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Any Ideas for New Moves and Abilities?

Well I was looking for more general ideas that can apply to many Pokémon (moves especially), but if you want specifics (only for the starters):

A cowboy/outlaw lizard, based on bearded dragons, leopard geckos, and gila monsters with guns for fingers.

An angelic cleric slug based on nudibranchs, sea angels, and seraphim.

A giant druid/barbarian echidna with hills/hobbit houses in it’s back, and a flute for a snout.
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We need some other moves that deal super effective damage to other types similar to the that move freeze dry which was an Ice move that did super effective damage to Water types. For example, an electric type move that does super effective damage to steel types because you know metal is a good conductor of electricity?

I haven't a clue what this move would be named, but it needs to happen.
Outlaw Lizard; Unique Ability and Move
Ability: Shoot-Out

If this Pokemon and their target both use special attacks, this Pokemon will move before them.
Move: Rowdy Roundup (Physical and Special) (PP: 10, BP: 60)
Draw the target in with a lasso, and then draw them in while the Pokemon shoots them. Does Physical Dmg and then Special Dmg in a 2 hit combo.

If the first hit misses, the move will fail. The move counts as both a physical and special move when doing calculations with moves and abilities like Shoot-Out

I don't got any other ideas IDK.