Sorry, I'm late, so sorry, sorry, sorry!" David said as he stumbled up to the rest of the trainers. Sweating from the running and the embarrassment of being late, he put Gumbo on the ground beside him. "Are... you... *huff* Mr. Leon...?" He said, facing the purple-haired man with a distinctly fancy red cape. "I sure am," Leon said, chuckling. "Are you here to receive your starter Pokemon? Don't worry about being late, we still have plenty left." David quickly bowed and made his way to the group of starters. Observing his options, he noticed a particularly patient-looking Grookey. He gestured to the Pokemon. "I'd like... that one." Leon then nodded to the Grookey, and it began walking to David. He flinched a bit. It was rare to have an unfamiliar Pokemon approach him so patiently like that. He timidly picked up the Grookey, as it nuzzled his shoulder.

"Hah, this one's real gentle." Leon remarks. "Here's its Pokeball, and you're gonna need this too." He hands David said Pokeball and a Dynamax Band, which he clips on his wrist. "Th-thank you!" David sputters, stepping back to observe his new partner, Gumbo follows, grumpy as usual.


Previously Gamingfan2
"So, what'll it be?" Leon asked Ben.
The ranger-slash-trainer looked over the three options. It was all happening so fast, he still couldn't decide! He internally freaked, until one of the hopped in front of him. A scorbunny had separated herself from the group and hopped in front of the trainer, looking curious, before hopping happily around him. Ben smiled, before a focused look replaced it.
"Alright! I'm choosing scorbunny. And, um, this one specifically please."
Leon grinned. "I hope you two get along! Consider your first step as a trainer..." he spun and posed "ACCOMPLISHED! Oh, and here's your Dynamax band."
Ben took the ring, looked over at his styler on his right arm, and snapped the band on his left.
"Thank you!" he called out as he joined the others.
Once everyone had their starter and band, Magnolia spoke again.
"Now that you all have gotten your starters, you may battle for a chance at getting an endorsement."
Leon continued "If your battle fires me up, you'll get it and be able to start your journey. You better do well, or you might end up having to wait another year."
"You my choose who you shall battle with, and choose one of the battle field we have set up for you. Good luck."
Ben bounced on his heels, excited. He heard a fwump from behind him, and turned to see Lucario standing next to him.
"Of course. Battles are the only thing that catches you interest. Dunno if you'll battle right now, though. We wanna keep this fair." he told his pokemon. His scorbunny stared up at Lucario, before bouncing around him, crying out requests for a competition. Lucario, annoyed, leaned away from the energetic rabbit.
Ben grinned at their interaction, until he realized the important matter at hand. Who was he gonna battle?


Previously PrimarinaHatterne
Violet’s pupils dilated in paranoia. So many trainers attending the ceremony were already in possession of Pokémon far more capable than either Chiara or Stella, and type advantages were a challenge on its own. If her opponent had decided on Sobble, then she’d have no choice but to use Chiara, risking the health of her childhood friend. Snapping her out of her trance, Stella jabbed her neck.

“Huh?” Dust misted her paws for a short while as the Scorbunny vaulted to the ground awkwardly. Her vibrant jade eyes glimmered hopefully above a confident smirk, signaling her will to fight.

“Alright then, Stella! Let’s give this everything we’ve got!” she rallied, pumping her fists.

“Scor-bunny Scor!”

“Now we just have to find someone to fight. How about we go for a trainer our age, like- like that guy!” She pointed at the latecomer, then dashed towards him with Stella in the lead. “Hey! My name’s Violet, and I still need an endorsement. Care for a battle?”

(OOC: Yes, the guy is David, in case it wasn’t obvious.)
After a long time of waiting, John was finally at the front of the line. He was smirking as he saw multiple people choose Scorbunny. He knew his plan would be effective.

John walked up with a grin from ear to ear, and felt slightly surprised when Leon said to him, "Interesting... I think you might be the oldest trainer to show up so far! But hey, you can never be too old to be a Pokemon Trainer, right?"

"Yeah, I suppose..." John said, "Alright, I already know who I'm choosing, so let's get this over with. I choose Sobble."

The Sobble stared at him and tilted its head in confusion. John walked over to the lizard and crouched down. He sent out his Pawniard to see if they liked each other. Pawniard crossed its arms and smiled at the Sobble, and Sobble seemed alright with Pawniard too. Sobble then turned to John again and shortly hopped up and down.

"Alright then, I guess that's a yes from Sobble! Before you go, John, here's your Dynamax Band," Leon said, handing John a lavender Dynamax Band, "And by the way, don't forget to find someone to battle so you could get a chance at an endorsement, and always remember to have a champion time!" Leon struck his popular pose.

John walked off, looking for someone to battle.
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Before David could react to Violet's appearance, Gumbo jumped between them, snapping its claw aggressively. It was ready to fight. "Gumbo, slow down! You have to be on your best behaviour, my endorsement is on the line here!" David warned, quickly picking up the Clauncher and placing it on his head. Gumbo hissed warily. "Sorry," he responded to the girl who approached him, "Gumbo can be a little... aggressive."

Both his talk of the endorsement and Violet's question reminded David of the little research he'd done over the Galar gym challenge. He'd need to get an endorsement from a powerful trainer, and considering the Champion was right in front of him, this might be his chance. He hadn't even considered battling, but it seems like he'd have to put the strength of Gumbo and his new partner Grookey to the test.

"A battle?" David asked, rhetorically. "Um, sure. But where do we battle? This area seems a little... cramped." He gestured around himself, which was filled with trainers and their newly acquired starters. Grookey, not having much of an idea of what's going on, looked at Violet and her Umbreon curiously.


Previously PrimarinaHatterne
“Hey, you picked Grookey, right? Maybe since I have the type advantage, we could battle in the tall grass, so he has a home field to work with,” she offered. Chiara sighed, whereas Stella swelled with pride at the prospect of winning under unusual circumstances. “That, or we could just head towards the outskirts of the crowd. What do you think?” Violet was aware that she was endangering her endorsement, but maybe, just maybe she could hope they’d be both endorsed if their battle was thrilling enough. She thought fast, considering that she’d be able to have the upper hand if she chose her Pokémon last. “Let’s both try our best. You can make the first move and choose your first Pokémon when we get there.”
"Uh... I think we should just go to the outskirts of the crowd. I, uh, don't want an unfair advantage." David responded. He also considered his Clauncher, who would have a hard time hitting his attacks in the tall grass. "Alright, let's go." He and his Pokemon headed away from the crowd, where he found a suitably open space.

"Grookey, return." David asked, as he held out the Pokeball. Grookey obliged, tapping the Pokeball politely as she began to be sucked inside of it. Putting the Pokeball in his bag, he called for Gumbo, who was still on his head. "Alright Gumbo, this is the first Pokemon battle we've had in a long time. I promise I won't let you down." He placed Gumbo on the ground in front of him before looking over to Violet. "I'm, uh, ready when you are!" Gumbo readied himself. They've been training for weeks for this battle. He wasn't going to let himself lose.


Previously PrimarinaHatterne
“I’m ready! And I have a proposal for you, that’ll help the both of us. What if we enthralled Leon and Professor Magnolia with a double battle? We’ll get to show off all of our Pokémon’s moves, and neither of us really have to lose if we stop at knocking out one Pokémon. But it’s your choice, and for now... Chiara, help me out!” she declared, smiling.

From a cotton candy pink and banana Heal Ball sprouted the miniature, fuzzy body of her Umbreon, bristling with confidence and bushy tail spiked. “It’s your choice,” she repeated, “but I think I’ll send out Stella anyway, just so she can get some extra experience by watching.”

And with that, her lean, muscular Scorbunny emerged from its Poké Ball, tensed and ready for combat if needed.
A double battle? David had never had a double battle before, although he had heard of it. Both trainers using two Pokemon at once, doubling both the chaos and the strategic depth of battle. What an excellent idea! That would surely impress the Champion! "...Sure, why not." David answered, searching his bag for the Pokeball he just placed inside of it. Pulling it out, he released Grookey with a flash of light. "Alright Grookey, looks like you're fighting too!" Grookey smiled back and placed himself next to Gumbo, cocking her head to the side as she sized up her two opponents.

Although David was a stranger to most of Galar, he did a bit of research about Grookey. He knew she could use Scratch, Growl, and Branch Poke, but he wasn't really sure what else she could do. Slapping himself, he focused himself. Hopefully his old battle instincts would come back to him.

After a few deep breaths, and muttering to himself, he worked up the courage to begin. "I'll make the first move. Gumbo, Water Gun!" Gumbo reacted quickly and shot a concentrated stream of water from its claw straight at Violet's Scorbunny.


Previously PrimarinaHatterne
“Stella, you’re going to have to trust me on this one! Go straight for it, and use Tackle to work against the attack! If you can pull through, hit Gumbo, and Chiara, work with her and use Pursuit on Gumbo so she can’t escape!” Violet commanded. There was no doubt in her mind that Stella would be hurt, but she had faith that the Scorbunny could endure it.

As the aqua bullet barreled towards her, Stella steeled, clenching her ears together. A silver Normal-type aura blossomed from every hair follicle on her body. With her ears clasped, she charged head-on towards the oncoming rocket, and split through its surface with her powerful maneuver. Although a sizzling noise could be heard from water against her flesh, her sheer speed and attacking prowess outmatched it.

Meanwhile, to her left, a shadowy energy overcame Chiara to oppose Stella’s. Darting from side to side whether it be against an adversary or against pain, Violet’s true strategy clicked into place. Outwit, and outpace. Gumbo was cornered, and it was up to David to save her or surrender. “Your move!”
Despite Stella shrugging off Gumbo's attack, and Gumbo being cornered by his opponents, David wasn't surprised. He knew the strengths and weaknesses of his partners. Clauncher can fire powerful precision blasts of water, but they aren't very mobile and are easy to approach. Grookey, on the other hand, are fast, strong, and durable, but needs to get close to an opponent to hit them well.

"Gumbo, stay calm! Brace for attack and use Vise Grip to counter Stella! Grookey, use Branch Poke and keep Chiara away from Gumbo at all costs!" David ordered, determined to hold his position.

Preparing to strike, Gumbo's right claw twitched with anticipation. As soon as Stella approached, Gumbo took the Tackle andsnapped his claw onto Stella's torso, squeezing her with all his might. Meanwhile, Grookey darted towards Chiara, stick in hand. Flowing with Grass-type energy, the stick sprouted leaves as it sharpened into a small branch. Grookey thrusted the branch at Chiara almost like a jousting knight charging towards its foe.

David was feeling it. The defensive rhythm that forms his battle strategy. Attack from afar and stay still, and when they approach, make them regret it. With a small chuckle and a determined look, he was prepared for Violet to make her move.


Previously PrimarinaHatterne
Violet grimaced. Clauncher’s hefty claw left Stella gasping for air, while Chiara wasn’t much better off, skidding away from every swing Grookey took with her branch. However, no problem was without a solution in a battle like this one.

“Stella, Ember! It won’t do much damage, but it’ll set you free! Chiara, Confuse Ray on Grookey!” Without precision, David had no chance of emerging victorious from the brawl. Both of her Pokémon’s gazes glimmered with astounding hope.

With one backwards leap, her Umbreon’s rings began to glow rose threateningly. Sinister orbs of eggplant, wine, and electric blue swirled in a purple ray. The ray split, dividing into a circle around Grookey, while Chiara panted from the effort of the attack. Confusion would ensue unless she somehow managed to avoid it.

Stella, meanwhile, scraped her paw pad against Clauncher’s aquamarine body like a matchstick against the box. Her foot ignited, spraying red-hot sparks all over Gumbo’s crustacean body. “How’s that for a comeback? If you can, guys, back up and get away from them!”
Gregory noticed the sounds of what appeared to be a nearby battle, he curiously decided to approach to see what looked like a battle between two pairs of Pokemon, one of the pairs was another Grookey and a Clauncher while the other pair was a Scorbunny and an Umbreon. Both teams looked rather interesting to say the least and Pokemon battles always seemed to entertain him, so he simply folded his arms as he quietly watched as both trainers continued their bout.
As Grookey stabbed and swiped at Chiara, the Confuse Ray started to take hold. Her movements became less purposeful and more wild until she eventually began flailing her stick around haphazardly. Lunging at Chiara, she tripped over herself and fell over. Meanwhile, Stella's Ember worked just like Violet had planned, and the shock from the attack caused Gumbo to release the Scorbunny from his Vise Grip. However, the attack being weak on him, he was able to steady himself very quickly.

Confusion, David thought to himself. Grookey's attacks will likely miss. She'll just have to hold defense for now. Plan of action decided, he gave his commands. "Gumbo, Water Gun! Before the Scorbunny can escape! Grookey, steady yourself and use Growl!" He narrowed his eyes. This might be his chance to take Stella out of the picture.

A burst of water erupted from the Clauncher's claw as it fired at the escaping Scorbunny. Despite her dizziness, Grookey managed to stand up and Growl with all the menace she could muster. Although Gumbo had the advantage against the weakened Stella, David hoped Grookey could stand a few attacks from the Umbreon. He could turn the battle in his favour just yet.


Previously PrimarinaHatterne
Violet noticed the anxiety tracing David’s expression whenever he glanced towards Chiara. Obviously, he expected each of her Pokémon to continue battling individually, without working together as a team. Well, he was wrong. Even without time to think, her strategy was definite. “Chiara- take the force of Water Gun, and retaliate with Confuse Ray!”

Whilst Chiara sprinted, pink rings blinding now, Stella limped to the side a little. Clauncher’s Water Gun shifted. The impending jet was about to wash over her and finish her, when the Umbreon absorbed them blow with her impeachable defensive skills. It kept on coming, the stream, but she parted the rapids with another round of Confuse Ray. Ghostly energies could be faintly seen zipping inside of the water.

”Great job, Chiara! Now let’s just see if it hits!” Violet encouraged.
David gritted his teeth. Not only did Grookey fail to distract the Umbreon from Gumbo's assault thanks to Confuse Ray, Chiara was able to keep Stella in the game. He'd have to push the offensive to maintain his position. Fortunately, Grookey was able to regain his focus.

"Grookey, Scratch! Take that Scorbunny out! Gumbo, one more Water Gun and make it quick!" David hollered, energized from the frantic battle. With her focus regained, Grookey dashed towards Stella, claws bared with a silver glow. She leaped at the Fire-type, swiping her claws at her. From the other side, Gumbo fired a Water Gun at Chiara, moments before the Confuse Ray caught up to him, dizzying the Clauncher.

"The battle isn't done yet! Don't lose hope!" David cheered, hoping his strategy succeeds.
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Previously PrimarinaHatterne
Water Gun exploded once again on Chiara, the intense flow sending her skidding across the grass. Mud from the excessive liquid clogged her dense, feathery fur, although her coat somewhat absorbed the onslaught. “Strike back with Bite! And Stella, Grookey’s too fast, just use Ember!”

Across the battlefield, a certain Grass-type simian was sprinting for Stella, silver claws glinting menacingly whilst she pummeled the ground. The Scorbunny’s paws charged with a scarlet aura as she folded them across her chest. Embers spiraled away from the braced rabbit Pokémon. And while Grookey was almost sure to survive it, she would be hideously damaged in the process.

Beside her, all traces of cuteness from Chiara had been vaporized. Her once comforting, soft black fur bristled in muddy spikes, her lavender eyes glinted dangerously. She snarled, lip curling to reveal dagger-sharp teeth etched with dark violet and ebony. While Stella took up the defense, she lunged.
Stella's Ember spiraling towards Grookey, she took heavy damage. Despite the embers singing her fur, she continued the assault. Gumbo, still dizzied by the earlier Confuse Ray, barely noticed the dark figure of Chiara lunging at him, teeth bared. "Grookey, push through and keep going with Scratch! Gumbo, use Flail!" David commanded.

Grookey, powering through the Ember, charged at Stella with a barrage of claw swipes. On the other hand, Gumbo was slow on the draw and faced the full force of the Umbreon's Bite. Pained and significantly weakened by the attack, a glowing white aura began to form around the crustacean, seeming to lash out violently. He swung his claws wildly at his attacker, his focus still limited by the confusion. It may not land, but if it does, it would do heavy damage due to his desperation.

David had a feeling the battle would come to a close soon. With all four Pokemon weakened, it would only take a few solid strikes for him to win. However, the same goes for his opponent. He would have to choose his next moves carefully to squeeze out a victory.


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A pincer scraped against Chiara’s cheek, the sharper edge luckily not connecting thanks to the Confusion. Shreds of black fur drifted to the ground. Chiara whirled, agitated, and performed Quick Attack without a command. She radiated a silver aura, reminiscent of Clauncher’s. Since she was close, the speed was likely to force a hit.

“Stella, Ember again!” Violet shouted. Stella hopped from paw to paw rapidly, her feet searing scarlet. Orange flecks countered the crimson welling at her cheek from the attack. Stella was barely hanging on, but her sense of pride detoured her from retreat.
The Ember bursting on Grookey, she was able to power through it. However, the attack left her burned and severely weakened. Chiara's Quick Attack slammed into Gumbo, leaving the Water-type within an inch of defeat. "Grookey, one more scratch! Gumbo-"

Before David could finish his sentence, Gumbo jolted back to focus, his claw gaping open as he fired a Water Gun at the close Umbreon. Grookey once again sliced at Stella with her silver claws, putting all of her energy into the attack. However, the Scratch would be her last attack this battle, as after the attack was made, the pain of the burn nearly caused her to collapse.

With Grookey close to defeat, David was sure that Gumbo's Water Gun would be his last attack of the battle. Whether his attacks connected or not would decide the match.
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Violet’s eyes gleamed. “I’m sorry it had to end this way for you, but I’ve still got one more trick up my sleeve! Chiara, Quick Attack towards Grookey! Stella, it may slow her down a bit, but ride on Chiara, so you don’t get too hurt if Water Gun hits you!”

Her confident Scorbunny nodded. Though it pained her to have the spotlight stolen, she didn’t want to forfeit the match with pride alone. So when the Umbreon entered her field of vision, nipped onto her scruff, she didn’t struggle. Instead, she assisted her jockey by flattening her ears and leaning down so the wind would flow smoothly off of her.

Chiara didn’t blink once, veiled by her pearl energy. She was going so fast her neon rings left illusions behind her. She was completely focused on the scorched Grookey, a few seconds away from sniping her.
Chiara dashing away from Gumbo, the Water Gun missed the Dark-type, only scraping the side of her as she escaped. David's expression changed from determined to surprised as Stella... hopped on top of her partner? A very interesting strategy, one that David would probably not have thought about in his opponent's situation.

"Grookey, watch out!" David cried, as Chiara and her rider approached. Grookey, quick to respond, pulls out her stick as it turns into a longer branch and uses Branch Poke on the enclosing duo, swiping at them rapidly. However, that wouldn't stop him from getting hit by the Quick Attack. The blow sent her reeling as she fell over, knocking her out.

"Gumbo, Water Gun! Try to trip them up!" On David's command, his Clauncher began firing shot after shot of Water Gun, aiming for Chiara's legs in an attempt make the duo trip.


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“Last command of the battle, guys! Dismount and charge at Gumbo with a Tackle!” Violet has barely enough time to conjure her final plan, but as they say, ‘necessity is the mother of invention.’ Even though this wasn’t necessarily an invention, it was born by her great need.

Chiara skidded to a halt. Mud splashed onto Stella, clogging her paws while she launched herself off of the Umbreon’s back. She performed an aerial three-sixty spin for a show-off, then she charged her ears a quartz color. Iridescent, shimmering, yet malicious.

Now all there was to do was intercept the Clauncher’s assault, or at least pummel it. “That’s right! You can do it!”
As Stella charged towards Gumbo, he panicked, firing burst after burst of Water Gun at his foe. But no matter how hard he tried, the Scorbunny kept going. Landing a Water Gun directly on her, she pierced through the stream with her Tackle.

David winced. The battle was all but over now. A single attack on his Clauncher would knock him out and give his opponent victory. But he was never one to give up, so he called out one last command: "Gumbo, Vice Grip!"Gumbo, refocusing himself, readied his attack. His claw began to swell with Normal-type energy. He was prepared, once again, to snap at Stella as soon as she approached.

But the Fire-type was too fast. Just as Gumbo was about to grab her, she slammed into him with the full force of her Tackle, sending the crustacean skidding back. While the Scorbunny would likely be knocked out due to Gumbo's previous Water Gun, it wouldn't be enough to pull out a victory. For a few seconds, Gumbo stood strong, bruised but not defeated. But soon he couldn't endure it anymore, and collapsed to the ground. Violet had won the battle, and by a good margin.
In the distance, the faint outline of a teenage boy and a bicellular Pokemon could be seen watching closely at the battle that ensued between the two. They both seemed to melt into the background, unseen, unnoticed, but they were there. Watching the battle. Learning from it.

Air materialised on the boy's shoulders; revealing that it was not in fact air, but it was a Pokemon, blue and chameleon-like in appearance. It seemed to have a peculiar look on it's face - halfway between crying and smiling. It too was watching. Learning.

Xander winced as the last of one of the boy's Pokemon fell down, fainted by the duo of mammalian Pokemon belonging to the girl. His Duosion, a curious looking Pokemon, floated beside him with a similar look on it's face. The Sobble stared indifferently at the battle, clearly excited to have one of his own. Having just met Xander, he was unsure whether or not to trust him, but for all he knew, he seemed to be a nice guy. It was a few seconds later that Xander turned to the other spectators of the battle abruptly. Two that struck him were a boy with a Lucario and another energetic flame bunny, and another boy with a small Rookidee on his shoulder and a Grookey.

Xander decided to join the spectators without a word, his Duosion following obediently behind him.
There is late, very late and there was Akira late. "Oh my Arceus, I am late!" internally screamed Aaron as he put on his clothes and grabbed his backpack (luckily he packed yesterday night) and grabbed Castor's Pokeball. Akira grabbed his cap, headphones, and a breakfast sandwich and hopped on his room bike and sped down Route 1, Wedgehurt and to route two until there was a sudden weight came on the back of his bike and caused him to nearly fall into a shrub. "Woah" said Akira as he turned around and noticed Castor on the back of his bike. "Jeez Castor. You can't do that kind of thing. You weigh like 200 lbs!" he said to the sorry Munchlax. "It's fine, I'm just a little on edge. Back in the ball for you." he said as the Munchlax went in a Pokeball. He peddled as hard as he could to professor magnolia's house. He got there out of breath to champion Leon. "Excuse, me. I know that I'm very late but is it ok if I can get a starter, dynamax band, and an endorsement."


Previously PrimarinaHatterne
Violet’s stern expression melted into one of utter disbelief and bewilderment. Stella, her tiny chest rhythmically inflating and deflating as she towered over the fainted form of Gumbo, then her knees buckling. Chiara, steady on her legs and her rings dormant. Sure, she had been the one to propose the challenge, but she actually won? A grin burst through her now-relaxed features. “We did it, guys!” she rallied, nodding at David for a quick acknowledgement of his effort.

“Stella, you need a rest, so come back to your Poké Ball,” she winced a bit as she spoke, but soon brightened. “Chiara! You’re so strong! Well, and cute!”

Suddenly, the sun seemed more vivid, brilliant. The sky seemed a little bluer as the weight of the battle was lifted off of her shoulders.

“Congratulations to you, too, David!”
Gutted by his loss, but energized from the battle, David attempted to relax himself. "That was a great battle!' He exclaimed. "But... My strategy was weak, and I relied too much on my Clauncher. Your Pokemon were so coordinated, it's almost like you've been training that Scorbunny for weeks." He gave his opponent a grin, recognizing her skill. As he contemplated his loss, he returned his two fainted Pokemon. "You two tried your best, I'm sorry I let you down."

Noticing the small crowd which had formed around the two trainers, David fell silent. He wasn't a fan of crowds, which would probably hinder him during gym battles, considering the arena has a stadium full of people. Hopefully he would be able to focus on to fight, that is if he even gets an endorsement in the first place. Sure, the battle was exciting, but would it be enough to impress the champion? He glanced over at Champion Leon, who he hoped had seen the battle. If David wanted any chance of getting to his level, he'd have to improve his strategy.
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Leon grinned.
"Of course! Here is your Dynamax band, and you may pick your starter. After which you can find someone to battle for a my endorsement. I hope you do well!"

Ben released his breath as the battle ended. Even though this was the first battle, it was already exciting. He needed to find someone else to battle!

(Timeskip wOoOo)
Once all the students finished their battles, Leon clapped his hands, calling for their attention.
"Well done trainers! Those were some champion battles you had there! Now, it's time to see who shall get my endorsement."
Leon held a paper, cleared his throat, and looked at it.
"Those who gain my endorsement are..." he began, before throwing the paper away with a huge grin on his face. His charizard ate the paper.
"EVERYONE! All of your battler were fantastic. Completely worth my endorsement times ten! I wish you all luck on your journey."
And with that, the Galar champion leapt on his Charizard and took to the skies.
"Wydon is that way Leon." Magnolia sighed.
"Oh right."

Ben couldn't believe it. He was sure his battle was good, but wasn't completely sure if it was endorsement worthy. Lucario looked much less excited, irritated that this so-called champion would let anyone go ahead on their journey. He was sure some of these kids should get their trainer card revoked.
Scorbunny was in her pokeball, resting after her recent battle.
Ben clapped his hands. "Welp, we should probably get a move on. Then again."
He looked around at the surrounding students. Maybe he should have a human partner for this adventure. Or maybe more!
"What do you think Lu- aaaand he's gone. Ah well."
The pokemon ranger sighed, and started walking around, looking for any potential friends.
David let out a sigh of relief. He did it. He got an endorsement, and he's one step closer to becoming a true Pokemon Trainer. Granted everyone got one, but that's besides the point.

Releasing his two injured Pokemon, David pulled out a few potions from his bag. "Now hold still you two, this might sting a bit," he urged, spraying at their wounds with the medicine. Grookey flinched a bit, but stayed in place. The hardier Gumbo barely moved. "Gumbo, we made it!" He said cheerfully to his partner. "We got an endorsement!" Gumbo, not one for congratulations, only responded with a snort. Grookey, on the other hand, dashed towards her trainer in excitement. David flinched a bit before hesitantly hugging his newer partner.

Letting go of Grookey, he wondered what was next. Motostoke City is where the opening ceremony is held, right? Then he'd have to go to Turffield for his first gym battle. David stiffened. The mere thought of a gym battle happening soon sent shivers down his spine. He wasn't anywhere near ready for that.

Suddenly, a thought struck the newly endorsed trainer. Taking a breath and standing upright, he made his way towards Professor Magnolia and her much younger assistant. "E-excuse me Professor..." he began. "Leon left without, uh, giving us anything. We don't have anything to prove that he endorsed us..." He managed to sputter out. His two Pokemon followed behind, Gumbo tapping his claw at the ground impatiently.