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Open Canon region!

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In the Canon region, anything can happen! Now, get ready to start your journey, Barry!
I pick Charmander!
But first, I need a rival!
(( hey guys! I want to roleplay here, but this isn't how you roleplay on pokecharms...if you don't change it soon, this forum is gonna get locked by some admins. I am in no position of power what so ever, but I don't want to see this RP get locked.))


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As some of my mini-modding friends have pointed out, this is indeed not how you role play here. Take a look at the rules and some of the other RPs here for a better idea.

@Fairyloid and @twinsister27, please hit the Report button on a rule-breaking post rather than piling on in the thread itself. It's not very nice, and it's against the mini-modding rule. I'll have to hand out warnings if I find you doing that again.
Not open for further replies.