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Charlotte's OCs

{The Following Art was created using public free-to-use online generators. I do not own Pokémon or the artwork.}

Say hello to Tali and her Pokémon!


Full Name: Tali Atalanta Cahira
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Region: Sinnoh
Occupation: Poké Mart Sales Clerk
Biography: Tali is not your typical Pokémon Trainer. She has no interest in challenging the Pokémon League or going on outlandish adventures. At least, that’s what she tells herself.
Secretly, there’s nothing she would like better than to crush a Battle Tournament and show Nye what she’s capable of. The problem is her team lacks sufficient defense and power.
Her Arbok, Adam, is a great intimidator. However, he relies too much on stall tactics to win a fight. Tali’s Absol and Espeon have great offensive power, but their low defense makes them both glass cannons. Her Plusle and Minun excel as a team but are powerless alone. And against Ground-types, forget it! Nevertheless, Tali adores her Pokémon, and her greatest fear is that they might one day leave her.
When Tali first met Nye, an Elite Tier world-traveling trainer, he told her that the weak flock together while the powerful value only those of equal or greater strength. He claimed if Tali didn’t get serious about battling, her Pokémon would eventually realize she had nothing to offer them and leave.
Tali fears Nye could be right. After encountering so many people who want to be the best and train the best Pokémon, she wonders if she has any business being a Pokémon trainer. She views Pokémon Battling as a form of play, something best enjoyed when everyone is having fun. Because of this, Tali will forfeit a match if her Pokémon appear exhausted or hurt. This principle earned her ridicule as a child and disdain as an adult.
Tali also wonders if her policy is holding her team back. She is not competitive by nature and is just as happy reading a book or dabbling in poetry as she is Pokémon training. Her Pokémon often reassure her that there’s nothing wrong with being a pacifist. Not every Pokémon needs to become the absolute best fighter to be happy. They are perfectly content just spending time with the person they love and having fun.
About the Pokémon:
Arbok artwork by Ken Sugimori

Nickname: Adam
Species: Arbok
Gender: Male
Adam, Tali’s first Pokémon, was given to her as an Ekan for her thirteenth birthday. Her cousin, Finn, put the Ekans in a box and wrapped him up, believing it would be a good prank. Much to his horror, neither Tali nor the Pokémon took the joke very well. They both screamed upon seeing each other for the first time.
Under threat of being permanently grounded by his mother, Finn bluffed by claiming the Pokémon was a gift to help Tali overcome her fear of Poison types. Tali was skeptical but accepted the Ekans, whom she dubbed Adam.
Tali and Adam were slow to trust each other but eventually hit it off. Like Tali, Adam enjoys fun in the sun and long naps in the shade. He often curls up next to Tali while she reads.
Absol artwork by Ken Sugimori

Nickname: Azrael
Species: Absol
Gender: Male
Tali’s second Pokémon, Azrael, was befriended during one of her and Adam’s excursions. They encountered the Absol while on a hike at the base of Mount Coronet. Rather than challenge him to a battle, Tali observed the wild Pokémon from a distance. She noticed the Absol was particularly wary of Adam, who had evolved into an Arbok the year before the trip.
Tali returned to the same spot the next day with Adam concealed. The Absol, while shy, was curious enough about Tali to come closer. Over the next few days, Tali returned to the mountain, sometimes with Adam and sometimes without him, to meet the Absol. By the end of the week, she and Adam had earned Absol’s trust. When it was time to return home, the Absol volunteered to join Tali of his own will. She named him Azrael, meaning “Help from God”.
Espeon artwork by Ken Sugimori

Nickname: Claire
Species: Espeon
Gender: Female
Tali’s Espeon originally belonged to a Pokémon breeder named Calypso. Calypso hoped that if she could get the Espeon to breed with her shiny Ditto, she could market and sell a mass quantity of high-tier, shiny Eevees. The Espeon, none too keen on this idea, attacked Calypso’s Ditto and ran away. Furious, Calypso set out to reclaim the Pokémon.
She encountered Tali and her two Pokémon while scanning the streets. Calypso immediately gushed over Azrael, as Abols are desirable to Pokémon collectors. She offered to buy him off Tali, but Tali refused, claiming it would be inhumane. Calypso countered by stating the only reason humans trained Pokémon in the first place was to benefit themselves. Tali disagreed. “That may be how the story started, but it doesn’t have to be how it ends,” she said. Calypso scoffed at Tali’s ideology and continued her search of the Espeon, not realizing the Pokémon was hiding under a nearby dumpster listening.
A week later, Tali and Calypso bumped into each other again. This time, Calypso had finally relocated the missing Espeon and used her other Pokémon to beat it into submission. Outraged, Tali sent out Adam and Azrael to deal with Calypso’s Pokémon. She, meanwhile, confronted Calypso head-on. The two women grappled with each other, allowing the Espeon a second chance at escape.
Realizing her prize was getting away, Calypso shoved Tali to the ground and summoned her Ninetails. The Alolan Pokémon pursued the Espeon but got intercepted by Tali’s Absol. The Espeon turned and looked over her shoulder, amazed that the Dark-type Pokémon had taken the hit to cover her escape. Tali recalled her Pokémon and managed to slip away with only a few bruises and a bloody nose.
From that day forward, the Espeon tailed Tali and her team from a safe distance. She grew curious and more curious about Azrael until she finally got the courage to approach him alone. Despite being opposing types, the two Pokémon shared many things in common. Both were shy, clairvoyant, and had a difficult time trusting humans. Eventually, Azrael’s presence gave Espeon the confidence to reveal herself to Tali.
Tali welcomed the Espeon with open arms and gave her the nickname Claire. When Claire showed an aversion to Poké Balls, Tali refused to capture the Pokémon against her will. She let Claire join her team without making her submit to the Poké Ball. That way, she could come and go as she pleased.

Plusle artwork by Ken Sugimori

Nickname: Blitz
Species: Plusle
Gender: Female
Tali’s final Pokémon, Blitz and Krieg, joined her team simultaneously. She encountered them while practicing throwing Poké Balls, something she wasn’t great at. Blitz, the Plusle, decided it would be fun to join in on the target practice by goading Tali into throwing things, then dashing away at the last minute. Her plan worked.
After an hour of humorous failed attempts, Tali finally gave up and slumped to the ground, exhausted. Blitz was highly amused. However, her Minun partner began feeling bad for Tali, especially considering they made her lose all her precious Poké Balls. The two Electric-type Pokémon deliberated and decided to join Tali’s team. They each retrieved a single Poké Ball and presented it to Tali before stepping back. This time, Tali lofted the Poké Balls and caught them both in one fell swoop.
Blitz is the most playful and mischievous of the pair. She enjoys putting the “shock” in shock and awe and loves to show off in battle. Nevertheless, she is kind and encouraging to all her teammates and will cheer them on from the sidelines even when she loses.

Minun artwork by Ken Sugimori

Nickname: Krieg
Species: Minun
Gender: Male
Biography: Krieg the Minun is the calmer, quieter member of the pair. He typically follows Blitz’s lead, but he can think on his feet when the moment calls for it. Krieg is very compassionate. He’s usually the first to offer a hug whenever a team member feels down. Krieg also has a creative spark. Whenever he and Blitz put on a cheering show for their teammates, he shows his true colors by leading the choreography. In Pokémon Battles, Krieg is at his best when fighting alongside Blitz. He puts the “awe” in shock and awe.
Hell yes, good to see some more OC posting! Tali's really sweet I like her a lot, I wasn't expecting her to be so feisty based off the intro paragraph either, so I was really intrigued by the bit about her and Calypso. Writing up all of the stories about her team, their personalities, how they joined, and their interactions with one another makes me really motivated to do something similar for the Pokemon I've decided are for sure on Bibi's team.

It's nice to see a trainer who so values their Pokemon's freedom and worrying about the possible consequences that could arise from that, because after all, if they aren't hers to control that means she risks losing them at any point (though, given how much they all clearly love Tali that's unlikely, still, great fuel for drama and insecurity!)

I also love the little glimpses we see into other characters like Nye and Calypso, seeing a bunch of trainers with clashing ideologies has really set up the ground for fun interactions and conflicts. Looking forward to anything else you have to add to their stories!
Hell yes, good to see some more OC posting! Tali's really sweet I like her a lot, I wasn't expecting her to be so feisty based off the intro paragraph either, so I was really intrigued by the bit about her and Calypso. Writing up all of the stories about her team, their personalities, how they joined, and their interactions with one another makes me really motivated to do something similar for the Pokemon I've decided are for sure on Bibi's team.

It's nice to see a trainer who so values their Pokemon's freedom and worrying about the possible consequences that could arise from that, because after all, if they aren't hers to control that means she risks losing them at any point (though, given how much they all clearly love Tali that's unlikely, still, great fuel for drama and insecurity!)

I also love the little glimpses we see into other characters like Nye and Calypso, seeing a bunch of trainers with clashing ideologies has really set up the ground for fun interactions and conflicts. Looking forward to anything else you have to add to their stories!
Thank you!

I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. If you like drama and insecurity, you'll want to stick around for Nye's biography. It delves more into why he is the way he is.

I've got a bio coming up for Calypso as well! I enjoyed coming up with clashing ideologies for the trio. I feel like it makes the tension more interesting. I'll be adding themes for all three characters soon. I already got one picked out for Calypso: Bad Apple!! The first few chords go well with her aesthetic.
As far as Pokemon go, plusle and minun don't get any love so glad to see them used by somebody (although they're really weak even when you double battle with them, kinda underwhelming but they're cute so let's go)
I agree wholeheartedly. I always felt like Plusle and Minun should get more love. It's too bad they don't have Mega Evolutions or another gimmick to make them stronger. I enjoyed playing with my Plusle when I played Alpha Sapphire. It was a pity she couldn't handle the big leagues.
Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 10.24.55 AM.png

Full Name: Aneirin “Nye” Dios
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Region: Unova (formerly), Kalos (formerly), Sinnoh (currently)
Occupation: Ace Trainer
Biography: Aneirin—Nye to everyone but his parents—was born in Icirrus City, Unova. Since the age of nine, Nye has been captivated by Pokémon. He often fantasized about becoming the world’s best Pokémon trainer with his partner, Lilipup.
Once he turned twelve, Nye set off with his Pokémon to conquer the Unova league. Sadly, it didn’t take him long to realize that collecting gym badges is no small feat. His team lost three times before they earned their first badge. Even then, their struggles continued.
The most devastating blow came when Nye’s beloved Herdier (formerly Lillipup) left him for a more experienced trainer. Nye was heartbroken, especially since it was a trainer he had lost to the day before. He poured all his time and effort into training his remaining Pokémon so that he would never lose another battle, or Pokémon, again.
Unfortunately, he never got the chance. Nye’s parents got a divorce shortly afterward. His father was staying in Unova, but his mother wanted him to move to her childhood home in Kalos. Ultimately, Nye had to give up on his dream of becoming the Unova League champion, but he vowed to become a world-class trainer at all costs. As a result, he became more fixated on controlling his Pokémon and less on bonding with them.
By the time he reached adulthood, Nye was traveling around the world. He battled, trained, and traded with everyone he could. He studied all the known battle gimmicks and obtained the best hold items money could buy, all in pursuit of his goal.
Nye came to the Sinnoh region hoping to challenge the greatest champion in the world. Instead, he met Tali and her sickeningly sweet team of Pokémon. When Tali approached him, asking for a battle, he scoffed that he could beat her with his weakest Pokémon. Tali accepted the challenge. Nye sent out his Serperior, Ambrosia. True to his word, the Unovan grass-type starter wiped the floor with Tali’s team without breaking a sweat.
Rather than being disappointed, Tali complimented her Pokémon for their efforts. She even showed Nye’s Serperior her admiration by saying she had never seen a grass-type Pokémon with such skill. Nye replied that his Serperior won, not because of her skills, but because she took the battle seriously. He claimed Tali was letting her Pokémon down by rewarding their failures. If she wanted to succeed as a Pokémon Trainer, she would need to take charge and show them who was boss.
Tali replied that she wasn’t interested in winning every fight so long as she and her Pokémon had fun. Nye berated her, claiming that the only reason Pokémon sought trainers in the first place was to get stronger. If Tali didn’t accept that, she might as well kiss her Pokémon goodbye because they wouldn’t be content with her company for long.
Tali responded by storming off. She called back over her shoulder that Nye was a great trainer but a lousy human being.
Nye resolved to forget about Tali from that point onward. However, his mind occasionally wanders back to their first encounter. He considers Tali childish and naive. However, he is annoyed by how much Tali reminds him of his younger self.
They did fight on one other occasion.
Wanting to prove herself worthy of her Pokémon’s respect, Tali challenged Nye to a rematch. This time, she and her team came within an inch of victory. She sent out her Plusle to deal with Nye’s Greninja, who, much to everyone’s surprise, was defeated using a combination of Agility, Double Team, and Play Rough.
Nye then sent out his Mamoswine, who knocked Tali’s Plusle out with one Earthquake. Tali sent in Azrael, her Absol, to fight. He weakened Nye’s Mamoswine with Water Pulse and Flamethrower before taking one too many Earthquakes. Tali then sent her ace, Adam, to defeat the Mamoswine using a combination of Wrap and Fire Fang.
Up next was Nye’s signature serpent, Ambrosia. The two snake Pokémon clashed, coiling around each other in a flurry of leaves and toxins. Nye recalled Ambrosia mid-fight and sent out his Dragonite. Adam poisoned the dragon with Gunk Shot before fainting from Dragonite’s Outrage.
With only two Pokémon left, Tali sent out her Minun. The Minun dodged Outrage at the last moment and countered with Copycat. Dragonite went for a Bulldoze Attack while Tali’s Minun followed up with Play Rough. The result was a tie, with both Pokémon unable to battle.
Tali was down to her last Pokémon.
Claire accepted the challenge and entered the ring just as Nye selected Infernape. Despite Infernape’s speed and precision, Tali’s Espeon countered the Pokémon’s every move. The battle was neck and neck. Frustrated, Nye recalled Infernape and sent Ambrosia back out. The Serperior used Leech Seed but feinted due to Calm Mind and Psychic. With options limited, Nye sent his Infernape back out. Again, the two Pokémon danced around each other in an apparent stalemate.
Nye started to get nervous. Here he was, an Ace Trainer preparing to face the champion, and he was two Pokémon away from losing to an amateur. His commands become more frantic. He started hurling insults at his Infernape to go with the commands. In the confusion, Infernape interpreted Nye’s shouting as an attack command. He charged ahead using Flare Blitz, unaware he was hurdling straight towards Tali.
To save her, Claire threw herself in front of the fire-type attack to give Tali enough time to roll out of the way. Claire crashed to the ground, badly burned, while Infernape received recoil damage.
Tali rushed to Claire and scooped the injured Espeon up in his arms. Nye was dazed by what happened, but instead of admitting his mistake, he blamed his Infernape, yelling that he should have watched where he was going. Tali, in tears, declared she forfeited the match and told Nye if he wanted the win so badly, he could have it. She then rushed to get Claire and the rest of her team some medical attention.
Meanwhile, Nye remained rooted in place, astounded that his Pokémon almost incinerated a human being. All the emotions he had buried and manufactured over the years suddenly came spilling out: anger, guilt, frustration, fear. He felt his sense of control dwindling. Despite being exhausted beyond battle ability, Ambrosia emerged from her Poké Ball to comfort Nye. At first, Nye accepted the hug. Then he pushed her away as if realizing the action contradicted his beliefs.
Months passed since the battle, and Nye still turns it over in his head. Because he won due to forfeit, he feels like the victory was unearned. He vows that neither he nor his Pokémon will rest until it’s proven once and for all who is the better trainer.
About Nye’s Pokémon:
Serperior artwork by Ken Sugimori

Nickname: Ambrosia
Species: Serperior
Gender: Female
Ambrosia is Nye’s second Pokémon and the only one who understands his pain. Like Nye, she is determined to be the best. She and Nye’s Lillipup were best friends, often seen playing together or sharing a meal.
When Lillipup evolved into Herdier, he became more distant, putting all his time and effort into training with Nye. Despite his evolution, Herdier struggled in battle. He lost, not only to gym trainers but to random kids playing on the street. These losses became too much for him to bear until he decided it was Nye’s fault that he failed. When he, Nye, and Ambrosia encountered a trainer who specialized in normal-type Pokémon, Herdier saw his chance. That night, he broke free of his Poké Ball and fled to the wild without looking back. When Ambrosia and Nye discovered the shattered remains of his Poké Ball in the morning, they deduced what happened.
Since that day, Ambrosia vowed to do her very best for Nye and support him no matter what. Her loyalty has been tested recently due to Nye’s obsession with power. She hopes Nye will eventually come around and realize that winning isn’t the only thing that matters.
Greninja artwork by Ken Sugimori

Nickname: Rogue
Species: Greninja
Gender: Male
Rogue was the first Pokémon Nye received when he and his mother moved to Kalos. Drawn to the Pokémon’s stealthy and determined nature, he chose the Froakie as his “starter.” Soon, Nye was spending more time training Rogue than Ambrosia. He taught the water-type Pokémon that victory was the only thing that mattered, no matter the cost. Rogue took these messages by heart, becoming Nye’s most cunning and formidable asset.
Infernape artwork by Ken Sugimori

Nickname: Pepper Boi
Species: Infernape
Gender: Male
We all know that moment. You finally trade someone for your favorite Pokémon only to discover it has a stupid nickname. That was how Nye felt when he got his Infernape, Pepper Boi. The Pokémon’s demeanor was almost as silly as his nickname. His penchant for pranks and other mischief annoyed Nye, though it amused Ambrosia.
His fun-loving nature often conflicts with Nye’s strict training policy. Despite this, Pepper Boi is devoted to his new trainer and thirsts to prove himself. He is a blazing powerhouse with a fragile self-esteem.

Mamoswine artwork by Ken Sugimori

Nickname: N/a
Species: Mamoswine
Gender: Female
Nye caught this Mamoswine in Kalos. At the time, it was still a Piloswine. At first, he had no intention of catching it, but when he saw how well it held up against his Pokémon, he was impressed.
Mamoswine was the first of Nye’s Pokémon not to receive a nickname. It marked a turning point for Nye as he no longer felt obligated to bond with every Pokémon he caught. If a Pokémon did not live up to his expectations, he traded it or, failing that, released it into the wild.
Dragonite artwork by Ken Sugimori

Nickname: N/a
Species: Dragonite
Gender: Male
Nye caught this Pokémon while on vacation in Paldea. He wanted a flying Pokémon that could carry him great distances quickly. When he spied a Dragonair by the beach, he knew he would be able to evolve it into a Dragonite.
Nye sold his shiny Dipplin to buy a Tera Orb, much to Ambroisa’s relief, who overheard Nye discussing whether or not to replace her with a better grass-type Pokémon.
Gholdengo artwork by Ken Sugimori

Nickname: N/a
Species: Gholdengo
Gender: Genderless
Nye obtained this Pokémon while on vacation in Paldea. He heard about a Pokémon you could only evolve by gathering 999 Gimmighoul coins. Nye considered this the ultimate challenge. He sent his team to battle wild Pokémon and collect the coins while he tracked down a Gimmighoul chest. His Pokémon, although exhausted beyond relief, succeeded.
When Nye’s Gimmighoul chest evolved into Gholdengo, he decided to keep it. It proved to be a powerful ally through its unique moves and signature ability.
Great to finally get the rundown on Nye! I got super into your descriptions of his backstory and fights with Tali. There's something about your stories that's reminiscent of all the charming parts of the pokemon anime, it makes me feel oddly nostalgic despite all of the characters being new faces. I also absolutely lost it over Pepper Boi, brilliant way to add some comic relief.
Great to finally get the rundown on Nye! I got super into your descriptions of his backstory and fights with Tali. There's something about your stories that's reminiscent of all the charming parts of the pokemon anime, it makes me feel oddly nostalgic despite all of the characters being new faces. I also absolutely lost it over Pepper Boi, brilliant way to add some comic relief.
Thank you! That's exactly what I was going for. I enjoyed writing Nye's biography, but the more I read it the more I thought it needed an uplifting element to it. I've heard stories from my Pokémon playing acquaintances and nearly all of them have a "goofy trade" story. I couldn't resist giving the most serious member of the trio the goofiest Pokémon.
{Here we are! At long last, Calypso's bio. I couldn't find the image I wanted for her, but it will have to do.)
Pokémon Breeder Battrio F.png

Full Name: Calypso Razi
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Region: Sinnoh
Occupation: Pokémon Breeder
Biography: Calypso is a blonde, braided-haired female with a deceptively charming personality. She is known for catching and breeding Pokémon until they produce shinies or children with perfect stats. She keeps the best shiny Pokémon for herself and refuses anything that is neither rare nor valuable.
Calypso’s obsession with precious things dates back to when she was a child. Her parents worked two jobs to provide for themselves and their daughter. While they gave Calypso everything she needed, they could not afford designer clothes, mobile devices, or grandiose vacations; all the things Calypso wanted.
By the time Calypso reached high school, she began to resent her family, believing their being poor was responsible for her lack of respect and popularity among her peers. She vowed to do whatever it took to get the things she deserved. Now, she is one of the top Pokémon breeders in Sinnoh.
Though she is friendly to people, Calypso can be short, often brutal, to Pokémon, especially those who don’t behave how she wants them to. She is kind only to her favorites and to the baby Pokémon she aims to sell. In addition to Pokémon breeding, Calypso earns her living in Pokémon Contests and Battle Tournaments. The former, she makes a killing due to the undisputed rare beauty of her main six Pokémon.
About Calypso’s Pokémon:
Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 7.37.47 PM.png

Nickname: Bluebell
Species: Ditto
Gender: Genderless
This blue Ditto is Calypso’s pride and joy. While any Ditto is rare in the wild, a shiny Ditto is even more so. Bluebell is one of the sixty-four Ditto used in her breeding operation. She occasionally uses it for battling due to its almost seamless ability to copy any Pokémon.
Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 7.38.12 PM.png

Nickname: Discord (when referring to all seven serpents), Eris (when referring to the lead serpent)
Species: Hydrapple
Gender: Female
Calypso got Discord from a trader in Paldea. She evolved it from a Dipplin and began using it in Pokémon Contests. While she typically refers to the Pokémon as “Discord,” Calypso gave the lead serpent a nickname for being in charge.
Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 7.38.56 PM.png

Nickname: Cosplay
Species: Mimikyu
Gender: Male
Cosplay is a shiny Mimikyu bred by Calypso. She sold or released all his siblings but kept Cosplay for his uniqueness. He is a shy and somewhat humble Pokémon but a capable battler. His favorite food is cookies.
Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 7.39.15 PM.png

Nickname: Serenity
Species: Alolan Ninetails
Gender: Female
This shiny Alolan Ninetails was born for Pokémon Contests. Her angelic poise and dramatic flare have impressed judges the world over. Like Calypso, Serenity accepts nothing but the best. She’ll turn her nose up at any Pokémon she deeps too plain or uninteresting. Despite her snootiness, Serenity is an incredible battle Pokémon, and her unique typing allows her to defeat many foes.
Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 7.39.41 PM.png

Nickname: Big Mama
Species: Kangaskhan
Gender: Female
Big Mama is a shiny Kangaskhan who assists Calypso in the nursery. She cares for the baby Pokémon until they are old enough to train. Her fierceness and devotion to Calypso make her an ideal bodyguard. Calypso uses her for battling and for removing obstacles on the terrain.
Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 7.40.04 PM.png

Nickname: Little Beauty
Species: Togekiss
Gender: Male
As the youngest member of Calypso’s team, Little Beauty is as naive and innocent as you would expect any Togekiss to be. Due to her questionable breeding practices, Calypso likes to keep Little Beauty out and about whenever there’s an inspection. After all, no Togekiss would befriend a cruel trainer. Right?
Unlike Tali, Little Beauty believes Calypso is a kind person. He is well-treated, as is every shiny Pokémon under Calypso’s care, and is blissfully unaware of Calypso’s breeding methods. Despite rarely seeing a battle, Little Beauty thinks Calypso truly cares for him and will do anything to make her happy.
And now, for the moment no one has been waiting for...

OC Trainer Tidbits

Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Drink: Sweet Tea
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Favorite Song: Revolution by The Score

If she were a Pokémon, she would be a Psychic type.

Favorite Color: Violet
Favorite Drink: Grape Soda
Favorite Food: Crab Cakes
Favorite Song: Hear Me Roar by NerdOut!

If he were a Pokémon, he would be a Dragon type.

Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Drink: Black Coffee
Favorite Food: Mochi
Favorite Song: Bad Apple!! by RichaadEB

If she were a Pokémon, she would be a Fairy type.