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Ask to Join Angel High (Superhero) RP

(Link to discussion thread: http://pokecharms.com/threads/angel-high-superhero-rp-discussion.14325/ ) This will sort of be like "Sky High" (for those who haven't seen it there is a school that floats in the sky, hence the name). There will be a few differences though. One of them being that all the students will learn First Aid (please try to be mature about this, and yes, this will include CPR). So this will be about teenagers with superpowers that are learning about how to be superheroes. Excelsior.

Koji Sakai stood in the driveway as she waited for the bus. She adjusted the straps on her backpack carefully. A bus with the words 'Ishatao High School' pulled up to the road near the driveway. Koji walked up the steps of the bus and spoke to the bus driver. "Excuse me, but is this the the bus to Angel High?" she asked. The bus driver looked around a few times, then replied. "Yes, but we'd rather not let every supervillain within range to know we're here or where this bus goes. For safety reasons" Koji nodded to the bus driver then chose a seat. The bus started towards the next stop.
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Evan Winter sat at the bench waiting for the bus to arrive. As waiting he checked if everything is in his backpack, 10 seconds later the bus arrived. Evan entered the bus and saw not alot of people he then ask the bus driver "Is this the one going to Angel High?" the bus driver would nod and look around "Yeah, this is the one." Evan would see some people using their powers in the bus, Evan would say out loud "That's cool!" he then realized it was embarrassing. He then sat at the last row covering his face over embarrassment, it was a good thing for him that only a few people was around.
'If I used my powers, the bus would probably break down.' Koji thought. She glanced at the seat next to her, were a boy was using pyrokinesis to set a piece of paper on fire. She glared at him and the boy put out the fire. Koji rolled her eyes, then looked at the kid who had just gotten on the bus. She gave him a nod of acknowledgement.
Evan would notice someone nodding Evan. Evan took this the wrong way because of the embarrassment he just received.
He would then nod back to the girl and say "Hey." Evan then looked at the other people and their powers, such as the kid who lit up the piece of paper in front of him. And was amazed once more and whispered to himself "If only I can use my power right now, but I might hurt somebody."
Realyn had been sitting at the back of the bus for a while, scribbling in a semi-large sketchbook. Her piercing blue eyes glanced up to look at the person who sat down next to her. She gave him a small glare and went back to drawing. A raven was beginning to form on the paper. Realyn was still working on the wings. She grabbed her bag, and scooted it closer to her.
A shady figure in a burgundy sweater kept to himself at the side of the road. His hood was drawn and his hands were deeply enclosed in the pockets of his jeans, every inch of skin covered by simplistic and drab clothing. It was only morning and so it was unlikely that his skin would be seen omitting light of its own, but the creature couldn't take his chances in being caught in public. His heart soared like a hummingbird jackhammering its wings against his ribs.
The metal beast of a bus screeched to a stop a metre away from the curb. He glanced about his surroundings cautiously, revealing a dim glow from beneath his hood before stepping through it's mechanical doors and waiting for them to close before drawing it back. The immediate reaction was like setting a Christmas tree ablaze; those closest to him had to blink several times to adjust to the sudden change in atmosphere. He shuffled along the narrow aisle in search of a seat he could slide into.
Xeria walked to the bus stop close to her house. She was going to go to a new school, Angel High. Xeria had anticipated to come to the school the second she was enrolled. She wanted to enhance her abilities and learn more about them, and Angel High was the key to her goal.
Xeria stopped at the bus stop, waiting for the bus to arrive. After about a minute of waiting, she spotted a bus going her way. The words 'Ishatao High School' were painted on its sides. Xeria guessed it was to keep the school's siting a secret from all the villains. The bus doors opened, and Xeria was about to step inside, but wanted to make sure it was the right bus first.
"Is this the bus for Angel High?" she asked the driver in the front seat. The bus driver looked around him a few times to check if anyone else was watching, then nodded. Xeria stepped inside the bus and sat on a seat in the middle of the bus. No one was sitting next to her, and she was glad. That way, she could relax without any interruptions.
Felix offhandedly took an empty seat, as he wasn't sure which lone student seemed the most approachable. He ran an incandescent hand through his locomotive hair and began analyzing each greenhorn to the best of his ability, assigning each of them his interpretation of their powers within the confines of his mind.
Although some of his peers had physical differences to the average human, as he did, many of them seemed completely ordinate. He wasn't sure what he had been expecting before he'd boarded, but it wasn't this.
For example, the girl who had just entered and joined their living mass, looked just that; a girl. Aside from her taste in fashion, she seemed all but abnormal.
This would be more interesting than Felix had first intended.
Mark seemed a bit out of place on this bus it seemed. He sat near the front of the bus, smiling at the new students as they walked on. In between stops, he struck up friendly chats with the driver, talking like they were old friends.

"Another angry, angsty bunch huh?" he joked as he looked behind himself at some of the fresh faces. Many of them seemed to be mostly keeping to themselves and hiding near the rear.

"You were just the same on your first day too, you know?" the driver pointed out, making Mark chuckle

"Of course I was, who can blame them? New school, weird powers, no idea how to use them properly yet..." he leaned back in the seat, long legs stretched into the walkway since they barely fit in the seat. "They'll open up eventually when they realized their not the only weirdo anymore. At least, most will." Out the window, he watched other high schoolers drive by in little compact vehicles, SUVs and a few trucks. Man, if he was normal he could just drive himself to school, have his own vehicle and not have to bother with a crowded bus full of freshmen... Oh well, it couldn't hurt to befriend some of them, they would probably need plenty of help getting started.
The boastful call of a well-seasoned veteran piqued the reincarnation's interest. He craned his neck in an attempt to spot which of his fellowmen had spoken up and found him within minimal difficulty.
"Speaking of which," he said, inserting himself into the senior and bus driver's conversation. He adjusted himself so that he was sitting at the edge of his seat, arm propped on the spine of the seat ahead of his. "Not the only weirdo... Does that entail that there's other, er, non-humans?"
His voice was light and musical, like the peal of a trumpeter swan. The joking tone that played on his tongue did not spread to the rest of his weary face, however.
Mark took a moment to study the creature, tilting his head just slightly to the side with honest curiosity. "Hm? I believe so. There are at least several students who would say that since they gained their powers they no longer consider themselves human. I personally can 't name one off the top of my head, but I know there is someone..." He ran a hand through his hair, pushing it out of his face, which looked a bit frustrated that he couldn't remember a name.
He exhaled in relief and the lines in his face softened miraculously. Felix rested his chin on his fist loosely, looking eerily at ease from the stranger's news.
"That makes me feel a little better," he admitted, echoing the boy's movement by inclining his head. "Although, I was kind of hoping I wouldn't be the only 'supernatural' being here... You know?" He shrugged, attempting to seem casual in his transpositions. "I'm Felix."
He offered the boy his outstretched and glowing hand with the same dead facial expression, although the gesture seemed friendly enough.
Mark smiled kindly, glad to see he had been of some help to the underclassman. "Supernatural or not, we're all pretty strange here, it's hard to say anyone's any stranger than anyone else, no matter how you came about it. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise, those that do are just a bunch of bullies trying to make themselves feel better." Mark took the outstretched hand and a firm grip for a short shake. "I'm Mark, nice to meet you Felix!"
He nodded gently and straightened up in his seat.
"Likewise," he replied sprightly despite his contrary visage. The result was somewhat off-putting, as though he was merely moving his mouth and someone else was speaking the word for him. "You'll have to forgive me for being a bit iffy about it all. Humans haven't been, well, the coolest about the strange in the past. Which is why all you guys have your own school, I guess."
Rio huffed, she could see the bus. Across the street. And she was on the opposite side, in an alley, in costume, and had to traverse in the open. Yikes.

Taking a deep breath, Draco leapt out of hiding and into the nearest cover, bounding this way and that on all fours towards the school bus. Making a quick dash and scurry under the vehicle, she popped up and on the other side, leaping through the doors and crouching awkwardly at the top of the steps. She looked up at the driver.

"I hope I'm on the right bus, cause this is going to be really awkward if this is just a regular old high school bus not going to Angel High." she quipped, flashing a toothy (and fanged) grin.
Koji nodded. Two kids started whispering to each other. "Have you heard the rumor that there might be a new student or two joining us this year?" one whispered. "Yeah. If it's two I hope at least one of them is a girl." the other one whispered back. Koji face-palmed when she heard the whispered words of the two.
Draco breathed a sigh of relief, standing up to her full height. "Thank goodness, I'm a little new to this whole super hero highschool thing." Her face softened to neutral, which of course was a gentle closed mouth smile, and walked down the aisle way, tail flicking as she went.

Eventually she found a desireable seat and flopped onto her back with a heavy fwump.
Marco Valentine waited patiently for the bus to arrive. A bus with the words 'Ishatao High School' painted on the side pulled up to the driveway. Marco walked up the steps then spoke to the bus driver. " Is this the bus to Angel High?" he asked. The bus driver looked around a few times, then replied. "Yes, but we'd rather not let every supervillain within range to know we're here or where this bus goes. For safety reasons" Marco nodded in understanding. Koji looked at the boy who had just gotten on the bus. 'I haven't seen this kid around before. Is he new?' she thought.
Felix settled back down into his seat and meticulously cracked his fingers and wrists, sensing that their brief conversation had ended. He felt dubiously anxious about travelling in a giant yellow rectangle, although he knew he there was not much for him to fear. Felix had always preferred nature to technology.
He eyed each new student who came into the bus curiously, lighting up a little at each student who shared his aspect of feathered appendages. Although, they wouldn't quite be able to tell his species with his own wings neatly tucked away.
Draco grunted as she straightened up in the seat, looking around at various students with many different backpacks. Why did she notice the backpacks?

She didn't have one. She had pretty infinant pouches on each hip that apparently disobeyed the laws of physics. That was good enough she figured, not having to be weighed down. She casually relaxed into the seat with a grin on her face.
Mark leaned back in his seat now, head craned back and eyes closed. "Rough morning... bunch of new stops though, how much longer til school?" he muttered, not really asking anyone in particular. On long fingered hand rubbed his forehead tenderly, then pushed his hair once more out of his eyes. He sat back up right, but leaned forward on the padded partition in front of him. "Mornings really make me wish I could drink caffeine..."
Senji looked at the kid behind him. The kid was burning paper, and Senji thought it was cool.
"Hey, get back your seat, green head." The kid said. Senji slumped back into his chair, fiddling with his papers for projects in the future. Suddenly, the kid behind Senji through a burned piece of comic book paper at his face. Senji sat up, and slipped on a water bottle that fell! Senji heard kids laugh like crazily. Senji was going to use his powers to make a laser sword to cut up the bus, but he didn't. Now Senji was totally embarrassed.
Girei was in Seat 11, by a crazy boy. She ignored him. Girei looked out the window with her long, brown hair turning softly, as she had brushed it hard today. One kid leaned over and asked about her hair. It was more of an insult as she was sitting next to a bunch of bullies. She wanted to releash her power SO bad, but it wasn't allowed. "Shut. Up." said Girei softly, trying to calm. "NEVER!!!!!" yelled the kid in her face. "I SAID SHUT UP!!" she screamed back.

She kept watching the window, as she saw a few cones and a scooping thing-a-ma-jig (If you know what I'm talking about), as she told the person next to her, and said "Look! They are building something!" and the kid looked out of the window, happily. "I wonder what they are making." replied Girei softly. It looked like the builders were building an hotel/apartment. The rest of the ride Girei tried to be calm while the people around her yelled, screamed, and laughed. She did say "Shut Up" a few times, but the rest of it was silent Girei.
Draco sat up, hearing the roar of laughter. Her ears flicked, noticing some feet, apparently someone had fallen. A few loose flickers of blue flame escaped her teeth, and lips pulled back in a soundless growl. This wouldn't do at all. Call it habit, but her time as a vigilante caused her sense of 'justice' to heighten. Really, it was just the urge to help people. She cackled to herself as she hauled herself up, springing above the bus seats, and she pranced along the headrests. Sometimes she used a student's head, some or the less desirable ones that looked like trouble, and landed with a soft thump on the seat of the kid who had fallen.

Sitting in a crouch, her scarf tail flicking, along with cocked ears and a tilted head, she looked down on the boy. She extended her skin tight spandex like material covered clawed hand down to the boy, offering a friendly if not fanged smile. "Need any help there, kiddo?"
"Oh, thank you." Senji said as the kid pulled him up. Senji sat back in his seat, waiting for the bus ride to be over. He was already really mad, and kids were still laughing. Senji sneezed loud for the kids to calm down, but they didn't. "Hello." Said the girl next to him. Senji didn't look. He tried to calm down by taking a nap, like he always did.
Draco frowned at the clearly ticked off kid sitting beside her, she narrowed her eyes. Standing up she gave out a mock roar, and growled slightly, "You guys want to think about shutting up?" Some kids still snickered to thenselves, some nervously laughed, and some looked at her with silent gobsmacked shock. The dragon girl smirked with glee, sitting herself back down properly, not crouching. She turned back to the teen beside her, "You ok?" she chirruped.
Felix watched the ordeals nervously, wondering if joining this academy was such a brilliant scheme climatically. It didn't seem like an abundance of his fellowmen were overly welcoming, despite each of them harbouring abnormalities of their own. He shuffled to the end of his seat and held his head low in hopes that the onslaught wouldn't spread to him, as well.
The muscles of his marginal coverts were cramping from neglect. He was optimistic for the time wherein he'd be able to free his wings from their forcible prison. Presently, he was forced to keep them concealed in order to maneuver around the transit's cramped corridor, although several other winged students seemed to move across the bus with ease. He shifted his weight inelegantly.
The black figure materialised next to the bus driver, he was panting slightly.' Great start, nearly missed the friggin' bus and had to use my powers.' He slapped himself and cursed as he realised there were a bunch of people staring at him. He slowly dragged his feet to the seat near the window and cursed, fiddling with a hollowed bone. Tiny skeleton mice crawled onto his lap and he laughed." Never use you powers again on this bus!" The driver yelled at Ty and he huffed.
"Yea.. I'm fine. Thank you very much." Senji said as he watched the kids settle down after the accident. The girl Senji was looking at smiled happily, and then she sat down. Senji sat back down, listening to some
Imagine Dragons gleamfully. The girl next to him just sighed as Senji snickered at himself. He didn't put his phone in his pack. Senji just smiled. He used his lasers to make his own phone, which burnt Senjis hand.