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Markus woke up, getting ready for his day at PlanetX. He was very happy to finally go back again to the awesome virtual game place. He went to Karma's room and woke her up so they could get ready for the day. After he woke her up, Markus went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and take a shower. He then went to the kitchen to get some cereal. Before Karma came down, Markus made Karma's favorite cereal for breakfast. Markus got his sneakers on and waited for Karma to be ready while he watched TV.

Markus texted Evie to get her to come too. He texted "You awake? Come on, let's go to PlanetX for the next 20 levels! He waited for Evie to send a text back.
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Evie stirred at the sound of her phone buzzing, groggily rolling out of bed to check it, attempting to rub the tiredness from her eyes.
Her hair was a mess, her sleep schedule even worse.
Sure, logging on soon. Gimme 10.

With that, she drew her tangled, messy hair up into an equally messy ponytail, not even bothering to change out of her pajamas (which was just a pair of volleyball shorts and a tee shirt). She logged on, her avatar meeting her with narrowed, steely eyes. Ready to destroy these next twenty levels.
She sent a quick message to Markus via the game’s chat interface.
Heyo, dork.
Karma was dreaming of the day Markus found her, a warm smile etched on her face, she was suddenly awoken from the dream when Markus called her, she wiped her eyes and yawned before climbing off her bed, she knew that she was free today so she didn't nother on changing out of her pajamas, which were covered in shooting stars. She stepped downstairs into the kitchen where a bowl of cereal was already made, Karma assumed it was for her considering it was made with her favorite cereal.

When she finished the breakfast she made her way to the living room"good morning markus" Karma said seeing her brother on the couch. She sat down next to Markus and peeked at the text on his phone, she read the word "planetX" Karma was familiar with the game, but wasn't as strong as Markus or his friend Evie "Markus, are we playing today?" She asked
"Yeah!" said Markus. "Wanna join?" Markus was very happy to see his little sister awake and ready in her pajamas so she could help him and Evie bash through the next 20 levels. He was hoping they could beat the Squad Championship next week. Markus went back on to
PlanetX and wrote to Evie, "Dork? I'm going to help you breeze through these next 20 levels like a boss!" Markus put his cursor over the next level.
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Evie shook her head, logging into the main lobby.
Yeah, that makes you a dork. But don’t worry, even though you’re a dork you’re a very helpful one ;p
Is Karma playing?

After creating a party, she loaded herself into the level’s lobby, waiting for Karma to join so they could start.
How’s life?
She messaged, boredly tapping at her keyboard.
"Very funny, Evie. Also, Yeah, if I am correct, Karma is playing." Markus turned to Karma. "Karma, you're playing, right?" Markus went back to the game. "She is probably playing. Life? Oh, that's some question. Uh......lemme say......Life is life.

Markus joined the party. "We gonna have a goooooooood time! Let's prepare ourselves for a great battle."
Karma nodded her head, she looked at her brother and grinned happily, she logged in to the game and accepted the invite to the party"I'm ready when you guys are!" She shouted cheerfully

Though a deep thought echoed through her head when she heard Evie ask about life"well...life is complicated, everyday you make decisions that completely change the route that your life follows...you can't expect anything because anything can happen. We're on a timer, so we want to live our life the way we want..." She spoke in a different tone then normal" I-I mean life is like a game, and it's fun to play" she sighed and went back to the game, ready to start
Evie was, admittedly, pretty stunned to hear something so complex and so in-depth from a young girl like Karma, however.. she had been through a lot, and with that in mind, it almost made sense.
Equipping her best armor, weapons, and going over her stats, Evie clicked the “ready!” button, patiently waiting for Markus and Karma. As soon as they clicked, they’d be loaded into the virtuality that was her favorite game, her escape from reality.
Markus quickly clicked the ready button with excitement. Markus was also thinking about what Karma had said, but then he agreed and went back to the game. He really wanted to get back to playing
The game after what had happened in his life. He knew he was glad he met Karma and Evie.
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