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Open Bone'd (Mystery RP - SIGNUPS OPEN)

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(RP Thread is here. As of 15/3/2018, signups are open!)

After a break-in, the Nacrene Museum in Unova is left in absolute panic. A valuable bone - yes, that bone - has been taken! And several highly valuable rocks! And... one of the night guards, admittedly, but the bone-!

Worse yet, it seems it must have been one of the staff who did the awful deed. Is someone working for the wrong side-? And rumour has it there's a serial killer on the loose, because clearly this whole thing just needed to get that much worse. With no Gym Leader to speak of, and the mayor of Nacrene calling for curfews and threatening a lockdown, it seems like only the smartest and most able of Trainers are going to be able to crack this one.

Or, you know, maybe they'll screw up royally. C'est la vie.

From that bonehead who brought you Murder in the Circus comes another mysterious mystery of... uh, mysteriousness.

- For this RP, you must be willing to write at least two paragraphs per post. Please bear this in mind when applying. This RP will likely run for about two weeks, depending on activity and route.

- You can RP as a human or a Pokemon - but if you're RPing as a Pokemon, don't expect to talk to humans unless you can back it up - being a TR Meowth, for instance. (You can still have human intelligence, and you can talk to other Pokemon, for... obvious reasons. My suspects have Pokemon that can be talked to for additional evidence.)

- All of the site rules apply. Let's not get banned!

- This RP is for people 15 and over. While it's not dark and gory with entrails everywhere, it is possible for characters to end up dead depending on the route taken; for instance, there is a stated time limit on the kidnapped character, and the aforementioned serial killer is a thing. There are definitely ways to get the suspects killed during the RP, which can cause a game over in some instances.

There may also be some swearing and alcohol (how much does depend on which suspects are more heavily questioned).

- No removing evidence, screwing around with the crime scene/s, ect - unless you PM me about it first.

- If you want your character to die, especially if it's by serial killer, PM me first. I'm the GM and therefore need to be aware of whatever you're doing, so I can make sure my plot's not thrown off by yours.

- Two characters per person, max. I'm the exception, as I will be RPing various suspects for you to interrogate.

- You cannot give any of your Pokemon the move Mind Reader.

- There are a small handful of Pokemon that are banned in this RP for plot reasons (the mystery doesn't work if there's more than one of these Pokemon). I will advise you over PMs if one of your team's Pokemon is on this list.

- Please write some sort of god awful bone joke at the end of your sign up form, so I know you've read the rules.

- RP starts when we have at least three on board.

Position, if human: (Police Officer, Gym Leader, Trainer, ect.)
Field (if museum staff):
Pokemon in party, if human: (Please include moves)
Other info (Phobias, unusual talents, ect):
Example of writing (this can be a fanfic, link to other RP you've done, just something on the spot, ect. Please show at least two paragraphs):

Please note: I will be picky about who I approve. Your writing must be decent of quality and spelling, with at least a paragraph in each of the personality, appearance, and backstory sections.
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Name: Mielshtrix "Miel" Pabith Darastrix
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Position, if human: Crime Psychologist
Appearance: He has shoulder-length, wavy, blue hair. The tips of his hair is an icy blue, while the roots of his hair is a darker blue. He has a slightly icy white, almost paleness to his body, and his eyes are a icy blue with little darker blue specks in his irises. He is 6'4" (1.9 m), and has toned musculature. He weighs 200 lbs (90.7 kg), which is healthy for his stature. His face is very soft compared to other men, and some people get his gender mixed up because of his soft facial features. The only way anyone would know (and if they're blind to his attire) is if he speaks, which he is very bass heavy.

Before you yell at me about his strange color choices, I can explain xD
He has a very powerful aura that then bled onto his appearance as soon as he hit puberty. He didn't use to have blue hair. He actually used to have brown hair, but the aura, being the colors of water (blue) and ice (lighter blue), it died his hair those colors, as well as his eyes and tinting his skin. Because of his powerful aura, he can utilize it to sense people around him, but that's about it, as he hasn't really trained himself in the uses of aura. He used to be able to sense emotions when he was younger, but objectively learning how to read people's faces caused him to lose this ability. Also the lack of training himself in his aura.
Clothes: He usually wears a suit when he wants to wear something casual. His suit is a light blue dress shirt with a darker blue tie. He would also have a darker blue jacket on if he was cold (which he mostly is). His dress pants would match the color of the jacket, and his shoes would be dress shoes that are so blue, they look black (blue is the new black xD). His buttons on his jacket will be an ivory white, while the buttons on his dress shirt will be dark mahogany (*slams* this is ma-hogany!). He also has a hand-made twine around his neck and it dips lower than his collarbone dip. There are six charms on the twine, and they are Mystic Water, Never-Melt Ice, a Water Amulet, and an Ice Amulet, a Splash Plate, and an Icicle Plate, to signify the types he specializes in. He also had glasses for reading, as he was far-sighted. He also has a satchel/purse thing with a really long strap. It goes well with his blue motif he has going on, being a navy blue with an ivory buckle (also, the charms on the twine are really small XD hell no, I wasn't going to make them regular-sized, and they hold no other purpose besides looking pretty).
Personality: His personality is calm and collected, as well as being cold to people he deems as not worthy of his attention. He's also extremely mature and will commonly look down on people who act immature, choosing to be distant when they talk to him. He's still nice, but it's a lot harder for people to break his exterior. Unlike his other siblings, he thinks outside of the box, what with his theories on how people react and behave, since he's extremely analytical. Because of this, he looks over the simple answers, and gets so far out of the box that he's several dimensions away. He's extremely smart, but he's over-analytical, and that could be his downfall. He also can't see reckless strategies, even though his brothers were like that. It was just impossible for his mind to fathom. Computers and other electronic devices are very hard for him to use, so he just has books and brochures with him, since he doesn't know how to use a computer, nor want to know. He's quite stubborn, but will still take people's thoughts and opinions. The only thing that could break his personality is when he's done with swimming or skating. His mannerisms are very gentlemanly, but during an interrogation he could turn from polite and nice, to extremely demanding in a split second, making him a bad cop and good cop at the same time (if that could fool anyone after the switch). Although, this strategy isn't exactly the greatest to use, so he just tries to be extremely nice, and let the people push him around a bit before they finally cave in after seeing the evidence or his questioning gets persistent. He's also extremely detail-oriented and will go to great lengths to find all the details from a specific piece of evidence before moving on. He is also extremely observant and catches things, like hushed whispers and skittering from afar. He also hates seeing Pokemon suffer and will help comfort them when they're distressed, angry, or hurt.
Backstory: He was born in Cocona Village, Oblivia, along with his three other siblings. His oldest brother, Pyros, his slightly younger brother, Stror, and his even younger sister, Shade. He is the second in the quadruplet, and always had a fascination of water and ice when growing up. His birth Pokemon, a Lapras (a birth Pokemon is a Pokemon that was born around the same time and the first Pokemon and human relationship that blossoms), had been by his side, even though they were the same age, she had a deeper understanding on how things worked. Because of the combination of a rapidly maturing Lapras taking care of him and his independence blossoming in childhood, his maturity quickly grew, surpassing his siblings. Fast forward to when he was 11, he went to a Kanto high school. That was probably the worse decision his parents made, but they learned so much from being home schooled that they couldn't go into middle school. After 7 years went by, and each year he attended a high school in a different region and completed somewhat early (core regions: Kanto, Johto, etc.), he decided to go to college and he got a Ph. D. major in Psychology, and got a minor in criminal justice. He joined the police force and quickly shot up through the ranks and now works as specialized interrogator.
Pokemon in party, if human:
Lapras - [type]Water[/type][type]Ice[/type]
  • Transport Pokemon
  • Nickname: Laplace
  • Female
  • Shell Armor
  • Is 3 inches taller than the average Lapras (8'02" or 2.5 m), so she's 8'05" or 2.6 m.
  • Miel's birth Pokemon and is very loyal to him and would do anything to keep him and the rest of her team safe.
  • Moves:
    • Surf - [type]Water[/type] | Special | Aids in helping the Pokemon carry people over the water, while also dealing some damage by summoning water to pummel the opponent. | Doesn't help in the investigation, but would help in traversing the landscape. Will also use it to put out fires that rage out of control.
    • Ice Beam - [type]Ice[/type] | Special | 10% chance to Freeze the target. | Used to stop people dead in their tracks by freezing their legs or creating a large wall of ice, but also have the ability to freeze a path to allow her to slide across faster than she would when swimming or waddling.
    • Thunderbolt - [type]Electric[/type] | Special | 10% chance to Paralyze the target. | Used to power up any dead electronics or stop people in their tracks.
    • Confuse Ray - [type]Ghost[/type] | Status | Causes Confusion. | Will use this move to disorient a fleeing foe, or disorient an attacker trying to attack her or her trainer.
Milotic - [type]Water[/type]
  • Tender Pokemon
  • Nickname: Milo
  • Male
  • Marvel Scale
  • Is an inch longer than the average Milotic (20'04" or 6.2 m), so he's 20'05" or 6.2 m.
  • One of Miel's Pokemon during his adventure in the Hoenn region when he was younger. He evolved him by increasing his sheen in Beauty, so he's naturally glossy and beautiful. He can be quite sensitive to arguments, and will use his natural power to end arguments and calm angry feelings.
  • Moves:
    • Aqua Ring - [type]Water[/type] | Status | Heal itself gradually (by 1/16 of its max HP). | Will use this to protect itself from some Fire-Type attacks.
    • Hypnosis - [type]Psychic[/type] | Status | Causes Sleep. | Depending on how powerful the target's mind and how open they are, he can cause them to fall asleep, help resurface old and slightly forgotten memories, and/or make them tell the truth. If they don't want to say the truth, this will not work.
    • Iron Tail - [type]Steel[/type] | Physical | 30% chance to lower Defense. | Will use this to smack an opponent or break something extremely tough or dense.
    • Brine - [type]Water[/type] | Special | Power doubles when target is at 50% or below health. | Will use this to take out already weakened enemies. Since it is just spewing out salt water, it will do more damage to people with open wounds. Great tool to use to search for any open wounds hidden on the body of an individual, even behind gauze bandages and clothes. This can also melt ice and will also use it to put out fires.
Alolan Ninetales - [type]Ice[/type][type]Fairy[/type]
  • Fox Pokemon
  • Nickname: Kyukori
  • Female
  • Snow Cloak
  • Is 2 inches shorter than the average Ninetales (3'07" or 1.1 m), so she's 3'05" or 1.0 m.
  • One of Miel's Pokemon during his adventure in the Alola region when he was just a tad younger. He found her as one of the abandoned runts of the pack and she used to be extremely shy. She is now extremely sociable and extremely cuddly, and Miel uses her to calm people down, and use her as a de-stressor.
  • Moves:
    • Dazzling Gleam - [type]Fairy[/type] | Special | Does damage. | Emits a powerful flash, so useful when blinding someone for a short time and causing damage to their eyes. Otherwise, when restrained enough, can light up the area for a short amount of time.
    • Extrasensory - [type]Psychic[/type] | Special | 10% chance to Flinch. | Will use it's strange, newfound mental prowess to attack others and lift objects (reminds me of the Gravity Gun from Gmod XD).
    • Aurora Beam - [type]Ice[/type] | Special | 10% chance to lower Attack. | Only uses on those who flee or attack.
    • Laser Focus - [type]Normal[/type] | Status | Causes the next move to be a guaranteed critical hit (unless protected via Ability or Lucky Chant). | Will use this when wanting to focus on an enemy's weakpoints.
Delibird - [type]Ice[/type][type]Flying[/type]
  • Delivery Pokemon
  • Nickname: Boto
  • Male
  • Vital Spirit
  • Is an inch taller than the average Delibird (2'11" or 0.9 m), so he's 3'00" or 0.9 m. Also has a slightly large tail sac.
  • Was specifically bred to be a Pokemon suited for crime scene investigation. Delibird was bred from a Male Pelipper and a Female Delibird, granting him the social side of his father and the Ability (and the side effect of being super hyper) from his mother. Was nicknamed Boto by Miel's sister, so he had to begrudgingly call his Pokemon that now. His sac carries varying envelopes and plastic baggies and other such items to hold all the evidence, and keep them all safe in his sac. He even has a rubber band to keep his sac closed just in case he needs to take flight. Along with gathering evidence, he could fly around the area and talk with the many bird Pokemon and ask them what they have seen. He's quite jolly and extremely approachable.
  • Moves:
    • Thief - [type]Dark[/type] | Physical | Steals an item if it isn't already holding one in its beak or wing. | Will use this to steal certain items from a person when they're not looking or preoccupied.
    • Fly - [type]Flying[/type] | Physical | Flies high, then takes awhile to come back down to attack. | Will use this to transport small Pokemon and small children a ways away or fly around and communicate with the birds. Will also scan the skies for anything, scouting about.
    • Defog - [type]Flying[/type] | Status | Removes Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Stealth Rock, Sticky Web, Aurora Veil, Safeguard, Mist, Reflect, and Light Screen, and even removes literal fog from the area. It also lowers the target's Evasion. | Will use this to remove fog or anything else that's obscuring vision and is gaseous.
    • Quick Attack - [type]Normal[/type] | Physical | Some higher priority. | Will use this to catch up on someone fleeing when he's scanning the ground from the skies.
Vaporeon - [type]Water[/type]
  • Bubble Jet Pokemon
  • Nickname: Shama
  • Female
  • Water Absorb
  • Is 2 inches taller than the average Vaporeon (3'03" or 1.0 m), making her 3'05" or 1.0 m.
  • Has been with Miel since he started his journey in Kanto, a gift given to him from Professor Oak after he saw what wondrous progress he had made on his Pokedex, and would like to give him some help. That help was giving him two Eevees, who were siblings. This Vaporeon is very reserved and loves to cuddle, and helping the investigation by being in bodies of water, materialize into water, and spy around in the water, listening in on the conversations around them.
  • Moves:
    • Acid Armor - [type]Poison[/type] | Status | Sharply increases Defense. | Unique to only Vaporeon, will use this to become molecularly similar to water, and use it to spy.
    • Hydro Pump - [type]Water[/type] | Special | Does damage. | Will use this to push something or someone to a higher ground, away from something, or attack an opponent. Will also use it to put out fires.
    • Signal Beam - [type]Bug[/type] | Special | 10% chance to Confuse. | Will use this to signal Miel where something is by shooting it up in the air.
    • Helping Hand - [type]Normal[/type] | Status | Doubles the power of the next attack. | Will use it to aid her brother, Glaceon, or any other Pokemon.
Glaceon - [type]Ice[/type]
  • Fresh Snow Pokemon
  • Nickname: Glazi
  • Male
  • Snow Cloak
  • Is 5 inches taller than the average Glaceon (2'07" or 0.8 m), being 3'00" or 1.0 m.
  • Has been with Miel since he started his journey in Kanto, a gift given to him from Professor Oak after he saw what wondrous progress he had made on his Pokedex, and would like to give him some help. That help was giving him two Eevees, who were siblings. This Glaceon is quite protective and can be quite aggressive. He can help the investigation by sniffing out anybody they needed to find and quickly hunt them down, catching them and freezing them in place. Whatever father these Eevees had, only the Glaceon has the super strong sense of smell.
  • Moves:
    • Quick Attack - [type]Normal[/type] | Physical | Some higher priority. | Will use this to catch up on someone fleeing when he's on the scent.
    • Ice Fang - [type]Ice[/type] | Physical | 10% chance to Freeze and flinch (Chances are independent from one another). | Will use it to grab a hold of someone and potentially freeze them or cause them pain enough for them to make noise and cause attention.
    • Mirror Coat - [type]Psychic[/type] | Special | Will bounce back a Special move with double the damage. | Will only use this when being attacked.
    • Protect - [type]Normal[/type] | Status | Protects user from all damage, except Feint. | Will only use this for protection.
Other info: He's also bisexual. He loves ice skating and swimming. He can also understand most Water-Type and Ice-Type Pokemon, but can't translate the other types of Pokemon.

Sample RP.... You already know me XD Do I have to?
Haha, no need. You're accepted, welcome to the Great Wait~

Addendum: The Great Wait now comes with its very own sliding scale of boned-ness. Through this, we may see how boned the player characters generally are at any given point in the RP. Isn't that great?
A new requirement has been added to the rules re: signing up. (I just changed the codeword to something more... appropriate)

Why do they keep old bones in museums?
because they can't afford new ones
Alright, well I've been craving a mystery RP after finally getting better from my illness. I suppose I could RP as only a Pokémon for once and some additional info has been included in the bio as well to accommodate the informational needs as this character is a Pokémon, not a human. (Note for the traits area of strengths and weaknesses that I usually do a max of three, with having a ratio of 1 : 1 for both areas.)

Name: His name is Evan.
Species: Elgyem / Cerebral Pokémon
Age: Although his age is currently unknown, he appears to have a mentality of that of a slightly older child at first impressions.
Appearance: Although Evan might look like your normal, everyday Elgyem at first glance, he is about four inches shorter than a typical Elgyem would be. He has a light build while his body is in a shade of pale blue as opposed to a light blue like the average Elgyem would have. His body is pale and his skin is rather soft and smooth for his age due to the fact that he does not get as much sunlight as other Pokémon would in times before the incident occurred. He has a small, light brown pouch comfortably strapped around his waist that contains his previous trainer's camcorder and several spare batteries along with his small notebook and pencil.
Personality: Before the incident occurred, Evan was more of a calm, docile Pokémon that would obey his previous trainer's orders. He would obey the authorities as if they were his mother, and would not question anything as long as it was reasonable enough for a little Pokémon like him to understand. However, after the incident happened when he was long without a trainer, he was now a Pokémon with elevated unease and being one with the lonely shadows instead of going out into the light and socializing with others. He is usually apprehensive around first encounters, as he will often teleport to the nearest hiding spot if threatened. He often overthinks about decisions for too long, since risks are something that he prefers to be long out of the picture. He also tends to rely on escaping the threat instead of confronting it directly like any comic book hero would typically do in a heartbeat. Although it might be tempting for a Pokémon like him to investigate the scene, all Evan really wants to go is to get out of the area as soon as possible and in one piece if he's lucky enough.
Backstory: Evan was born in the city of Icirrus, a snowy area located in the region of Unova. He went to a school for Psychic Pokémon when he was a child to improve upon his wild usage of Psychic since it was often used without intention. After learning how to control his psychokinesis, he went out of the school after noticing that his trainer wasn't there hours ago like he was supposed to be. Warping to his house, he saw a note written by his trainer's friend on his trainer's bed, as the little Pokémon broke into an explosion of tears that lasted for hours on end. After Evan got over what happened the day before, he knew that contact with his trainer was forever lost at this point. Left to aimlessly wander about, he decided to explore the area around the museum after getting word from someone about a museum in his home region containing a valuable bone and precious rocks. However, his intentions to proceed to the museum were gone the moment when word got out about issuing curfews and even a lockdown from the mayor. He decided to temporarily rest in the basement area of a Poké Mart near the museum before even thinking about making plans.
  • Furtive Feet: Evan's self-training led to having prior experience with stealthy movements. Evan's movements are quicker and quieter, allowing him to get past others more easily without as much risk of detection.
  • Sequestering Mind: Evan's experience with hide and seek with his friends back in his early school years led to having some innate intuition. When evan is in a state of focus, he is able to see the direction of the nearest escape route and locations of excellent hiding spots. (Cannot be used if Evan is detected or in the state of evasion due to requiring a minimal amount of stress to effectively utilize.)
  • Basic Improvisation: As a result of Evan creating some basic, but surely strange tools with various objects back during his first years at school, he is able to synthesize improvised tools and weaponry at an elementary level. The durability and effectiveness of improvised items created by Evan are slightly increased due to better efficiency in handling.
  • Faint-Hearted: Due to the incident, Evan is more subjective to increased stress levels from certain events and has a harder time making decisions due to the risky nature of both sides of the coin. Fighting is typically out of the picture when Evan is faced in a battle, as he will often attempt to find an opportunity to flee the scene instead of directly confronting the threat like a trainer would in most cases.
  • Frangible: Evan cannot take as much as a typical Pokémon could when in combat, as most attacks will often cause him to briefly stumble about and even force him into a state of knockdown if the damage is severe enough. Status conditions linger longer and have double the effects on Evan.
  • Xenophobic: Evan has a gradual increase of fear towards strangers, since he is unable to trust a lot of other people due to notion of anyone being stab him right in the back the second he turns away. He is far less likely to interact with strangers and is very rarely the one to brew up a conversation with someone he has never met before in his life. As a result, he is more isolated from everyone and tends to move alone as opposed to being with a group that could bail him out if trouble arises.
Primary Moves:
  • Psychic: Evan hits the target with a strong telekinetic force, which may reduce their special defense stat by one stage. / Can also be used to move around objects up to three times of Evan's mass, which can be used for a multitude of purposes.
  • Teleport: Evan focuses his energy in his mind, as he disappears into another location within a split second later. / Typically used in panic or if the odds are against Evan's favor. Can only be used to warp to places to Evan's knowledge.
  • Protect: Evan forms a blue barrier around himself, as he is shielded from all attacks except for any moves that can pierce through the barrier. / Often used in conjunction with teleport if possible in most encounters. Barrier can instantaneously break to any attack if the move is used in succession.
  • Thunder Wave: Evan shoots a weak charge of electricity at the target, which causes the target to be paralyzed if the target is hit. (Paralysis halves the target's speed and renders them unable to move a quarter of the time.) / Frequently used if protect fails or if attempting to buy time for teleportation. Can also be used to power small and basic electronics, though dead ones might be harder to boot up than alive.
Other info: The only bone joke he ever heard was, "Who won the skeleton beauty contest?" (No body did.)
Example of writing:
The computer began the file restoration process of Aquaman's programs and other things, as he was put into comatose soon after a slow moving bar popped up on the screen. The text below read: "RESTORATION IN PROGRESS... 0% // ESTIMATED TIME REMAINING: SIX HOURS."

Meanwhile, Toadman carefully listened to the man speaking to him while attempting to discreetly look through his battle folders for any chips left after the incident. The man's voice reminded him of a famous rapper who almost passed away from a stroke, as he gulped when he realized that the man would be going deep into his body. Even though it wasn't too big of a deal for him to comply with the man, there was still something that seemed to be bothering him at this very moment. He gave a hesitant nod towards the man, as he attempted to keep his body in order after managing to put up with the overwhelming amount of information he took in.

While Met was enjoying his bottle of apple juice a holographic screen popped up, revealing a static screen with various noises coming from it. He heard a familiar voice, as it asked, "H- hey... M- Met, are you okay?"

"Y- yeah, but I was attacked by some purple thing that wanted to kill me! How did you manage to get to me? I thought the entire net and communications were screwed!" Met replied while holstering his pick.

"Attacked? So there's still some of them left? Oh boy... and about that other part, a friend of mine made the best antenna she could. At least it gets the job done, but umm... can you jack out or not?" The voice responded in a concerned tone.

"I can't... signal's too weak! I might have to go to the port I came from," Met cried before finishing the bottle of apple juice.

"Dang it! Alright, head for the port as soon as possible! There's no telling what could happen if you were attacked like that! There could still be more of them. The viruses shouldn't be your concern since they think you're one of them," The voice asserted before the signal between him and Met was disconnected shortly after.

Met decided to walk out of the Café, but was instantly stopped by a mysterious Navi halfway through the area. The Navi was roughly about Aquaman's size to put into perspective, as he appeared to resemble a modest green, humanoid bot to a first timer. A peculiar symbol was displayed on his chest, as it was a large, green L with a black area surrounding it, followed by an outer white edge. The Navi said, "All alone in this wonderful Café huh? I thought you were gone like the others. So, what's your business here kid? This area's controlled by Nebula, or at least what was left of us after we disbanded a few months ago."

"Y- you're part of Nebula?! B- but... how? I thought the factory at the top of that volcano was destroyed and the police took the members down!" Met cried while taking out his pick and holding it with a shaky grip.

"The well known gang's been put to a stop after a boy with the blue man wiped the leaders out. I was put in charge of the factory's security, but as you can already guess... I'm not exactly the best at that job. The other members were already attempting to stop the boy, but it was already too late when they were all deleted one by one even after being revived again," The mysterious Navi replied while focusing his gaze straight at Met.

"Then why are you still supporting Nebula? The leader's resigned already, and everything's dead now," Met retorted while focusing some energy into his pick.

"Because, I wanted to get closer to World Three... or again, what's left of it since even that gang's disbanded after those Cybeasts went out of control and almost destroyed us! Some of the Navis from the World Three were in charge of creating a diversion with the bomb, while I was to hack into the mainframe's security and gain access to the vault near the Café hidden right in plain sight. I would have gotten millions, maybe even of billions of zennies if it weren't for that flood rushing in like no tomorrow!" The mysterious Navi stated after giving a light stomp on the light, timber floor.

"Uhh... okay, b- but... you really sound like you're going to rob me or something... C- can you at least tell me who you are before you try to steal something from me?" Met hesitantly said in an unusually quiet tone.

"Ahh, relax kid... I ain't going to do jack on you since the whole world's gone south. I'd rather call it a truce upon everyone since we can't do much if we're still going to be fighting like little babies. Anyway, they call me Letterman, and my specialty is using my letter cannon to spell out various words that come into moves in combat," The little Navi replied while gently patting the symbol on his chest.
Well, even though I don't post every five minutes, I give quite a bit of details and season it with some nice imagery to go along if it can make it work.

As seen in the backstory, Evan will be starting off in the basement of a Poké Mart near the museum.

Also, in case if there's nothing preventing Evan from simply warping out if the lockdown does happen... I might need to make a self-imposed rule on Evan for not being allowed to simply teleport out. (Because that would make the RP way too easy for him since he would be gone from the incident and there would be no point for him to be here if I had to be honest.)
If the lockdown does happen, that would indicate someone's made a kill, which may mean a game over in itself (if for instance, a critical witness got axed before they had a chance to testify to a player character, making the puzzle unsolvable), and as such the player characters would lose the RP.

If it doesn't mean a game over, (which bear in mind, is the far more likely scenario), there is nothing preventing him from teleporting out, so you may well need that rule depending on how determined he is to avenge the dead character/solve the puzzle/whatever, which given his personality may well be a resounding 'not very'. A lockdown in this instance would be geared towards stopping a very notorious human, not a Pokemon; think high walls, closed gates, lots of police running around the place, curfews, ect.
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Well alright, I suppose I'll play the waiting game then since that part's settled.

*a robotic Fakemon made by Aquaman could be seen transforming itself from a small helicopter into a humanoid with some bulldozer-like features*
Name: Atlas "Atty" Bennett
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Position, if human: Trainer
Field (if museum staff): -
Personality: (I'm just repeating myself at this point BUT): Atty is carefree and young, filled with dreams and aspirations involving a bright future ahead of her. She's very fun-loving, opting for a positive outlook instead of a cynical viewpoint. With that being said, she's very outgoing for her small size, not afraid to stand up for herself, her friends, and any Pokemon in need. She's very in tune with Pokemon, respecting them more than certain humans. Her sweetness and caring, maternal side is brought out around them, making Atty always drawn to the loveable creatures, even ones who have negative reputations. On the contrary, she can show her nasty side when getting into arguments, especially if it's something she has a strong opinion about. It takes a lot for her to calm and back down, the young woman unfortunately going into brat-mode during these occurrences. Despite all this, she craves affection and approval from herself and others, trying to prove to everyone that she's more than meets the eye.
Backstory: Atty was born and raised in Mistralton City, Unova. Because of this, she considers the region very important to her, and has a lot of pride for Unova and the Pokemon found there. Although she caught her first Pokemon at age 6 while on a holiday family trip in Lancuossa Town, she didn't set off on her adventure until age 10. Since then, she's been traveling on her own, embracing the gift of freedom and sightseeing multiple regions. She typically spends 1-2 years in each region thus far, preferring to walk off the path as opposed to collecting all 8 Gym Badges and challenging the league. Although she thinks the idea of facing the Elite 4 and potentially becoming a champion is exciting, she favors her exploration and freedom instead of being tied down by the responsibilities of being a Champion if she did theoretically win. That's not to say she doesn't have a decent collection of badges, however, her heart lies elsewhere. She's returned to Unova to pursue a career in Entomology, unfortunately ending up in Nacrene City during the crime. She's thinking about offering her help in the investigation, hoping that others will recognized her as an experienced trainer.
Pokemon in party, if human:
Name: Ruby
Gender: F
Species: Weavile, Dark/Ice
Ability: Pressure
Ball: Pokeball
Personality: Atty's first Pokemon, and her best friend. While she takes after her trainer and can be just as much of a minx and just as bratty, she will protect Atty at all costs and is very sweet with her. She's pretty spoiled, and has lost most of the "wild" instincts that are found in her species, relying on Atty for food and shelter. Even with this so-called disadvantage, she's an absolutely stupendous battler and takes plenty of pride in her ability to persevere.
Ice Punch
Ice Shard

Night Slash
Poison Jab

Name: Dakota
Gender: F
Species: Scizor, Bug/Steel
Ability: Technician
Ball: Sport Ball
Personality: A true winner, Dakota has a lot going for her. While in Johto, Atty caught her during the National Park's Bug Catching Contest, earning first place for both Pokemon and trainer. Since then, she's become a crucial member on Atty's team, even giving Ruby a run for her money when it comes to battle skill. She's a bit more quiet and modest than the rest of the team, giving off a cool and collected air about her. Even though she sports a sophisticated attitude, she's never above showing her trainer friendship and affection.
Swords Dance
Bullet Punch
Iron Head

Name: Pandora
Gender: F
Species: Scolipede, Bug/Poison
Ability: Swarm
Ball: Pokeball
Personality: Apart of Atty's first ever team, considering she started her journey in Unova. She caught her in Pinwheel Forest, raising her from an itty-bitty Venipede to a giant, fat Scolipede. While she has a lot of love for her trainer, she has a hard time trusting others. Occasionally, she will use her own weight and size to intimidate others, going so far as to sometimes sit on whoever she deems unworthy. She's got a bit of sass and a lot of spunk, and isn't a Pokemon you wanna mess with.
Toxic Spikes


Name: Flower
Gender: F
Species: Golisopod, Bug/Water
Ability: Emergency Exit
Ball: Net Ball
Personality: The biggest baby of the bunch. Flower has so much love, and will show it to everyone. This includes trainers Atty has only talked to for about 30 minutes. She was caught as a Wimpod while Atty was visiting Alola, being lured out by her sweetness and caring personality. That affection has rubbed off and shaped Flower to who she is today, her intimidating look if nothing but a ruse. Along with her obsession for giving the most gracious of hugs, she also has a fondness for cute items such as jewels, ribbons, flowers (hence the name), you name it. If it's shiny and pretty, chances are she'll adore it.
Leech Life
First Impression

Brick Break

Name: Barbie
Gender: F
Species: Vespiquen, Bug/Flying
Ability: Pressure
Ball: Premier Ball
Personality: Highly elegant, highly refined, highly feminine, and probably too good for your tastes. While she was much more honey-sweet as a little Combee, evolving into Vespiquen has turned Barbie into a literal Queen Bee. She has respect for Atty and the rest of the team, swayed by her trainer's feminine taste and the team's excellent cooperation. Anyone else, she simply doesn't have time for. Because of her queenly nature, she likes to dominate, not easily intimidated by others unless they can pose a real challenge to her. Unless someone smart enough were to greet her and treat her like an actual queen, chances are she'll find them annoying.
Attack Order
Defend Order
Heal Order

Power Gem

Name: Bayonetta
Gender: F
Species: Salazzle, Poison/Fire
Ability: Corrosion
Ball: Ultra Ball
Personality: Much like her namesake, Bayonetta is very in tune with her femininity, even if it is a little... overbearing at times. Like Flower, she was caught in Alola, the same island as her isopod counterpart. Unable to have a harem of her own now that she belongs to a trainer, Bayonetta decides to take it out on poor, defenseless Atty. She will often purposely rub herself against the girl, much like a cat, spreading her Pheromones onto Atty in hopes to attract boys to her. She sees this as a good deed, tired of her cute little trainer being so lonely all the time. Although one might use words such as sly, slick, and seductive to describe her, Bayonetta is- to be blunt- a thot.
Dragon Pulse
Sludge Bomb
Other info (Phobias, unusual talents, ect): Atty has multiple idols, ranging from Contest Spectacular Stars, to Gym Leaders, all the way to Certain Alolan Punks. When around the right person, she tends to become starstruck, letting her emotions get the better of her. If someone were to mention a familiar name, chances are she'd recognize who's being talked about right away.
Example of writing (this can be a fanfic, link to other RP you've done, just something on the spot, ect. Please show at least two paragraphs): You already gave me the green light that I don't have to do this so here have this instead:
*alternate universe in which bones are called something slightly different* Ahhh, ow, my boings!
Accepted! Welcome to the Great Wait.

I'm still sorting out a few kinks in the plotline, so I'll likely start sometime during the weekend (probably Sunday for me, as due to timezones that's actually Saturday for most folks here). In the meantime, if you know someone who may be interested feel free to drop them a link or w/e; the more the merrier, ay~
Name: Byrd "Candidate" McCoy; Collectively referred to as "Candi"
Age: 22
Position, if human: Private Eye
Appearance: Candi is 6'4", and built extremely thin with a total weight of 150 pounds. He's fair skinned, his eyes are a tired blue, and his hair is dark brown and poorly styled into a quiff, along with a 5-o'clock shadow to top off the unkept appearance. His clothes are simple, brandishing a white undershirt with a relaxed black button-up, blue jeans, white sneakers, and a beige barn jacket, accessorized with a slightly-battered, nice silver wristwatch and some slightly crookedly-worn wire glasses.
Personality: Candi is a very social individual, trying to keep up a smiling, joking demeanor in public even when his mood drops. Occasionally his thoughts move quicker than his mouth does, and he ends up stuttering for a second when excited, trying to get out what he's trying to say. Under the surface, he's full of dread for his failures in Hoenn, and feels as if his team deserves a better trainer than him. His temper can flare up at individuals who rub him the wrong way, but he always stands up for himself when mocked, believing he's the only one who gets the right to judge himself. His team has shown loyalty to him throughout his entire adolescent and adult life, and he shows it back, considering his ruined career as a trainer to be entirely his own fault as opposed to theirs.
Backstory: Born and raised in Hoenn with his family in Mauville, Candi was originally an up-and-coming trainer taking on the Pokémon league and managing to obtain all eight badges, but he eventually was defeated on the way to Victory Road by a trainer he couldn't best, leaving him feeling dejected. He attempted to return home, picking up jobs and odd work where he could and spending his free time watching crime and mystery shows for his adolescent years. Eventually, after seeing how depressed he was for years, family friend Wattson suggested he travel to Alola to help his mood with a vacation. Candi spent a few weeks there, meeting a Yungoos that would eventually become his teammate, and slowly getting comfortable, before itching to do something productive and attempted helping out the locals. He discovered a penchant for talking to people and solving problems, and managed to help the police force in Konikoni, finally realizing a purpose for himself. Upon returning home, he enrolled himself to get licensed as a private detective with the last of his savings, and with the old and new members of his team, is now hunting for a case that will help him gain a stable life.
Pokemon in party, if human:
Name: Carolina
Gender: F
Species: Swampert, Water/Ground
Ability: Torrent
Ball: Standard-Issue Pokéball
Personality: Given to him by Birch as his first Pokémon, Carolina had seen Candi's adventures through for years, watching him grow and fall as a trainer and become a P.I., but refusing to abandon him, even when he threw in the towel on Victory Road. She's very protective of Candi, and shows it with her adoration, smiling and showing sympathy and a sunny demeanor even when he falters, wanting to play in the water or do something fun with him. While wishing he would show some self-confidence, she refuses to leave him, because even if he's not a perfect trainer, he's her trainer, and that's all that matters to her.
Move List:
Muddy Water
Hammer Arm
Ice Punch

Name: Columbo
Gender: M
Species: Gumshoos, Normal
Ability: Stakeout
Ball: Luxury Ball
Personality: While hostile upon meeting him as a Yungoos, Candi attempted to catch Columbo to gain his trust, eventually growing close to him and evolving into a Gumshoos. They became inseparable within weeks, and he even moved to support Candi when he worked helping Alolan citizens and becoming a P.I. There's some speculation as to if he became a P.I. out of respect for Columbo, but true or not, the two show a great deal of admiration for eachother and work well as a team.
Move List:


Name: 512 (Pronounced literally "Five-Twelve")
Gender: N/A
Species: Magnezone, Electric/Steel
Ability: Sturdy
Ball: Quick Ball
Personality: A very stoic Pokémon, 512 is very dedicated and obedient to Candi, if partially because he acts like a computer. He acts on things in a logical manner and he's quick to respond, but tries to do what seems like the best option for everyone else's wellbeing before putting himself first, this selflessness as a trait picked up from Candi. He was one of the first Pokémon Candi discovered on Alola as a Magnemite, and brought him along on the entire trip, eventually evolving him at Blush Mountain, dutifully sticking together.
Move list:
Tri Attack
Flash Cannon
Magnet Rise

Name: Cait
Gender: M
Species: Hitmonchan, Fighting
Ability: Keen Eye
Ball: Ultra Ball
Personality: Cait is one of the so-called 'Remnants' of Candi's Hoenn team that he picked up as a Tyrouge in Jagged Pass, and was excited the whole time they traveled, eventually evolving into a Hitmonchan. He became furious upon Candi's defeat at Victory Road, blaming himself for the loss. Since then, he has been feisty and jumpy, always jumping for a fight to help train himself, hoping someday to get another chance at proving his worth and being able to feel good about himself as a trained fighting Pokémon. Candi, however, has just as much faith in him as he does anyone else on his team.

Move List:
Drain Punch
Fire Punch
Close Combat

Name: Tetrimino
Gender: N/A
Species: Porygon, Normal
Ability: Download
Personality: Tetrimino was given as a gift to Candi from the closing-down Game Corner in Mauville City after his journey, and ever since then Candi has adored it for it's nature and appearance. It appears to be barely holding together, something Candi jokes about being able to relate to, and is somewhat cowardly and nervous. It's curiosity occasionally guides it, poking in places out of sheer wonder, and loves absorbing any information it can get from the world around it. It appears happy with Candi, and responds well to his praise and thankfulness, instilling it with the courage and confidence it needs.
Move List:
Signal Beam
Thunder Wave
Conversion 2

Other info (Phobias, unusual talents, ect): Candi posseses something he refers to as the 'Gut Feeling,' which is simply just a heightened sense of instinct. Similar to an Absol, he gets tense when something bad is going to happen or if someone is about to do something malicious, either by previous knowledge or just by assumption. It's not 100%, so he can't entirely trust it, but it's helped him out in the past.

Candi frequently talks to his Pokémon, and seems to get along well in conversations by reading their body language, although this may just be limited to his team.

Candi has a rather intense fear of being alone or isolated, and as such he always has at least one of his team out, and talks to them frequently if not to another human. When without anyone, he becomes very tense and jumpy, and the world feels more intimidating, eventually causing him to panic.

Example of writing:
Candi shambled up the main path of the university, a heavy rolling suitcase behind him, a box filled with his personal effects under his other arm and an overstuffed white backpack hanging from his shoulders. Behind him, his team pattered behind, following behind him happily, his Mudkip and Yungoos' feet tapping against the ground, his Mimikyu bringing up the rear with more of an excited scoot across the ground. He was thankful for solid ground. Being on a boat for so long had made his legs feel like jelly, so he was thankful for some solid ground, and to be here at last. He got to the dormitory that was designated for him, setting his box on the counter so he could fish out his ID, hand it over, and get the key to his room. Once he had gotten his stuff set down on the ground, he flopped onto the bed, letting out a relieved sigh.

His Mimikyu tugging on his sleeve finally roused him to stand up, his team eager to explore the grounds. Not wanting to disappoint his team by keeping them in his dorm room while he tried to shrug off the sea-sickness from the hours-long boat ride, he rose to his feet, dumping extra stuff out of his bag and walking out with his team, independently following behind him. "Alright, let's go." Walking out again, he supposed some of the fresh air on the University grounds would help settle him.

This is going tibia nightmare.
Maybe XD Maybe some Sherlock and his.... other friend-buddy XD they'd be rivals at best. While partners for this specific crime.

also, never seen Lethal Weapon XD
ahh yes :D welcome one and all to the very boned RP full of bones, bones, and more bones... And that skeleton you have in that closet... Wait, what? You say it's not yours? Preposterous! It must be.... Unless someone planted it there themselves. Oh! You think it was me? No, it can't be!

(don't worry, I'm not insane, I've just created a monologue with myself and another imaginary person. Their name is i)
If it makes you feel any better, I've been sitting here ten minutes trying to figure out things because I accidentally left a suspect's pokemon as "It's Literally Just All the Weed Ones" on the character sheet and now I have to sort that little issue out lmao
Okay, so nearly all of the characters are ready to go, and the plot is ready as well. I'm just waiting on clearance for one particular character from mods. Soon as we have that, I'll go ahead and make a starter, but just bear in mind that I cannot begin RP until the character in question's been cleared or modified so that they can be cleared, haha.

Thanks for your patience, everyone~
Have fun!

As a side note: I will tell you now we're at the start of the RP that this group of NPCs numbers eight, including the hostage NPC - assuming they aren't a suspect for obvious reasons, the number drops to seven. The number of suspects is very, very important to this case, and not all of the NPCs are easily accessible at the start of the RP, so you'd be advised to remember it well.
So there are eight NPCs, with the hostage included.... Damn XD I didn't think we'd get that deep. So I'm guessing the hostage isn't found yet until we start delving into the dark basements of the museum.
Although, 10 Pokedollars wouldn't be enough to give people a fortune XD unless they didn't think it was going to be that serous... Waiiiiit... I got an idea, but can't say it here XD
Murder at the Circus had what, six all up? Bone'd is more of a seven given you don't find the hostage until towards the end, and if we're going to count Chad then technically Murder at the Circus had seven, haha. Not too much of a stretch for either me or you guys - this case is more complicated than the last one, so I did need one or two extra characters just to keep stuff moving/properly spread out.

Say it in PMs, frienddddd.


Previously funguy
Name: Edison (The Juggernaut) Thompson
Age: 18
Position, if human: (Police Officer, Gym Leader, Trainer, ect.) Gym Leader/ Super Hero
Field (if museum staff): N/A
Appearance: The Juggernaut is a tall male with a rather large appearance. Juggernaut wears a green armored suit with canons located on the wrist. The Juggernaut wears a small vest with a green bow tie and pale blue suspenders outside of costume. Juggernaut's skin is a pale brown and his hair is cut into a rough mohawk. When Juggernaut is seen without his helmet he wears a large pair of goggles over his eyes.
Personality: Juggernaut appears large and heavy hitting, but on the inside he loves to joke around and is caring for others. Juggernaut protects and serves his region traveling across the land of Unova. Juggernaut believes he isn't a hero without the assistance of his partners.
Backstory: Edison Thompson became interested in hero work at a young age (as many other children do). It wasn't until he grew older that he began taking it as a option for a occupation. Edison became a Gym Leader after his grandfather stepped down from the podium. Edison took the role as leader at the age of twelve, but couldn't open the gym until he turned fifteen. Awaiting his role as leader Edison returned to work as a hero in training. Edison pushed himself for three years until he was deemed ready. Edison became gym leader and took on his grandfathers role. Edison was presented with a Kakuna for his main partner. Edison didn't believe Kakuna was worth his time, but Edison took Kakuna to the final level. After a year of being Gym Leader Edison had his father make a large green suit with abilities of Edison's choice. Edison took this opportunity to become both a Gym Leader and a hero. After a year of hero work Kakuna evolved into a Beedrill ,and was gifted a armored suit from Edison specifically modifying his stinger. Edison then invited Beedrill to be his partner in his work. Edison chose the name of The Juggernaut for himself. From that day forward Edison was known as The Juggernaut. This name gave him a new sense of leadership. Edison has had to deal with many foes and allies in his works. Edison's first catastrophic battle was with a large Darmanitan with a passion for the demonic flare that burns in hell. The two threw them selves at each other with the force of a bullet. Darmanitan fearfully joined Edison in his works (Edison provided Darmanitan with a armored modification as well). A years have passed since he became The Juggernaut, but Edison is still devoted with his work as a hero. When informed about this stolen artifact Edison went into full Juggernaut mode, and is determined to find the thief.
Pokemon in party, if human: (Please include moves)
Beedrill (Type: Bug and Poison)
Gender: Male
Fell stinger
~ Pin missile
~ Throat chop
* Pollination plummet
(modified Fell stinger with armored suit)

(Type: Fire)
Gender: Male
~ Fire Punch
~ Thrash
~ Incinerate
* Demonic Flare (modified Fire punch with armored suit)

Other info (Phobias, unusual talents, ect): Juggernaut has the ability to jump as high as a water tower, throw hits as hard as a moving train, and release missiles and steel balls towards his enemies due to his suit.
Example of writing (this can be a fanfic, link to other RP you've done, just something on the spot, ect. Please show at least two paragraphs): Edison stood quietly watching as the challenger slowly walked in. The challenger greeted Edison with a smile, and stood on his base. Edison slowly stood on his base watching as the challenger chose his partner. "Go ahead challenger. Choose your ally." Edison says removing his helmet to reveal Edison with a hair dripping with tears of sweat. Edison removed his suit, and threw it to the floor in a slow motion. "Call me The Juggernaut." Edison cries out as he raises his hand in the signal of a soaring plane. Out of the air comes Beedrill diving into the floor of the gym. The challenger stomps onto the floor as Emboar emerges from behind Edison; leaping over to the challenger Emboar roars. "Emboar. We've got this." Edison whispers staring at Beedrill.

Beedrill nods quietly as he soars close to the floor with his wings flapping vigorously. Emboar throws a hit at the ground barely hitting Beedrill. Edison signals Beedrill with his hands facing the floor. Beedrill unleashes a fellstinger throwing Emboar into the wall. Emboar bounces back up as his trainer cries out to him. Emboar throws a fire punch into Beedrill. Beedrill reacts quickly as Edison stares at Emboar. Beedrill releases a pin missile targeting Emboar with a solid hit. Emboar emerges out of the shroud and let out a flamethrower covering the gym to the brink. Beedrill soars out with smoke trailing behind him. Emboar calls out to his trainer as he leaps behind him. Swanna soars out behind the challenger and soaks Beedrill in a brine. Beedrill throws Swanna into the ceiling with a pin missile. Swanna fell onto the floor fainted. Emboar leaps out throwing Swanna to his trainer. Beedrill throws himself at Emboar with his stinger infront. Emboar took a grasp in Beedrill's stinger and trew him to the wall. Beedrill flew back hitting Emboar out of the gym. Beedrill soars out and throws a pin missile at the gym and Emboar. Emboar leaps away throwing a coffee table at Beedrill. Beedrill splits it in half with his stinger, and unleashes a pin missile once more. Emboar takes it throwing himself back with a fire punch. Both Edison and the challenger run out to see Emboar and Beedrill head to head in the public. "Beedrill end it!" Edison cries out as he changes into his armor suit. Emboar stares at Edison as he punches a coffee shop setting it aflame. Emboar throws Beedrill into the shop as everybody rushes out. Beedrill soars out engulfed in flames. Emboar attempts to leap to Beedrill, but his dragged to the floor by Darmanitan. With a grin Darmanitan uses his gauntlet to unleash a punch as hard as a grenade (Demonic Flare). Emboar is thrown into the air as Beedrill with a modified stinger soars down. Beedrill's new stinger adjust it self into a large construction drill and creates a hole for Emboar to fall into (Pollination Plummit). Emboar hist the bottom of the hole as his trainer and Swanna put out the fire. Edison drags him out and set him down. "My work here is done" Edison says handing the challenger a badge. "Your Emboar got passion." Edison says attaching his gauntlet to Beedrill as they soar into the gym with Darmanitan trailing behind.
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I... genuinely don't know if I want a rampaging OP superhero running around, especially considering the sort of territory the plot will move into. You also used present tense again, and I went over this with you like... last time you tried out.

Honestly, while I do have the final say, I think I may have to leave this one to the people you will be affecting. Folks, do you want this character in or not? Are you guys okay with this? (A simple yes or no would be fine - do not flame the character. You can always PM me instead of posting in the thread if you have something to say.)
@CactusParty - Given what I've had over PMs, that's an unanimous 'no'. To summarize the opinions of others - the player characters should all be roughly around the same level of power. A character who became gym leader at 15 and can clear a water tower in a single bound is just too powerful for this particular RP, as the other characters are vastly underpowered by comparison. The other players don't want that sort of situation, basically.

If you make another character, please consider the other players and just... general power levels in the RP. I don't actually have a rule against OP characters as I think it's pretty hard to judge before you see the other player characters - if they were all superheros, for instance, it would be a very different story - but it's unlikely this group would let a similarly powered character in.
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