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Private/Closed Bootleg Smash Bros!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
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Greetings! One and all! You are formally invited to the greatest tournament ever created! This is no hoax, as the greatest warriors and minds from all the realms will converge here: at the Tournament of...well, let’s call it Smash Brothers- no no. Copyrighted. How about Bootleg brothers? Good, I like the sound of that! ANYWAY! The winner, if they were to climb the ranks and defeat their competitors will be granted one wish....anything their heart desires right at their appendage tips!

This offer is not for the faint of heart, as you can (and let’s be honest, probably will) be battered, sliced, and SMASHED to inconceivable pieces. Now then. Will you tempt fate and try the odds? Or will you pass up this offer of a life time? This choice is yours.

Your Loving host,
——— Master Hand


“Come back here!!”

A group of four swordsman, colored in red, blue, purple, and green respectively chased a small pig, which had a bag in its mouth. Rupees dropped out of it’s mouth while it squealed away from the four swordsman. Truly this was the most noble the name link has ever been.

“Who’s pig even is that?!?” Blue yelled. “I’m gonna beat that pig-“

“No! It’s just scared!” Red cried out.

“Scared? It stole all our money! Let’s get ‘em!!”

Purple sighed, keeping up with the group “Out of all the...”

Green was silently picking up the rupees as they fell, carrying a pile of them in his arms, clanking around loudly. Out of the bag the pig was carrying, came a letter fluttering out, flying and hitting an aggravated blue in the face. He grit his teeth and shoot around frantically.

“Gah! What in the-“ he grunted, taking the letter from his face. “Wha...WHO GOT LOOT WITHOUT ME?!?”

“Huh?” Red stopped. “I don’t remember that being there...”

Purple, who had nabbed the runaway swine looked to green, who shrugged as well. Nabbing the rupee bag, green looked at the letter, reading it’s contents to himself. Everyone had finished the letter at the same time...just as a portal appeared in front of them.

“What the...” Blue uttered “is that-“

“The tournament? It looks like it.” Purple pondered.

“Do we really wanna go to that guys?” Red questioned, worried. “It seems pretty dangerous...”

Purple sighed. “It does say we can have a wish of any kind. Real question is: do we want to do that, or do we want to continue all these side quests?”

They all eyed the pig, which had somehow gotten out of purple’s arms. It ran off squealing again, as all the links looked to each other in horror.


“Maybe not so dangerous after all.”

“Yes for me.”


They all nodded in unison, before jumping through the portal before them...to the unknown battle.



The threatening voice of Wizeman boomed across the realm of Nightmare. Two ghastly figures approached the call from the night god. Two colorful looking ghouls: a Jester and a Trickster. The red and orange creatures gave a long bow to their master.

“Yes, Master Wizeman?” Reala asked in fealty


“Yeah yeah, we got it Wizeguy.” Jackle giggled.


Wizeman’s voice alone cracked and shook the pillars around them, Reala wincing as he heard his master’s wrath.

“We will follow your orders and compete, my master.” He spoke, deepening his bow.


As Wizeman bellowed, a vast portal was summoned, Wizeman’s power holding the gate open for his pair of aces. The two zipped through the gateway, envoys of darkness racing toward the key to eternal Night....


“....Is that so?”

Specter smiled, cross legged on his floating throne. As the gateway materialized in front of the the albino simian overlord, a glint was in his eye. His smile crew ever more wicked and michevious.

“No one can match up to my intellect, nor my power. I can use this wish to bring forth a new era for me and all monkey kind! To truly cement is as the superior race! What leader would I be if I didn’t give my people the best chance of success?”

His ambition drove him forward, the throne carrying the primate toward the portal to space time.


Previously EeviumZ
[TEMMIE - dA new tEm shop]
Temmie had been having a relatively normal day up until now... well, normal by Temmie standards, at least.

Even though the monsters had reached the surface at last, Temmie's life really hadn't changed much - her "shop" (read "cardboard box") just wasn't in a dark cave anymore. She was still vying for the muns she needed for college, and constantly eating tem flakes just like normal. In a sense, her life was exactly the same as it had always been.

Suddenly, on her little badly-decorated cardboard box, a small letter appeared. The seal looked vaguely... familiar?
Of course, Temmie did not think to question the letter just appearing in their shop. The shop Tem simply cocked her head, staring down at the letter.

"a lEter? 4 tEM?" she asked quizzically, despite the fact that there was no one to ask.

Fumbling it in her.... paws? hands? for a moment, she eventually got the page out of the envelope, reading it. She didn't understand most of the language used, but she got the gist of it anyway.

Just like the magically-appearing letter, she didn't question the portal appearing in front of her either. All she cared about was what the letter said. If she did.. whatever she was supposed to do here, she would get a wish. She could go to college, just like she'd wanted for years!

"tEM gO too cOOl leg!" she shrieked, drawing concerned glances from the people and monsters on the streets. Most of them were used to Temmie's... charm by now, but this was even a bit unusual.

Not caring about anything else, the strange monster practically dived through the portal, it closing behind her.


Previously AceTrainerGold
{The great Captain Toad/At his home}
Toad was just returning home after one of his many adventures with his partner, Toadette. They had been hunting for treasures and were now just returning to have their dinner.

Their home eventually came into view and the two of then dashed towards and then proceeded to both go through the door. Toadette took a seat as Toad went into the kitchen to cook up some food, “I’m really hungry! So I’ll try be fast!” He exclaimed in his rather child-like voice. He then began to start cooking.

While Toad was in the kitchen cooking, Toadette noticed something on the ground just next to the front door. She walked over to it and picked it up, it was a letter. The seal was unfamiliar to her, “It looks like we got mail!” She shouted as Toad came into the room with plates of food in hand. “Mail?” Toad grabbed the letter and took a look at it, the seal was unfamiliar to him too, nonetheless he opened it up. He skimmed through it until he got to the bottom, to his surprise the letter wasn’t meant for him, it was meant for Mario. “This is Mario’s! Let’s go give it to him.” He told Toadette as he ran out of the house, with his backpack and pickaxe for some reason. Then suddenly a weird portal appeared in front of him, “What’s this?!” He asked as he then got closer to it out of curiosity. As he got closer and closer he accidentally stumbled and fell into it. “Wahhhh!” He shouted as the portal then shut behind him.
{Darth Maul, half a Sith Lord/Dathomir}
Maul sat on a small log, Dathomir’s sun still blazing. For years Maul has been bitter about that time he was vested by a Padawan of all things. That Padawan was named Obi-Wan Kenobi and Maul has been out for him ever since his loss, after the battle he was left with no legs and now has to have these mechanical legs, his life isn’t too great.

As Maul got up from his seat he got a glance of something on the ground, a letter. “Now what is this!” He shouted in an angered tone. He discarded of it by ripping and then throwing it. After he had done this, a portal appeared rift in front of his face. He looked at in wonder as he approached. “Maybe it can get me off of this wretched planet.” He said with a grin and he walked into the portal as his closed.
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Previously TheJustinMan
{The Freelance Police Office}

The room was quiet. Oddly quiet for the two that live in this building. The TV was off, the closet was closed, and... WOOSH! "Hah! Bullseye." Sam said, dusting his hands and looking at the dartboard. "Man, your aim with darts is off the charts! Wish I could say the same for your gun aim!" Max chirped, a bit annoyed that he hadn't won the game. "I guess I was just a bit happy that we finally got our darts back from the police's item keep. Don't wanna lose them again after what happened last time." Sam continued. The phone then rang, and as per usual... "I GOT IT! I GOT IT! I GOT- OOF!" Max yelled, being quickly stopped by his suit wearing furry companion. "Hello? Yes... Hm... Uh huh... that's good... holy cheese on a platter stuffed into the mouth of a mouse priest! We're on it!" Sam said, slamming the phone and packing his bags. "Ooh, Sam, where we going this time? We gonna beat up the president again?" Max asked, violence drawn enthusiasm, part of it because of Sam's relent to let him use the phone. "I'm afraid not, my fluffy friend, though that might be fun. We've been invited to the biggest- er, boot-leggiest fighting tournament of all time. We're going to Bootleg Brothers!" Sam said, holstering his gun and heading out door. "Sounds like that licensed fighting game but for chumps... oh well. At least I can beat people up and not get arrested! And, can I drive?" He said, as they pulled up on the DeSoto. "I would let you, but you'll be too busy thinking of ways to kill your enemies to focus on the road." Sam shunned. Max nodded, and as they began driving, the portal appeared in front of them, taking the two and the DeSoto to Smash land.

{RED Baracks}

At RED base, things were happening as they normally did. Engineer was doing a routine security check, Medic was harvesting and stocking animal organs, and Heavy and the others had just come back with the enemy intelligence. As they stepped out of the car, Heavy couldn't help but feel a little sad at the deed they'd just done. "Those men will not see families again. We kill them, but we must be full of despair." He said to his team mates. "Aye, that's a good way to think. But, they were trying to kill us, too." Demo replied, a bit grateful of Heavy's quote. "Yeah yeah, whatever. Let's make sure this intel is secure, alright?!" Scout said in a jeering manner, not wanting to talk about sentimental stuff. "After I eat Sandvich!" Heavy replied. As he opened the fridge, he noticed that where his Sandvich used to be was a piece of paper. A letter, to be specific. "What is this... Smash thing?" Heavy wondered while reading the letter. It then said that if he wanted his Sandvich, he'd have to come get it... alone. He began gathering things as he told his team about the letter. "Oh, here partner. Take this." Engineer said, handing him a toolbox. "This is a teleporter, yes? I will take. Might be useful to fight." Heavy said. As he picked up his final equipment, Sasha the Minigun. He then got in the van, his team wishing him a final farewell, and hopped into the van, going through the portal as he drove.
"Tiny has letter for Dingodile!" Tiny Tiger slammed open the door of the room in which Dingodile was reading a book written by someone called Dr. R. Roo. Looking up from his book, he faced Tiny and raised a hand.

"G'day Tiny, hand it over to me will ya?" As the thylacine complied, Dingodile tore open the envelope and read the letter inside. His eyebrows lifted, a tournament that could grant him a wish? He could ask for a giant flamethrower, a new kart, a new breeding license after his mixed creatures went mental or maybe even a way to get that infuriating bandicoot on their side! He barely qualified for intelligent life, but he is capable enough to thwart Cortex's plans time and time again. Maybe Cortex was just a fool though, both options were possible.

"Alright, I'll bite. Let's see what this is all about." Putting a bookmark in between the pages he was reading, Dingodile put his book away and strapped on his trusty flamethrower before entering the portal, something he decided was caused by someone like N.Tropy. He was in the ice ages before, this couldn't be much different from that timewarper right?


"Ahhhh! Always good to see you again, my comrade." Raising his glass of vodka high, Zangief threw back the liquid with no hesitation. "Not everyone appreciates you, comrade Vodka, but you keep me just as warm and motivated as my muscle spirit!" Whilst flexing his muscles to show his 'muscle spirit', the Red Cyclone noticed a letter was delivered as it was lying on the doormat. Curious, he picked up the letter and opened it.

Zangief's eyes widened as he read the letter. A tournament consisting of the greatest warriors and minds, with the chance of getting a wish fulfilled? He had to be there! If he won, Mother Russia could be acknowledged as the greatest country in the world and even if he lost, it would be good publicity and he was never one to turn down a fight. "Whahahahaha! I'm in! Let's see if someone can withstand the strength of the Red Cyclone!" With those courageous, or foolish, words, Zangief stepped through the portal.


"Seto, there's a letter for you!"

Seto Kaiba stopped typing to listen to his younger brother over the intercom. A letter? Who sends letters in this day and age? Why not an e-mail? "Come in, Mokuba." As soon as he said those words, the door of his office opened and Mokuba Kaiba entered with an unopened letter. "Thank you Mokuba." Opening the letter with a letter opener, Seto read the contents of it with a stone-cold expression. A tournament and he wasn't hosting it? Interesting. By the looks of it the most powerful duelists would be gathering, there was no way he'd lose face by not showing up. Plus that wish thing sounded interesting, maybe he could finally beat Yugi with it.

Putting the letter in his pocket, Kaiba opened a suitcase and put his deck along with a duel disk inside of it, just in case they had to bring their own devices. "Mokuba, I'm going to that tournament. You're in charge, try not to bankrupt us." He smiled as he popped his collar.

"Wouldn't dream of it, bro."

Exiting the office with a wave and his trusty suitcase, Kaiba went up to the roof where his private jet was. Opening a small storage space in the side of the jet's 'head', it looked suspiciously like a Blue Eyes White Dragon, he put the suitcase away and entered the jet. After buckling in, he started the engines, set the jet to autopilot and grabbed the letter again. "Where does this tournament even take place? It doesn't say it on the letter, which is just bad professionalism." The moment Seto Kaiba uttered those words, a portal opened up in front of him. "Ahhh!" Letting out a cry of surprise, the jet flew through the portal.
Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley was feeling quite ill today, as he had been experiencing sudden, sharp stomach pains for some apparent reason (Must have been Malfoy jinxing my bloody pumpkin juice again....). The young wizard hustled down the steps of Gryffindor Tower, rushing over to make his 8th trip of the day to the bathroom. Slamming open the bathroom door, Ron made a beeline for the nearest stall. To his surprise, before he was able to push down the cold metal handle, Ron was flung backward. Desperately clinging onto the handle, he looked back and saw a gaping portal.

"BLIMEY! I reckon it's one of those 5-legged vortex butterflies Mum's always going on about. Best if I use a stunning spell."
Instinctively reaching for his wand, Ron let go of the handle and as a result, flew in the portal, thinking something along the lines of:
Bloody hell, did Malfoy put troll shite in my pumpkin juice?


Papyrus was ticked off, big time. Fuming as he held up a putrid sock, he called out to his brother:
"SANS! Quit being such a lazy-bones and pick up your socks!! Honestly, I have no clue how you'd survive without The Great Papyrus taking care of you!! Nyeh heh heh!"
When he got no response, Papyrus charged into Sans's room, cringing at the self-sustaining tornado of trash.
To his displeasure, Sans was nowhere to be found. Instead, there was a single piece of paper on the floor that said:
"at grillby's to grab some burgz. be back in a few."
Out of sheer frustration, Papyrus detached his own head and lobbed it out the window to vent.
Immediately realizing that catapulting his own head was not a good idea, Papyrus's body rocketed out the window to retrieve it. After 10 minutes of groping around the snow, Papyrus finally found his skull. Stumbling around to re-attach his own head, Papyrus face-planted into what seemed like an empty hole, and blacked out.

Johnny Lawrence

The All Valley Karate Championship was coming up and Johnny Lawrence was fired up. Being Sensei Kreese's star student, he had come to the Cobra Kai dojo early to get in some extra training.

"Heh, that punk LaRusso and his bodyguard grandpa better watch out because these guns aren't just for show you know? Stupid kid stole my girl and then humiliated me at the dance with the old man. I'll show them....I'll put 'em both in a body bag."

Throwing punches harder than ever now, Johnny imagined the satisfaction of every blow landing on Daniel LaRusso's smug face. With every hit, he yelled the Cobra Kai mantra:

With time, Johnny's punches became faster and his yells, louder. He was totally ready to train all day long until.....
"This is the police! You're coming with us for multiple accounts of noise violation!"
Johnny looked up from the punching bag and his eyes widened with fear. Without thinking he sprinted in the opposite direction of the policeman's voice, taking the back door of the dojo.
He ran and ran for what seemed like hours when he collapsed to his knees from exhaustion.
"I...think...I lost them.....Got to sit down....for just....a second..."
Instead of collapsing on the curb, Johnny felt his feet being pulled by something. He looked down and yelled in surprise as he was pulled into the portal.
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The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney

"WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!" The cries of the excited Superboy rang out into the streets of Gotham, as the young hero leaped from roof to roof. Lagging just behind him were his reluctent best friend and teammate, Damian Wayne, the newest Robin and son of Batman, and Dick Grayson, the very first Robin, now going by the name of Nightwing.

"Must he be so loud? This was supposed to be stealth training for him, not some playdate." Damian muttered out to adopted brother.

Dick just chuckled, flashing his signature smirk at the young Robin. "I don't know, I kinda prefer his bright cheeriness to your dark gloom. You two really do take after your fathers." He chuckled, seeing Damian roll his eyes and let his famous '-TT-' sound that he makes whenever he was annoyed.

Just ahead, Superboy slid to a stop, seeing some mysterious letters appear in front of him. Robin and Nightwing stopped just behind him, trying to see what Superboy was looking at. "What ya got there Jon?" Dick asked, noticing the boy shaking with excitement.

"Possibly the greatest invitation of all time!" Jon said with a wide grin, spinning around to show his friends. Being sidekicks to the world's greatest detective, Damian and Dick read over the letter carefully.

"This is probably so trick. A ploy by Luthor, or that Twisted nightmare version of my father." Damian muttered out. "Or worse, that 4th dimension imp Bat-Mite..." He shuddered as he thought of the small creature that dressed in a mockery of his father's costume.

Suddenly a portal appeared before the three, Jon's excitement going through the roof. "Come oooon! Our dads have been taking care of those losers, this has to be legit, come on!"

"Well..." Dick crossed his arms and sighed. "I am technically the adult here, and I say we should investigate this. If it is a tournament then we'll get some good experiencre, if it is an evil plot, then we'll stop it. We're the kids of the greatest heroes alive we'll kick ass."

"You're not his biological son." Damian interrupted.

"Lets see you say that after I beat you in the finals, now lets go." With that, Nightwing led the two younger heroes into the portal and away to where hopefully a grand tournament awaited them.


Previously Kid_Nukas
Shovel Knight

Shovel knight had just heard about the imminent threat that the Enchanter posed to the world. She had also heard the tower in which she lost her beloved and best friend, Shield Knight, was unsealed. Shovel Knight was ready to go and defeat all of the Enchanter's Order of No Quarter and get her beloved Shield Knight back when she encountered her enemy, rival, and doppelganger: Black Knight. Black knight and Shovel knight crossed blades– or rather, shovels. After Shovel knight bounced on her head a couple of times with her shovel, Black Knight begrudgingly admitted defeat.

Before heading their separate ways, Black Knight left Shovel Knight with, "You know you can't save him. I've tried. I don't think you'll be able to get him back any more than I did. The Enchanter won't let him see the light of day again." With that Black Knight left Shovel Knight to her adventures.

In the forest, Shovel Knight saw a suspicious-looking Blue Chest with a gold lock which could only mean one thing. She promptly broke the lock with her shovel and out popped her old friend and supplier, Chester. "Hey Chester, what have you got for me today?"

"Look who's out of their self-imposed exile! well you chose a good day to start adventuring because I have something Free of charge, available today only!" Chester retrieved the letter addressed to Shovel Knight from his Chest.

"A tournament in which the winner can get one wish granted?" Shovel Knight looked longingly at the tower of the Enchanter and then back at the letter. "I accept."

Just then a portal opened up for Shovel Knight. Shovel Knight stepped through the portal and was unexpectedly followed by Chester. "Oh I forgot to mention Ms. Shovel, The price for that letter wasn't exactly free. I was very interested in this tournament myself, it will be a great place where you can show off all of my wares. I will provide you with weapons at a discounted price between battles for you to use and show off their great utility. I have to make a living somehow."

Shovel Knight was a little annoyed at her supplier but begrudgingly accepted. She was ready to face off in a tournament like no other.


"STOP! Who goes there? Are you here to hurt the Colons? Well, I won't let you hurt the- Oh it's just you Quote."

Quote walked in with something in his hand. "Kazuma and Sue just received a transmission. It isn't clear who it's from but it just appeared on the receiving end of the teleporter. It's addressed to you." Curly was of course intrigued by this information. She rushed over and snatched the letter from Quote's hand. "It says I'm invited to a tournament, the grand prize is anything I can wish for. Quote do you know what this means???" Quote in his usual almost emotionless gestures just shrugged. He really enjoyed acting like the robot he was.

"It means I can wish for the Colons and the rest of the Mimiga to be protected forever. I won't have to worry about them anymore!!" Just then a portal opened up for Curly to step through. "But if I'm at this tournament, then who will protect the Colons while I'm gone?" Quote said frankly "I'll watch them, it's no bother. I'll make sure no one hurts them."

Curly ran up and hugged Quote "Oh thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU! I'll Be back soon with the news of my victory, just count on it." With that Curly loaded up her arsenal and ran through the portal.
Somewhere in Italy sat a contempt man idly sitting with a couple of French girls discussing the meaning of 'life' and 'love'. "Wow Lupin. That's an interesting perspective" the first woman said. Lupin the third chuckled to her response, "Would you two ladies like to take things upstairs" Lupin said unbuttoning his coat. The second girl tugged on Lupins coat gesturing towards a gaping portal, "What in the worlds is that?! I bet De Vinci is behind this!! Now isnt a good time man... Come again in an hour or two Da Vinci!" Lupin yelled. Jigen walked in the room with Goemon a few steps behind him, "Come on Lupin! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity! Me and Goemon will keep the girls entertained! Jigen said, "Jigen your not helping! The two girls chuckled to Jigens comment ,and before Lupin could respond Goemon pushed him in with the scabbard of his sword. Lupin fell and landed face first on the ground to which he got up ,and quickly buttoned his coat as he looked around.


Far far away in a distant galaxy, "SPIKE! Where did my sandwich go?! I left it on the table not two seconds ago!!" Jet yelled. Spike laying on the couch looking over at the empty plate in front of him, "Don't look at me... I didn't take it."Spike said, "Then who did? Sandwiches don't grow legs! Ed was it you?" Jet said wondering through the ship looking for Edward, "Nope! Nope! Wasn't me! I bet it was Faye-Faye!" Ed said as she floated through the room with her laptop. Both Jet and Faye looked at her with an annoyed look, "Real cute kid! Just confess to eating the sandwich! We all know it was You!" Faye yelled. Within moments Ein floated into the room with a half eaten sandwich in her mouth, "Ein you gimme my sandwich at once you mangy mutt!" Jet yelled as he gave into chase. Ein scurried her little legs as fast as she could trying to go around the corner. As Jet ran around the corner he didn't notice the portal he ran through. Faye Sat their quietly bewildered as to why Jet had stopped yelling. Ein stood there finishing the last of Jet's sandwich, "Give me back my sandwich you- Wait... What? Where am I? And when did I get off my ship?!" Jet said trying not to have a mental breakdown, "I've seen all sorts of stuff as a cop ,but never anything like this!" Jet said.


"Yo hey hooo killer b is who I be! These crazy rhymes gonna make you hazy! Scram little kids it's well past your bedtimes! Killa B is about to drop a bijuu bomb on your mom..." Killer B said as he made his way down the street, "ugh... that was worse than the last one ,and I think you know it too..." Kyūki said. As killer B walked down the street he noticed the strangest thing in the alleyways(a portal). Before Killer B could use proper judgment, "KILLER BEEEEEEEE!!!!!" The fourth Raikage yelled. In that moment Killer B felt his heart stop colder than ice, "Oh shhhh-" Killer B went as he ran down the Alley way ,and into the portal without thinking, "woah hey hooo! Where am I?! With all these creeps and geeks with their beady eyes and graffiti clothes looking like anything goes!" Killer B said as he looked around at the other people.


As Johnny Cage made his way from his dressing room he was ready for an interview when out of nowhere *SMACK!*, Johnny was completely caught off guard as his daughter Cassie nut punched him as he walked around the corner. Johnny quickly dropped to the ground, "ha! I told you I'd get you old man! Mom owes me twenty bucks!" Cassie said. Johnny lied there just lifting his head up, "uuurgh... just... wait till I... get up!" Johnny said. As he finally able to get up he combed his hair as he was still needed to get to his interview, and look good, "thank goodness! Atleast you guys aren't broken..." Johnny said putting his sunglasses on, "My other boys seem just fine too" Johnny said as he headed outside towards his helicopter. As he arrived at the site where the interview was held he jumped down making a dramatic entrance. The crowd of people watching loved seeing their favorite hero make amazing entrances. As the interview went on eventually some talk of a otherworldly occurrence. As Johnny finally got up to see what was going on he saw a portal which as he approached he touched it just before going through, "Woah... talk about deja vu... I have a bad feeling Shao Khan may be involved in this..." Johnny said as he looked around.
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Previously EeviumZ
(whoa, THIS is a doozy of a post)

[FLOWEY, The Surface]

Flowey had sworn to himself that he would never leave the Underground. He hadn't kept that promise.

He'd remained in the Underground for a while, yes. Unfortunately, Flowey got rather bored. There was no one to play with. No one to manipulate. There was nothing at all. Eventually, he'd snapped and left the Underground.

Even so, he had the decency to stay out of the lives of the Human and their friends. He watched them, of course. Lurking in the shadows, in a dark alley, in a patch of grass.

They seemed so happy.

It made him sick.

He was abruptly snapped out of his thoughts by a voice behind him. "Hi there! Are you a monster?"

Flowey turned around to the source of the voice. A human. No older than fourteen. Exactly what he didn't want.

And at the same time, exactly what he wanted.

Despite his lack of emotions, he felt so.... conflicted. He thought he'd learned his lesson about killing. He had promised never to do something like that again.

Suddenly, he snapped. He didn't care anymore.

He switched to a wide smile instantaneously, staring up at the human. "Howdy! I'm Flowey! You're a human, right?"

Luckily - and unluckily - the human took the bait. "Yeah! Dad says that I shouldn't talk to monsters, but you seem really nice!" His eyes glimmered. "Can you show me monster magic?"

Flowey's smile widened. "Sure thing, kiddo!" He winked, sending a tiny little spark of magic into the air. Ignoring his feeling of deja vu, he summoned a ring of seed-like objects around himself. The world went dark, as they entered a FIGHT.

"These are called 'friendliness pellets'! They're super cool! Ya wanna see what they do?" Flowey asked, winking again. His sense of morals had disappeared now.

The teen boy nodded excitedly, staring at the so-called 'friendliness pellets'. Grinning, Flowey sent them towards the teen. There was no going back.

His screams were the first thing Flowey heard. A small health bar appeared above the boy's head. Only a tiny sliver of green was left. 1/20.

Flowey's welcoming smile turned cruel, his sadism kicking in. The teen, who had collapsed, stared up at the flower. "You.. you.."

"You idiot," Flowey finished, his voice filled with malice. "It's time you learned this world's rule."

A ring of bullets surrounded the child, as Flowey's grin only grew wider.


Letting out a malicious, demonic laugh, Flowey watched as the bullets slowly closed in-

The darkness of the fight faded. The boy's body had vanished. Hovering where it had been was a small, green heart.

Flowey wasted no time in doing the deed. He let the power flow through his body. It felt so good.

Suddenly, as he was basking in his newfound power, a piece of paper fluttered to the ground. Upon closer inspection, a letter.

Had the child dropped this when he..?

No, that wasn't possible. The letter was addressed to him.

Curious, he observed the letter. Managing to open it, he read its contents.

A slow, terrifying grin emerged on the flower's face. This Master Hand had made a huge mistake.

He knew what the portal was when it appeared. Not missing a beat, he let out a laugh again, and passed through the portal.

[SANS, the skelebros residence]

The door swung open as a short, somewhat stocky skeleton emerged. His blue jacket was covered in ketchup stains, and he was holding two take-out containers, along with a large bottle of ketchup. He wore a lazy grin on his face.

"heya paps, i'm home," he called. "sorry 'bout the impromptu leave. had a bit of a craving, if ya know what i mean."

There was no response. This was rather unusual, considering he was usually greeted by his brother shrieking about his sock or something.

"paps?" he called. Though he was a bit unsettled, his grin never faded.

Sans trudged up the stairs, his pink slippers flipping slightly. He opened the door to Papyrus's room slowly, searching for the taller skeleton. Papyrus was nowhere to be seen. However, the evidence of his presence was definitely there.

The window was wide open and the room was in disarray. Very unusual for Papyrus, a neat freak. Sans was getting a bit worried.

He looked out the window. The snow was clearly disturbed. A strange letter sat on the ground. But weirdest of all, a black swirling portal was on the ground.

Sans walked back downstairs and out back, observing the strange portal. Was it possible that his bro had fallen in here?

"welp. only one way to find out," he said to no one. He then proceeded to nonchalantly step into the black void, falling in, still with his trademark grin on his face.



Previously Deathstalker62
[Sigma and the Reploids, Sigma Palace]
Sigma sat in the large gathering hall used for holding meetings and discussing strategies on defeating Dr. Light's Creations. By his side, down his left and right sat four other reploids, two on each side; Armored Armadillo, Sting Chameleon, Boomerang Kuwanger and Storm Eagle. However, today was not the day to discuss about that. Sigma had managed to infect Zero with the Sigma Virus, and managed to hold off X for now. " Gentlemen, I've gathered you here for a simple reason. I, Sigma, had received a sort of invitation, to what seems to be a tournament. The winner of this tournament will have any sort of wish they want granted. Now, I called you here to assist me on this. You all will fight for me, and will win me this tournament. Understood? " Sigma said towards the other reploids, who all responded positively, agreeing with him. Just then as Sigma stood up, a strange portal opened up to his left. " Right, this must be the gateway to this tournament. Let's make haste. " Sigma noted, and dashed into the Portal. The other reploids followed, coming alongside Sigma into the portal, and were transported to the other end of the portal. All of the five reploids had stood up and looked around that this new environment, examining their surroundings closely.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Many portals opened, ferrying competitors from across the cosmos to one specific location. The zone was a futuristic plaza, concrete paths and grass strewn about similar to a park. There was a giant archway in the center of the plaza, blue energy coursing through it of unknown origin. But what was most strange about this place, was a giant floating white hand, seemingly waiting for them to arrive.

“Aha! We’ve got a lot of your guests already!” The hand exclaimed. “Allow me to introduce myself, I am Master Hand, Head honcho of this little tournament here, and remember that! Some of you might be wondering....”

Master hand zoomed in to Captain Toad, pointing a finger directly at him.

“I don’t know what’s going on! Master hand, help me!” It said in a mocking voice. “Well, I’m glad you asked!”

The hand gestured toward the huge archway that was in the center of the Plaza. Changing into a thumbs up formation, Master hand continued.

“This gateway will deliver you to your tournament battles, as well as whoever wants to watch your battles, we’ve got quite the space for that too! (Though let’s be honest, who’d waste their time on that?). It will cycle between the matches, so that you can jump in at any time! And when you do...”

He snapped his fingers, a hologram display of a floating platform appeared before all to see. It was primarily black with yellow highlights around the edges, several stands in a circular formation around it .

“This is my pride and joy, second-to-last Destination! Totally original, and totally worth of hosting a bloodbath! There are thousands of copies of this little paradise, so don’t think you can destroy it and hurt this tournament now...”

Master hand looked to both Sigma and the Nightmaren Twins As he uttered those words. Regardless of that, he came forward, moving his way across the crowd

Now, I know all of you are warriors, tough, and disciplined. Most of you anyway...”

Master Hand swerved over to Nightwing’s merry band of supers, as if that comment was directed toward them specifically.

“Regardless, weather you are a warrior or not doesn’t matter! Because you will have to fight and defeat the strongest and most brutal ones here in order to even have a chance of succeeding!”

Master hand swerved over to both Kaiba and flowee, pointing three of his fingers at their direction. “Now I know you are super Anxious for this hand to stop talking to you so you can BEAT EACH OTHER TO BLOODY PIECES! So i’ll Show you the Bracket that you will be participating in...”

Master hand snapped his fingers, a floating billboard suddenly materializing in front of the archway. It displayed all the matches, and who would fight one another...or seemingly a part of it.


“Ah, that should do. Even a newcomer that gets in here after my speech could understand that...happy trails all of you, and let me know if there is anything on your sweet, little, Foolish Heads!”

With that, Master hand snapped, teleporting into the unknown, leaving the tournament billboard for all to see.


“So I’m in the preliminary rounds...” Reala grunted. “An extra fight won’t hurt, all enemies that oppose master Wizeman’s rule shall be crushed. No matter how many I have to fight.”

“Wooooo I get a freebee!” Jackle giggled, before switching personalities to a more, sinister and refined one. “Lady Luck smiles on me...”

Ignoring his compatriot’s insane babblings, Reala looked for this...’Darth Maul’ character. He sounded like he had a title of nobility...or was it one of fear? Reala sharpened his talons, looking inward for his opponent.


“That Hand is a bit scary...” Red link spoke. “D-Did he really mean bloodshed??”

“Don’t worry Red.” Purple assured. “No one is gonna harm a hair on that head of yours.”

Purple ruffled the hair of the appearingly younger boy, making chuckles of both happiness and anxiety utter from him. Green was silent, simply taking in the crowd before him. It was a bit...overwhelming to see all these people here. Some were school students or soldiers, others were some kind of mechanical abomination or otherworldly creature. He had begun to wonder about their actual chances against these people. Before he could utter a word, blue pushed past him.

“We’ll take anyone on! No matter how big they are! We are the Hyrule’s chosen!”

Purple facepalmed and red hunkered down in embarrassment as Blue proclaimed this as fact. NOT the best impression.
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Previously TheJustinMan
{Sam & Max}

“Hmm... not a bad looking place, is it Max? Seeing all these video game mega stars here, doesn’t that remind you of Poker Night?” Sam said, hopping out of the DeSoto. “Yeah, it sure does! I played with those other bozos, that player guy, the millennial in the blue sweater, the boxing glove guy and Mr. Weapons.” Max said, scratching his ear and looking to the tourney board as Sam looked as well. “Hot Bosco weiner dogs on a barbecue covered in mustard served on a hot 4th of July at a family get together! We’re in the preliminaries, Max!” The dog exclaimed, pointing at the board. “Does that mean we get to be some of the first to beat innocent people senseless for our personal and the giant hand’s enjoyment? Master Hand there sounds like my kinda guy!” psycho rabbit yelled, partly in the direction of the giant floating figure before they left. Max then noticed the name “Heavy” among the board. “Well, guess I get to work with Mr.Weapons yet again.” He continued.

{Mr. Weapon- I mean, Heavy}

“I have come to babies fighting tourney. Now where is Sandvich?” He exclaimed hopping out of the van, a bit peckish and angry that someone had taken it. It then appeared in front of him, and he took it only to realize it had a note on it. “You’ll need this for later...” it said. “Oh, now I fight in baby tournament, with baby peoples, waiting too long for my turn...” he thought. He then looked to the tourney board and listened to Master Hand. “Oh. I guess not as bad as I thought. But still, tourney is for babies.” He said. Looking around the plaza, he wasn’t used to the high tech looking surroundings. He then looked over to where Max was, and his face lit up a bit. “Little bunny is here too? He was formidable poker player. As his partner is. But they will not beat me. No one beats me.” He said with joy and determination in his voice. He then sat near the van, awaiting the tourney’s start.


Previously Deathstalker62
" Ah, looks like we know who we are up against. " Sigma stated, looking at the billboard displaying the matches, as did the reploids. " Sting Chameleon, looks like you're up in the preliminary rounds, fighting against... an amphibian captain? ..strange, but you know the drill. Leave no mercy on your enemies. Use your chameleon sting to leave them cornered and go in for the elimination. " Sigma stated, looking to the mechanical chameleon. The green construct nodded its head and shook its twin-headed tail, its robot eye looking across the crowd, scanning people. Of course, his database didn't recognize any of them because they didn't belong to his universe, so the reploid sat down with the crew and Sigma by a bench, waiting for his turn to fight.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
“Jet black?” Specter stroked his chin, sitting atop his floating chair. “I’m unfamiliar with such a name. But I don’t believe it will make much a difference...

He took a small sip of the wine glass he held in his right hand, examining the competitors. He took note of a few machines in the crowd, some of which would give him inspiration for his own mechanical army. If nothing else, this would be a great intelligence gathering experience.


“...We’re fighting a friggin’ bird??” Blue spat. “Who do they think we are?!?”

“Name’s can be misleading.” Purple explained. “We don’t know what we are fighting, and out of this crowd, just about any of them would be deadly...”

Eyeing a small, white dog like creature with black hair yelling it’s name ‘temmie’ and spazzing uncontrollably, purple couldn’t help but sweat.

“...Almost any of them”

“Aww it’s so cute!~” Red ogled. “Can I pet ‘em?”

Green shook his head silently to red, much to his companion’s disappointment. It was a fighter after all, they had to stay vigilant, for any one of these people could be their next enemy...


Previously AceTrainerGold
Toad laughed at “Master Hand’s” impression, but he didn’t know it was mocking him. “HAHA!” He belted our as he looked around, “Oh, he’s pointing at me!” He then proceeded to exclaim. Toad then looked around him a little more, “So many people!” He then jumped around excitedly, not knowing what was happening.

“Beat each other to a bloody pulp? What’s that?” He asked himself curiously, “What’s a tournament? Why did I come here?” He asked himself, “MWAHA! Who cares it might be fun! Maybe Mario is here: MARIO!!”

Toad then gazed into the sky to see a giant billboard appear, “Oh there’s my name! And it’s next to...Sting Chameleon? Who’s that?”

{Darth Maul}
The sith landed safely onto the ground with biconical legs and took a quick look around. “What is this place? Doesn’t look like any planet I’ve been to...” Maul then looked up into the sky to see a giant hand which introduced itself as “Master Hand.” Next to the hand a giant billboard appeared with names split into brackets. “I seee.” He uttered in a sinister tone. “So this is a tournament. Ha, a chance to finally prove my strength, I wonder if there are any of those Jedi scum around here.” He wondered as his sharp teeth began to show. “It seems that I will be paired up with someone known as...Realaa, how interesting, wonder if they will put up a fair match.” He said before sinisterly chuckling.

{Obi-Wan Kenobi}
“General Kenobi! There are dropships are bringing in more droids! What are your commands?” A clone shouted out to Obi-Wan as he smirked at his friend: Anakin Skywalker. “It’s obvious isn’t it? We take them out!” He said as he and Anakin both charged with the clones following suite.

Anakin went in and precisely took out around 7 droids with the use of his lightsaber. “My my Anakin...how long did you practice to be able to do that?” He asked mockingly as he casually took down some droids in a similar manner.

“I call it natural skill.” Anakin said arrogantly and he and Obi-Wan deflect a barrage of blasts. “As natural as your right hand.” He quipped back as Anakin grunted. “You’re right it’s all thanks to your “great” training.” Anakin said sarcastically as he suddenly noticed something to the far left of him. “Hey what’s that over there?” Obi-Wan looked where Anakin pointed to, “How very perculiar.”

Obi-Wan was very interested by this strange portal that suddenly opened up to the side of them. He gave another look at it before then deciding to sprint over to it. “Obi-Wan! What are you doing!” Anakin shouted as he saw Obi-Wan run straight to the portal. “Oh don’t worry I shall be back soon enough, but I just got the curiosity is killing me Anakin.” He said as he gave a quick salute and jumped in. Anakin sighed, “And I’m the reckless one?”

The portal shut behind him and he then fell to the ground without being able to keep his balance. “Another happy landing.” He quickly brushed himself off and looked around and into the sky. “Don’t think I’ve visited this planet before. Is that a giant hand?” Obi-Wan shrugged it off, “I’ve seen stranger. He then took a look at the billboard, “This seems to be a structured tournament from the looks of it. Lupin the 3rd, sounds like a grandiose title.” However form all the names on there one caught his eye. “It can’t be him, surely.”

{Kazuma Kiryu}
Kazuma stood in a dark alley, taking a drag of his cigarette as he took a gaze out onto the streets. It was late at night and he figured he should get back home. He dropped his cigarette on the ground as he then proceeded to step on it. Suddenly as he went further down the street, a woman dressed in very revealing clothing approached him and put her arms around him.

“What are doing out here so late at night? You looking for something?” She asked as she raised here eyebrow at him.

“Not interested.” Kazuma stayed firmly. The woman pouted and approached him again. “You see I live awfully far and I was hoping someone could give me a ride. If your lucky I might even come to your place tough guy.”
Kazuma grunted, “Your ears working? Cause I said I’m not fuckin’ interested.” He then pushed her away. “Come back to me when you get that stick out of your ass big boy.” She said as she walked away. Kazuma gave her the middle finger as he then continued to walk down the street.

As Kazuma nearly reached his home he saw some weird light in another alley, he decided to go and check it out. When he went to check it out he saw a huge portal. “You don’t see that everyday. Might give me a chance to escape this shithole.” He joked as he ran towards it, jumping in.

Kazuma then landed on his feet in a weird futuristic looking place, a giant hand took up the sky, with a huge billboard which included brackets with a bunch of names listed. “A tournament huh? What is this: a video game? Fine by me.” He chuckled as he then lit another cigarette. “No opponent for me yet though it seems.”
"What's with all these sour faces all over the place in space! A carefree shinobi like me gots things to do! Not play around in this sausage fest like prey. We already know I'm the best! Better than all the rest!" Killer B said as he moved ,and grooved around. "We were teleported to some unknown place in the middle of nowhere and the first thing you do is make up rhymes? B, we should be trying to get back to the village" Kyūki said. "No way... not with A having his fist again" Killer B said still boping around moving to the groove. "Uuugh" Kyūki muttered to himself.


Lupin looked around, "Now just where am I and what in the world is a master hand? Is he a master with his hand or something? More importantly what is the world kind of name is Kenobi?! That almost sounds otherworldly..." Lupin said to himself. As he looked around pondering his situation. He began sizing people up seeing if they had any valuables worth stealing, "I wonder if there is s prize at the end of this all?" Lupin said.


Jet looked at all the competition, "I just know if I ever get back to my ship all the food is going to be gone again ,and not a damn one of them bums are going to get more! I hope this competition has a price atleast... maybe some food! Or money to repair my ship... lord knows Spike and Faye have none" Jet said rambling onto himself as he paced back and forth.


After Johnny had finished looking around he combed hischair, straightened his sun glasses, "If anyone here wants an autograph. Here I am. I certainly hope I can add this to my resume!" Johnny said as he went over to talk with one of the competitors.
Dingodile raised an eyebrow at the surroundings and the giant floating hand that somehow talked. Was this real or just fantasy? Was he hallucinating? If so, he must be hallucinating like no tomorrow to see a plane of some description, the most masculine man he's ever seen and......a flower with a face? The creature sighed and shook his head. "I knew I shouldn't have eaten that Wumpa Fruit, it looked too green to even risk it." Deciding to make the best out of his situation, he looked at the billboard for his own name and found it near the bottom.

Furrowing his brow, Dingodile looked around. One of these guys was called Bandanna Dee? He didn't see any bandana wearing...people? Creatures? Plant life? He wasn't sure, there were too many different things around for him to settle on one umbrella term. For now, he'd settle with 'Entities.' "Welp, at least I've got me flamethrower." He quipped as he patted the barrel of his weapon.

Zangief looked around with amazement in his eyes, everything was so cool! Mother Russia had to get one of these parks, then no one could deny her superiority! The giant hand was a bit unsettling, but they must be strong. If he could beat that hand, Mother Russia would be proud of her. He looked at the board and saw that he was in a preliminary round against someone called Starfy. Putting his hands on his hips, the Red Cyclone let out a thunderous laugh "Ahahaha! The more fights, the better! I shall crush their skull between thighs like sparrow's egg after Spinning Piledriver!" The Russian wrestler felt perfectly in his element, this tournament would be a walk in the park! Looking around to see if anyone could even come close to his physique, he spotted Heavy and decided to visit his fellow muscle brother.

"Hello there, your muscles are looking good comrade. I am Zangief, also known as the Red Cyclone, the greatest fighter of Mother Russia! What is your name?" Zangief extended a large hand for Heavy to shake, as excitement flowed through his body. Someone so big and strong must be a good person, no?


Kaiba landed his jet plane as soon as he saw an open area, which just so happened to be a park. Jumping out of the cockpit, he opened the storage space for his briefcase and grabbed a firm hold of it the moment he saw a giant hand talk to him. This must be some kind of holographic glitch! There's no way that thing is real! His shocked expression soon turned into a scowl the moment the hand began to talk. Great, an oddball tournament hoster. He and Pegasus should get along juuust fine. When the hand pointed at him and mentioned beating others to bloody pieces, he raised an eyebrow. This wasn't a Duel Monsters tournament? Come to think of it, it would explain that big oaf with almost no clothes on. I'm somewhat relieved actually, who knows where he'd keep his deck? Shaking his head to get rid of the thought before it had time to settle, Seto decided to look at the billboard.

"Heh, seems they knew I was too good for those preliminary matches. I suppose there's some credit due there, though I don't have an opponent yet. By the looks of it, I'll be up against either Sting Chameleon or Captain Toad. Great, I always wanted to fight small crawling animals. I doubt I'll even need my cards to beat them, I can just curb stomp them." Content with his battle plan, Kaiba decided to look around the park. It actually looked kind of nice, especially that arch. "Huh. Note to self, build one of those in Kaiba Land."


Previously EeviumZ

The flower didn't waste any time. He didn't want to socialize with any of these peasants. Heading down into the ground, he reemerged in the shadows, watching the competitors closely.
He was already less empathetic than he'd been five minutes ago. His kill had given him enough EXP to increase his LOVE by two levels, making him even more distant than before.


The cat-dog creature continued to spaz out, screaming her name, until she noticed a group of four... swordsmen, if one could call them that. She zoomed over, putting on her shopkeeper smile, and squeaked "hOi! i'M TEM!"

@Shen: King of the Mist


Sans watched the strange hand speak, his grin never fading. He shrugged, rather nonchalant about the entire ordeal.
"so, this is some fighting thing, huh?" He elbowed his brother. "looks like you got invited to this tournament or somethin'. lots of fighters here, 'least ya won't be bonely." He grinned, chuckling at his own bad joke.


Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
As the spazzing white creature approached them, it gave them a quirky smile, Introducing itself as ‘TEM’. red put a hand to his mouth, eeking out a sound of excitement.

“Oh oh! I’m red! Hiiiiiiiii!!!”

“Tem? As in temmie?” Purple asked to no one in particular, glancing back up at the screen. “Seems she is combat capable, for something of her size...”

“THAT thing?” Blue remarked. “Ha! Maybe this tournament won’t be so bad after all!”
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Previously EeviumZ
Temmie seemed to not even notice Blue, focusing her hyperactiveness on Red. She was jumping up and down, excitedly.
"tEm rUn TEM shOp... but TEM ShOp not heRe noW.. but tEm wiL buYs stuFfs anYway!" She looked at the four. "wElcome to... dA new-new TEM SHOP!" Of course, she was talking absolute nonsense, but that wasn't exactly abnormal for Temmie.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Red’s eye’s giddily followed Temmie’s jumping up and down, listening to every word she said. Blue on the other hand was beginning to be annoyed by the dog...cat...thing talking to them, as he was by all things. Green silently watched this go down...until Their friend said one specific thing.

"wElcome to... dA new-new TEM SHOP!"


“Hiya?!?” Green exclaimed.

In truth, the four misfits had been looking for a shop, having earned quite a pretty penny from their recent side quest binge, and there wasn’t a shop nearby until now. Red clapped his hands together, chuckling.

“Oh wow, I’ve never seen a new-new shop before! What does Temmie sell??”

She’s encouraging him. Purple thought, pulling out a book. Heh, at least he isn’t afraid anymore.
"Wow... look at these two... time yo work my magic!" Johnny thought to himself, "Hey! Hey! Smile and wave boys! Smile and wave! Good for publicity, Good for ratings, fans love the stuff, producers can't get enough of the stuff ,and sponsors go crazy. Cage. Johnny Cage! Nice to meet you" Johnny said as he quickly walked over shaking their hands ,and signing autographs, "...Sorry... Force of habit..." Johnny said.
Zangief looked down at Johnny Cage, not exactly amused by the sudden interference. "Cage? You don't look like man who can escape cage, your muscles need work. And what is with autographs? I don't know you, you clearly do not have muscle spirit. I know everyone with muscle spirit across the world." The mention of fans made him raise an eyebrow. "Fans are interesting, is this recorded? Will Mother Russia see this? If so, we must be together on TV! I am Zangief, the Red Cyclone!" Zangief squeezed the hand that Cage gave him as he grinned, trying to see what he was made of.


Previously TheJustinMan

"Motherland is already proud. There is no point to bring more glory to her." Heavy said as Johnny made the remark. "I was told we would be fighting fierce fighters. Yet some of the ones I see are... little dog shop keep from Fox game... little explorer mushroom guy... these picks confuse Heavy greatly." He continued, giving a slight chuckle at the thought of them fighting. "Also, you two are from Kombat game, yes? I hope you have plan. Because Sasha and I are unstoppable. I also have concern for you, Cage-man. You are fighting rabbit and dog. I play poker with rabbit. He is good, and has many stories of his work. He sound dangerous." Heavy taunted, pulling out his Minigun.
"Ha ha ha! Your words are like hot borscht after long day of wrestling bears! I've never let Mother Russia or my fans down, I don't plan on starting now. I don't care about money, honor of Mother Russia and fans are why I fight." Throwing an arm over Johnny's shoulder, Zangief faced Heavy.

"Da, but motherland can never have too much honor. She will be greatest country in the world when I win tournament! As for plan, I will do as usual. Sasha and you, my fellow comrade, will fall when the Red Cyclone is done with you." Taunting Heavy back as he pointed at himself with his thumb, Zangief listened to his info about the rabbit.

"Rabbit plays poker? Wonderful! Tell me, is he looking for playing partner? I cannot find any." He asked, curious to know if he could play poker with the rabbit.
Papyrus glared and Sans and blurted out:
The skeleton pointed at the billboard and said excitedly:
"Look Sans!! I'm fighting....what does that say again? ......OF COURSE I CAN READ, SANS......I'M JUST TESTING YOUR READING, NYEH HEH HEH!!"
Seemingly out of nowhere, Papyrus pulled out a giant marker and wrote on his forehead:
With a triumphant "NYEH HEH HEH", Papyrus struck a heroic pose, trying to impress the crowd.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Reala took flight, the crimson jester scanned the crowd, looking for his supposed competition. All of these Visitors in the land of the awake. Some of these ones I remember haunting the dreams of...others however...

A certain figure caught his attention. Storm eagle! One that had managed to infiltrate nightopia, and proved a nuisance In the past. Reala decended from above, giving deep chuckles as he eyed him.

“Now, what do we have here? Participating in something way out of your league...especially considering how I broke you down to scrap metal~”


Previously TheJustinMan
{Sam And Max, and Heavy}

"Y'know, I don't just do poker. I also beat up arrogant muscle goons who think I'm not worthy to fight em! A few pumps of lead and a pipe to the head, that's what I say." Max said, overhearing Johnny. "Now, hold on there little buddy. I don't think we're fighting to the death in this fight. From what I know, Smash is more like a knockout game. If we died, how'd we be able to come back?" Sam proposed, trying to keep Max at bay. "I think they do it by clones! That would explain alternative colors!" Max answered back. "Well, now, you let me do the talking. Excuse me, Mr. Cage. We're Freelance Police, reporting for Bootleg Bros. My acquaintance here was just getting a little flustered, he tends to do that when he gets talked down to." Sam politely said to Johnny. While Sam was talking to the Mortal Kombat fighter, listened to Heavy. "Oh yes! Rabbit and dog play poker. Both good at game. And me! But I have little funds now. We play other time. Also, I think rabbit is focused on killing everyone now. So you maybe ask him later." Heavy replied to his fellow Russian. Heavy turned to see the fluffy white rabbit beside him. "OH! It is little bunny! Welcome to bootleg baby game." He said, giving Max a pat. "Yeah, baby is quite the work to describe it. Say, you get that Force-A- Whatsa shotgun for me? The dealership didn't have one." Max asked, remembering what Heavy had said on those nights playing poker. "Not yet. Scout drives steep bargain. Very expensive for gun." Heavy bantered. They then just sat there in silence, waiting for someone to say something.


Previously Kid_Nukas
Bandana Dee

"♪... Apple juice, everyone drinks it
Polishing our skills together
Becoming stronger

Apple juice, with free refills
Getting along, keeping up the battles
Becoming stronger♪"

Bandana Dee was fishing and singing his favorite song when he felt a bite on the end of his rod. He yanked it out of the water, but no fish. Instead, there was a letter on the other end of his rod. He unhooked it and read the contents. "A tournament? I mean Kirby and I won that battle royale, but I've never done a tournament by myself."

Bandana Dee then read the part where it stated that he could get whatever wish he wanted granted. "I CAN GET A LIFE TIME'S SUPPLY OF CAKE FOR ME AND KIRBY!!! Maybe this time Kirby won't eat it all. I'M COMING CAKE!" He then hurriedly dashed through the portal that appeared in front of him.

Min Min

"And the winner of this year's Arm Star Tournament, none other than the Ramen Bomber herself, MIN MIN!!"

Min Min held up her trophy for the tournament, the championship belt that was once owned by the esteemed Max Brass. She held it up with her dragon arm on full display for everyone to see. She earned this belt and wanted everyone in the world to know that she was the best in the world.

"Along with the standard Championship Belt, I'm also being told there is another prize that the Champion is rewarded. It's a chance that she is not only the greatest fighter in the world, but also in the Universe. Min Min how would you like to get a chance to win a wish and prove you are the strongest once and for all?"

Min Min was shocked to hear about this tournament. How had she not heard about it before? She was going to prove she was the strongest. She didn't care much about the wish, she just wanted to win. When the portal opened up a couple of feet ahead of her, she did not even wait to give a victory speech to her fans, she reached through the portal and pulled herself through.


"Cup I really don't think we should–" But of course Mugman was too slow to stop his brother from taking the devil's deal. He was always so blinded by the shiny things in life that he didn't stop to think of the consequences, like their souls.

"HAH Snake eyes" Shouted the devil, "Your Souls are mine. I could, however, let you keep your souls were you to do a little task for me. Collect all of the deeds to the souls of these people in debt, I'll forgive you of yours.

Cuphead and Mugman race home to Elder Kettle, Mugman reprimanding his brother the entire way there. When they got there they told the whole story to Elder Kettle. "Well boys, I see two options here. Both of you drink this potion. It will give you abilities in order to deal with the coming trials. Cuphead, you go and start collecting those deeds. If this other option doesn't work out, we'll need them and we'll figure out how to save our neighbors' souls later."

"You can leave it to me!" With that, Mugman's fearless and reckless brother went off to face the debtors of Inkwell Isle.

"For you Mugman, I have a different plan in mind. You received a letter today in the mystical Inkwell about a tournament. If you win you get one wish. Now I didn't think much about it at first, but this might get you boys out of your brother's mess."

"Are you sure about this Grandpa, What if we should get Cup to–"

"Cuphead has his own mission. I trust you Mugman, you can do this, plus Cuphead is out there working hard just in case this whole thing doesn't work out in your favor. Now get going, I don't want to see your sorry Mug back here until you've won that tournament." After hearing his grandfather's final words of encouragement, Mugman gathered up his courage and stepped through the portal.


Bendy was strolling along causing his usual level of mischief one morning. He had tied a random person's shoes together, left a restaurant without paying, and tried once more to woo the gorgeous Alice Angel. Overall it was a fine morning, he even ran into his good friend, Boris. "Hey Boris how are you doing this fine morning!" Bendy had said with the most innocent glint in his toothy grin.

"It's ok, can't really complain." Boris gave an answer, oblivious of anything that Bendy might be up to behind his fake smile.

"Well, that's just absolutely amazing to here my good and dear friend. I have a small favor I have to ask of you today. You see, earlier today I was at the– at the..." Bendy was caught mid-sentence by a sudden and immense wave of pain throughout his body. Images of a monster that looked like... that looked like him showed up in his brain.

He felt sick, almost like he wasn't in control. He saw flashes of another world, with oceans of black ink and his friends, but not as he knew them. He could feel himself start to try and transform into that monster he saw. "WhAt'S HappEnINg to ME?" As suddenly as the pain came, it stopped. It was almost as if his soul was trying to be ripped apart from him. He had to figure out what was going on.

Boris had gotten scared of Bendy when he started to transform, but something had fallen out of his hands when he ran away. "A tournament? A wish for whatever I want?" I don't know what's going on with me, but I intend to stop whatever it is." When the portal opened up in front of Bendy he stepped through confidently.


Previously AceTrainerGold
Toad decided to take a look at everyone else around him, “I wonder is Mario has come!” He said ecstatically as he then decided to take a stroll around the place. He saw all different people, some skeleton guys, a ginger and two anthropomorphise animals.

But one group of people caught Toad’s eye, a group of big burly, muscly men. They were the manliest people you could ever find. “Wow! They’re big! They look friendly too!” Toad ran over over to them with a big smile on his face, “Hi I’m Toad! MWAHA!”

{Darth Maul}
Maul took another look another look at the billboard, he thought he had noticed a familiar name before, but figured that his eyes were deceiving him. He took another look at the brackets, and there it was: Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Maul took a look around to prove he was there, and he had caught a glimpse of him. He was now gritting his teeth as he breathed heavily.



Previously Deathstalker62
Storm Eagle, aswell as the other reploids, scanned the crowd around the place, seeing if they could recognize any of them in their database entries. Storm Eagle did recognize one of them, one who seemed to fly towards him. The robotic eagle just remained silent as the being approached him and taunted him for losing a fight against them. Storm Eagle rubbed some dust and dirt off of its torso, ignoring what Reala said, not dignifying it with a response. He looked again to the billboard, to see when he could fight. He finally responded, still facing the billboard, not even speaking in the direction of Reala. " Go. You're not worthy of my time while I wait for my next battle. If you want to fight me here, you'll have to fight all of us, and I'm pretty sure that Master Hand aswell. Unless you want to prove to me who really the bird-brain amongst us is, you'll quietly go back to your allies and wait. " Storm Eagle said, looking at Reala after saying this and crossing his arms nonchalantly.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
“Don’t brush me off so easily, especially since I’m here to bear you a kindness.”

Reala, ignoring storm eagle’s attempts to dissuade him, came closer, his dark, nightmarish aura glitching with the waking world it contacted. The crimson nightmaren began to float around the metallic bird.

“You are a machine, thus know your exact capabilities and limitations. So you know then that competition of my skill and equal would be detrimental to your health if you were to engage alone. So why compete if it were to end in certain destruction? If I were you, I’d try to find purpose elsewhere. That is, if you care should self preservation.”

Reala eyed storm eagle, his piercing blue eyes glaring into his.

“Because I won’t be playing around this time.”
As max began talk Johnny became bewildered and confused as to what the rabbit was talking about, "A huh... is that so? Good to know I guess..." Johnny said, "What the hell kind of reality freak game show did I get into..." Johnny thought to himself shuddering to the thought, "Just Do it for the ratings... Do it for the fans... do it for the ladies... think fan girls Johnny... No! Sonia is probably watching!... do it for the fans... and hope you can get your ass back home as soon as possible" Johnny continued to think to himself. As soon as he saw the dog holding back the rabbit he quickly figured out who was in charge, "I see... good to know... well it's always nice to see to meet a couple officers of the law!" Johnny said smiling shaking their hands while wondering where he could find a hidden camera, "So the dog is the brains... interested...hopefully this will be the last time I wind up in some crazy gameshow..." Johnny continued to think to himself again, "I wonder when the fights are supposed to start..." Johnny said.
"You better keep your word, I look forward to play poker with you and Bunny. Tournament might include babies, but only men stay standing! When we meet in ring, let's have good fight!" Zangief grinned at Heavy before turning to Max. "I like you. You are small in size and muscle but big in spirit! I see potential, but I also see fragile bones! I look forward to seeing you in ring, Poker Bunny!" Giving Max a thumbs up, the Red Cyclone turned around to face the newcomer, expecting another burly man like him, Heavy or Johnny.

Except he saw....a child with a mushroom hat? Zangief couldn't believe his eyes and he stared at the anomaly for a couple of seconds before rearing back in laughter. "HAHAHAHAHA! Is that wrestler costume for archeologist gimmick? Unique!" He kneeled and tried to pick Toad up, astonished by the miniature frame of the person in front of him. "Look at this kid! He's competing against us! Give round of applause for biggest spirit and smallest muscles the Red Cyclone has ever seen!"


Previously AceTrainerGold
Toad began to laugh, “Haha! That’s funny!” He balled out as he rubbed his eyes after laughing. “So how come you have no clothes! You’re naked!” He shouted as began to laugh again, “MEHHEH!” Toad then walked past him as he continued smiling.

Wait till that guy gets some action with my pickaxe.” He thought before smirking before Zangief a quick cold glare.


Previously Deathstalker62
" Why compete if there is a chance I can be destroyed? Simple. " Storm Eagle said, looking right on back at Reala with a calm, fierce glare. " I fight for Sigma. All of us reploids do. We are not here to achieve our own wishes. And, just like you said, I am a robot. A machine. So, even if I get destroyed, I can always be rebuilt. Now you on the other hand, I don't see you being able to have that ability. I may have limits, but thanks to being a construct, I can always be rebuilt and try again. " Eagle said, then returned the glare Reala gave him, but fueled with determination. " Don't think I'll be going easy on you, or anyone. I'm here to win, not to play. "


Previously TheJustinMan
{Sam & Max, and Heavy again}

Heavy couldn’t help but laugh, and afterwards he dried his eye. “Mushroom man is tiny! But he must have things to kill us with! I know teammate that is almost as small. And he is dangerous. I not underestimate this mushroom man.” He boasted, seeing the little guy laughing as well. “Hey, look, I found someone shorter than me, Sam! Also, do your kind still go good with balsamic vinegar and garlic? I’m feeling a bit peckish.” Max said, licking his lips. “Well, they wouldn’t be the first. You just don’t remember them too well.” Sam replied. “Anyways, Johnny, I would imagine whoever is fighting first on the list would go first. But hopefully these fights will start soon. This seems like a fun tourney, but Max has already started to let everything go to his head.” Sam continued, pointing back at his partner.