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Be Safe Online

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Doctor Oak

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Given the subject matter of this website, it shouldn't be a shocker to learn that there are quite a lot of young people on these forums. It's important to us that Pokecharms remains a safe place for everyone and that means following some simple guidelines for yours, and others, safety on the site:

  • If you are under 18, our general advice is for you to not upload any images or videos of yourselves anywhere online or on this site. Ultimately, once one of these hits the Internet it is there forever, even if you think you've deleted it. This can result in unwanted and inappropriate attention; someone using your image to impersonate you or much worse.

    Being under 18 means there is a lot less control about managing the possibly unexpected results of your image/video being out there online and it's better completely avoided than otherwise. If you do wish to upload an image or a video of yourself, please at least take some time to consider the risks of doing so as well as considering if it is an appropriate image/video in the first place.

  • If any user messages you on this site asking you for direct contact details such as phone number, skype details, Google or Facebook messaging details, etc, please report this message and do not send them your details. When talking to anyone online, you should know them very well before sending them any further information about yourself, and if you are under 18, you should never communicate with any member beyond the mechanisms of this site without telling your parents first.

  • If anyone ever messages you and asks you for images of yourself or says anything inappropriate at all, you should report that message immediately.

  • Do not ever. EVER. give out your address on this website (or any other).

  • Do not ever. EVER. meet up with anyone on this website (or any other) without a trusted adult/parent also being present.

  • Never tell anyone, not even your siblings, your password for this website. This is your account and yours alone. Account sharing is against the rules and you will be banned. The same level of security should be applied to every online account you have.

  • Just because you have added a member as a friend on this website, that doesn't entitle them to be added as your friend on other sites such as Facebook. Ensure that people you add on social media websites are your own friends that you know very well from your own area.

  • If you receive any intimidating or threatening messages on this website from any user, report that message immediately.

  • If you're in any doubt about any message that you have received on this website, report the message, contact an administrator and tell your parents.

If you're looking for any other information on how to stay safe online, the BBC has a good selection of content about this that's worth checking out: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/curations/stay-safe (CBBC Stay Safe - CBBC - BBC)

In short, if you feel at any time that any other user of this site is being inappropriate, intimidating or threatening, please ensure that you report this immediately. If you are under 18, there is zero excuse for any member to be asking you for any personal contact details or to go behind your parents' backs about anything, and if they do, report it immediately to both us and your parents. It's better to be safe than sorry.
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