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Private/Closed Bootleg Bros Ultimate (Paused)

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

After the tourney that was 'Bootleg Bros 4', the Nexus's anger was quelled with an agreement made with the winner. It obtained a new guardian and a new outlook. So it let go it's vendetta, and instead of forcing others into a death tourney, it let go of it's grasp over the lives of others. Instead, it removed the damage it had caused and created somewhere unique and new.

Enter the Nexus isles. Five landmasses interwoven like a star. This place, surrounded by water, was created by restored material that the Nexus previously wiped out. Here, on these isles, the Nexus restored it's plants, animals, and people. Perhaps a chance to see how all these players would interact? Or maybe just restoring without a second thought.

One thing is for certain. Those traveling in the void, previously destroyed, or even brought here through their own nefarious means are aliens to one another, strangers. Strangers with history, strangers with dreams, and strangers with ambition. Will these beings of different backgrounds power through adversity, or will they succumb under the weight of hostility?

Only one way to find out in...

Bootleg Brothers: ULTIMATE


Within your mind, as you fumble through the world between worlds, converging on the Nexus planes, a thought emerges within your mind.

You have been called upon to serve.

The meaning of this alien thought is unbeknownst to you, a thought placed within you that was not your own. A message? A warning?

Powerful factions vie for control of the multiverse. You are the only ones who can stop it. Stop them. If you fail, every reality could very well be lost to their tyranny.

The thought is but a whisper, an implant within the depths of your mind. It is a warning, and it seems that you, no matter if you wanted to be here or not, need to fight. You need to save the Nexus from all who try to take it. Any context you lacked about this Nexus was given, as a series of memories that don't belong to you suddenly flashed across your mind's eye. Tournaments, floating hands, Gunvolt's victory, the war for the Nexus, the sentient Nexus itself, another tournament, a Spartan's victory, and then... the Nexus isles. The only thing you haven't learned about the history of the Nexus and these tournaments was one simple thing; what the Chief won, but it's clear he may be the one calling for your help.

It's up to you to answer or reject that call, but regardless---you're here.

Welcome to the Nexus Isles.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d

—————————THE BANISHED CAMPAIGN—————————


Screams fill these hallowed halls
Yet no hope will you find
Blood runs down tainted walls
Hell be the ties that bind

A dark room made up of sleek gray metal, is where they first appeared in. The floors were slick with the essence of human life, the source obvious when glancing at the pile of corpses gathered in the center of the room. Each one appeared gouged of their insides, leaving nothing but fleshy shells behind, their bodies slowly seeming to melt and conform together in a grotesque fashion. Evidently whatever had done this was not something to be trifled with.

A lone door stood at the end of the room, which opened from the middle horizontally, though the left panel seemed jammed at an odd angle, leaving the right panel to idly hum as it tried to close, bumping up against the ruined panel, before retracting, then trying to close again to no avail.

A flash of golden light signified their arrival. Two orbs that pulsed outwardly several feet above the ground, seemingly spitting out a couple of individuals before fading entirely. The first individual was a young, serious man, wearing light armor over his blue shirt and dark cargo pants.

The second individual was much different, a young boy with fiery hair, baggy clothes, shorts jeans, and a pair of pale headphones.

While they did not know one another, the implanted memories and thoughts still rang within their minds. The tournaments, the nexus, and the factions were all details they weren't ignorant to, though the latter-most was vague at best. While no entities moved to greet them, it was evident they'd need to address one another first.

Damp lies the cavern's heart
A pulse long laid to rest
Yet no hope will impart
An evil makes its nest

Darkness was all that could greet any down here. The sounds of water droplets falling from stalactites into small puddles of cave water echoing through the darkened halls, though beyond this cavern, down a tunnel, a faint green light could be seen. A sickly green, the fuzzy light barely noticeable even in the empty void of darkness that engulfed, yet there was an interruption to the monotony.

A flash of golden light signified their arrival. Two orbs that pulsed outwardly several feet above the ground, seemingly spitting out a couple of individuals before fading entirely. The first individual was a tall figure, armored from head to toe in crimson and yellow, her eyes glaring through an azure visor filmed across her face.

The second individual was much, much, much smaller. A minuscule robot, who landed with a tiny "tink" upon the stone floor of the caves.

While they did not know one another, the implanted memories and thoughts still rang within their minds. The tournaments, the nexus, and the factions were all details they weren't ignorant to, though the latter-most was vague at best. While no entities moved to greet them, it was evident they'd need to address one another first.

Long their influence holds
A plot of blood they brood
The face history molds
Long will they wage this feud

The room was a little cramped, unevenly spaced, and filled with various crates and boxes. Supplies for a small outpost, perhaps, but the paneled floor, sleek metal walls lined with crimson paint, and open pathway to a hall outside, did not foretell the arrival of the heroes. All was calm, all was quiet, until the pulse of the flash of golden light signified their arrival. Two orbs that pulsed outwardly several feet above the ground, seemingly spitting out a couple of individuals before fading entirely. The first individual was a seemingly young man, though this was deceptive of his nature, bearing white and scarlet armor, his pale hair sleeked back to be mostly out of his face.
Enter: COPEN

The second individual didn't even touch the ground, instead remaining hovering several feet above the ground, its body a spherical dark purple, almost like a grape, with short limbs and a twisted smile that stretched the length of its body beneath manic red eyes.

While they did not know one another, the implanted memories and thoughts still rang within their minds. The tournaments, the nexus, and the factions were all details they weren't ignorant to, though the latter-most was vague at best. While no entities moved to greet them, it was evident they'd need to address one another first.​

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
The swirling of names, faces, letters. A coagulation of places and things that did not belong with one another. Two conflicting faces of a single faces.



The sounds of a breaking helmet and screaming lungs filled the air. A heart races faster, volatile energy fills the air. Tension so thick is clogs the lungs. A ringing sensation grew louder and louder till it drowned out the screaming before-


Specter awoke, his mind as one once more. His first instinct was to place a hand on his head, feeling about. His helmet was firmly set on his head, a change that eased his mind somewhat. Last he remembered...his mind was fragmenting after his battle with that human soldier. That Chief. If he was living and breathing here then...

A smile crept across his face. It meant his plan was in motion. This room, it was his chambers. It appears those Neo Pipotrons actually obeyed his plan. Rising up from his bed, he let out a single chuckle, grabbing a red cape hanging by the bedside, fastening it around himself.

"Seems like the plan is in motion now. All's left to do is to simply quash what's left of resistance in this world, and then dominance is assured."

Snapping his fingers, his throne erupted from a hatch in the ground, lifting the ape up into his seat. That's when the door to the far side of the room opened it up. Specter closed through the hall as he was met with his command center, a tall figure standing there with his back to Specter.

"Getting a little too comfortable in my spot, J." Specter mused, floating closer. "I take it smooth sailing from here is assured-"

"Factions on the Horizon." The taller one, J spoke.

"Oh? So looks like we aren't the only ones to seize this moment. How interesting..." Specter leaned back on his chair. "What do you think? Shall I say hello~?"

It zoomed out, Specter's installation floating above a large landmass. One of five points of the star shaped Nexus isles. The station was large and cylindrical, several nacelles jutting out to keep it afloat. atop it was a replica of Specter's head, chrome with a singular piercing eye. Seems this time around he wasn't going alone. He brought his forces to bare.

Floating Fortress- Station SARU-04


Down below, in a dense jungle was a series of flashing lights. Five figures in nearby proximity, teleported high and low. Some on ground, a couple in the trees. The air was dense and humid from the tree, sounds of birds and wildlife filling the ambiance as the new arrivals took center stage...

Enter: Axe. Sonic. BJ. Lucario. Kragg. Jeena.

Specter campaign: Begin!

Masaru Daimon

Masaru was the first to emerge, plopping down from the light above. He landed on his feet, flipping his red hair up with his head movement. Where's this? Last I checked, I was fighting some spear using chick before...bah, oh well. I'll figure it out.

Looking around, corpses and signs of battle littered the halls. However, Masaru wasn't frightened by this, instead he gave a whistle at the carnage.

"Woah, looks like somebody went on a killin' spree!" Masaru grinned. "That's a lot of dead demons, whoever did this is gonna give me a run for my money. It's totally Kotoko, only she'd chop 'em up like THAT."
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Previously Manu456Alola
---Sumeragi Campaign---


Slums filled with despair
Waves of oppressors close in
Light of hope shines through

A decayed parking lot was were the heroes first arrived in. The grey concrete they stood on was heavily cracked, several fires raging on in the vicinity, a few of them coming from a series of crumpled cars. Multiple corpses were strewn throughout the area, riddled with holes clearly caused by plasma weapons. Men, women and children alike all slaughtered without hesitation.

Two individuals had appeared in a flash of golden light. The first was a tall man donning armor, a tattered crimson cape, and a Nord helmet obscuring his face, a grey beard coming out from the bottom. The second was a floating golden sword with a single purple eye where the blade met the hilt, cloth-like arms, donning a shield in one of them.​


Several hovering vehicles sped through the streets in front of them, carrying soldiers covered in armor, wielding plasma rifles and flamethrowers, a logo plastered on their backs. It seemed they hadn't noticed their arrival just yet.​

A ruined shopping mall shrouded in darkness. None of the lights above them were functioning, chunks of the ceiling having fallen apart, spoiled food littering the ground, though a few bites had been taken out of them. A trail of blood led further in, down a series of non-functional escalators, the sound of mechanical whirring and the faint crackling of fire both coming from deeper within.

Three individuals had appeared in a flash of golden light. The first one seemed vaguely mechanical, with a metallic green body, round mirrors attached to its arms, another mirror substituting its face, its only feature being a pair of lips. The second one was a young man donning a green hat with a red feather on it, a light green cloak over his long-sleeved pale green shirt, brown eyes and brown boots. The third one was a small, bipedal red cat, a yellow hamaraki on the middle of his chest, and an aquamarine collar around his neck, matching the flames at the end of his two tails.​

A singular machine could be seen slowly scouting the area in front of them, its small metallic body acting as a support for its floating head, a singular red eye on the front, an infrared cone emerging from it, clearly representing its line of sight.

Memories flowed through his mind like water. Not just of himself, but of another Copen, and even ones that neither Copen had experienced before. Two tournaments had been won, Gunvolt and Master Chief the victors of each one, the sentient Nexus... It was certainly a lot to take in, but what stood out most to him (besides two people he knew having won the tournaments) was Lola's fate. The memory only flashed for a brief moment, but seeing his companion fighting even after her creator's defeat, sacrificing herself to help Master Chief...

It filled him with a feeling that he could barely even begin to describe.

Back to the present, the only item in his possession was the Razor Wheel. Lola was nowhere to be found, her signal not within his sensors' range. Even though he knew the Lola that sacrificed herself had been a different one from the one he knew, not having her there with him made him feel uneasy. He could only hope she was alright...

Glancing over to the creature beside him, the Luminous Avenger iX got on one knee, eye level with the ghost.

"I know you may be confused, but I'm not looking for a fight. Let's figure out where we are and find a way out," he told Gengar, his voice stoic, the seemingly young man getting straight to the point. It was clear he was already planning out a course of action. He gently extended his free hand towards the Pokémon, looking for a simple handshake to establish an alliance.

"I'm Copen."
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Previously Gamingfan2
Self Made King: King Dedede
"How are the Slum Forces holding up?"

A nervous looking Birdon squawked. "We're holding our own, King Dedede, but we're not sure for how long. Their firepower is incredible."
King Dedede sat, contemplating in his throne room. Or at least, most of it. Having just landed somewhat recently, his castle had to be rebuilt. Thankfully, his loyal Waddle dees we're expert builders, and Castle Dedede was well over halfway finished already.
"Have you heard from Bandana and his squad?"
"N-no Great King. They've gone dark after the venture into the Noiseless Forest"
Dedede rubbed his chin, thinking, before the Birdon piped up nervously.
"M-maybe we should fall back?"
For a minute, King Dedede seemed to consider the offer, before a flash of prideful anger appeared in his eyes. Dedede stood up and trotted away, leaving the Birdon confused.
Until Dedede returned, holding a small, insignificant orange butterfly imprisoned in a glass jar. Having expertly caught it after it boldly landed in his head soon after he fell here (Read: Freaked out and slapped it off), The King has little idea what to do with it ..until now
He gave the jar to the Birdon, who looked at it confusedly.
Lacking his usual jolly demeanor, the King instructed carefully.
"Go back to the Slums, and drop this thing anywhere with a lot of bodies, or spirits. But make sure it's far from our army, and get out of there as soon as you can."
Birdon looked at the butterfly with a new expression, before nodding and flying off, carefully holding the jar with his feet.
The King looked at his reinvigorated subject, before busting out into loud laughter.
"HEHEHEHE!!! I can't WAIT to see the look on their stupid faces after that lil' thing shows up. They better give up, it would be a pain to have to rebuild the place."

Meanwhile, the Noiseless Forest certainly lived up to the name. There was hardly a peep, not even the sound of birds were heard. So of course it has to be ruined by a flash of four lights, creating a rather odd band of living clothes, a large goat man, a rather buff man with odd arms, and massive metal mega mon.


The forest was densely packed, almost to the point of claustrophobia, with trees only a few feet away from each other and the floor covered in long grass and large bushes. The only non green objects were the many massive and ripe looking apples hanging off the trees, though some were an unwelcoming purple tint.

Soon upon landing, Samus brought up her Arm Cannon and surveyed the area, briefly aiming at anything that looked slightly suspicious. The only thing we saw of any immediate threat was the small robot not too far away. Samus pointed her cannon at the robot, gauging their reaction. They looked harmless, but she knew how more often than not it was a ploy.

The aura Pokemon hardly moved a muscle, seeming meditating. However, they were actually reading the aura around. All of it was alien, with a special mention to the four beings that were with him. However, Lucario could read fear, distrust, and general confusion in most. Clearly they were taken here just as abruptly as him.
Lucario finally stirred, standing up and looking at his impromptu companions with his actual eyes.
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Previously turnt3chGodh34d

William Joseph Blazkowicz

It's like waking up from a deep sleep, you're pulled out of the driftless dream of faded memories and dancing shadows to open your eyes what feels like the first time. That's how it felt to see the lush jungle canopy overhead, a feeling of passing disorientation, gathering my bearings. Was I still asleep? Was this just a strange dream? It felt too real for that. A pinch on my arm and there was no waking, no feeling Anya's arm around me. Had I been kidnapped in my sleep? Had I failed to stop the Nazi's after all?

Through the thick leaves and dense branches, sunlight poked through the cracks, as though attempting to blind me before I could even orient myself. A groan escaped my lips as I reached a hand up, feeling along my neck to the brace that connected my head to my body, believing for a moment that I'd just woken back up in 1942 from a horrible, bittersweet dream. I was still on my second life, still only part me, part . . . someone else. So where was I?

With my vision aligning itself, I turned my gaze to find that I was not alone in this lush wilderness: there were others with me. A small boy with red hair and pale skin, no doubt from Ireland, or at least Scotland. Fergus would know better than me. Aside from that, I was surrounded by things I couldn't convince myself were human, even if this was a drunken dream. Two were blue, one small, the other dog-like. Finally, the last was a massive bug---I truly could not think of any more accurate description. It was like one of those African Rhinoceros Beetles I'd seen in those wildlife documentaries shortly before I signed up to join the Army, except this one was easily a couple feet taller than me, and easily twice my girth. I wasn't sure whether to shoot it or run. Would it try to eat me?

The dog creature, which had been sitting like some kinda Chinese monk, rose to its hind legs, standing upright like a person, and stared back at me. My eyes locked with it, and I could feel my breath hitch for a moment. It's impossible to explain, I'm no linguist who can find the right words for it, but in that moment, I felt a strange... connection. Like a sense of calmness, though wide-eyed intrigue, had washed over me. I was finally able to tear away my gaze, glancing again at those around while I finally climbed to my feet, reaching my hand down to my
pistole and grasping the handle, though I was careful not to bring it up just yet. I wasn't sure if provoking any around me was an ideal position to be in.

"Alright," I finally spoke, my light Texan accent bleeding through my words. "Can't say I've woken up in stranger places."

Those odd memories from my dream . . . were not my own, no, they belonged to someone else. I was still trying to make sense of it, but until whatever present threat was quelled, I'd have to put that all on the back burner.

Fjorrd the Crusher

His skull was throbbing. That was the first thing he noticed when his boots slammed into strange stone, his heart thundering in his chest. Had it worked? Had he arrived? Had all his efforts paid off? The odd memories that didn't belong to him only worked to further confuse him on the matter.

Electric blue eyes darted about from behind the eye holes of the nordic helmet, gathering his surroundings immediately. Strange metal husks, many bearing flickering flames. The odd stone beneath his feet was cracked, littered with rubble, but the bodies were what captured his attention the most. The dead lay strewn, their bodies chewed and mangled by some strange kind of harm. Arrows that had been pulled out? A new type of electricity magic he had yet to learn? His experience from the last time he'd been called beyond his world reminded him that not everything was as it seemed. The rules he knew and understood didn't always apply. A few odd chariots zipped past, seemingly flying, not even touching the ground.

Finally, he took notice of the others. Well, one other. His bright eyes lit up as he caught onto Slash, the floating royal sword he had called friend and ally from before. "Slash!" Fjorrd laughed, spreading his arms wide in greeting, almost as though expecting a hug, though his arms dropped a moment after. "How I have missed you! Have you been trying to return for vengeance as well?"

Asgore Dreemurr

How . . . curious . . .

A sifting memory, an underlying thought, yet they were not his. A blood-filled tournament, another, and another. Humans winning, and their actions resulting in consequences. Was this another? He had been called upon to serve . . .

These factions were not present here. In fact, the silence was somewhat unnerving in stark contrast to the beautiful autumn leaves that surrounded him. Even with all these troublesome accounts to keep in mind, the old king couldn't help but close his eyes and take in a deep, grateful breath.

"King" might have been a little too gracious at this point. His pink Hawaiian-themed shirt certainly didn't give off the impression of royalty, not to mention his lack of a crown. He'd been living on the surface for some time now, his adopted child Frisk having shattered the barrier and freed them all. While he and Toriel still hadn't fully reconciled . . . she still let him trim the school hedges and mow the grounds, not to mention grow the gardens.

So here, with such beautiful scenery, Asgore found himself taking the time to take it all in. Other things could wait . . .

The commotion of others reminded him he hadn't appeared in this strange place alone. Tugging himself from his bliss, he opened his eyes to glance about, taking in those he assumed had been called here by the mysterious force as well. A large metallic creature unlike any monster Asgore had seen before, and a human male with what appeared to be large mechanical arms for some reason.

Well, he could not judge anyone he'd just met.

Still a bit uncertain to his situation, and now having been calmed by the autumn leaves, he cleared his throat before letting out a friendly, "Howdy!"​
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Previously mallard

Echoes of panicked shouts and yells echoed through the dimly-lit stone hallways of the fortress. Every so often there would be pointy-eared Hylian sprinting down these halls, though most of the populace of the place was in one of two places:

One, in the back of the huge building, where refugees and others not inclined for combat.

Two, on the front lines of a struggle for survival.

Hylian soldiers fought alongside Sheikah ninjas, Goron brutes, Zora pikemen, and Gerudo warrioresses as Rito archers soared elegantly overhead. This mesh of races pushed back against the roaring tide of monsters of all shapes and sizes. Bokoblins, Moblins, Lizalfos, Keese, Chuchus, and Wizzrobes of an array of different colors opposed the Akkala Citadel, and were getting closer all the time. Now they were at the thick stone bridge, the only entrance to the fortress, which was built into a mountain.

While this was happening, six different spots within the aforementioned hallways lit up with a golden light, the source being a swirl of energy that would eventually coalesce into an orb. If one were there to witness, they could swear to have seen a flash of the Triforce... a sign that the locals would attribute the following blessing to the Goddess, Hylia.

The orbs spat out six heroes throughout the sieged area.

The Fury of Hope, Tal'Set!

The Queen of the Fairies, Nozomi!

The Child of Destiny, Aegiomon!

The Star Hero, Kirby!

The Bane of Chaos, Tethi!

The Survivor, Terrarian!

All six were separate, and although they were safe currently, there was an air of urgency all about the castle.



Officer Howard appeared in the room alongside Masaru. Ever-vigilant, he looked around the room to assess his surroundings. His IRIS displayed no info on the pile of corpses, not people from his world. This was proof enough to him that his new memories were real. He also clenched his jaw, a tiny sign of the sympathy he wordlessly extended to the brutalized deceased. He also did notice the small child with him, which the IRIS also had no info on, but didn't acknowledge the redhead with anything more than an observant glance. At least it was calm while standing next to the mound of gore, even if it seemed bit twisted, Howard knew he couldn't deal with a hysterical child.
The officer moved to the door quickly and stealthily, conjuring his X Baton in the pistol formation. As the broken door opened, he poked his head out to see what was outside the room in all directions, before bringing it back in and pressing his back to the adjacent wall before it closed.

Kragg appeared in the jungle, the jolt of interdimensional travel and so many memories temporarily stunning the beast. His instincts kicked in, and he assumed a battle stance with an aggressive grinding noise formulated from the rubbing of two plates of his exoskeleton together. It took him a moment to mentally digest the new experiences he did not physically have, almost like being jolted awake from a dream. His guard lowered slightly.
He was surrounded by strange creatures. A hairless ape, a weird-looking blue creature, another blue creature that Kragg more confidently assumed was a canine, and then another, smaller hairless ape. His eyes darted around, the only movement observable, as he still struggled to understand the forces at play.

Jibanyan was sound asleep.
The weird, action-packed dream he had of the story of Bootleg Bros. had him grinning in his unconscious state, and its end was also the end of his nap. He yawned, before groggily blinking his way into consciousness. He took a moment to groggily look around at the dark mall that seemed to have had its own personal apocalypse inside, the trail of blood seeming like something straight out of a scary movie.
Suddenly, the yo-kai shot to his feet with a yell; "NYAAAAAAAA!" He rushed to the closest thing he could hide behind, being a human in green clothing. He assumed the person couldn't see him due to his homeworld's rules, but he was perfectly visible as he cowered behind Kiwi.
"Is this place haunted? I don't want to be eaten by a ghost! Eat this human instead, nya!"
The red cat continued his frantic ramblings until further notice.

Max Brass grinned his impressive display of pearly whites. This whole tournament thing was something Brass was born for! He looked around at his surroundings, seeing a couple of weirdoes in a forest. The goat in the tropical button-up was the first to greet him.
The Commish threw up his leathery arms in response, one pointing at the former king, the other flexing.
As the man roared his name, he turned around, and the other arm curled into a flex.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist


Aegiomon's ears twitched, not unlike a dog as he stood up from the ground. He looked about, confused on how he got there. Last he checked he was sleeping under a big tree with a bunch of other Digimon...how'd he end up over here?

"Uh...helloooo?" Aegiomon called down the hall, he voice echoing back at him.

His hooves clicked against the ground as he cautiously stepped forward, his hand dragging on the wall as he apprehensively braved the destination the hall had in store for him.

Masaru Daimon

Right as he figured all of the demons in the area had been taken out, there was noise behind him. His eyes darted to their corners as he caught the brief view of Howard's clothes as he went around to the door.

"Looks like she forgot one." Masaru chuckled darkly. "Why don't you come here, demon. Let's play ball."

Masaru brought out his baseball bat, dragging it against the ground as he slowly approached the man.


Previously Gamingfan2
Kirby was sleeping, enjoying the peace of Popstar as he buried himself deeper in his bed.
Next thing he knew, he fell face first into an entirely new area, with a loud commotion and sounds of combat not too far away.
Guess it was just one of those days.
Kirby groggily rose, looking around the strange building he was in. He has no idea where he was. Perhaps another dimension? He seemed to be finding those a lot lately.
Regardless, Kirby hopped up and skipped across the hallways, trying to find what was causing so much noise outside.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d

—————————THE BANISHED CAMPAIGN—————————


Howard's inspection of the next hallway, taking no time in assessing his situation, found the adjacent room to be in a similar state to the room he was in, not counting the pile of corpses. Blood soaked the hall, smeared about, a few burns against the metal of what seemed to be plasma scoring, and a single pulsing tentacle of what appeared to be meat snaking down the hall, leading out into another room beyond a second door.

Howard might have simply progressed---had Masaru not intercepted.​

Tal'Set of the Saquin Nation

This felt . . . all too familiar.

With a light grunt, he swung himself in the air, landing deftly upon a stone floor, his dark hair sifting over his face, obscuring some of the red war paint he sported over his dark skin. Brown eyes darted left, then right, and his hunched shoulders relaxed.

Rising to his full height, Tal'Set gripped his war club tightly, looking down the end of the hall he was facing, before he turned to look down the other. The telltale signs of distant combat reached his ears, echoing through the dimly lit corridor. As Turok, the Son of Stone, it was his job to protect the innocent and extinguish injustice. His arrival here, the sounds of warfare, the implanted memories for context, the native warrior was not one to idle and wait. This was far from the first time he'd appeared somewhere mysterious for the purpose of vanquishing a powerful foe.

Using his keen instinct and heightened senses, he accurately depicted the direction of the conflict, and began his sprint down the halls.​
Dr. Eggman was overseeing the construction of his grand base of operations: Eggmanland. He was currently in a tall tower overlooking the entire area. He had almost completely taken over the entire strip of the island he was on, completely overhauling certain parts in favor for his machine metropolis. He was about to laugh in triumph, until a large robot walked into the room. The robot was large with a spherical torso and a large red cape and a crown on his head. This robot was Heavy King, the leader of Eggman's elite squad of enforcers: The Hard Boiled Heavies.

"What is it?!" Eggman asked, rather annoyed.

"Gunner just reported in. He spotted several new life forms over in Windy Valley." The robot replied.

Eggman's eyes widened under his glasses. Fury briefly overtook him, followed by pride and amusement. "HA! As if they stand any threat. They'll be easily crushed under my might!" The doctor said, clearly not concerned.

"Right... But in order to crush them, we can not ignore them. I will have Gunner engage soon." King declared before exiting the room.

---Eggman Empire Campaign---
Several lights flashed and many new faces appeared, all equally confused.

Psyduck. Ethan Winters. Astra. Metabee. Kirin. Tali'Zorah.

They found themselves in a plateau-like mountainous region. high above the surface. A tornado raged in the distance and a massive forest could be seen several miles ahead. The area they were in seemed to be at the very edge of the strip of the island, nothing but empty space beyond it.

The only way was forward.

Sonic the Hedgehog
The blue hedgehog awoke with a jolt. He was greeted by the sunlight creeping through the jungle trees. He quickly jumped up, spinning rapidly as he did so, before landing a few meters away from his original position, therefore further away from the strangers he just noticed.

"What the-" Sonic questioned, his eyes squinting. He looked over the group before him, before shrugging and deciding he had seen a weirder bunch.

"...okay, are all of you as confused as I am right now?"

The Royal Sword Pokémon swirled around in the air several times before coming to a halt in the...remarkably strange place he found himself in. There were many strange, metal chariots littering the large slab of stone they found themselves on. They seemed to be in a city, although it was unlike any city he had seen before.

Finally, his eye landed on...Fjorrd?! They both seemed to notice each other at the same time, both equally excited to see each other. Aegislash let out several noises that resembled a jolly laugh in response to seeing his comrade from before. The sword nodded in response to the man's query, before beginning to communicate with him telepathically.

"I did not like the way things ended before, though I truthfully did not think I would be able to see you again. We shall easily cut down any foe who stands in our way!"

Aegislash then paused and looked at his surroundings once more.

"...Once we find out where exactly we are."

The ghost Pokemon's gaseous body assembled into view in a cramped room filled with supplies. Gengar's face cartoonishly swirled around his body as he tried to process all the information that had just been forced into his head. Nonsense about tournaments and a nexus.

However, he had other things to worry about, namely WHERE HE WAS. He did not recognize this place, and was obviously confused. Suddenly, a boy in armor approached him. Gengar was about to Shadow Ball him to wherever not-Gengars go where they die, but the luminous avenger was quick to explain his non-aggressive motives. The ghost was skeptical, but the boy was convincing enough for Gengar to cancel his attack. The boy extended his hand for a peace handshake. Gengar looked him up and down, before he decided to semi-accept the handshake. He couldn't actually because ghost body, but he replicated the motion as best as he could.

Gengar then redirected his attention to looking around the room, trying to find a way out.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d

—————————THE BANISHED CAMPAIGN—————————


With introductions out of the way, and a quick alliance seemingly established between poltergeist and adept slayer, it was back to business: discovering their location. While they digested the exposition of memories, the room they were in proved to provide little to no use to them. Should they open any of the crates, they would primarily find bags of fertilizer, machine parts, or even some fresh produce. All useful at their purposes, but not at providing information to their location.

However, shrill voices could soon be heard, echoing from outside the room, clear enough to begin making out.

Voice 1: "-Not understand why Brute no do it!"
Voice 2: "Me neither! They always send haughty Grunt to do scary work!"
Voice 1: "Me bet there just stupid Womp Rat, not intruder! Silly Brute all jumping at noise."
Voice 2: "Womp Rat? What that?"
Voice 1: "I used to shoot Womp Rat with my T-16 back home!"
Voice 2: "What the fuck are you talking about."

Tali'Zorah nar Rayya vas Normandy

Days ago, it had seemed like the end was so very near. The human-reaper had been defeated, Shepard kept the data from the Illusive Man, and the reaper threat was on the horizon. She spent the night with her . . . Commander, shortly afterward. He was as scared as she was. Then, the Alliance stormed in to arrest him.

It was stupid, she wanted to actually fight the entire human army to keep Shepard from getting tossed in some cell. Her Shepard. But he told them to stand down. He surrendered himself. He promised her they'd see each other again.

He promised.

Well, now here she was, without a clue as to her location, how she wound up here, or how to process this influx of photographic memories and thoughts. It reminded her of how Shepard described how the prothean beacon had implanted the warning of the reapers. Her last thought before coming here had been a personal inquiry. She'd returned to the Migrant Fleet, and was asked to replace her father as an Admiral. She'd asked for the night to think it over.

Whatever had taken her had snatched her right out of her bed as she slumbered.

"Keelah . . ." the quarian grumbled, sifting her three-fingered hands over her body, feeling her suit as her HUD indicated she had no suit breaches. The physical inspection was simply a conduit of her anxiety. A tournament? And Shepard . . . she'd glimpsed him in one. He'd lost . . . was he . . . ? No, she couldn't think that. She just had to find him, that must be why she was here. It had to have taken some very, very complex and advanced technology for the things she was sifting through in her mind. This . . . Nexus.

And the message. A warning of impending trouble. Someone calling out for the aid of others in defense of the multiverse, not a small concept in the slightest, and if Tali's logical deductions were correct, that must mean the Nexus itself was in danger of these factions. So . . . who were they?

As she gathered her bearings, she realized that she was very close to a ledge. Dangerously so. Slowly backing away, her eyes flitted about her surroundings from behind her violet visor. A distant meteorological storm raged beyond, a twisting storm, more commonly known as a tornado. The rock she stood on was an orange-ish brown, much of the surrounding area consisting of this rock, with rare outcroppings of greenery here or there. A body of water sat at the bottom of the drop, and extended ahead, before the twister, was a vast and lush forest. In truth . . . it actually reminded her a lot of holo-stills she'd seen of Rannoch; the quarian home world. The home of her ancestors, taken by the geth, their own creation. Just thinking of the geth made her skin scrawl beneath her enviro-suit, though she had to admit, she was growing fond of the one known as Legion.

It was here that she finally took note of the others around her; a water fowl of some unknown species, a human male with blonde hair, a somewhat short robot (its appearance made her apprehensive), a young human woman, and another human, young and male, also with blonde hair. Had she been a couple years younger, she might have seen these humans and immediately began to think "I really hope they clean themselves well, humans carry a lot of microbes", but after having grown intimate with one, she had to admit, she was beginning to see many with a certain level of . . . fondness. Was that the right word to use? Still, the robot was making her increasingly anxious.

Uncertain with how to address the situation, she awkwardly shuffled her way further from the ledge, and further from the others, just to ensure she didn't catch any microbes, or so she told herself.

Captain William Joseph Blazkowicz

The bug appeared agitated. The dog didn't appear interested in interactions in the slightest. The kid still seemed to be getting his bearings---and the blue-quilled creature had spun in the air, then it fuckin' spoke.

That's right, I kid you not, this little blue animal or alien or whatever it was spoke plain-as-day english.

My heart practically leapt in my throat, and I had to swallow it back down with a little grit. It said, clear as crystal; "are y'all as confused as I am right now?"

Well, maybe not exactly like that, but that's the gist of it. After I managed to recover from my initial shock, I gave it a long and hard stare upon clearing my throat, before managing out; "You know, I was just about to understand everything until you started speakin'. The hell are you?"

I only hoped my inquiry didn't offend, I still wasn't sure about provoking that gigantic bug.

Fjorrd the Crusher

His friend was equally as pleased to see him, good! With a few fading, though hearty, laughs, the dragonborn let out a sigh, squinting about at their surroundings while Slash's voice sounded in his mind, something that wasn't quite as surprising as the first time it had happened.

"Aye," the nord agreed, watching another set of chariots zoom past, carrying several individuals. This was all so new to him, he'd never seen anything like it before. "Perhaps we can stop one of these patrolling chariots and request directions." He grinned, his mustache parting to reveal his smile. "Or we can have a little fun should they be our enemy."​

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

"...?!? The heck?!"

Metabee's head darted left and right. Buncha weirdos were all around him, and none of them were any familiar. Most of them were people and pets, except for a feminine looking one with a masked up face. The robot didn't register this as a mask though, assuming it to be a robot's metal casing.

"Yo, purple! You a metabot too?! Where am I?? Where is this place?? This ain't Shibuya that's for sure!"



"Yo Yo Yo! This is Astra comin' in live! What's poppin' everyone!"

A blonde haired boy stood recording himself with his phone, which was being held up by his partner, Musimon, who gave him a thumbs up behind the camera. Astra made punk rock hands with one of his hands while the other held a green bottle

"Alright everyone! Today's challenge: freestyle rap while chugging 20oz of Mountain Dew! Can I finish the rap at the same time I finish the Mountain Dew?! We are about to find out! 3...2...1-"

Suddenly, the young Apptuber was surrounded by light, along with his cameraman sidekick. Not a second passed before they were abruptly plopped down into a plateau, sunlight piercing through his golden locks.

"...Uhhhhh okay...this is new. Musimon? You picking up what I'm throwing down?"

"I dunno Astra, this ain't a digital field." The yellows critter shrugged, handing him back his phone while it was pondering. "Looks like we aren't the only ones here either, look!"

Several figures were in view. Humans, ducks, robots. The Apptuber was confused why these people were here...apparently just as confused as he was. So they weren't the ones who called him here. Still, the boy couldn't help but to approach them.

"Some weird vibes I'm getting from you all..."

He started before looking at Musimon. Both of them pouting their index and pinky fingers up, and then down.

"Dig it? Don't dig it?"

They both made a groan before putting the finger on either hand together.

"I dunno..."


Previously Manu456Alola
The two shook hands---sort of, as the ghost was unable to make physical contact with him, much to the cyborg's surprise. With that, Copen rose to his full height, before he checked a few of the containers around them, finding that they were filled with supplies. Perhaps this was some sort of base?

"Judging by the amount of supplies here, this place might not be too big," the young man noted, cautiously walking over to the room's entrance. Shrill voices were now coming from outside. There was no way to tell if they were friend of foe, and iX would much rather avoid conflict if possible, but he would not hesitate to fight back if provoked.

"Be on your guard." Copen spoke, beckoning Gengar with his free hand, Razor Wheel at the ready, before he peeked out of the room, finger on his weapon's trigger to activate it at a moment's notice.

The Battle Priestess's peacock green eyes darted from face to face, brown hair flowing in the wind to reveal the inner side was pink in color, trying to make sense of the situation as quickly as she could. Just a moment ago, she and the Dragon Saviors had been heading to a media tower seized by ATEMS, but now? She was atop a plateau, surrounded by unfamiliar faces, a tornado in the distance. Many memories that didn't belong to her filled her mind, memories of a tournament, a Nexus, a threat to the multiverse...

And Gunvolt seemed to have been involved in some form.

She looked down at the blue dog with horns and blond bangs beside her, her companion's azure eyes looking up at her, seemingly deep in thought.

"GV, those memories... Was that you? In that tournament?"

"...yeah." Was the Azure Striker's only response, before he glanced over to the others. There were two humans, a small yellow creature, a robot, some sort of alien (while he could sense her life force beneath the purple suit, it was clear she was not human) and... Psyduck. At least there was someone he knew from that Nexus incident.

"Is everyone alright?" The Primal Dragon rasped out, likely surprising the others given that he was, well, a talking dog.
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Previously Deathstalker62
Ray Mk. III
A small cube with a different pattern on each side had been shot from a cannon, flying and spinning through the air as it had yet to make contact with the ground..


One side showed some sort of round, emote-like face on a red background. Another, a pair of robotic legs on blue. Each side, a different part of the body was shown on a coloured background, every tone differing from the other.


With a few more bounces, the small cube finally came to land on the ground. As soon as it came to a standstill, it started transforming. Each area designated to a bodypart would transform into one, assembling some sort of small.. toy-like robot. First the chest, then the head, then the rest of the limbs, spread out in a default pose, standing straight up with its arms held outward.

As soon as the rest of its body was fully assembled, the creature sprung into action, seemingly gaining sentience and moving on its own. Yet, as it did, it looked around confused. This was not the holosseum it.. no, this was not the holosseum he, its commander, had remembered putting it into. This looked more like a real situation, but.. wait, where was his body? Was he.. somehow fighting with his Custom Robo without needing to be present?

One quick glance was all he needed to spot the other individual near him. Armoured, armed and dangerous.. like him. He was about to raise his bomb arm back at this individual, but could see that this reaction seemed less malicious. More than that, it just seemed that this person.. robot? thing was just on their guard.

So, instead, Ray just simply waved to the being, attempting to signal that he wasn't trying to intentionally bring any harm to this being. However, he did so with his weapons already primed up and ready to go, also signalling that he had put up just as much of a guard as this stranger, for the same reason they were pointing their weaponry at him.

The Terrarian
When he was brought back by the host, the Terrarian did exactly as he had planned to do: Go fishing. Flying across the world, setting up more little outposts for himself and just kicking his feet up to fish. It provided him with all he could ever want - resources from crates, regular fish to cook as a treat, tools and pets to sell and the occasional quest fish to make the angler shut his trap for the rest of the day.

However, after a while, fishing was growing boring. So, the Terrarian tried some other ways to entertain himself. First, a hoiking racetrack. Then, a trapped obstacle course. Then, a rollercoaster across the world, spanning past the floating islands, built like a tourist attraction to give a sightseeing course across heaven (or space) and hell and everything inbetween. Then.. things just got kind of boring. No more NPCs were moving in. Buildings were fun to make, but what was the point of building if no one could live.. or wanted to live in them anymore?

So, the Terrarian tried something. Something entirely new. He expanded his own castle in the very forest his journey began, building a whole 20 goal golf course in the walls, towers and cellar and mines. This, of course, was very time-consuming. But in the end, it all felt worth it. So, to celebrate this, all the other townsfolk were invited to try it out, arriving at the scene via the Pylons in their respective towns.

Placing his ball on the tee, the Terrarian clutched his iron in both hands, looking back to the crowd behind and around him before glancing back to the ball... Careful, now.. steady.. raise the club.. aim.. aand..

A miss! ..wait. A miss? How had he missed the ball? In fact, where WAS the ball? And the tee?? And everyone else as well??? Glancing about, the Terrarian found himself in another castle-like structure. Strange.. this did not look like his style at all! ..hold on a moment. Strange world, got brought here from nothing, but still retaining his belongings?

..was he in another one of those tournaments?

But wait, if this was a tournament, where was this contest's host? And the competitors? And why weren't they in the typical plaza-like area? This was all real strange.. too strange for the Hero to really care. Sure, his golf game may have just been interrupted.. but this strange world just screams a need to be explored right into his face! And who would the Terrarian be to deny such a generous offer of starting another journey?

Putting away his golf club, the Terrarian did what he did best: Grief the local area by taking out his solar pickaxe and beginning to mine straight through the wall to whatever closest area he could find that lead to the outside. No harm done if he just kept placing the mined tiles back behind himself as he went, right?


Previously Blatant Mokery
When you take a wild Pokémon out of its territory and place it into an unfamiliar environment, it’s only to be expected that things could go south very quickly. Especially if that Pokémon happens to be a hulking steel monster now wedged uncomfortably between the abundance of trees- the Aggron was already snarling lightly as he rose to his full height, slowly turning his head to look at the two people nearby.

First was the oddity of a man who called out in a friendly tone. From first glance, Aggron could tell this wasn’t a human, if anything he was closer to a Pokémon, judging from the size, the fur, and the horns… but Pokémon didn’t exactly talk, or wear human clothes. Aggron found himself puzzled right off the bat, especially upon looking to examine the second peculiar man. This one was a lot more human-esque, aside from the arms, and appeared far more vocal as well.

With all of this information, this peculiar environment, Aggron thought for a moment, before reaching the ultimate realization…

Conclusion: Hungry.

With a mighty swing and ram, Aggron pummeled his metallic body against the base of the nearest tree, easily crumpling it and causing several large apples to plop down against the earth. Not nearly as preferable or tasty as a fresh set of railroad tracks, but Aggron wasn’t too picky, leaning down to pluck one of the ripe fruits into his hands. Now good on food, but still highly bewildered, the Pokémon began to slowly walk closer to the other two who’d found themselves in this place, his mighty tail occasionally swinging and striking the surrounding trees and splintering the bark. He hadn’t yet made a decision on who was friend and who was foe, but nobody had attacked yet, and that was enough for the steel monster to calm down somewhat.

For a short time, everything was extremely blurry, and Nozomi was struggling to force herself out of her half-asleep state. Something wasn’t right, she could tell from the very moment she could make out some of her surroundings. This was absolutely not the Fairy Forest, let alone Tokyo.

Soon, she was able to regain enough control of her body to shake her head slightly and fully wake up, pushing herself to her knees. Further inspection revealed that none of her teammates were here. Nanashi, Asahi, Hallelujah, Toki… hell, she would even be down to share company with that little green punk Navarre right about now.
“Danu, my memory seems to be failing me,” Nozomi murmured to herself, letting out a sigh as she readjusted her green visor and ran a hand through her long blonde hair. It didn’t appear that sustained any real damage on the way here, which she was grateful for. “Where is everyone? And where… is this?”

If anyone could have an answer for her, it would be Danu. A mother goddess that Nozomi had befriended, one that aided her in the maintenance of the Fairy Forest, alongside providing advice throughout the harrowing quest of combatting the Divine Powers. As she collected herself, ensuring that she had both of her guns and her camera on her, Nozomi awaited a reply from Danu…

There was no response. This was enough to really confuse and worry Nozomi- if Danu somehow couldn’t speak to her, then maybe this situation was a lot more dire than she’d first expected… especially if the nearby sound of intense battle was anything to go off of.
Was this what that voice had been warning of? Factions aiming to control the multiverse…? A… tournament? Were the Divine Powers involved, somehow? This was giving her a serious headache.

She couldn’t afford to lose her composure here, and a quick check of her smartphone showed that she could still call upon her demons. Speaking of demons, there were a few around her that she had never seen before… that pink blob, especially, was something she would have expected to see in the Fairy Forest.

Pistol in her left hand, shotgun balanced on her shoulder in the right, Nozomi began her attempt to determine just how hostile these demons were. A quick chat wouldn’t hurt. She began to follow after the pink one, deciding it looked the least likely to be aggressive.

Ethan Winters
Ethan was seated, and had been for a couple of minutes now, his face buried in his hands. He made no sound, but it was no secret how distressed he was. A quick look at him told a deadly tale, his clothes and body covered in slash marks and bite marks, his whole body soaking wet (had he gone swimming?), his blonde hair plastered against his forehead. He wore a thin, light cloth wrapped around his head and over his eyes, a somewhat ineffective strategy he’d come up with once those vampire bitches had eventually gotten smart enough to try and get him in the eyes.

They’d healed by now, but he kept the cloth on anyways, concealing his eyes from the rest of the people on the plateau.

As for the reason he was so upset… well, the timing of his transportation hadn’t exactly been great. Rose had been just one battle away, his daughter’s safety so close to ensured, making his struggle through that village of monsters all worth it… the final clash between himself and that psychotic Miranda had been about to begin, right after the brutal, fiery detonation of her ‘son.’ Ethan had been so prepared to shoot, perhaps just a single bullet away from achieving his goal…

And now he was here.

And all he could think about was how he wasn’t there to protect Rose from that monstrosity.

Chris… Chris was the only hope Ethan had now. There was quite literally nobody else out there right now capable of saving Rose.
“Damn it…” the blonde man spat, a hollow feeling filling his already hollow-by-design body. He rose up to his feet, in spite of the alarming number of injuries. They didn’t really hurt all that much, actually. Not even the formerly severed hand.

What he’d heard during his arrival here, about a tournament, about the multiverse, about factions, about all of that… he wanted to ignore it, but something like that was a little hard to just brush off. In spite of the urge to curl up into a ball and pray for death, he had a feeling that his assistance truly was needed. And… as bizarre as it sounded, he wanted his daughter to grow up in a safe multiverse.

God, he needed her to be alright.


Previously mallard
Akkala Citadel
Aegiomon wandered without direction through the halls, until a small squadron of soldiers rushed past him, barely avoiding trampling over the Digimon. Urgent, they paid the creature no further mind as they rushed down the hall and the following stairs to the battle below.

Tal'Set, his senses allowing for a speedy navigation to the bottom of the building before the other heroes. The outside light was blinding compared to the dim inside of the citadel. The smell of blood was prevalent, and the orchestra of war was almost deafening before him. Immediately, a soldier flew past the Native American, courtesy of a Moblin's backhand.

Meanwhile, the Terrarian emerged from the wall several floors up. Below him he saw the sea of swarming monsters


Officer Howard narrowed his eyes at the boy as he approached, giving a short sigh from his nose to show his dissatisfaction. Now, the Legionis was no psychologist, but he knew that hostility like this wasn't a common response from a sane kid. Especially that part where he called him a demon, which technically could have some truth behind it, since his blood contained Legion cells, yet the redhead had no way of knowing that. The weapon that threatened Howard was a wooden baseball bat. Primitive. Wood had gone out of use long ago, ever since trees were deemed endangered. At least in his world back on the Ark, that bat would probably be in a museum. But Howard wasn't one to freak out about history, he was one to do his job.
So, Howard widened his stance, switched his blaster to its baton formation, and stared intensely into Masaru's eyes.


It was a beautiful day. The sky was clear, allowing the golden sun to kiss the blend of green and blue that was Route 3. The trees swayed in the gentle breeze, which shaded the cooing Pidoves. A Patrat crawled from his burrow, before standing up on two legs and yawning.
Then, he spotted a discarded drink cup from the human. Picking it up, the Pokémon went over to the pond and filled it up with water. His refreshment was acquired, and he went over to sit next to a snoozing Lilipup to watch as Psyduck struggled to operate a boombox.
Ever since he came back, he's been different. He'd had the taste of victory, he practically won the last tournament. This inspired The Duck, the next time he was summoned, he would win. That was the promise he'd made to himself.
The Oddish beside him wasn't much of a help, instead closing its eyes to bask in the heavenly concoction of the warm sunlight and cool breeze, a mixture that inspired ecstasy in those that enjoyed the little things. ...Even with a yelling duck by your side. Giving the device one more good whack, a song began to play.
The Duck and Oddish nodded to the rhythm for a few moments, the former tying a strip of cloth around his head.

Over the next month, he went to work.
He jogged laps around his pond, chasing a Lillipup teasing him with a plump, juicy Oran berry.
He bench pressed a branch with a Burmy on either side, before his stubby little arms gave out and the bar fell on him.
He used a Bellsprout's long body as a jump rope, until he tripped over his own feet and got tangled in it.
He practiced boxing on a tree, practicing his dodging as he threw out quick jab combos. Then, the angry Tropius kicked him away for punching its leg.
Psyduck then took a break, playing cards with Oddish with an ice pack on his head, at least until the plant began to chase after a Butterfree.
Then it was right back to work, using a Servine's Vine Whips as battle ropes until getting swept up by a Leaf Tornado.
He dragged a Boldore around with great effort... then it woke up.
He practiced shooting Basculin out of the air as they breached, which provoked one to jump onto the bridge and slap him into the pond.
Finally, he began to challenge every trainer that passed through his route. He won some, he lost some, but was never caught.
At the end of the month he was stronger, he felt it. And when his vision went white once again, he was ready.

Psyduck appeared atop a plateau, practically foaming at the mouth, alongside a crazed look in his eye. This wasn't rabies, he just wanted to kick someone's butt really, really badly. It took him a second, but he was surprised to see the lack of people and his surroundings being not lobby-like. So it was like that stupid jungle thing that was between the two last tournaments, darn. He did spot some humans, though, and two had some weird-looking Pokémon companions, the other seemingly having depression instead. He announced himself: "PSYYYYDUCK!"

"Because this fight might be over, but your battle is just beginning,"
That was the last thing Axe had heard before the deafening silence of something that not even the Green Stone could've saved him from in that mere moment.

And then...darkness. Nothing but a dread filled sense of emptiness. The young boy, usually full of vigour and bravery, was faltering in what little his thoughts granted. He could breathe, so was he alive? But there wasn't anything around he could feel, and...
Huh? What's that...sound...?
His eyes struggled to stay wide in the dark as he heard a voice. It continued as his eyes became purely shut, leaving it impossible to determine where it came from for the boy. Next he knew, he was somewhere tangible, at least.
A breath of fresh air, unlike anything he had before...
And a blast of that fresh air into his lungs forced him awake, finding himself at...under a bunch of weird looking trees, certainly more abundant than the ones at home yet felt like they let in more of...well, anything. Light, heat... Goodness, that heat felt blistering somehow.

Still, he dragged himself to his feet, breathing hard as he used his shield like a cane just to get up before putting it back on his back again, yawning as he looked around. There were 4 nearby people, none of which he recognized. There was a weird animal with some spike looking things on it's chest, with eyes that seemed to stare right to the soul, prompting Axe to look away. Next, another weird creature, this one much larger and greener...Seemed agitated, though Axe's ears seemed to struggling for a short moment so he couldn't tell. Besides, it wasn't attacking immeadiantly, like the big Monsters he was used to, so who knew. The third he looked to, thankfully for Axe, was another human. Sure, one much larger - And much scarier looking - than any he'd seen, but still a human. Finally...
Wait. Was that...?
That hedgehog... It reminded Axe of the strange Metal creature he saw in the tournament. Curious, he began to stare at this stranger, beginning to feel tense.
"Who are you guys...?" He murmured, disregarding hearing similar questions.


"Uwahhhh..." A young girl pushed herself to her feet within Akkala Citadel with a yawn. She wasn't sure what was happening. One minute, she was in a cave with Khepri fighting...someone. It was slipping her mind. But nevermind that, she'd heard something come crashing down...and then nothing.

Wait...what...?! AH!

Suddenly, before she could create another thought, memories came pouring through her head, living through hundreds of minutes...no, hours, in mere seconds. She could've sworn she knew exactly how things were with the oasis; It was a pleasant night, preparing for a festival with Esna, and then there was her fighting...but with these memories, she felt wrong. She saw it going far past that, from collecting the last of the necessary crystals to hold back Chaos, only for it to backfire and needing a new solution, learning of the true nature of Chaos, and the Seedling's fault in the matter.

Killing her Brother and losing Esna to save Sheut, who had been behind Chaos.
And then, that stupid tournament, why did she bother with it..? She lost so quick, it was like her foes were striking her with the might of planets!
! K..Khepri!

She quickly began to look around, spotting the small flier on the ground too, tired. She picked him up.
"Khepri, are you okay?" She asked, worried. Her answer soon came when Khepri joined her in the land of the awake, flying around in confusion before looking to Tethi. "Huh? Oh, yeah, where...?" Before the pair could think any further on where they were, they heard sounds of clashing coming from an outside area, and instinctively darted down the nearby halls, determined to find out what was happening, where she was, and if someone needed help.


The young Bard woke up as the flash of light that brought them here faded, just as the voice began to speak of what was happening, and before they could ask anything it felt...gone.
That's certainly, um...a responsibility. Still, c'mon, Bard, you've helped save one world, how bad could...er, infinitely more be?
"Huh! That was weird!" They, somewhat merrily, commented. Then they actually looked around, and gained a notable frown.
"Hm...This is worrying.." They added, before looking more and spotting the blood...then the machine. "Oh."

Of course, not much deters one like Kiwi, and they had attempted to arrive here for a reason gosh dang it! They were going to find Audrey, handle this stuff with the Nexus, make a lot more friends, and head home! The memories seemed to rush in, but Kiwi paid such little mind to them they may as well not been there, not like it would help. They began to take a step forward, but...

"NYAAAAAAAA!" A scream from behind jolted the minstrel from their hopeful stupor, causing him to look back and see a small red...thing, they weren't sure what, but it had some strange flames on it and reminded the optimist of the Overseer Fairies quite a lot, but bigger and not in the air. It was panicked though, and talked something about this place being haunted and not wanting to be eaten - And also 'to eat this human instead', which Kiwi chose to ignore..
"Hey, are you okay?" They crouched down to talk to the little red one. "I don't think it's haunted here...And if it is, don't worry! I know how to talk to ghosts!" A reassuring bit of advice was soon added, Kiwi seemingly forgetting the whole other world stuff for the moment.


Previously Gamingfan2
Samus kept her weapon pointed, as did Ray. The two were stock still as Samus's scan visor did it's thing. She found the being in front of her to be mechanical in nature, obviously, but not much else, nothing even remotely close in her database. She didn't like not knowing what this thing was, but it appeared to not be hostile, only defensive.
Which, given she had her ice missiles primed and ready, was a fair reaction.
Finally, Samus dropped her Arm Cannon, standing in a more casual position. Her face was unreadable behind her mostly opaque visor, but she appeared to accept the greeting.
Only now did she allow herself to ponder her situation. She was in a cave, but she has no idea where this cave was located. The only light was the strange green glow that pierced the darkness, not that Samus really needed it. Still, it may lead her to answers.
Without a word, Samus turned and marched towards the light, paying no mind to Ray. Samus typically worked alone. That said, if it wanted to tag along, she wouldn't stop it.

Kirby poked at the walls, curious over the interior design. Was this the Ancient? It looked far different. Perhaps the New World's previous inhabitants? Still not right. It still looked similar...
The sound of footsteps alerted the pink puff. Kirby turned to see a....human? Huh, Adeline would probably be ecstatic to find another human. Nevertheless, Kirby waved towards the new arrival without any wariness, greeting Nozomi with a jolly "Hiiiii!"

Lucario was just as surprised to see a pokemon talk. Though he wasn't entirely sure what kind of mon the blue thing was.
Confusion seemed to be the main emotion going through his acquaintances. Lucario concentrated, connecting to each person's aura and...
"You may refer to me as Lucario. I'm sure you humans know what a pokemon is, yes?"
Lucario's voice was heard in all heads, acting as a form of telepathy. Unlike most Pokemon, the language barrier was hardly an issue for him.
And the blue hedgehog, but maybe it just has some chatot DNA in there.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

A demon with guts! His wicked snicker was highlighted by the dimly lit room, casting shade on the rest of his face. Without a moment's hesitation, the boy leaped up, doing a front flip in the air, before striking down toward Howard, aiming to use his weight and momentum to strike him off guard. This kid was out for blood




Aegiomon put his hands up and backed up the wall, troops rushing past him. He blinked as they disappeared down a flight of stair. ...What was THAT all about? Lots of people all geared up... Aegiomon was a bit put off by their urgency. Is there battle going on? Oh boy...

He needed answers. He found a opening that functioned as a window, and that's when he got an idea. He climbed out the window, landing down on the stone roof below. He squatted down not unlike a monkey or a gargoyle, peering at the battle below. Monsters and creatures of many of sizes fighting one another, two side pitted to kill the other.

"...! Why are they fighting??" Aegiomon exclaimed. "I gotta reason with them, surely this is some kind of misunderstanding!"

Aegiomon slide down one of the talk walls, finding himself leaping toward a singular pillar that hadn't been destroyed by the carnage. Looking out at the goblin like creatures and the men that struck them with spears, the boy took a deep breath. He pulled out his handy pan flute.

♩ ♫ ♪ ♪ ♬ ♫

He played a melody on his flute, which was known to calm even some of the rowdiest of souls. Maybe...he could get them to see eye to eye.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d

—————————THE BANISHED CAMPAIGN—————————


Samus began to move, and (assumedly) the little Ray would soon follow. The bounty hunter closed the distance to the strange green glow emanating deeper within the natural-made cavern, rounding a bend---

And she found that it was a dead-end. The path came to an abrupt halt, but the green light still shone. It was leaking through several holes in the floor, indicating that there was a room beneath this one, but stone sat between her and it. The stone seemed extremely thick.

Difficulty: 5
Samus: 19
Results: 14

However, upon closer inspection, it could be seen that the stone appeared to be of a more brittle variety---only one or two well-placed strikes would no doubt be enough to break the rock and open up the tunnel toward the light below.


Copen's peek around the corner revealed the room beyond the storage space they'd found themselves in; the hall beyond extended to the left for quite a ways, several more doorways leading to other storage rooms, or similarly small rooms with other purposes, though most of these entryways were sealed by large slabs of heavy metal for doors, red lights indicating their "locked" status. Further down, two shambling figures could be seen nearing, each around five feet in height, a waddle with their steps as they swayed side-to-side, and large triangular packs on their backs, connected to tubes that led to face masks each creature wore. They hadn't noticed him peeking out yet, either through lacking observation skills or poor eyesight. Or both.

Notably, both creatures carried some sort of sidearm discharging weapon, which were swinging about with their waving arms, moving in tandem with their steps. While not yet clear on hostilities, the fact that they were armed was undoubtedly confirmed.

Tali'Zorah nar Rayya vas Normandy

It didn't take long for the others to begin addressing one another. Initial confusion and the likes, and the robot that was putting her on edge addressed her directly, calling her "purple". She blinked beneath her visor, noticing the confusion to its tone. Even the advanced program of EDI failed to sound so genuine. So . . . sentient. Had she wrongly assumed it as inorganic, or at the very least, a program? It was possible, and its dialogue affirmed it possibly belonged to something called "medabots"---admittedly very robot-sounding. Uncertain on what exactly it was, the quarian elected to keep her guard up, though others intruded upon the aside, leaving her to fail to answer the "robot"s query.

An bestial-like creature and its human companion conversed, referring to one another by name. Astra and Musimon. Their pondering upon "digging" the others was intruded upon by a dog-like creature (she assumed it was a dog, she'd only seen images of the earth-born human companion). Yet, just like each individual before, they were left unanswered. This time, the duck screeched out a word she didn't recognize.

Keelah, this entire situation was just devolving further and further with each passing second. If it hadn't been obvious before, it was now: they were in the same metaphorical position as her. She really didn't have the patience for this right now, there were still so many thoughts and memories sifting about in her mind, that she was left to ponder; "what would Shepard do?"

He'd probably call their attention him, declare their situation and ask for their cooperation in that unifying way he always gave speeches. They'd probably rally behind him and . . . she was no Shepard. Member of the Admiralty Board or not, she wasn't equipped to deal with situations beyond quarian matters, and this was WAY beyond quarian matters.

Weighing her options for only a moment, she came to her conclusion. Without saying a word, only the slight shake of her hooded head, Tali turned and began to make her way from the ground and away from the ledge, raising her left arm as she did so. A holographic orange panel appeared above her forearm as she began to type away at it, using her Omni-Tool to begin collecting whatever data she could about the area. Without Shepard, or someone like him, she doubted this already dysfunctional collective could band together successfully. Better to go it alone, she was harder to pick out that way, anyway.

King Asgore Dreemurr

And yet things grew to be further curious.

The large metallic monster made an example out of an apple tree, procuring some fresh fruit. This seemed to ease its nerves, as it then began to steadily approach, paying no mind to the forestry it left ravaged by its obtuse manner of travel, swinging its tail about to damage anything it could touch with little to no regard.

Asgore winced as he saw a patch of this gorgeous forest be reduced to the unknown monster's playground. Well, he certainly knew who not to ask to watch his garden, now.

Max Brass, meanwhile (the man had introduced himself rather flashily, though the metallic monster's antics had interrupted Asgore's focus on the display), didn't seem the least bit put off at the vandalizing of natural beauty. That was two people on the blacklist for garden babysitting.

Mulling over the implanted memories, Asgore took a moment, but managed to formulate out a; "Well, I suppose the three of us are here for a reason, no?" he only had to assume they'd been given a similar message upon arrival.

Tal'Set of the Saquin Nation

He had quickly slunk his way outside, meeting no resistance along the way. As natural light touched upon his sun-kissed skin, he watched a man go flying by, knocked aside by a large boar-like beast with a single horn protruding from its skull. That was certainly a creature he hadn't seen before, though the warrior's initial instinct wasn't to assess the situation.

As Turok, he had to protect the innocent, and in his experience, humans were only slightly more innocent than everything else. He barely even paid attention to the many blobs of slime, screeching bats, smaller boars, anthropomorphic chameleons, and robbed manic-men, as Tal'Set immediately set out with a war cry, whooping out the call of his arrival just as he would have done back among his tribe. The "Indian shout", as the white men like Buckner had called it.

Bearing his war club (unless it proved useless, he'd rely on it primarily), the Fury of Hope darted forward, spinning his club around to the bladed razor-end, and leaped directly for the moblin beast. He wasn't acting on the impulse of emotion, but rather, on his duty as the Son of Stone. Even as a strange tune drifted into his ears, he did not relent from his purpose.

Captain William Joseph Blazkowicz

The poor european kid finally gathered himself enough to ask the simple question of "who are you" to all of us around. We were all thinkin' it. I know I should not'a been surprised at this point, but when the dog introduced itself with a voice in my head, I realized just how deep down the rabbit hole I'd gone.

I'm goin' mad, Anya. Take our babies and raise 'em right, pray to God the insanity ain't contagious or inherited. I've been to the moon---hell, I've been to fuckin' Venus, and this takes the cake for weirdest shit I've been through. I thought I'd seen it all when I fought zombies and rock golems, wore thousand-year-old jewish armor to take down nazi supersoldiers. Yet this right here, hearin' a dog speak in your head? That's what takes the cake.

Told me, or rather it probably told us, that its name was Lucario. Gotta give it props for uniqueness, I'd have never guessed that. Then it asked if we knew what a pokemon was. I blinked. I blinked again, staring dead-eyes at Lucario, before I shrugged. "Sure, yeah, I know loads of pokemon. Got a crap ton back home or . . . whatever. No I don't know what a pokemon is, you didn't hear the little voice in your head start yammerin' about "multiverse" this and "faction" that? Nah, I don't know any of you. I don't know the blue porcupine, the telepathic dog pokemon, that big-ass beetle over there, or why that irish kid is so damn small. Not even sure I'm real at this point, and I'm about ten seconds away from freakin' the fuck out."
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Instead of answering his question, Tali elected to turn her back on him. The yellow robot twitched, Amber fuming up from him.

"Oh I KNOW you just didn't walk away from me!" Metabee Hissed. "Hey! I was talking to you, puny purple punk! Get back here! I'm talking to you!"

Metabee stormed up to her, clanking his metal feet against the ground. Ain't no way he was gonna let some prissy bot off with being so rude to him? Especially since she seemed to be more mysterious than the rest of the loud mouths here.

Astra & Musimon

"...That a dog just spoke." Astra commented, pointing at Gunvolt. "Yo Musimon, that an appmon?"

"Hmm hmm!" Musimon stepped toward the dog, looking at him up and down. "I don't see this furry guy on our playlist, but that color scheme is stylish, hot!"

Musimon exchanged finger guns of approval at the doggo in question. Astra nodded his head in agreement, even if he were still confused about this situation. This needed to be cleared up, and Astra just had the way of doing that. Getting the idea, he gave a grin before clearing his throat.

"Ay, everybody, what's going on??" He announced today the confused crowd. "I know we are all shaken and totally not vibin' with this whole new change of scenery, but I'm thinkin' we can get acquainted to make all this a little easier? Okie dokie? Alright! Introductions! Musimon!"

"Okay Astra!"

On cue, Musimon snapped his fingers, striking a pose next to his partner. In a flash, spotlights came from thin air, projecting down on the pair.

"The #1 Apptuber sensation worldwide! I put on shows everyone can enjoy! A-S-T-R-A, Astra! No challenge is beyond my scope! Entertainment is what everyone craves, and it is what they shall get!"

His partner slid in front of him, the yellow little creature making a couple of base beats using the speakers on it's hands before scratching invisible discs in the air.

"The playlist of my life follows the rhythm of Astra's heart! Wherever there is music, I'll be there!" He grinned, winking before striking a another flashy pose. "No Musimon, No life Yo!"

"The two of us will rock your world! Will we?"

"Won't we?"

They both then put their hands in a punk rock gesture and crossed them against their chests.



A bit over the top for an introduction, weather it be through egotism or through some weird personality quirks. They didn't seem to have any hint of shame or modesty though, as they owned up to their 'style'.


Previously Manu456Alola
---Sumeragi Campaign---
Store Ruins

Jibanyan's panicked ramblings were loud enough to get the Patrol Bot's attention, the machine's floating head turning towards the source of the sound, its body now approaching the Yo-Kai and the Bard. Despite looking quite advanced, its range of vision was rather poor, the red cone in front of it only extending four feet ahead. Still, getting spotted would most certainly be bad news...

He spotted two individuals in the hallway to his left. Clearly alien, beings the likes of which he had never seen before, but one thing was certain: they had weapons. He suspected they could fire plasma, but he wasn't about to let them shoot him just so he could find out. If their conversation was anything to go by, they seemed to be low in rank, not to mention rather cowardly, so perhaps...

Tucking back into the storage room before he could be spotted, Copen directed his attention to Gengar.

"Two creatures out there. Armed. You seem capable of stealth. Think you can sneak up behind them and disarm them?" He whispered to the Pokémon. "I'll see if I can get some intel out of them."​

Kirin & Gunvolt

Neither the adult man or the one in purple armor seemed to be interested in conversation, so Kirin decided to let them be for the time being. Astra and Musimon introduced themselves quite stylishly, earning a chuckle from the young woman, while Gunvolt wasn't quite as amused. Kirin gave them a little round of applause once their introduction was done, soon taking a step forward, clearing her throat.

"Well, I am Kirin, Battle Priestess of Shadow Yakumo-slash-Sumeragi! My specialty is dealing with the supernatural, and I was on a mission with the Bureau of Dragon Saviors---uh, I guess that doesn't really matter right now..." She caught herself before she ended up rambling about things the others wouldn't even understand. "Oh, and this here is Gunvolt!" she added, dropping to a knee and placing a hand on the Azure Striker's head, who groaned in response. "He's my partner, though he is a pretty bad dog. He still won't 'sit' or 'shake' when I tell him to."

"Knock it off, Kirin," Gunvolt replied, rolling his eyes while Kirin giggled. "I can introduce myself just fine, you know." He stated simply, gaze shifting over to Psyduck, the only familiar face here other than Kirin. Would the duck still remember him?​
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Astra & Musimon

"Bureau of dragon saviors, eh? That sounds like a sweet gig. Maybe a tad on the nose, but I can see it in my playlist." Astra complimented(?) "Pleasure it is, Kirin, though the dog there looks like it's got some personality issues..."

"Yeah, you'd think if you could understand your dog it would be easy to train...guess it doesn't work like that, huh?" Musimon added in.
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Previously Manu456Alola
Kirin & Gunvolt
"For the record, I was very much a human before I got turned into... this," Gunvolt intervened, earning a sigh from Kirin.

"Aww, I was hoping to do some more teasing before letting them in on it," she shook her head with a shrug. "Well, GV might not follow typical dog commands, but I assure you he's quite useful on missions. Can't expect any less from the mighty Azure Striker himself."


Previously turnt3chGodh34d

Tali'Zorah nar Rayya vas Normandy

She glanced back to find the robot storming nearer. Apprehensive, her body tensed as she lowered her Omni-Tool. Despite the chaos and overwhelming dysfunctionality going on that had scared her off in the first place, it seemed it still believed it was owed a response from her, and it wasn't being exactly approachable and kind.

"Why should I know?" she replied in answer to the question it seemed to think she knew the answers to through her accent, and subsequent vocal translator as it passed through her suit's systems. While her accent in whatever language the translator translated wasn't as thick as it used to be, it remained present, and the translator allowed her to speak in her local language and hear the local languages of others without any barriers in understanding in the slightest. She could recognize the earth-tongue of the robot, however, having grown used to hearing english aboard the Normandy.

She stared back at Metabee for a moment upon this, before the dim white light that signified her eyes behind her violet visor shifted to look back at the others, Astra and Musimon now engaging in some sort of song, or performance. It really wasn't her cup of tea, and her aside seemed to have extended beyond what she'd originally perceived. "Did you not get a strange message on your arrival here, too?" she inquired the robot, beginning to ponder on the idea of this knowledge primarily pertaining to her---if that was the case, whatever had brought her here clearly gave her more information for some absurd reason, but if that wasn't so, then she could move on without needing to worry about anything. Well, anything concerning these individuals at least.​


Previously Deathstalker62
Ray Mk. III
Well, seemed like this individual really wasn't of hostile intent, seeing as how they lowered their weapons and went on their way. This caused the Custom Robo to unprime his weapons as well and have a look around the area. Rocky surface, dark surroundings.. They were most definitely in a cave, weren't they? So, unless he was aiming to cave himself and the other being within.. the Flare Gun, his bombs and drones were out of the option. How limiting.. oh well, at least he still had his gatling gun and charge.

With a quick sprint, the tiny robo ran toward Samus as a surprisingly quick pace, covering the distance much faster than normal creatures of his size would be able to. And with one high leap, the small Robo moved onto the walls, now running along the surface before jumping off again, aiming to land on Samus' shoulder to stand on. After all, if the two wanted to find out where they were, the best option would be to stick together at least for a little bit, right?

Breaking through the castle wall, the Terrarian's pickaxe pierced through the light of the other side, striking him in the face. Finally, the outside! Finally, trees and forests- ..wait. This wasn't the forest biome. That definitely confirms that the Terrarian was no longer in his own world. But, hold on, what's that ruckus below?

With a glance at the ground, the Terrarian found armies of creatures fighting against who he assumed were soldiers, knights or otherwise those defending these castle's grounds. What's this? A event? At this time of day, at this time of year, in this part of this new world, localized entirely by this castle? ..If he could hear them (and if they had heard his thoughts), the Terrarian would've been expecting a resounding 'YES!' to be yelled up at him.

Alas, these were but monsters, and they seemed to have only one goal in mind: Causing havoc. So, the Hero was glad to oblige with aiding the defenders fight off the invaders. His perfect area of expertise, right next to beating ancient horrors into oblivion! Though, the Terrarian had decided on one thing - just as these monsters haven't made their silent introduction to him, neither would he sneak into the thicket of war and fight. Rather, he had decided to announce his presence loud and clear..

Raising an arm, the Daybreak manifested within his grasp. Now raising the other, the Terrarian flew out as he begun rapidly tossing a stream of Daybreak spears down below, aiming to begin his descent with not just one, but many bangs. Though, this was not his only plan - as soon as he was halfway down to the army, he'd planned to swap out for his Starwrath and initiate a symphony of falling stars to fall from the skies onto the hordes as he had planned to pierce through them with swings and strikes of his celestial sword!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

"A message? Well yeah, but I don't usually listen to any random voice in my head. This bot ain't THAT gullible." Metabee crossed his arms. "'Sides! You see any 'forces of evil' 'round these parts? I ain't seen nothin' yet!"

He didn't seem to be convinced by the magic man in his head, especially given his status as a machine, which could be tampered with. He only really believed his own voice right now more than anything.

"I see your in a talkin' mood now, what's your deal, bot? Know something we don't? Spit it out already!"

Astra & Musimon

"Wait...that dog was a man?!" Astra shouted. "How did that happen?? That ain't gonna happen to me, right?"

"It's okay Astra! Even if you were turned into a dog, you could still howl to my beats!" Musimon teased.

"Not helping."


Previously turnt3chGodh34d

Tali'Zorah nar Rayya vas Normandy

She was growing increasingly annoyed with its attitude. Was this part of its design? To be bossy, demanding, and a general nuisance? "First off, I'm not a "bot", I'm a quarian," she corrected without wasting more breath on the matter. "Secondly, it doesn't make you gullible to pay attention to that message, you're gullible if you blindly follow it. Finally," she gestured over toward the distant tornado. "That is not a natural meteorological event---its size and movement don't reflect the cloud coverage. Realistically, it should have dissipated by now. My guess is that it's artificial, or at least of an unnatural design. I intend to find this "faction" and figure out the truth of what's going on here. You're welcome to join me if you want, but I'd request you drop the attitude if we're going to work together." Two years ago, she'd have been timid. Now, she was annoyed, but after having dealt with so many incompetent people, even among her own race, she'd started to learn when and where to put her foot down and set some boundaries.​


Previously Manu456Alola
Kirin & Gunvolt
"You're not going to turn into a dog, Astra," Gunvolt reassured the boy. "This is just a side effect of my power being sealed by Kirin's Radiant Fetters. Besides, I can still turn back to normal every once in a while."

"GV's power was so out of control that he didn't even look human when I first met him. After I sealed him, he turned into this doggy form---and I gotta say, I like him better this way. He's all fluffy and stuff."

"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that."

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

"So in short, some bozo made that tornado and we gotta get answers? Ight, I get it." Metabee followed along. "Hey wait a second now, YOUR the one that turned your back on ME. Talkin' to me 'bout manners. If this is gonna work out, you gotta stop bein' so catty and work with the team. Even if you ain't a metabot, you'd know we are stronger the more guns we got! ...Sayin' you even GOT a gun, but still."

Metabee saw the value of numbers in the group, but didn't feel like compromising his free spirit to get it. Robots had always been servants to humans, but that wasn't gonna fly with him. He demanded respects like any other non-human, he ain't takin no lip.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d

Tali'Zorah nar Rayya vas Normandy

While it wasn't entirely wrong about her turning her back, it hadn't been out of general disrespect. More like discomfort, and a sense of overwhelming due to the situation, though she lacked the patience to begin correcting it on the matter. Or rather, perhaps it was because she did understand what it meant. From its perspective, she was very well being rude with her earlier actions. She'd make a note to prevent further reactions like that, but when it brought up bringing in the others, Tali's interest continued to wane.

"Oh, I have a gun," the quarian assured, reaching a hand behind her and tugging out a thick shotgun much larger than her torso, which seemed to extend to full length as she pulled it out, having been compact and inactive in the middle of her back. "But I'm not exactly thrilled about working with . . ." she let her voice trail off, gesturing toward Psyduck and the others, implying her already assumed belief of their incompetence. "The human male seems quiet, maybe we can take him, but I don't want to stand around all day waiting on decisions. I'll let you ask, but please make it quick."​

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

Ay, this chick packin' heat. Metabee thought to himself. Hope she got some bite to her bark, cause we'd prolly need it if that bozo is a poso

His optics whirred over to Ethan, who stood silently as the influencer and dog lady introduced themselves. He seemed kinda basic...not a lot going on there compared to his more flashy teammates. Metabee crossed his arms, obviously not impressed.

"You sure? He doesn't seem very good in a fight." Metabee grumbled. "Bah, whatever. I'll check the John Doe anyway, just don't be shocked."

Metabee marched over to him, obvious on his face that he didn't have the best of hopes for this one. Putting a hand on his hip, he cleared his throat at Ethan.

"Tee shirt, yeah you. Wanna kick it with me and pink hips over there? Gettin' the feel the others have some dead wait to 'em. You CAN hold your own weight, right?"

The robot arched an optic, mimicking arching a brow as they judged Ethan. Hardly a body builder or heavily armed. What exactly could he do?


Previously Blatant Mokery
Ethan Winters
There were quite a few peculiar individuals around Ethan, but the one that caught his attention the most was definitely that roundish yellow creature who was shouting something, a word Ethan didn’t really recognize. This one seemed the most aggressive, though didn’t look like the monsters that Ethan had grown used to fighting. Actually, it was sort of cute.

Before he had a chance to go over and either pet or punt the thing, one of the other folks on the plateau began speaking to him.

…truth be told, up until a couple of years ago, Ethan really wasn’t anyone special, or capable of doing anything special. Then the Baker House incident happened, and things hadn’t really been the same since. His body was undeniably different- wounds sealed faster, limbs could be reattached, and he was able to survive things that no human being reasonably should. In fact, he could feel the cuts across his body rapidly healing right now.

“Yeah. I can pull weight,” Ethan replied after a few moments of brooding. He wasn’t the strongest, but he was pretty crafty and always got the job done, evidenced by the several crystallized monstrosities in his bag. Considering what he’d survived, what he’d fought through to get to his daughter… yeah, Ethan felt he could pull weight.
“…You’re a robot,” he added as it dawned on him what he was speaking to.

“Oh, hello little guy!” Nozomi greeted the pink critter, kneeling down and making sure her guns weren’t pointed toward it- demons didn’t like that one bit. She recalled being involved in dozens of demon negotiations where things went south because someone looked at someone else funny, raised their weapon a little too high…

Usually, the smaller and cuter demons were actually the most difficult to have a conversation with. They were often quite smart and would require a great deal of macca and goodies before they’d consider offering their services… this one seemed friendly, so Nozomi was hopeful.

“I hope I’m not bothering you, but you seemed like the most approachable demon here,” she explained, readjusting her visor a second time, now realizing that it was slightly cracked and damaged. “Do you, uh… have any clue where we are?” she questioned as she offered him a handful of gold coins, hearing the continuing sound of conflict and now a soothing flute-playing nearby.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

"A Metabot, thank you much." He corrected. "Meh, good enough. Your cool, come with us."

If he said he could, he had no reason not to believe it. After all, he'd have to prove himself later if push came to shove. Putting his hands behind his head, Metabee strolled back over to Tali.

"Ay, we got a +1-"

"Yo Yo! What about you three? Intro time!" Astra pointed to them, spotlights moving toward them.

So much for a subtle getaway. Metabee didn't exactly WANT to introduce himself if he was just gonna ditch the pair of posers, but he grumbled along. He looked up to Tali, giving her a confused look, shrugging his robot shoulders.


Previously mallard
Akkala Citadel
Aegiomon played his pan flute of peace in an attempt to resolve the bloody conflict. Hylia's creations calmed, and there was no further attack towards the monsters. However, the monsters were creatures born from hate, and the calming tune was an assault to their ears. The bipedal beasts clutched their ears, as Keese fell from the sky and Chuchus shivered in discomfort. When the tune ended, the agents of calamity were stunned for a moment more, and then looked back at the opposing soldiers with a new malice in their eyes. They attacked, now pushing forward even faster than before thanks to the Citadel's defenders suddenly losing the will to fight. The battle had been transformed into a slaughter.

Well, if it hadn't been for one more attacker, Tal'Set, whose bladed club cleaved into one unlucky red Moblin's jaw, shattering it, and smacking the brute over the bridge's side. And after that, the slaughter was reversed by the sudden storm of spears, followed by meteors! This caused attention to be turned on the Terrarian, arrows of different elements flying towards him with varying accuracy.

Jibanyan abruptly stopped his cowering to stare at the human with round, blank eyes. He blinked.

"...Can you see me?"

After the feeling of minor surprise, he stood upright and shrugged. Polar opposite to his initial reaction, he spoke cooly now, "Eh, nyot the weirdest thing about this place." He looked behind Kiwi, straight at the near-sighted patrol bot. "Nyow that thing, looks preeeetty weird."

Kragg was barely less paranoid than when he appeared, but his guard was slowly lowering. Especially when the canine 'spoke' to him, the polite introduction from a creature he could comprehend calmed his nerves. While he was unable to recall having ever hearing of a Pokémon, he answered Lucario with an expressionless shake of his head.

(Co-written by Shen)
Officer Howard raised his baton to clash with the boy's bat, a couple sparks flying from the collision. It took a conscious effort from the cop to not go on the offensive, since he'd gotten very used to lethal force after fighting against otherworldly monsters for so long.

He had a way to quickly neutralize the child without hurting him, but the device he needed, the Legatus, was deactivated and attached to his back. So, with his free hand, he shoved the boy back, and then grabbed the device.

"Tch!" The boy was shoved back, his feet skidding as they made contact with the ground. A tough cookie this guy, didn't even get knocked to the ground. He needed to get around his defenses.

"Hey, smelly demon." Masaru spat, bringing out a baseball from his pocket. "How about a game?"

He tossed the baseball into the air, bashing it with his bat. The ball bounced from wall to wall before the third bounce would get it to strike the man's head from the side. While this was happening, Masaru took his chance to pounce, trying to deliver a headbutt to his stomach.

However, as the boy taunted the officer, Howard remained unbothered. Instead, he whipped out his Legatus, the device activating. As the boy threw the ball, the Legionis didn't waste mental power in trying to keep track of it, but instead slid the machine onto his forearm. A writing cube floated out from the Legatus as the ball sped for Howard, but in a flash of blue light-


The baseball was bisected, and the culprit was evident. A third living figure was now within this room, the armored Sword Legion.

As the boy approached, the two sidestepped in separate directions, both immediately taking the time to run around the boy's opposite flanks, and as they reconvened behind the kid, the Astral Chain made a complete circle, a circle that instantly constricted around the boy.

"Wha-what is this?!"

He thought this demon was like all the rest, easy and weak. This one seemed to have technology he hadn't seen before. ...A future foundation operative? No doubt about it! He needed to call the big guns. His twitching, half stunned hand slowly reached behind him before-

"Huh? Where...where is it??"

He felt about, but there was no doubt about it: Mark Guyver's remote was gone. Who could have taken it though? Last he remembered...

"Tch! You filthy demon! Where'd you put my remote?! Did your bigger slashy demon take it while I wasn't looking?!"

The cop decided to keep his Legatus active, but quickly moved to put a gloved hand up against Masaru's mouth to muffle his shouting.

"Quiet. This is likely a hostile area. We need to move."

Max Brass's attention was drawn to the wreckage the iron beast wrought, and the man was in awe.
"HA! Now THIS THING has some MUSCLES!"
He walked up to the beast with no regard of his own safety, raising a leathery hand to pat the lizard's metal shell.
"I wonder if I can keep it..."
The Commish's awe was only interrupted by Asgore's inquiry.

Psyduck could not be less concerned about the iintroductions made. He didn't recognize the transformed Gunvolt in the slightest, because he was instead focused on the two that were splitting away with the party. Leaving the humans in the dust? Why didn't he think about that?
So, The Duck waddled up to Metabee's side with haste, following the alien without knowledge of either's intentions. He witnessed the tail end of their argument, before the robot went back to talk with a human.
Oh well, Psyduck liked his chances with one teammate just as well, and poked the side of Tali'Zorah's leg to get her attention, before subtly pointing behind him with a stubby thumb to suggest they sneak away before Ethan caught up. As the robot returned however, Psyduck got a little less subtle, trying to pull the alien with him.
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic sassily placed a hand on his hip as the others began to communicate as well. Suddenly, a weird voice went off in his head. It wasn’t the first time, but it was still pretty freaky. Apparently, that canine-looking thing was the source of this voice, obviously having powers of some sort.

The man then expressed his, mutually shared, confusion. “I don’t know who he blue porcupine is or…” Sonic stopped listening after the porcupine statement. With a snarky frown, the hedgehog spoke up “Hey man, havent you ever seen a hedgehog before? I’m no porcupine!” The blue blur then looked around. ”Where are we anyway?” The hedgehog promptly dashed over to one of the taller trees and ran up it in a spiral, ending up at the top in less than a second, probably freaking some people out.

He then spotted a massive base floating in the sky, in the likeness of someone he swear he knew…the ape from the tournament a while back! The first one, anyway. That wasn’t good. He also spotted a large pillar of smoke.

”Guys, we got bigger problems! Check it out, there’s a huge station up in the sky! And in my experience, a giant thing in the sky with a bad guy’s face all over it is bad news!” He yelled down to the crew on the ground.

With a nod, Aegislash agreed to the Nord‘s plan, eye squinting. Without hesitation, the Royal Sword flew over to the street and remained still, waiting for a metal chariot to come. Once one arrived, Aegislash would use King’s Shield, causing a massive projection of his shield to appear before him. If the car ran into this, it would crash and stop. Otherwise, the people driving would stop it themselves, fulfilling the plan either way.

The ghost rolled his eyes as Copen seriously took cover near the door and peeked out, observing the duo coming towards the room. Gengar casually floated over next to him as he beckoned, chilling upside down in the air.

The boy then turned to him and informed him that the dudes were armed and asked Gengar to disarm them so that he could get intel out of them. The pokémon nodded before sinking into the ground, disappearing completely. After a moment’s pause, the two’s weapons floated up in the air, then were thrown back to the end of the hallway. Afterwards, a menacing silhouette of Gengar appeared behind the two, much larger than Gengar was before. The air chilled around the Grunts. If they turned around, Gengar would roar and wave his body around, likely scaring them and sending them backwards. If they didn’t turn around, Gengar would stay there as Copen gathered intel from them.


Previously Manu456Alola
---Sumeragi Campaign---
City Slums

A few moments passed before another floating vehicle came into sight, two soldiers on its back, both donning blue armor with yellow visors, advanced-looking rifles in their arms. The moving vehicle slammed into Aegislash's King's Shield, the front becoming crumpled as the two soldiers were flung forward a decent distance, rolling along the cracked concrete roughly, though their armor protected them from any serious damage.

If the heroes were to inspect the damaged vehicle, they'd find the soldier driving it had been knocked out, the deployed airbag in front of him deflating immediately. The two soldiers now on the ground soon managed to stand up, clearly a little jarred by what just transpired, but still raising their rifles towards the Royal Sword.

"You, identify yourself and state your business!" One of them spoke, his voice deep and serious despite the fact that he was talking to a floating sword. "Interference with the Sumeragi Institute of Human Evolution will not be taken lightly!"

Gengar was on the move, sinking into the ground and then reappearing behind the Grunts, throwing their weapons away with what seemed to be psychokinesis. Once that was done, Copen would take advantage of the distraction by running out of the room, thrusters on his arms and legs activating as he sped directly toward one of the Grunts, raising an arm before attempting to slam his elbow into the alien's face, aiming to knock him out.

Should he be successful, he'd then wrap an arm around the remaining Grunt to place him in a chokehold (as well as he could anyway, given the triangular pack on his back was rather big), raising his Razor Wheel close to the creature's neck, not activating it yet, but certainly acting as an intimidation tactic. With that done, he'd be able to ask a few important questions...
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Previously Gamingfan2
So the small bit did follow,moving across the cave with a surprising mobility and even more surprisingly landing on her shoulder. Samus almost shot the bot right then and there, but managed to withhold her instinct. That said, it wouldn't be there for long as Samus inspected the glowing crack. A couple of snacks with her canon would likely eliminate it, but Samus was always caution with the unknown.
Choosing to play it safe, Samus motioned with her hand to back off, a warning for Ray. Samus then balled up, quite literally mind you, and dropped a bomb near the crack, rolling away in case something unexpected happened. It burst with a small but strong boom.
If anything good would come out of this, it proved that the "physical amnesia" ADAM always mentioned wasn't in effect this time.

The Pink Demon listen to Nozomi, seemingly considering her words just a bit too much until he shook his head, proceeding to pantomime himself sleeping, before awakening with a start and looking around in confusion.
He paid no attention to the coins, remembering that while gold was pretty, it didn't taste very good.

Lucario blinked in surprise at the lack of understanding, before regaining composure.
"Well, I suppose it isn't necessary to explain. But I can assure you all I mean no harm, and it appears we're all just as confused of this... situation."
It was then the blue hedgehog piped up, pointing at the massive building, somehow floating in midair. Lucario squinted in suspicion towards Sonic's assumption. The last thing they wanted was to start unnecessary conflict. That said...
"You wouldn't suppose they would have any answers for our circumstances?" He asked, not necessarily towards Sonic.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist


The monsters continued to attack while the guards were subdued. Most creatures would at very least be brought to reason for a several seconds after his playing...but these things didn't care in the slightest. Could they be under the control of something much stronger? Darker? Aegiomon frowned, especially as spears were flung and attacks were fired off into the field of enemies.

"Why is it always violence with these guys...!"

He wasn't just going to let these guys get massacred, even if they seemed bad. But he also wasn't just going to let them assault the soldiers either. So he leapt into action. His fists electrified, as he struck, small nimble taps against the stomachs of several hobgoblins, the electricity shocked through them, stunning them into submission. No deaths required.

"Stun beat blow!"

Specter campaign

As sonic peered into the distance, the smoke that bellowed out appearing to get closer the more he looked at it. A few trees appeared to go down as well...and a few more. There was a pattern here. The sound of crashing trees became louder.


Something came into view. A wide steamroller that was knocking down rows of trees at a time, flattening them down into nothing but splinters. From the way it was going...it was headed right toward their direction! It was now seen in the tree line, or at least while the trees still stood, not stopping its speed as it drove forward. Looks like they were caught up in a demolition project.