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Ask to Join BNHA" the flotsam lot 2.0

Hey, is it ok if i add pictures to describe my outfits?
Since im having trouble describing appearances
There are unspoken rules as well involved with using pictures on the forums, I mean things like don't make the picture obnoxiously large, otherwise I'm perfectly fine with that. I understand how difficult it can be to find the right words for describing an appearance, so long as the rest of your bio proves that you are a competent writer you should be fine.

Also, I'll get my post up later, sorry guys. I've had a lot more hours at work than usual lately and it's been keeping me busy.
My life is truly a series of unfortunate events. Hehe, hello guys, long time no see. Sorry about the sudden disappearance I went on a field trip for school, they took away our electronics without telling us they were going to so I planned on getting to this a lot earlier. I just caught up on most my stuff at home, was about ready to get my post up for this thread and my work called just a few minutes ago because they're short staffed and want me to come in. As much as I'd like to say "Sorry, I'm busy writing an RP post," I need the money, so I'll get the post up later tonight after work. Sorry again.
Well... this is awkward. Know how I said I would get an RP post up? Well I somehow got roped into a spontaneous vacation with some friends for a week, during which time I forgot to bring my laptop charger so I couldn't get a post up. Anyways, I think I might be too busy for this. I know that it was irresponsible to make a thread that I wouldn't be able to tend to, but I have a habit of biting off more than I can chew. If I recall correctly, this is exactly what happened before I closed the last Flotsam Lot thread, and guess who didn't learn their lesson? With basketball season starting next week I know that I'll only get more busy and, therefore, doubt I'll be able to manage this thread very well.
I don't mind if someone, or multiple people, want to continue this thread- be my guest. Or we can just let this die off. But I'd hate to have you guys constantly waiting for me so I'm gonna go ahead and resign from the admin position. Sorry, again, to anyone who was looking forward to this.
Thanks for the heads up. Good luck with basketball.

I kinda wanna do more stuff with Ren.

Not sure how to continue the story. Might be better to make an entirely new discussion page. Possibly start over from scratch. I dunno. Thoughts, everyone? What do you guys think we should do?


Previously Deathstalker62
I mean.. probably best to start over from scratch. I personally don't know much about what Barefoot had planned for the RP, but even then, starting a new thread would allow people to re-vamp characters or swap them out without it having to be a hassle to integrate into the current RP. That's just my opinion, though.
I could be willing to give it a shot. Anybody else think they can do it? Really it doesn't matter who takes the spot... Being a group, I'm sure everyone collaborating ideas will help the RP run nice and smoothly.
Marik has sprinted through finish line, panting and sweating, but smiling nonetheless.

Marik: Wooh! Alright, we did it! Finally made it through an entrance exam without the rp dying!

The earth rumbled, before splitting open beneath Marik’s feet. The unholy sound of a thousand demonic voices echo out all in unison-

“Marik...your time in this world has come to an end...”

A set a horrific purple arms of arose from the steadily forming ravine, quickly dragging Marik down into the dark abyss that was its home.

Marik: “What?!? No! The rp was past the entrance test! NO DEATH GODS! PLEASE! NOT LIKE THIIIIS! NOT LIKE THIII-“

Marik’s screams of terror vanished as the earth preceded to slam back together, leaving no sign that anything had happened at all...

The death gods have claimed another timeline....


A reboot? Eh. Why not.