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Open Coura Region

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In a world or a region, there is specific Pokémon. But in Coura, you can find any pokémon that actually exist. Are you ready to embark in a brand new adventure in the Coura region! Come with me, Arc! But now,create your trainer card!

My team
Attacks:Bite, Leer, Sandstorm

-Im ready, and you Larvitar. -Laaarvi! -Just one more thing do!
-We have to go meet the new neighbor
Attack: +Dragon Rage
Lv: 13
Ability: Sand Veil

Attack: Protect, Pound, Frustration, Rest
Lv: 13
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Limber
I decided to go with starting with a new character so here he is.
Treecko Ability: Overgrow
Shinx Ability: Intimidate
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