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Private/Closed Bootleg Smash Bros!

Lupin looked over to the names listed , "I wonder what an obi wan kenobi is... whoever's she is I've never heard of her" Lupin said. Lupin looked over to Kazuma, "is that a name your familiar with?" Lupin asked. Lupin wondered to himself what sort of fight he should expect. He chuckled to the thought of potentialy fighting a tough opponent.
Looking at the board with the matches, Zangief facepalmed. "Forgot, I have own match. I would love to watch, but I have own opponent to find. Have any of you heard of person called Starfy?" The Red Cyclone stroked his beard as he tried to recall if he heard the name before.
"I will, but I hope that you will be a good host and help me if I really don't know the answer." Smirking as Master Hand voiced his annoyment and left, Kaiba placed the six cards on the top of his deck, ready to be drawn when in a fight. "That gloved dweeb actually got me interested, who would've thought?"
"Come on, where's that bloke? I ain't got all day, though if they scurried away like a mouse, that'd be gnarly. Free entry to the tournament." Dingodile thought out loud as he worked through the crowd, spotting a white.....something across the crowd. Curious about the creature, he made his way over to Temmie. "Who are you? Or what are you?"


Previously Deathstalker62
The human-sized mechanical chameleon jumped down from the waygate, its robotic eye looking around a bit before both eyes focused on the small mushroom with a pickaxe infront of it. " ...wait, you're Toad..? I.. didn't expect you to be my opponent. I expected someone more.. like me, and the other reploids. You know, maybe like a robotic toad, like the amphibian animal.. well, either way, Yes, I am Sting Chameleon. Now, I think we have enough time wasted. Let's go fight, and see which one of us is better. " Sting Chameleon replied, looking at the small mushroom, before dashing into the waygate and disappearing, re-appearing back in what it recognized as the fighting ring, a perfect replica of its home base; a robotic ground, surrounded with foilage and trees, and a ceiling with spikes on it. A perfect setting for the battle. It stood at the left side of the stage, waiting for its opponent to come and face it in battle.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
As green introduced himself to Ron, purple looked toward the ground, staring at his own shadow. It slowly began to extend, and eventually move on it’s own. The shadow slouched over, wresting a hand in it’s head.

“...What?” Purple inquired.

The shadow began to use sign language back, since it couldn’t verbally respond.

“(What? What do you mean what? You know that you and the dweeb squad have to take out each and every powerful fighter at the cream of the crop.)”

“I know that. Hence why I’m beginning to wonder about our capabilities here. Statistically speaking, we don’t have the stamina to get through that many rounds with these powerful fighters. Even if we did, what could we against swords made of light? Advanced machines? Magician beings? The likely hood we’ll win isn’t flattering to say the least.”

“(Vio Vio, we talked about this. If you want to win, you’ll have to fight like it’s a matter of survival. Don’t any dirty trick back. C’mon now, to think your starting to doubt us.)”


Previously AceTrainerGold
Maul saw this huge ball of energy racing towards him and he stood in shock for a second, before he then took on his usual “enraged” expression and he grabbed his lightsaber.

He looked right into the energy ball and then held his left hand up to, he strained and tried to stop it as much as he could. He was using the force to try and keep it in place, much like he did with Reala at the start. He put a lot of power into this and was unable to move, so he started up his lightsaber and gritted his teeth.

“Let’s see what this does to you!” He screamed as he threw his lightsaber directly at Reala.

Toad noticed how the stage had changed, “Wow! This place looks cool!” He exclaimed ecstatically as he looked back at Sting Chameleon. “So we fight now right!?” He asked as he pulled out his pickaxe from his bag.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
As the energy sphere slowed to a grinding halt, another similarly colored object was thrown. A double bladed lightsaber was spiraling like a helicopter blade toward the confident Reala. Reala’s eyes widened as the blade came in faster than he anticipated. And just then-


The lightsaber struck Reala across the chest. Instead of bleeding like a mortal would, a loud breaking sound was heard, like glass breaking under pressure. Reala’s chest had a large gash in it, revealing Reala to be hollow on the inside. Like a porcelain doll. Reala growled at this affront.

“You...you damage me! Very well, let’s see what it takes to make a Visitor’s body turn to dust!”

With that, Reala put on a golden mask on his hip. His Personna. Upon firmly attaching it to his face, his body began to change shape. The fiendish nightmaren contorted and twisted unnaturally until he formed the shape of a crimson dragon. The crack grew along with his size, as did his rage. The dragon kept many visual features of reala, such as his jester horns and the color scheme.

The dragon took a deep breath before spewing a abysmal black flame directly toward maul. This flame would prove difficult to stop if Maul already had one hand occupied.
Johnny stood there looking over, "Oh no. I'm good. I'll wait for you to start. I wanna see what my opponents are capable of before throwing any punches now" Johnny said smirking while at the same time lifting his fists up. He maintained a defensive stance just in case one of them decided to go for a quick attack. Despite not knowing what he was up against he maintained a calm disposition.


Yo hey ho! What the heck is going on with these creeps and clowns? What sorta magician brought me to this competition!? All these people be walking around with ambition and motivation. I'm to busy with my mission to fight some little pawn in a game of brain vs brawn" Killer B said, "Ugh... you know B... it's quite likely we won't be able to leave here until we fight these people right?" Kyūki said. "Killer B ain't got no to to scrap ,but if I so gots to I'm only doing it on one condition as long as I can rap and do my thing ,and in addition this better not be a trap. Killer B doesn't wanna see A around the corner" Killer B went on.


Previously AceTrainerGold
Kazuma looked over at Lupin, “Obi-Wan Keno- what kinda voodoo shit is that?!” He asked as he looked t the board, “Never heard it before though, it doesn’t look like I’ll be taking part in the prelims though, you’re lucky.” He said before chuckling.

“Anyways Lupin I wish you luck. I can see your a man of taste with your suit and interest in valuables. No doubt you’ve got good taste in women too.”
Kaiba looked at the board and saw the two names who were fighting over a match with him. Shutting the suitcase, he stood up and walked over to the arch. "Those dorks better be fighting already, I've wasted enough time waiting around." Stepping through the gate, he saw a forest with a ceiling that was covered with spikes and two creatures standing on the ground. A robotic chameleon, Kaiba silently approved, and a mushroom kid. He wasn't sure what that thing was or why it was invited, it reminded him of the card Mushroom Man and that card was worthless. This kid was probably nothing better. This better be good, I don't want a fight that I can win without the slightest of trouble. If I wanted that, I'd duel Wheeler.


Previously Deathstalker62
" Exactly.. now.. we fight.. " Sting Chameleon said, jumping up and latching onto the background walls, the foilage of the room. Then, on the last two words, it disappeared, becoming invisible. It moved across the walls silently, sneaking around Toad. Then it became visible again behind Toad and shook its tail at him, firing three sting projectiles at him, before dropping down and following up with lashing out its tongue like a whip at Toad.
After asking several tournament attendants who this "Curly" person was, Papyrus jogged over to see a pale robotic figure. Bouncing up and down eagerly, the skeleton sentry blurted out:
"HUMAN!!! NO...THAT'S NOT RIGHT.....ROBOT!! I AM THE GREAT PAPYRUS!! Prepare to be bedazzled by my ultra cool and popular moves!! Prepare for a bone-chilling fight because I won't spare you......UNLESS YOU ASK VERY NICELY!! NYEH HEH HEH HEH HEH!!"

Ron, a bit confused as to why some stranger was introducing themself to him, offered a handshake and said:
"Ron. Ron Weasley. Oi, so what's the deal with this place? I've never seen any of the creatures here before, and I'll have you know, I got an E in Care of Magical Creatures. Bloody hell, is that a floating hand? Er, anyway, do know how you out of here? I'll be late for me transfiguration class and I don't want another detention. Wait....that's it! I'll just disapparate!"

Ron closed his eyes and focused on creating a mental image of Hogwarts Castle. With an earsplitting crack, Ron vanished into thin air. Momentarily after, he was spat out by a portal about 10 feet from where he began.
"Blimey, I forgot about the Hogwarts security Hermoinie's always going on about."

Feeling a curious void, Ron looked down and promptly fell over when he saw that his left foot was detached from his leg. Ron fumbled around for his wand and muttered:
"Splinched....What's that spell Madam Pomfrey always uses.....Ah to hell with it."

Viciously stabbing his foot with his wand, Ron started frantically firing off every charm he knew. By some miracle, Ron was eventually able to re-attach his foot properly (after accidentally blasting several holes through it, turning it a sickening shade of green, and inflating it to the size of a pillow).
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
After Ron began to fire off a series of questions, purple snapped back to reality, shadow pointing toward their newfound stranger. Purple cleared his throat, walking toward the boy.

“Well, if you want to know, this is a-“

Before he could even begin explaining the answers to Ron’s questions, the boy used some kind of spell, warping away...a whole whopping 10 feet away.

“...unusual circumstance...” Purple twitched.

It seemed Ron wasn’t only warped ten feet away, but his foot was off! Animated and flopping about, Ron struggle to attach it. The swordsmen reeled back in disgust as they watched these attempts.


“Ah! Is it even supposed to be that color?!”

“We should put him out of his misery!”

Before blue could act on his idea of mercy, Ron miraculously reattached his foot...more or less. Now with the disfigured foot being an elephant in room, a silence waved over the four, as they couldn’t quite formulate a response fitting of what just happened...except blue.

“...the hell was that all about?”
Ron looked up at the strangers and hobbled over awkwardly.
"Sorry bout that mate. Healing charms aren't my cup of tea. So as I was saying, I gotta get back to Hogwarts. Do you know the way out of here?"
Noticing that there was still visible uncomfortableness hanging in the air, Ron raised both hands in reassurance and said:
"I'm ok. No need to worry, worse has happened, like that one time me and my mate Harry were dueling this little chode named Malfoy and I accidentally cursed myself with some weird foreign spell. Stupid broken wand...I was puking slugs for the longest time."

As if on cue, the tip of Ron's wand exploded with the force of a cannon, launching several volleys of banana slugs in the air. Dumping a couple of fat slugs out of his robes, Ron muttered to himself:
"Bloody hell, I can't even catch a break with this wand."

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
“P-P-Puking slugs?!” Red gasped, grasping his mouth with his hands.

“Don’t worry about it Red, there aren’t any slugs here-“

As fate chose, a beautifully horrific rain of banana slugs decended from the heavens. They splashed everywhere, making squishing sounds as they hit their targets.

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!” Red cried, trying to evade the slugs from above.

“What the-“ blue growled as several fell on him. “Screw off slugs! Die!”


Green swatted the slugs off of blue, who gave green the cold shoulder in his prideful way as always. As the slug rain seemed to have halted, they slowly gathered back up around Ron, red shaking a bit and blue searing with rage.

“What the hell dude!” Blue yelled. “What’s your attack? Grossing everyone out!?!”

“Quiet down blue, it’s obvious this wasn’t on purpose.” Purple sighed. “In fact, i don’t think he’s even here on purpose.”

Purple cake closer to Ron, careful to avoid any slimy slugs still slithering about on the Now oozing floor.

“Listen, Ron was it? It’s a tournament, and I don’t think the hand up there is going to let us go anywhere without finishing our matches. If you want to get back home, you either have to fail or win a match. But I don’t know what happens when you fail quite yet...”
Ron looked at everyone apologetically and said:
"Sorry about that mates, my wand isn't exactly top-notch, so it acts up a lot. Here, I'll clean you guys up."
Ron raised his wand, pointing it at the poor victims of the slug explosion and muttered:
Without warning, a strong gust of wind shot out of Ron's wand, blowing off a majority of the slugs into the distance. Stowing his wand like nothing had happened, Ron said:
"So what you're saying is....this whole thing is a big dueling tournament? Blimey, I knew I should've asked Harry for extra lessons. I haven't practiced in months!"

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Thanks to Ron’s wind spell, a majority of the slime on blue was blown off, and the slugs that were squirming on the ground were tossed...somewhere else in the distance. Blue huffed.

“That still doesn’t change that your a total klutz. Tch.”

Purple affirmed Ron’s statement. “It appears so. With the reward being one wish of your choosing. Supposedly anything your desire.”

Red, having snapped out of his disturbed stated, pipped up. “Ahuh! Anything you want! What would you want to wish for? Huh?”


Previously Kid_Nukas
Curly looked at the skeleton who approached her boasting loudly about being "The Great Papyrus." There was not much doubt in her mind that this might be the Papyrus she was supposed to fight. The skeleton then said something about sparing her. "Oh, you'd spare me? I don't think that'll be necessary, but thanks for the offer. I wouldn't want you to lose just because you were sparing me. Let's both give it our all out there instead ok?"

Curly was actually pretty upset that Papyrus had offered to spare her. Not because it hurt her pride or offended her, but because Papyrus seemed like a really nice guy. She didn't want to crush him like she was hoping she would. Instead, he seemed like a kid who just wanted to have fun. He reminded her of the colons, they would sometimes challenge her to fights and offer to spare her in much the same way. She would try not to let that cloud her judgment when it came down to time for the battle though. After all, this was all for them. "So shall we head on to the arena?"


Previously TheJustinMan
{Sam and Max}

“Okay, your loss I guess. Max, before you pummel this guy into the ground, you should take a look at his stance. Look at how defensive of a pose it is. We should probably start with something that doesn’t require us to rush at him.” Sam whispered, although considering not a whole lot was going on on the stage, it was still pretty loud by all standards. “Sam, you have a perfect weapon for that! Although, your aim is a bit off a lot of times.” Max replied, not to hasty to be violent. “Alright, Max. Be careful, because I guess that is our best option in this case.” Sam finished. He quickly pulled the Big Kill out of his coat. This revolver was massive in size, about the length of a human forearm. “Now, Johnny, I don’t think this’ll kill you, considering this game is rated E10+.” Sam said, taking aim and firing a bullet from the massive gun.


“Well, I guess I will watch bunny and dog tournament for now. Superboy still not show face.” Heavy thought to himself. He then looked through the items he brought with him. First and foremost were his snack and food items, including the banana, the Dalkhos bar, the buffalo steak, and the sandvich. “Oh, this one come in handy on stage.” He said to himself, eyeing the buffalo steak. Second, he looked at his shotgun. The shotgun was a weapon he used very little, mostly because Sasha was his favorite, but seeing how games like this worked, he’d need as many weapons as he got. He didn’t bother looking at Sasha, as he saw he every day. Finally, he looked at the teleporter that he’d taken with him. “This will be useful for getting back on stage. I will have to ask giant hand to link teleporter to stage.” He finished, now looking back at Max’s battle.
As soon as Johnny saw the the gun being pulled out he closes the gap between the competitors pushing the gun to the side ,and driving his knee forward with a thrust to the sternum. He slapped the top of his wrist in am attempt to grab and disarm the gunman. With his full body weight he trusted his body using his shoulder to push the gunman back and loose balance. Afterwards he swung his leg around to crescent kick the gun out of his hand ,and before his foot touched the ground he swung it back for a head kick before taking an offensive stance so he could move around at a moments notice. Johnny wasn't expecting to see such a gun ,and seeing how these two had so much firepower theres no telling what they would do next. If Johnny had any doubts in their abilities they were gone now without a shadow of a doubt.


Previously AceTrainerGold
As black flames were edging closer and closer towards him, Maul was unsure what to do.

Was there anything he could do?

My leg’s injures, it would be hard to avoid this one. And I’ve used up too much energy, and I doubt my lightsaber would be any help.” Maul knew he wouldn’t be able to resist these flames, even for a few seconds. If they were to make contact with him, he would be scorched to death. He knew there was only one way out of this. Maul then jumped backwards off the stage, in order to avoid death. In a last attempt to try and redeem himself he used the last bit of his energy to try and force pull Reala in an attempt to get him to go down too, even though he knew it would fail.

Maul was out.


Previously TheJustinMan
{Sam & Max}

Before Sam could draw, the Big Kill was knocked out of his hand, and he was sent flying backwards, only for Max to get added to the equation, being unharmed. “You can mess with Sam, but not with me! Or, at least I think that’s how the saying goes.” Max said, swiftly pulling out a boxing glove and punching Johnnys chest with more force than to be expected from a rabbit of his size. Sam got up, a little dizzy, and grabbed his gun back. “Great blue whales in a underwater themed prom in the deep Atlantic under a party boat! That was unexpected. Although, I probably should’ve expected it. Way to go, little buddy!” As he saw his associate come back at the other fighter.
Johnny managed to get in a get into a stance as Max threw a punch ,but unexpected by the power he was pushed back. Before he could pull his arm back Johnny grabbed him by the wrist and swung him at Sam. He pressed his attack by using a spinning back kick at sam followed by a roundhouse kick. Not finished in his assault he turned his gaze towards Sam again launching a hay maker following it up with an elbow to the side of the jaw. Johnny made sure to stay in close because he knew he didn't want to get hit by that gun again, "Johnny looked at Max... wasn't expecting a punch like that ,but now im ready" Johnny said. he turned his gaze back to Sam again, "gonna have to keep an eye on you..." Johnny said with a smirk.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Reala’s reptilian eye’s gleaned as he saw Maul fall over the edge, though this satisfaction was short lived as he was seemingly pulled toward the edge by the unseen force just how he was before. I’m a master of aerial combat, I would not be eliminated by something as simple as a cliff! With that, Reala’s dragon form appeared to grow a large set of thin ornate wings, the sails being a coal black while the base a crimson red. The sail caught the wind resistance, and instead, turned it into a glide. He wasn’t going to be eliminated that easy. His eyes watched Maul fall into the pit before, further and further until he faded into the distance...


“So! You’ve been eliminated. Good job at being the first.”

Maul was floating against his will in Master Hand’s personal subspace. It seemed the hand had monitors with hundreds of other stages that could hold battles, only a select few showing them. The tournament holder approached maul, brushing some ash and cynders off of Maul’s robe.

“Don’t take it too bad, there’s always a first one. You can now mingle about and watch as everyone gets their chances taken from them just as you did until someone takes the reward than you can’t have, and you can go back home at any time and resume whatever it was you were doing, what do ya say?”

The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney
The three young heroes had been watching everything carefully. Of course Jon wanted to run around, meeting all the crazy new people from the multiverse he could befriend, but Damian and Dick kept him held back for now.

"Come oooon guys, it'll be fine! Look at how they're all interacting! I wanna be part of that!" The young half Kyrptonian groaned, as he was being held by the cape.

"I know how you feel Jon, but we gotta observe first. This could still very well be some trick. More than one of these characters look...Off." Dick said as he glanced around. "From now on, codenames only."

Damian crossed his arms, grabbing some of his own Robin branded batarangs incase of anything. "These cartoony creatures. It has to be one of those 4th dimensional imps." He muttered out, remembering the creatures that are attached to Batman and Superman. "The Leauge and Titan teams will notice our dissaperance, and come to find us victorious, thanks to my leadership." He proclaimed proudly.

"Sure thing Robin, we'll see. It'll be the Super Sons at the end of the bracket, you'll see!" Jon started punching in the air conidently. "Superboy vs Robin!"

"Actually, its Superboy VS The Heavy. Why don't you go find him and get your match started. We'll watch from the side." Nightwing patted Jon on the back, encouraging him to head out. Giving a confident nod, Jon waved to his partners and started to look for this 'Heavy' character.


Previously AceTrainerGold
“AAAAAAAHHHHH!” Maul screamed as he attempted to slash at Master Hand with his lightsaber. “How! How! Howw!” Maul let out all of his anger as he then clenched his fists and grunted.

“I was pushed to the point admitting defeat against this stupid, neckless bast-“ Maul took a second to try and calm down. “I wish to return to the stands.”
“At least then I can let out all of this rage on my sworn enemy.”

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
“Woah woah woah WOAH there!”

Master hand flicked the forehead of maul, sending him flying back several feet away. The hand stretched a bit, lumbering up it’s knuckles.

“Let’s not touch that button shall we? If you want to go to the stands, you’ll have to calm down that attitude! Understand?”

Within moments, Maul was teleported right outside the archway...rather four foot up from the archway, allowing him to fall down to the ground and rejoin the group...this time as viewer instead of a combatant
Killer B stood there watching the fight between Reala and Darth Maul ,and as Darth Maul fell from the from Killer B stood back in awe. He noticed Darth Maul fall from high up, "Yo hey ho! look at this lucky man! aint gotta fight! fell straight from the sky at a faster rate than Choji finishing a dinner plate. Lookin like somethin straight outa Orochimaru's closet!" killer B said as he stood there watching the fights continue.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Reala transformed back into his nightmaren form, taking off his personna mask. He gave a satisfied Hmph as his opponent escaped his sight. That fight was simple enough, nothing more Than a gash on me. If i knew it were this easy, I wouldn’t have taken Jackle with me.

Reala existed the portal, the first victor thus far in a match. Reala crossed his arms, chuckling as upon exist, his gash began to magically seal up with some sort of unknown green energy.

“Listen, all of you.” Reala spoke to anyone that would lend an ear. “Master Wizeman has declared anyone’s lives forfeit who dare to go in further. To spare you a cold, bitter death, I offer a mercy. Drop out. Now. Else you will fall as easily as my last competitor.”


Previously AceTrainerGold
Toad saw these projectiles rocketing towards him so he then jumped and ran. “Woooahh!” Toad then grabbed his pickaxe to try and protect himself.

He managed to barely miss the projectile that was heading for him, and that was only because he was terrified. He was unsure of what to do, without Mario by his side he couldn’t do much, he was useless.

I have to do something! I need Mario!” Toad then in the heat of the moment ran towards Sting Chameleon with his pickaxe, preparing to swing abs he did so.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
“Give up?!? You think we came all this way to give up?!?”

Johnny Lawrence approached Reala, who has so boldly proclaimed that the others should drop out. Reala looked to him, mildly amused.

“What I’m thinking is that no one has a shadow of a chance against that of Wizeman’s chosen. I take pity on you and offer you a mercy. Accept it with dignity. You Visitors have imitations.”

“I won’t take advice from a mime wannabe!”

“Then take advice from your obvious superior.”

“You wanna have a broken jaw punk?!?”

“I would find it entertaining to see you try...”

“That does it!!”

Lawrence ran toward Reala, rage fueling his steps. He raised a fist as he came to deliver his punch. Before he could land his blow, Master had warped in between them.

“You know that fighting outside of matches is not-“


Lawrence didn’t stop, punching Master hand, who dared to stand between him and his target. There was a stunned silence, Lawrence grinning as he defied the rules.




Master hand put his index and middle fingers together, aiming point blank at Lawrence. Acting like a finger gun, he cocked his thumb, before a brutal display was wrought before them.


Lawrence was shot with a powerful energy shell right at his body, seemingly disintegrating him before he could do anything to stop it. Johnny Lawrence was out...to say the least. Master hand blew out the smoke from his fingers with an unseen force.

“Apologies everyone! Don’t worry! The matches will go on as planned! I just gotta...get someone from the cosmos here...someone popular...aha!”

Master hand Yoinked a character from the void, plucked them with two fingers and flicked them into the main plaza. It was a cult classic, someone everyone knows and loves...or so it was hoped. Instead, Gex was selected, plopped before everyone.

“Now that everyone is here, the bracket shall-“

Upon mentioning the bracket, he looked up to it and saw Aurora’s name with a red exclamation mark. This made the hand balled up into a fist.


The enraged hand began to draw on some arcane power, channeling it into a deadly lightning bolt. The bolt flew up into the sky and struck down in front of Ron and the Four links. It seemingly missed them, the hand huffing and puffing.

“...We’ll just have to use what we have on hand!”

“What does he mean by that?” Red asked.

As if to answer his question, the particles that had struck the ground began to crackle and darken. They swerved around the four swordsman, latching onto something on the ground. Purple’s shadow...

Purple gasped. “It can’t be-!”

His shadow extended, the light particles acting as bonds, latching onto either side of his shadow’s ligements. The shadow struggled intially until the bonds were absorbed into the shadow, which severed it’s connection to purple. The shadow emerged in the world of the material, a fifth link...a Shadow Link.

“Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!” Shadow Link erupted in laughter. “I’m back! I’ve so missed a body!”

“You!” Blue grunted, glaring with mixed feelings.

“Hiyaaaah!” Green shouted, getting into a battle stance.


Purple rushed over to shadow, giving the sinister specter a hug. Shadow’s evil expression was changed quickly changed to a softer one, seeming almost to jump at the jolt of physical contact.

“Heh...after all this time Vio?” Shadow said, the tiniest of smiles on his face. “This...this is...”

Just then, shadow erupted into a fit of laughter, his dark expression returning. He phased through Purple, scattering like ink in a glass of water. He rematerialized, cross legged in the air.

“-A tournament! Which means that everyone here is a possible enemy! Even you Vio! Don’t think i’ll Take it easy on the likes of you! Or even you...Link!”

Green grit his teeth, knowing that he couldn’t strike out against the rules master hand had placed. He hadn’t ever fully forgiven shadow for what he had did like Vio had, so to not be able to retaliate like this was...a challenge.

“Psht, as if you’ll win!” Blue remarked, thinking he to be the one true link.


Previously AceTrainerGold
Gex was in the middle of a battle one minute, and now he was in this weird stand with many others just standing there. And there was a giant hand?! And to go along with it a giant billboard with lotsa names on it, one of which was his. He shrugged this off immediately pulled out his twig putting in his mouth.

“Soooo...this is New Jersey.” He said in his usual joking manner. He then looked back up at the giant hand in the sky, “That thing seems alive, wonder if it knows what going on here.” He then pointed to it, “Hey you! What’s going on here? What’m I mean the to be doin’?”

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Master Hand, not wasting any time leaned down toward Gex, squeezing his thumb and index finger on either side of his head and turned it wowed the tournament bracket.

“See that? Your on it. Fighting wherever the name ‘Lawrence’ is all scratched out. If you win, you get any wish you desire. Sound good?”

Letting go of His Head, Master hand hopes that he would say yes...or else he’d have to snag someone else


Previously AceTrainerGold
Gex was slightly shocked that the hand just grabbed him like that, he was annoyed too. “Just wait, I’ll give you such a pin-“ He then heard the hand mention fighting.

“Oooh I like the sound of that. So I’ll be fighting...” He then looked where his name was, “Min-Min! What’s a Min-Min?” As soon as he asked his question he was suddenly dropped by Master Hand back into the stands. Confused on what this “Min-Min” looked like he just went to the the first archway he could find and tested his luck.

“Hey by any chance you seen a Min-Min round these parts?” He asked a girl with blonde hair. And weird extendable arm things?

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
“Yeah okay, good...whatever.”

Master hand sighed, floating back up into the distance. If something else happens I swear to Galeem I will kill everyone here myself. I’m starting to understand crazy...


“Hahahahaha, you know I’m right.” Shadow Link sneered. “Let’s be honest here, your strong, but not semifinals strong. And I’m not even saying that to be mean, I was saying that from the beginning.”

“Why you-!” Blue drew out his hammer, only to be stopped by red.

“Stop! If we hit him we’ll be disqualified!”

“What makes you so confident?” Purple mused, not offended by Shadow.

“Simple! Because i’ll Do whatever it takes to win. You guys on the other hand...”

He darted forward, darkness streaming behind them, ending up right in front of green.

“...don’t have the guts.”

He stood up, Liking toward the rest of the link squad, chuckling to himself.

“Let this be a little friendly competition, one that I will crush you in!”

With a echoed laugh, shadow vanished into thin air, leaving a feather confused four heroes in his wake...and Ron. He was there too.


Previously AceTrainerGold
Ron looked at the group of swordsmen with his mouth wide open.

“Bloody hell!” He exclaimed as he then walked over to the group, “Are you lot alright?” He asked in concern although he was in complete confusion about what had just happened.

“Wonder who that Shadow bloke was. He looked like the rest of ‘em but just with purple hair and that. He looked like a right nutter as well.”
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
“Y-Yeah...it’s just a little creepy seeing him out again...” red murmured.

“That’s Shadow.” Purple explained to Ron, who seemed dreadfully lost. “He’s a complicated soul, perhaps a bit misunderstood. But he doesn’t mean any true harm...usually nowadays.”

“Don’t trust him as far as I can throw him!” Blue grunted. “What’s he even gonna do with a wish anyway? Shadow puppets?”

“I dunno...but we should really careful...” Red said, before suddenly remembering his question to Ron. “Oh yeah! We were asking about what YOUR wish would be!”


Previously Deathstalker62
Retracting his tongue again, Sting looked on as Toad had managed to avoid all his projectiles and was now charging headfirst at him with the pickaxe out. Not good. Sting quickly leapt up into the air and latched onto the ceiling with his tongue. He begun swinging himself around, shaking the ceiling. Spikes came falling down from the spiked ceiling like stalagtites in a cave, as Sting let go of the ceiling and latched onto the wall again, turning invisible to watch.
"Good luck in fights, comrades. All have good time, okay?" Zangief waved at his newly made friends before he made his way to the portal. What would his opponent be like? Someone with the name of Starfy must have done something impressive to have 'star' in their name. Were they a cosmonaut? If so, they must be on top of things mentally and physically. Feeling excited about his upcoming fight, the Red Cyclone stepped through the gate and waited for his first fight since arriving here.
The small, rather unremarkable, star waddled on his stubby yellow legs up to the large list of names. Though the young prince definitely couldn’t pronounce the other names and could hardly recognize his own, he was fortunately able to decipher the number next to it which represented his designated arena. After a smile and a nod to himself, Starfy dashed to his destination at an alarmingly fast speed compared to his physical stature. Starfy was less than half the size of his opponent’s leg and certainly didn’t appear to have a fraction of the strength, but still, the little star boy smiled confidently, or rather ignorantly, as he looked at his enemy.
"Ah, you must be my opponen-" Zangief looked down upon Starfy and tried to understand just how this kid got an invitation, surely he couldn't be just a kid right? "I assume you are Starfy? I am Zangief, your opponent for match. Horoso*, let us begin fight! Do not hold back, as I will not hold back. Let us fight!" The area that the match would take place in transformed into an old factory with fences and chains to Zangief's left and the USSR mark in the center of the floor. Zangief ran towards the small star and attempted to grab it, even if there was some concern in the back of his head about the size of his opponent making his signature moves more difficult to pull off.

(Horosho: Good, fine in Russian)