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Create your own Elite Four trainer

Name: Weido

Age: 10

Gender: Male


Blastoise lvl 48

Jolteon lvl 45

Kangaskhan lvl 50

Butterfree lvl 47

Beedrill lvl 51

Here's mine. What would yours be.?
Hmmm, interesting. Might as well...
Name: Kera
Type: Mix
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Lucario lvl 50
Raichu lvl 51
Mightyena lvl 52
Gardevoir lvl 53
I'll post a few I've made.

Name: Kira Aurderve (Pronounced Ardoore)
Type: Mix
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Lucario lv. 62
Spiritomb lv. 59
Dragonite lv. 61
Camerupt lv. 59
Lanturn lv. 58
1 egg.

and another who was for a while in a fanfic of mine

Name: Keel Rochero
Type: Dark
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Weavile Lv. 62
Umbreon (shiny) Lv. 64
Honchkrow lv. 65
Sharpedo: 68
Houndoom: 70
Tyranitar: 72

One more, he was a champion.

Luther Calvis
Type: Mix
Age: 26
Gender: Male

Tyranitar Lv. 88
Gyarados Lv. 86
Metagross Lv. 84
Arcanine Lv. 86
Garchomp Lv. 88
Lucario Lv. 90
I have a complete Elite 4 and Champ. :)

Name: Flare
Type: Fire
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Team: Flareon Lv. 50, Rapidash Lv. 49, Magmotar Lv. 49, Charizard Lv. 45, Blaziken Lv. 45.
(Rematch) Flareon Lv. 70, Rapidash Lv. 69, Magmotar Lv. 69, Charizard Lv. 65, Blaziken Lv. 60, Houndoom Lv. 60.

Name: Eve
Type: Eeveelutions
Age: 46
Gender: Female
Team: Leafeon Lv. 50, 4 Eevees Lv. 45
(Rematch) Leafeon Lv. 65, Glaceon Lv. 60, Espeon Lv. 60, Jolteon LV. 59, Vaporeon Lv. 55, Eevee Lv. 50.

Name: Nermal
Type: Normal
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Team: Castform Lv. 52, Lickylicky Lv. 50, Pidgeot Lv. 49, Porygon-Z Lv. 49, Bidoof Lv. 49
(Rematch) Castform Lv. 75, Lickylicky Lv. 68, Pidgeot Lv. 60, Porygon-Z Lv. 59, Bibarel Lv. 55, Persian Lv. 55

Name: Drap
Type: Poison/Bug
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Team: Scorupi Lv. 60, Drapion Lv. 60, Nidorino Lv. 59, Beedrill Lv. 55, Kricketune Lv. 50
(Rematch) Drapion Lv. 80, Drapion Lv. 80, Nidoking Lv. 79, Beedrill Lv. 75, Kricketune Lv. 70

Name: ABC
Type: Unown
Age: ??
Gender: ??
Team: Unown A-F Lv. 65.
(Rematch 1) Unown G-L Lv. 85
(Rematch 2) Unown M-R Lv. 90
(Rematch 3) Unown S-X Lv. 92
(Rematch 4) Unown Y and Z Lv. 100
(Rematch 5+) Unown U, N, O, W, N Lv. 95

Tough Elite 4.
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Name: Espar
Type: Electric
Age: 7
Gender: Male
Story: His dad is the actual member, but he 'just popped out for some food'. Little does Espar know, he left forever, leaving Espar to fare for himself and learn to be confident.
Team: Electivire, Shimama, Jolteon, Manectric, Magnezone and Rotom.
Here's mine. ;D

Name: Damian
Age: 14
Gender: Male


Pikachu lvl 58
Flareon lvl 55
Roserade lvl 60
Gyarados (Shiny) lvl 57
Salamance lvl 61
If I were an Elite Four Trainer ...

Name: Emma
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Team: Mix Of Flying Type

Swellow:- Lv. 53
Staraptor:- Lv. 53
Charizard:- Lv. 54
Dragonite:- Lv. 55
Salamance:- Lv. 57

I would have Articuno on there but thats legendary so that wouldnt be possible :p
I would have Dark-types, cause I'm weird...

Name: Aero Blade

Age: 23 (not my real age XD)

Types: Dark

Strategy: Status Ailments, Stat Increase, Take Down the opponent


1. Houndoom-The strategy here is first: Nasty Plot to raise my Special Attack, Toxic to poison the foe and whittle down their health, then change out Hidden Power and Dark Pulse. Flamethrower might be an alternate for Hidden Power, as it has STAB on Houndoom.

2. Mightyena-There is no real strategy for him, as he is a main attacker. But, Swords Dance would cover the first turn, and Double Team the next two. After, Crunch or Poison Fang would go ahead, and poison would probably occur against the opponent with Poison Fang. Crunch also has STAB and a chance of flinching, and Mightyena is fast, so...you get it.

3. Sharpedo-Sharpedo would be my dark-shark pokemon (pun intended hahahaha...heheh...hrm...). It would be for a Rain Dance assault. First, Rain Dance would come into play, followed by Toxic on the opponent, and Swords Dance next. After a few of those, Aqua Jet or Crunch would be the solution. Aqua Jet and Crunch have STAB, so it wouldn't be a hard decision between the two. Although, Crunch has a higher base attack...

4. Absol-Absol would be the future attacker. First, Future Sight, then Double Team, then Night Slash. Anything to take them down. Toxic would be a good fourth.

5. Umbreon-The usual moveset and strat: Toxic, Wish, Protect, Payback/Curse.

6. Cacturne/Shiftry-For these guys, Seed Bomb would be a must for Shiftry, and Needle Arm for Cacturne. Along with Swords Dance, Synthesis and Toxic, Cacturne would be evil. For Shiftry, Seed Bomb, Double Team, Dark Pulse and Nasty Plot would be devious. Shiftry would be my main decision, but Cacturne as an alternative.
Elite four Champion:

Name: Oliver Brun
Age: 19-20
Pokemon: Swalot lv 80, Blissey lv 78
Type: Poison and Normal
Strategy: Wear down enemy with toxic and poison, last as long as until the trainer uses up all his or her potions, revives, or any kind of medicines, then slowly carve out each individual pokemon's Hp until it faints. In any case, it's going to be a long battle.
Name: Blaze
Age: 14
Type: Fire
Position: 4th Elite 4
Pokemon (In Battle Order): Flareon Lvl. 48, Torkoal Lvl. 52, Numel Lvl. 50, Houndour Lvl. 53, Magmar Lvl. 55.
(Rematch No.1): Flareon Lvl. 50, Torkoal Lvl. 53, Camerupt lvl. 51, Houndour Lvl. 54, Magmar Lvl. 58.
(Rematch No.2): Flareon Lvl. 54, Arcanine Lvl. 56, Camerupt Lvl. 57, Houndoom Lvl. 58, Magmar Lvl. 62.
(Rematch No.3): Flareon Lvl. 56, Arcanine Lvl. 57, Rapidash Lvl. 58, Houndoom Lvl. 60, Magcargo Lvl. 63, Magmar Lvl. 65.
(Rematch No.4): Flareon Lvl. 64, Arcanine Lvl. 68, Rapidash Lvl. 69, Houndoom Lvl. 70, Magcargo Lvl. 73. Magmortar Lvl. 85.

Wait until you fight the champion's 4th rematch.
Pokemon: lv 64 Honchkrow, lv 65 Milotic, lv 63 Electivire, lv 62 Dusknoir, lv 62 Electivire, lv 68 Metagross
name: tim
type: fire
ho-oh lv 70
groudon lv 71
moltres lv72
charizard shiny lv 93
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Name: Tyler
Type:Dragon and Ice
1st battle: Salamence lv.68 ,Dragonite lv.66 ,Rayquaza ,lv.67 (what ,Cynthia has one) ,Froslass Lv.68 ,Abomasnow lv.66 ,Weavile lv.67
2nd battle: Salamence lv.73 ,Dragonite lv.71 Rayquaza lv.72 ,Froslass lv.73 ,Abomasnow lv.71 ,Weavile lv.72
3rd battle: Salamence lv.100 ,Dragonite lv.98 ,Rayquaza lv.99 ,Frosslass lv.100 ,Glaceon lv.100 ,Weavile lv.99
Win quote (when you lose): ''Hmph ,I knew you couldn't beat me.''
1st battle defeat quote: ''Uggh ,my companions ,I failed you. You are truly powerful...''
2nd battle defeat quote: ''Beaten again... I underestimated you...''
3rd battle defeat quote: ''...''
Gender: Female
Type: Eveelution
Battle: Double
Position: Champion
Team: Flareon (68; Charcoal)- Fire Fang, Sunny Day, Heat Wave, Iron Tail
Leafeon (67; Miracle Seed)- Synthesis, Razor Leaf, Leaf Blade, X-Scissor
Espeon (70; Odd Insence)- Morning Sun, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Psybeam
Vaporeon (70; Mystic Water)- Surf, Brine, Rain Dance, Ice Beam
Glaceon (72; Nevermelt Ice)- Ice Beam, Blizzard, Hail, Water Pulse
Umbreon (75; Black Glasses)- Dark Pulse, Payback, Moon Light, Confuse Ray
Member 1 :

Blaze (Fire)

Magmar LV 47
Macargo LV 49
Arcanine LV 50
Blazekin LV 49
Charizard LV 51
Magmortor LV 53

Member 2 :

Aqua (Water/Ice)

Starmie LV 50
Dewgong LV 51
Empoleon LV 52
Tentacruel LV 52
Glaceon LV 54
Gyrados LV 55

Member 3 :

Ascen (Flying)

Swellow LV 52
Altaria LV 54
Skarmory LV 54
Pidgeot LV 55
Pidgeot LV 55
Staraptor LV 58

Member 4 :

Phanto (Ghost/Dark)

Sableye LV 55
Spiritomb LV 57
Mightyena LV 57
Haunter LV 58
Umbreon LV 59
Gengar LV 61

Champion :

Ace (All Types)

Volt (Jolteon) LV 59
Blade (Scizor) LV 61
Gliscor LV 62
Manetric LV 64
Zor (Typlosion) LV 66
Absol LV 69
Victory : This is why I'm champion
1st Rematch Victory : Time to take back the title of Ace of the Pokemon League
2nd Rematch Victory : You put up a good fight, but the best man won
Lose : Impressive...I'll remember not to underestimate you...
1st Rematch Lose : Even being stronger doesn't secure victory it seems...
2nd Rematch Lose : You've passed my final test, and you are truly a pokemon master. Be sure to come back if you want to train!
Name: Aku
Gender: Male
Region: Sinnoh
Position: 4th elite 4
Apearance:Bamboo sword in back, Black Spiky hair, Ninja's mask attatched to belt, Blue Shirt, Black pants.
Type: Any/Random
Infernape Lv. 60
Magcargo Lv. 58
Delibird Lv. 54
Wobbuffet Lv. 59
Torterra Lv. 53
Rematch Team:
Infernape Lv. 82
Wobbuffet Lv. 73
Magcargo Lv. 65
Torterra Lv. 82
Lapras Lv. 64
Delibird Lv. 68

Based off my Platinum Team
Name: Lucas

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Position: Champion

Type: ??? (All types)

Appearance: Brown hair, Brown skin, Green eyes, Brown long sleeved top with green leaf, Lime green trousers, Glasses.

Pokemon team:

Jumpluff level 50. Female. (Shiny) Silver Wind, Seed bomb, Energy ball, Sleep powder
Masquerain level 50. Male. (Shiny) Signal beam, Energy ball, Ice beam, Calm mind.
Gardevior level 50. Female. (Shiny) Energy ball, Calm mind, Psychic, Focus blast.
Togekiss level 50. Female. Energy ball, Calm mind, Flamethrower, Sky attack.
Altaria level 50. Female. (Shiny) Sky attack, Perish song, Draco Meteor, Calm Mind.
Glaceon level 50. Female. (Shiny) Ice beam, Calm mind, Aqua tail, Dark pulse.
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Name: Jason

Type: Fire

Age: 12

Pokemon on team:

Slugmagion (a magcargo evo for my fakemon game) L\/:39
Charmeleon L\/: 40
aracanine L\/: 41
Moltres L\/: 43


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Nice ones so far =D
Here's mine:
(Note,If you lose on any of the E4,their Quote is "I expected more from you...")
#1 Blossom. Grass-type user, Age:21. (Female)
Beginning Quote:
"Welcome. I am Blossom. You are <name>,yes? You are such a cute trainer. But,since I am one of the Elite 4, I will take you down beautifully! My Grass-type Pokemon,Go!
Tangela Lv45
Moveset: AncientPower, StunSpore, Vine Whip, and Seed Bomb. Re-Lv59 (Evolved) New Move-Power Whip.
Vileplume Lv46
Moveset: Seed Bomb, Gastro Acid, Sludge Bomb, and Toxic. Re-Lv62. New Move-Petal Dance. New Item: Persim Berry.
Parasect Lv44
Moveset:Bug Bite, Cross Poison, Spore, and Giga Drain. Re-Lv64. New Move-X-Scissor.
Meganium Lv45
Moveset: Protect, Petal Dance, Light Screen, and Frenzy Plant. Re-Lv63. New Move-Safe Guard
Bellossom Lv47
Moveset: Sunny Day, SolarBeam, Sludge Bomb, and Leaf Blade. Held Item: Miracle Seed. Re-Lv65. New Move-Leaf Storm.
NEW. added in Re-Match-Leafeon Lv66. Moveset: Sunny Day,Giga Drain, Synthesis, and Last Resort.
End Quote:
"You are truly powerful. Head on to the next room,where the real challenge begins!"

Abyss, Dark-Type user, Age:18 (Male)
Beginning Quote:
"Ah,I just graduated out of Pokemon Academy in Hoenn. I came to this Region to start my career. 2nd of the Elites.
Well,enough about myself already. I wanna know about you,since your kinda famous. Lets begin,cause actions speak better than words!"

Weavile Lv47. Moveset: Ice Punch,Ice Shard, Night Slash and Metal Claw. Re-Lv65. New Move-Dark Pulse.
Houndoom Lv48. Moveset: Fire Fang, Crunch, Dark Pulse, and Flamethrower. Re-Lv67.
Honchkrow Lv48. Moveset: Night Slash, Sky Attack, Dark Pulse, and Swagger Re-Lv67.
Umbreon Lv49. Moveset: Dark Pulse, Nasty Plot, Moonlight, and Last Resort. Re-Lv68. New Move-Sucker Punch.
Tyranitar Lv50. Moveset: Thunder Fang, Earthquake, Crunch, and Dark Pulse. Re-Lv69. New Move-Stone Edge.
NEW. Rematches only. Darkrai Lv70. Moveset: Dark Void, Dark Pulse, Nasty Plot, and Dream Eater.

End Quote:
"Wow, you are strong like the reports say! This is GREAT! I'm gonna train my Pokemon some more,too!"

#3 Water-Type Rainforce. Age: 36. (Female)
Beginning Quote:
"So,you are the Trainer that defeated my comrades... Welcome,<name>! Beating them, you must be truly accomplished.
Let's not waste time. I,Water-Type user Rainforce, challenge you!"
Vaporeon Lv49 Moveset: Aqua Tail, Water Pulse, Ice Beam, and Acid Armor. Re-Lv72.
Lapras Lv51 Moveset Ice Beam,Surf, Dive, and Ominous Wind. Re-Lv73.
Feraligatr Lv50 Moveset: Protect, Return, Ice Fang,and Hydro Cannon. Re-Lv73.
Golduck Lv50 Moveset: Psychic, Water Pulse, Blizzard, and Psych Up. Re- Lv74.
Gyarados Lv52. Moveset: Thunder ,Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, and Hyper Beam. Re-Lv75.
End Quote:
"Just like I expected! Now,for the final one of the E4,Go Forward!"
Ventus, Flying-Type user, Age:20. (Male)
Beginning Quote:
"I am the Ruler of the Sky, Ventus. No time for talking, <name>. Just show me your true strength!"
Crobat Lv51 Moveset: Cross Poison, Poison Fang, Air Slash, and Haze. Re-Lv76
Aerodactyl Lv52 Moveset: Rock Slide, Air Cutter, Crunch, and Dragon Pulse. Re-Lv77
Ledian Lv52 Moveset: Meteor Mash, Zen Headbutt, Signal Beam, and Aerial Ace. Re-Lv77
Staraptor Lv53 Moveset: Brave Bird, Fly, Close Combat, and Heat Wave. Re-Lv78
Noctowl Lv55. Moveset: Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Sky Attack, and Shadow Ball. Re-Lv79
NEW. Rematches Only, Ho-Oh Lv80. Sacred Fire, Sunny Day, Overheat, and Solar Beam. Held Item: White Herb.
End Quote:
"Fly to the skies against the Champion and win! Or I will feel worse about losing to you!"
(Sorry Guys, no time for thinking of a Champ xD)

#1 Ryan Male age 36
Type: Normal

Clefable LV : 51: Wish, Protect, Seismic Toss, Toxic - Ability: Magic Guard, Item: Left Overs
Tauros LV 52: Return, Prusuit, Earth quake, Stone Edge. - Ability: Anger Point, Item: Liechi Berry
Miltank LV 52: Milk Drink, Body Slam, Heal Bell, Zen Headbut - Ability: Scrappy, Item: Left Overs
Snorlax LV 51: Curse, Return, Rest, Fire Punch- Ability: Thick Fat, Item: Left Overs
Blissey LV 52: Wish, Soft Boiled, Seismic Toss, Toxic: Ability: Natural Cure, Item: Left Overs
Porygon Z LV 54: Tri Attack, Ice Beam, Hidden Power Fighting, Substitute- Ability: Adaptability, Item: Expert Belt

About: He uses normal type Pokemon and focuses on stalling using healing moves and items along with toxic, Porygon Z being his only Pokemon that has no healing what so ever out side of Wish support by either Clefable or Blissey

Before Battle Speech: Welcome I am Ryan of the elite four, I am by far the most NORMAL of the group, if you beat all four of us the Champion awaits you. Good Luck.

Last Pokemon: Umph nothing normal about today now is there?

End Battle: Go on to the next room, just don't get a head of yourself over confidence is often the strong's down fall.

#2 Zoey Female Age 23
Type: Grass

Tangrowth Lv 54: Sword Dance, Power whip, Stun Spore, Earth Quake - Ability: Chlorophyll, Item: Life Orb
Breloom Lv 53: Spore, Substitute, Focus Punch, Leech Seed. - Ability: Poison Heal, Item: Toxic Orb
Roserade LV 55: Leaf Storm, Sludge bomb, Toxic Spikes, Leech Seed- Ability: Natural Cure, Item: Life Orb
Ludicolo LV 55: Leech Seed, Substitute, Rain Dance, Surf - Ability: Rain Dish, Item: Damp Rock
Leafeon LV 56: Leaf Blade, Sword Dance, Grass Whistle, Return- Ability: Leaf Guard, Item: Life Orb
Sceptile LV 57: Leech Seed, Substitute, Leaf Blade, Sword Dance- Ability: Over Grow, Item: Life Orb

About: Zoey uses many Subseeders in her team, along with plenty of healing like Ryan before. However she uses pokemon that can increase their attack fast by means of Sword dance for 1/2 her team increasing sweep rate.

Before battle Speech: Hello nice to meet you my name is Zoey. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved Grass types and now they brought me here show me your strength and I'll show you mine.

Last Pokemon: No matter how much you cut it down, Burn it up, Eat it, or Destroy it in general the grass will always grow back stronger then before.

End Battle: Go on to the third room, you deserve all the praise you have gotten up until this point but be warned from here on out it gets tougher.

#3 Mikal Male Age 56
Type: Poison

Crobat LV 57: Nosty Plot, Heat Wave, Sludge Bomb, Roost- Ability: Inner Focus, Item: Life Orb
Skuntank LV 56: Crunch, Explosion, Prusuit, Poison Jab- Ability: After Math, Item: Choice Band
Tentacruel LV 58: Toxic Spikes, Surf, Sludge Bomb, Toxic- Ability: Liquid Ooze, Item: Left Overs
Nidoking LV 57: Megahorn, Ice Beam, Earth Quake, Thunder Both- Ability: Poison Point, Item: Life Orb
Gengar LV 58: Substitute, pain Split, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball- Ability: Levitate, Item: Life Orb
Drapion LV 60: Sword Dance, Nigh Slash, Cross Poison, Earth Quake- Ability: Sniper, Item: Scope Lens

About: Mikal's team is mostly meant for sweeping, with minor Poison inflecting mostly done by Tentacruel but also can be done by various attacks like Poison Jab, and Sludge Bomb, or by Nidoking's Poison point.

Before Battle Speech: Those two lost? Battle me Mikal to let me see if they are just that weak.

Last Pokemon: You contain some skill but its nothing I haven't over come before.

End Battle: So you have won, turns out your not as weak has I first thought. Go to the final elite Four before I change my mind.

#4 Liz Female Age 19
Type: Electric

Jolteon LV 59: Shadow Ball, Thunder Bolt, Hidden power Ice, Charge Beam- Ability: Volt Absorb, Item: Life Orb
Lanturn LV 58: Thunder Wave, Toxic, Surf, Thunder Bolt- Ability: Volt Absorn, Item: Left Overs
Magenzone LV 59: Thunder Bolt, Flash Canon, Hidden Power Grass, Explosion- Ability: Magnet Pull, Item: Choice Specs.
Electivire LV 60: Cross Chop, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Flame Thrower- Ability: Motor Drive, Item: Expert Belt
Raichu LV 59: Encore, Nasty Plot, thunder Bolt, Hidden Power Ice- Ability: Static, Item: Life Orb
Rotom - Wash LV 61: Hydro Pump, Shadow Ball, Thunder Bolt, Thunder Wave: Ability Levitate, Item: Left Overs

About: Liz uses Electric types (duh) her team is mostly meant around doing quick damage with much type coverage.

Before Battle Speech: I am the last of the Elite Four, My name is Liz. People say I have an electric personality. I like to think my Pokemon do has well, This is not life or death but it will determine if your strong enough to challenge the champion.

Last Pokemon: Out of my personality this one represents my determination to win!

End Battle: Black outed. Go to the champion's room. Oh and battle me again please.

Champion: Abigale Female age 30
Type: Mix

Mismagaus LV 64: Nasty Plot, substitute, Shadow Ball, Thunder Bolt- Ability: Levitate, Item: Lift Overs
Lucario LV 64: Sword Dance, Close Combat, Extreme Speed, Stone Edge- Ability: Inner Focus, Item: Life Orb
Lapras LV 64: Rest, Ice Beam, Sleep Talk, Surf- Ability: Water Absorb, Item: Life Orb
Tyranitar LV 64: Stone Edge, Crunch, Pursuit, Earth Quake- Ability: Sand Storm, Item: Choice Band
Togekiss LV 64: Nasty Plot, Roost, Air Slash, Aura Sphere- Ability: Hustle, Item: Life Orb
Claydol LV 64: Earth Power, Rapid Spin, Stealth Rock, Psychic- Ability: Levitate, Item: Left Overs.

About: Her team is mixed in type, but its mostly meant to overwhelm and take out quickly with 4 of 6 Pokemon with an item that increases attack power, and 1/2 th team with an attack that does the same thing for SPA, or Attack.

Before Battle Speech: I am Abigale, I am surprised to see you beat the four elite four, you must be strong. But I am worlds above them get ready.

Last Pokemon: Could it be?

End Battle: Your the new champion. You fought well and have won...... (After the Professor shows up) Professor! please follow me (Players Name) Place your Pokemon here, to place them in the hall of fame.

Congrats you have won no one cares, or remembers your victory over them.
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Name: Johnny [Youngest Member of the Elite Four/ Age: 19]


Welcome Speech: Welcome! My name is Johnny. You've made it this far, but you're not going any further! The waves are harsh today, and their gonna crush you BIG TIME!


1. Goldeen [Lvl. 57] Surf, Megahorn, Water Pulse, Aqua Ring

2. Starmie [Lvl. 62] Water Pulse, Rapid Spin, Power Gem, Hydro Pump

3. Dewgong [Lvl. 63] Aqua Jet, Aurora Beam, Ice Beam, Rest

4. Golduck [Lvl. 67] Hyper Beam, Fury Swipes, Water Pulse, Hydro Pump

5. Floatzel [Lvl. 70] Aqua Jet, Razor Wind, Whirpool, Ice Fang

6. Empoleon [Lvl. 75] Aqua Jet, Hydro Cannon, Metal Claw, Drill Peck

Ending Quote: Damn...That was close...Maybe the waves werent as strong as I thought they were....

About: He is a full on Water Type Trainer who uses full on attack with no support attacks. All about power, not defense.
I liek this game.

Name: Savertfernos

Age: 13

Type: Fire


Flareon, lvl 46
Blaziken, lvl 47
Mamortar, lvl 46
Camerupt, lvl 48
Charizard, lvl 50
Heres My Elite Four :D

Number 1:
Name: Ben (Male)
Type: Flying
Start Quote: Yo, Welcome to the Elite Four <Your name> Yes, i know your name, you are famous and quite the trainer at that, anyway lets battle!
Pidgeot Lv45
Moves: Fly, Wing Attack, Featherdance, Ariel Ace
Gyarados Lv48
Moves: Surf, Ariel Ace, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam
Alteria Lv45
Moves: Dragon Dance, Fly, Ariel Ace, Dragonbreath
Gliscor Lv48
Moves: Earthquake, X-scizzor, Cross Poison, Slash
Salamence Lv50
Moves: Dragon Claw, Fly, Dragon Dance, Fire Blast

End Quote: Wow, you the trainer, go on, prove yourself worthy to the rest of the Elite Four!

Number 2
Name: Arianna (Female)
Type: Grass
Start Quote: Why what a cute little trainer you are! Eh em, I'm Arianna, your Grass Elite four, and my pokemon will whip you in to shape!
Leafeon Lv51
Moves: Solarbeam, Sunny Day, Razor Leaf, Synthesis
Roserade Lv50
Moves: Grass Knot, Solarbeam, Razorleaf, Synthesis
Abomasnow Lv52
Moves: Avalanche, Ice Punch, Solarbeam, Woodhammer
Venusaur Lv54
Moves: Solarbeam, Synthesis, Razor Leaf, Frenzy Plant
Sceptile Lv51
Moves: Leaf Blade, Razor Leaf, Solarbeam, Sunny day

Lose Quote: That battle was such a thrill! Go on, there are far more powerful trainers in wait!

Number 3
Name: Lori (Female)
Type: Water
Start Quote: Hello, My name is Lori, i started out as a small trainer, but look where i ended up, enough about me, Lets see if your as worthy!
Vaporeon Lv 53
Moves: Water Pulse, Hydro Pump, Surf, Rain Dance
Gyarados Lv54
Moves: Hyperbeam, Hydro Pump, Surf, Ice Fang
Blastoise Lv55
Moves: Hydro Cannon, Hydro Pump, Surf, Blizzard
Quagsire Lv52
Moves: Earthquake, Hydro Pump, Surf, Water Pulse
Lapras Lv56
Moves: Perish Song, Surf, Hydro Pump, Rain Dance

Lose Quote: ... I have no more to say, you passed the test, move on.

Number 4
Name: Hans (Male)
Type: Normal
Start Quote: I am the last and most powerful Elite four! My name is Hans, and you are going down!
Snorlax Lv54
Moves: Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Sleep Talk, Rest
Slaking Lv55
Moves: Focus Punch, Facade, Hyper Beam, Rest
Pidgeot Lv55
Moves: Fly, Wing Attack, Feather Dance, Facade
WigglyTuff Lv56
Moves: Sing, Metronome, Double Edge, Power Trick
Blissey Lv58
Moves: SoftBoiled, Metronome, Double Edge, Rest

Lost Quote: Haha, that battle was cool, can't believe I lost! Go on the Champion Devon is waiting.


Name: Devon
Type: Diversity
Start Quote: Ahh, <yourname> is it? I have been watching you battle for some time, your pretty tough, but not as me, as the Pokemon League Champion and the most Powerful trainer I Devon accept you challenge!
Spiritomb Lv60
Moves: Curse, Dark Pulse, Double Edge, Giga impact
Lucario Lv61
Moves: Extreme Speed, Aura Sphere, Close Combat, Flash Cannon
Blissey Lv62
Moves: Double Edge, Curse, Amnesia, Rest
Dragonite Lv64
Moves: Outrage, Dragon Claw, Draco Meteor, Dragon Dance
Skuntank Lv62
Moves: Flamethrower, Toxic, Crunch, Night Slash
Charizard Lv66
Moves: Dragon Claw, FlameThrower, Crunch, Blast Burn

Lost Quote: <yourname> You are now Champion! Well done... Oh Professor, hello, <Yourname> Please follow me, as I have to show you something...

This is the Hall of fame, please put your pokemon on the tablet, so they can be registered!


My elite four person thiing whatever

Name: none
Age: 6 months
Type: Dragon
Team: Dragonite

and he likes fuzzy things
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I'll give this a shot.

Name: Atmos

Type: Flying

Appearance: Dresses like a pilot, complete with a blue visor helmet blocking his face. He wears a standard blue pilot's outfit, along with a light blue vest on top. His boots are a more noticeable green.

Personality: Hot-headed to a fault, he believes the faster things are done, the better. His life revolves around speed; he always gets the job done as fast as possible, even if it's not done completely right. Atmos tends to screw up more than once in battles, but he makes up for it with lightning-fast reactions.


Scyther Lvl 61 (Male)


Air Slash
Swords Dance

Drifblim Lvl 64 (Male)


Shadow Ball

Mantine Lvl 62 (Female)


Water Pulse
Confuse Ray
Aerial Ace
Rock Slide

Tropius Lvl 63 (Male)


Air Slash
Leaf Storm

Staraptor Lvl 62 (Male)


Close Combat
Brave Bird

Gliscor Lvl 63


Fire Fang
Stone Edge
Sky Attack
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Name: Zach
Pokemon: Munchlax Lv.65
Porygon-Z Lv.58
Zangoose Lv.56
LickiLicky Lv.55
Linoone Lv.55
Ambipom Lv.54
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Name: Kimi
Gender: Female
Type: Diversity
Sceptile lv.74
Empoleon lv. 73
Charizard lv. 75
Haunter lv. 74
Electivire lv 73
Medicham lv. 72
My Elite Four are each reprisentives from different regions, and the Champion has travelled to all four regions and beat the other Champions.

Name: Trent Homeland: Sinnoh Type: Grass Age: 40 Pokemon: Victreebel Lv50, Ludicolo Lv52, Leafeon Lv50, Cradily Lv51, Torterra Lv53

Name: Abigail Homeland: Hoenn Type: Steel Age: 25 Pokemon: Empoleon Lv52, Lucario Lv53, Scizor Lv53, Magnezone Lv54, Metagross Lv 56

Name: Dex Homeland: Kanto Type: Poson Age: 16 Pokemon: Arbok Lv55, Tentacruel Lv57, Drapion Lv56, Crobat Lv58, Toxicroak Lv59

Name: Skyler Homeland: Johto Type: Dragon Age: 29 Pokemon: Dragonair Lv56, Kingdra Lv58, Salamence Lv59, Garchomp Lv58, Tyranitar Lv61 (yes, I know Tyranitar isn't strictly a dragon, but shmeh)

Champion: Xavier Homeland: ??? Type: Mixed Age: 19 Pokemon: Gengar Lv62, Ampharos Lv62, Dragonite Lv62, Swampert Lv63, Meganium Lv63, Charizard Lv64
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my elite four :) ;) :D ;D 8) ::)


name: zoey

age: 12


type: mix

apperance: green hair in a side ponytail with a gracidia flower in it a green top with no sleeves and black jeans


ponyta lv.40
skitty lv.41
flareon lv.41
lucario lv.41
shaymin land forme lv.43


name: jessie

age: 20

type mix

gender: female

apperance: brown hair olive skin and a mew costume


vaperon lv.50
glameow lv.50
vulpix lv.51
charizard lv.51
mew lv.59

name: jack

age: 15

gender male

type mix
apperance: fat, black spikey hair brown skin red top and black shorts

leafeon lv.60
sudowoodo lv. 60
staraptor lv. 61
charizard lv 65
zapdos lv 69

name: Tammy

age: 5

gender: female

type: mix

apperance: red hair in 2 plats, green top with a celibi on it and camo pants

dragonite lv. 70
charizard lv. 71
salamance lv. 72
sevipour lv. 77
celebi lv. 80


name: veronica

age: 16

gender: female

type: legands

apperance: long black wavey hair, pale skin, long black dress with one long sleeve

manaphy lv.100
phione lv.100
shaymin sky forme lv.100
celebi lv.100
mew lv.100
articuno lv.100
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Here's my Elite Four.

Name: Tallie (after metal)
Gender: Female

Elite Four Update.
Name: Rocky (obvious pun)
Type: Rock

Name: Skylar (pun on the word sky)
Type: Flying

Name: Draco (pun on the word dragon)
Type: Dragon
Names: Brenton and Mira (twins, two successive battles in one room)
Age: 10
Types: Fire and Water, respectively!
Charizard Level 78
Blaziken Level 80
Emboar Level 82
Typhlosion Level 88
Infernape Level 90
Simisear Level 89
Appearance: Tall man in a black (burned?) trenchcoat with red hair sticking out from under a black hat, and dark blue eyes.
Blastoise Level 89
Feraligatr Level 95
Swampert Level 87
Empoleon Level 91
Samurott Level 95 (!)
Simipour Level 93
Appearance: Smiling girl wit long blue hair, goggles pulled up onto her hair, and a blue-green bikini and eyes identical to Brenton's, only more cheerful.

Mira is much more of a challenge, AND you have to battle them with no breaks!
I was hoping to find one of this Genre!
Heres mine:
Leixia (Age/Gend- 33/F) - Type: Water

Lapras LV 45
Lanturn LV 49
Dragonair LV 45
Tentacruel LV50
Relicanth LV52

Kane [Age/Gend- 26/M]- Type: Rock/Steel

Steelix LV50
Golem LV53
Lunatone LV49
NidoKing LV51
Dugtrio LV49
Can't believe I haven't posted in this yet but I'll post my Elite 4 that I'm thinking of placing in my new fan region.

1. Kara Type: Fighting Gender: Female Age: 28
Hitmontop Lvl 50
Toxicroak Lvl 50
Mienshao Lvl 52
Heracross Lvl 52
Medicham Lvl 54

2. Caden Type: Bug Gender: Male Age: 15
Vespiquen Lvl 51
Shuckle Lvl 53
Masquerain Lvl 54
Galvantula Lvl 55
Venomoth Lvl 56

3. Lillith Type: Ghost Gender: Femal Age: 8
Mismagius Lvl 53
Dusknoir Lvl 55
Drifblim Lvl 56
Chandelure Lvl 56
Banette Lvl 58

4. Addison Type: Electric Gender: Male Age: 21
Lanturn Lvl 55
Galvantula Lvl 57
Manectric Lvl 58
Ampharos Lvl 58
Luxray Lvl 60
Here's mine. (By the way, why hasn't there been a Grass-type Elite Four yet?!)

Name: Grover
Type: Grass
Description: He's a serious-looking boy with glasses, a button-down plaid shirt with brown and green on it. Hazel eyes, khaki shorts, brown hair that is short and flat. He has a vivid vocabulary, and is a master of strategy. His intellect and Wit help him pull off victories that no one ever sees coming!

Roserade LV. 54

Abomasnow LV. 55

Parasect LV. 54

Tropius LV. 54

Shiftry LV. 56

Tangrowth LV. 58
Name: Darvis
Type: Ghost

Spiritomb-lv 57, calm mind, shadow ball, dark pulse, hypnosis

Dusknoir-lv 59, shadow punch, earthquake, toxic, fire punch

Cofagrigus-lv 58 toxic, protect, shadow ball, will-o-wisp

Drifblim-lv 59 acrobatics, shadow ball, will-o-wisp, hex

Chandalure-lv 58 shadow ball, fire blast, psychic, calm mind

Bannette-lv59 shadow claw, will-o-wisp, sucker punch, protect