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After training for one year with your teacher about Breathing control, training your body to its unbelievable limits in many obstacles including the sensitivities of your senses. You have been chosen to participate in The Final Selection, an entrance exam for individuals that seek to become a Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps. The exam will take place on Mount Fujikasane where Wisteria flowers bloom every season from the mountain's foot to its slope. Wisteria flowers are poisonous to demons as they remain trapped on the mountain top prohibited from leaving. The exam requires the examinee to survive seven nights, without any outside aid. Candidates who successfully survive the seven nights are then permitted to become official members of the Demon Slayer Corps. At the end of the exam, they get to choose their own ore for their Nichirin Sword, and additionally recieve their own uniform and Kasugai crow. Can you survive these seven nights without aid fighting demons or will you be devoured by the demons lurking in the mountains.

~General rules apply
~Absolutely no strong ops from the beginning to keep fair for everyone
~Relationships can be formed whether its friendship or couples but keep pg
~Please notify me if you won't be able to post for a while, I like to keep this rp active as much as possible

Physical Appearance:
Clothing: (Just describe the appearance of the regular clothing and the Demon Slayer uniform they will wear afterwards)
Color of Sword: (Basically the color of the sword you will receive after the entrance exam in the Final Selection)(Also the meaning behind the color)
Shape of Handguards/Tsuba: (This will be removed once the swords are reforged)(This basically protects the holder of the sword from harming themselves with the blade)
Breathing Style:
Backstory: (Also add the reason why your character chose to enter the Final section to become a Demon slayer)

Name: JC Wolfa
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Sexuality: Straight
Physical Appearance: She is a light-skinned young lady that is 5'3 in height with a well feminine build. She has dark brown long hair pulled up in a high ponytail which almost touches the ground secured with a dark purple bow. She has light blue eyes, right completely blind which her bang covers along with glasses upon her face. Her facial appearance is covered with a white wolf blue-streaked mask.
Personality: She is quite distant and slightly stubborn which can be a pain to handle. She has trust issues, but has a strategic mind. She is brave and fearless but that doesn't mean she cannot feel her emotions just hides them well. Despite her stubbornness, she is a gentle young lady that judges no one no matter who they are as she will protect you as if her life depends on it.
Clothing: For her normal attire, she wears a black kimono with hydrangeas patterned on it with an arctic fox wearing a large bell around its neck held by a red rope. An hydrangea hair pin with a fox is in her hair with two long hair pins sticks out from her hair. A purple belt wraps around her waist with a waist rope and legging wraps. She would wear bandages around her wrists,ankles, and stomach including her upper chest with tabi socks and black zori footwear with purple straps. For her Demon Slayer uniform attire, she wears a night blue standard uniform with black buttons, consisting of a black tinted straight lined jacket, and matching colored Tabi socks and hakuma pants tucked into black wolf patterned kyahan, fading into different shades of blue around her lower legs securely held with black straps that go around her ankles over the bandages before secured firmly with ribbon straps. Over her uniform, she wears a black haori which has a white wolf imprinted on it wearing a black wolf mask that is gold streaked surrounded by graceful water and holding a glowing lantern on a staff in its mouth tinted with night blue which has shades of blue on the sleeves and hem which are cuffed with black wolf prints. She wears black flats instead of zori sandles with the straps wrapping around her ankles securely.
Color of Sword: Ice Blue/Light blue~Represents her true form~It's almost impossible to figure out her fighting style as it changes frequently, she instantly disappears then reappears behind her opponent without giving them a chance to fight back~
Weapon: Two Silver blade Katana's(Her regular sword and her color changed one)
Shape of Handguards/Tsuba: It's shaped like a moon with details of it inside with two wolves circling inside of it
Breathing Style: Breath of Water and Breath of ice
Backstory: She was born into a normal family of two older brothers, Shadow and Soren, and a mother and father, Sherri and Kaun along with a wolsky named Dove. She was also born with high sense of hearing, whether loud or quiet, she will be able to hear it. She lived in an average home on Mount Kumotori, a place with only snow and cold mornings and nights which was more dangerous due to the demons that lurked by. Her father often went out to do errands selling fur, wood, medicine, and even food with the help of his family. Shadow was a blacksmith so often left as well to his shop down in the village to forge swords. Soren worked with medicine studying everything he needs to know about all kinds of material used as healing remedies. Her mother often stood home making sure the family was well fed and clothed. As for her, she often did sword training, meditating, and hand, body, arm, leg, and foot training. Until then one night, her life was flipped upside down, changing her life forever. Her father had not returned early like he always does with Shadow. She wanted to go look for them but knew it was dangerous to go out at night where demons lurked more frequently. She waited patiently until then Shadow appeared dragging father over his shoulder covered in blood, gashes all over his body as if something had attacked him. Shadow had only inflicted an injury to his arm. Her father had told her that a Demon had attacked him as Shadow was there just in time to get away from it. Soren did his best to save him but lost so much blood to be able to dying overnight. Shadow was treated for his injuries as she left the house to be alone and once she was, her emotions showed, crying and screaming as grief hit her on all sides. Anger had built up inside of her attracting many demons, blinded by anger, she didn't back down and fought them with her sword killing them all. It was obvious this took a toll on her as only anger and grief clouded her mind. Shadow had found her afterwards with her blade dripping blood, demons dead around her. All he did was walk up to her and hugged her from behind then broke into tears. With her families support, she was able to pull through after her father's death and made a memorial for him. Once she was old enough, she made the decision to become a Demon slayer vowing to eliminate all demons in the honor of her father. Her hatred towards them only grew stronger but didn't allow her emotions to cloud her mind to what really is important. A certain Demon Slayer had been watching her in shadows but she knew she was being watched. She took the time to listen to her surroundings due to having sensitive hearing. Once she pin pointed the location by the sound of Demon Slayers breathing. She didn't hesitate to attack as she pulled out her sword to secretly ambush the Demon slayer. She heard her blade clash into the Demon Slayers own sword stopping her attack.

She had gotten a clear view of the person who was watching her, a young man with black hair and dark blue eyes which appeared to be serious and emotionless. She lowered her blade only to ask the man why he was watching her. Once he lowered his own blade, that was when he spoke telling her that he saw potential in her skills as the way she trained seemed to catch his interest. He then offered to be her trainer for a year as she would fit well in the Demon Slayer Corps once she passed the Final selection. She looked as him for the moment thinking about his offer wondering if she should take it. But, then she remembered the vow she made to her father that she would avenge his death no matter how long it took. She firmly said yes to the man as that's when her training began.

Name: Vulture Chevalier(Vul for short)
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Sexuality: Straight
Physical Appearance: He had light skin with a well average masculine build with muscle. His hair color is a muted dark blue with silver and black streaks. He is 5'10 in height and weighs 149 lbs. He has silver colored eyes. His hair is lower buzzed-cut with half of his hair slicked back with the front of his hair loose just long enough to slightly cover his right eye. His facial appearance is covered with either a dark blue Vulture mask, painted with black and silver streaks with feathers on each side or a deer skull mask with the eye sockets covered to hide his eyes with sword Lilly flowers around the top of it. He wears a cross earring on this right ear and a part of an antler with two feathers attached in his hair. A cross earring on his right ear. He wears a bone necklace where some are sharp and the rest stubbed with a dreamcatcher at the end of it. He has eight scars, three across his right eye, a long one across his chest, one under his lower lip, another on his lower left thigh, one on his right shoulder and right side of his ribs.
Personality: He is brave and bold who can sometimes be reckless. He is fearless as nothing fazes him. He is protective to the people closest to him. He is quiet and can be stern when need to be. He has a gentle side to him once you get to know him better
Clothing: For his normal attire, he wears a dark Russian blue, black and silver kimono with a black belt around his waist with a waist rope and legging wraps. He wears a bandage around his wrist and arm with tabi socks and grey zori footwear with black straps. For his Demon Slayer uniform attire, he wears a Russian blue standard uniform with silver buttons, consisting of a black tinted straight lined jacket and matching colored tabi socks and hakuma pants, tucked into a grey kyahan, fading into silver, black, and grey around his lower legs secured with grey straps. Over his uniform, he wears a silver haori, which has a Vulture in flight holding a deer skull in its talon surrounded by flames tinted in black with the sleeves and hem colored silver and black, which are cuffed in a flame pattern. He wears zori sandles with silver straps.
Color of Sword: Red~Represents Flame
Weapon: Scythe Katana(the blade from the scythe is hidden inside his own katana, it will extend once activated)
Shape of Handguards/Tsuba: It's shaped like a circle but with two bones popping out from the top and bottom of the tsuba in an "x" position. On the inside of it is a Vulture holding a deer skull with two sword lilly flowers on each side.
Breathing Style: Breath of Flames
Backstory: He was born into a family with two siblings, a sister named Smoke and a little brother named Static or Bolt for a nickname. He was also born with a very sensitive sense of smell. He can smell anything, including something dead. He had a mother named Ash and a father named Rusi who favored his sister more than him and his brother. His father paid more attention to his sister than him and his brother Static ignoring them as if they both didn't even exist. He always tried to get his attention and prove to his father for him to notice him but failed. He didn't give up just yet to get his father's attention. His sister had told his father that what he was doing to him was wrong and give more attention to him. His father didn't listen at all as that attention turned into abuse for him which eventually turned into trauma. His mother defended him and so did his sister, his little brother was terrified of father as he hugged him for comfort. Due to this abuse and trauma a different side of him developed where he is in a state where his mind goes blank and acts like a different person. Eventually, his sister had enough and snapped at her father, telling him go leave and never come back because of what he was doing to him and Static. His father did leave and never came back just like how his sister said to him. It took alot of time for him to heal after all the abuse and trauma his father had given him but he feared that he would accidentally harm his family with his "other" side so he decided that he would become a Demon Slayer for the sake of his families safety. His sister understood what he was going through and supported him truthfully with that calm smile of hers. He needed to make sure that the high activity of demons lurking around at night stood away from his family which he had done every night.

Join the discord for fun interactions and if you have further questions. I like to make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible ^-^

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Name: Kanamin Okuda
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Physical Appearance: medium hazel hair, that is often put into She's light-skinned and slightly below average height and long medium-brown hair. She has hazel eyes. She has a runner's body as speed is her main focus.
Personality: Ridiculously peppy. Like so ridiculously positive despite her circumstances that something is definitely up with her. (Because something is up with her) To put it short she's insane. Like, she can blend in with society perfectly fine she's a perfectly normal functioning person, but in the heat of battle, she basically becomes Himiko Toga from MHA.
Clothing: Her out-of-uniform attire consists of a yellow star patterned everyday kimono with light beige trousers. She wears white socks with orange sandals. . Her post uniform attire is the regular uniform with the jacket covering it being an orange and bright pink autumn leaf design.
Color of Sword: a very light shade of yellow - (lightning)
Weapon: Two very short swords (they're slightly too long to be knives)
Shape of Handguards/Tsuba: Autumn Leaf
Breathing Style: Lightning
Backstory: (Please tell me if this needs work) Kanamin was your average girl that was the daughter of a baker and a Demon Slayer. After many years of service Kanamin's mother retired and settled in a small village. Kanamin was also friends with a boy named Ryouto when she was younger and actually developed feelings for him as time went on. That friendship changed into a romance and...that did not last long. When Kanamin was 15, she and Ryouto were celebrating the village's local harvest festival. During the festival though a group of demons attacked. Kanamin's mother was very skilled, but she was not perfect and one weaker demon got away and unfortunately got to Ryouto. The boy died in the attack but Kanamin was able to defend herself with a kitchen knife. By defending herself, I mean she proceeded to stab the f-cking life out of it, where despite the demon regenerating, it was experiencing the worst torture imaginable. By the time the mother found Kanamin she was beheading it and even (off of pure adrenaline) used a more untamed version of Total Concentration Breathing. After which Kanamin begged her mother to teach her to become a Demon Slayer to never let another of her loved ones die again. (She also may or may not have liked the sheer rush of euphoria from killing a demon but her intentions are noble). Over the course of her training, she's tamed her sadistic side and is now using that brutality for the force of good.


Previously Night's Shadow
Name: Kaede Iwasaki
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Physical Appearance: Amber eyes, shoulder length white hair that’s beginning to grow back black, delicate features, pale skin, but covered in rather gruesome scars on her cheeks, neck, shoulders, and chest, surrounded by blackened skin from contact with demon blood. Kaede is small and slender in size but with clear muscle definition. One of her arms is missing.
Clothing: Kaede wears a black kimono patterned with light blue maple leaves and thin, decorative lines like wind carrying them, fading to white at the bottom. The sleeves are long enough to cover her hands, and loose. The sleeve of her missing right arm is tied off just a few inches from her shoulder stump. Beneath the kimono, she wears baggy grey pants tucked into high white socks and black sandals.

Personality: Kaede seems to go through life in a haze, never really seeing and never being seen. Her emotions and actions have an acute disconnect, and she always seems detached from her environment, looking for things just out of sight and rather distracted. But when it comes to combat, she suddenly becomes hyperfocused, unnaturally swift and accurate with an uncanny piercing glare that seems to stare directly at you and as though you were not even there.

Color of Sword: Bluish silver, symbolizing calmness, control over emotion, and the breath of Mist
Weapon: A curved scimitar, but bladed on outside and inside of the curve.
Shape of Handguards/Tsuba: Shaped like a dragon consuming its own tail, wings folded in such a way that it covers the back of the wielder’s hand, and the color of tarnished sterling. The dragon’s eyes are inlaid rubies.
Breathing Style: Breath of Mist

Backstory: Kaede, as a child, was a rambunctious and emotional child, and often broke her parents’ rules just for the fun of it. She would sneak out at night to run through the forest despite constant warnings from worried but far too passive parents about the demons that rove the land. Whenever a small low-level demon came near, Kaede would scurry up a tree and taunt it until morning, when it would fade into ashes or retreat into a cave. It would be almost a game for her, skipping from patch of sunlight to patch of sunlight to tease the little creatures.

But despite the many low-level demons Kaede was used to teasing, there were still a few she hadn’t met yet, far beyond her ability to handle. One night, a particularly nasty demon found the little human that had been irritating his henchmen so for years. The demon attacked Kaede, tearing up her face and torso. It was pure coincidence that a demon slayer happened to be passing through with hearing acute enough to hear the shrill screams of a child slowly having their skin torn to ribbons.

By the time she made it to Kaede, the demon had latched onto her arm so tightly, its fangs had gotten stuck in the bone. The demon slayer had to remove the child’s arm to prevent extensive contamination, but she did manage to kill the demon. And well-practiced in the medical arts, she was able to heal Kaede enough to ensure the child’s survival.

Survival in what state, no one could say. Extensive nightmares plagued Kaede and her hair began to lose color, then thin from the stress of remembered trauma. She became withdrawn, living purely on autopilot. Her parents had no idea what to do with the robotic being their child had turned into, so when the demon slayer who had saved her life offered to take her in, they readily accepted.

The demon slayer became Kaede’s master, training her with a lighter, more balanced, curved sword to accommodate for her odd balance with a missing arm. At first, Kaede just went through the motions, doing what she was told in a daze of depression and emptiness. But eventually the cajoling, empathetic nature of her master began to bring her out of her shell, just a little. That little bit was enough to begin to teach her more complex techniques. Each new technique gave Kaede a new sense of accomplishment, and a desire to learn more. Her hair began to grow back its previous shiny black, just a little. And when her master thought she was ready, Kaede finally entered the final exam.

(Sigh I know I said I probably wasn’t gonna do much in this RP but random inspiration burst and now I’ve got this sighhh)
Name: Hana Ika
Gender: Female
Age: 16 (a couple of months older than Kaede, though, lol)
Physical Appearance: Hana has short curly, roughly cut hair as if cut with a knife or something sharp. Her eyes are maroon with pale yellow pupils. Her skin is very pale, while her body is thin and spindly.
Personality: Hana is a thoughtful girl who is very friendly and doesn't talk much. She gets very excited when she gets into a fight, letting the excitement get to her. Not to the point, it makes her cruel. Sometimes Hana might be a little too wrapped up in the battle that if things get boring, Hana might "accidentally" mess up trying to get her excitement back. But when things are chill, and she isn't in a fight, she is usually being sarcastic and blunt. Hana also enjoys teasing people. Hana also is glad to share her knowledge on the breathing forms, from having to learn them all to figure out how to use Sound Breathing.
Clothing: (Just describe the appearance of the regular clothing and the Demon Slayer uniform they will wear afterwards)
Regular Clothes: Hana wears uh... whatever this is called ._.

Demon Slayer outfit:
The usual Demon slayer uniform, but she prefers to wear pants instead of the woman's standard skirts. Hana's uniform is slightly tinted purple but just a bit, nothing too noticeable. The rest of her outfit is a long pink haori with little light purple flower patterns with a collar/trim the same color. She has an obi that keeps her haori close to her when she is fighting. It is magenta with purple trim. She wears white tights/socks with zōri and purple strips. She also wears a magenta flower crown that is slightly more red in color.

Color of Sword: (Basically, the color of the sword you will receive after the entrance exam in the Final Selection)(Also the meaning behind the color)
light pink. It represents her love for the life she made for herself on her own and her love for her freedom.
Weapon: two simple shiny white katanas. The handle is wrapped in white leather.
Shape of Handguards/Tsuba: (This will be removed once the swords are reforged)(This basically protects the holder of the sword from harming themselves with the blade)
The sword hilt is in the shape of a flower, made of gold and some kind of pale purple metal. There is a second layer of smaller petals.
Breathing Style: Sound Breathing! (But changed up a bit because she tried to copy it but wasn't taught it)
Backstory: (Also add the reason why your character chose to enter the Final section to become a Demon slayer)
Hana had grown up on the outskirts of the Light District, her parents not wanting her and her brother to be around those people when they were small. That didn't mean her parents didn't take the two shopping a lot!
Hana had been deaf, but as soon as it had been discovered, her parents treated Hana differently, and so did her brother. They began to baby her, and any idea of her getting into the large business of the Light District was quickly discarded. Her mother even once said, "Who else would love Hana!? She is deaf and will never understand anyone unless they know sign language!" Her mother was wrong, of course. Hana, with ease, could read lips which led her to know what her parents thought of her. And eventually, Hana could even speak! That was with a strange accent, though.
Hana eventually began to not like her parents. She would eventually start sneaking into the city at night to see all the excitement in this place she didn't know much about. Hana even made a few friends. They were adults but seemed to find Hana to be a sweet child. She told these people not to share these adventures with her parents, and they agreed but were slightly concerned about the child's need for secrecy.

On one of these nights, Hana experienced something that would change her life forever. On this night, it had been about four years since these little adventures began, and she was now twelve. It was a fairly average night like usual, and the usual chatter of people was normal until there was a loud scream. No one noticed that one; of course, Hana couldn't because she was deaf. Then there were more, and the crowd began to run away from something. Hana was knocked over onto her stomach, but whenever she tried to get up, she got kicked or something, eventually deciding to lay still and let people run. Once it was all clear, she would run and follow the rest.
Finally, the street was clear, and then turned back to look at what everyone was running from. It was a strange human with weird skin and marking and crazy-looking eyes. She stared at it and froze in fear, her heart racing. Hana hadn't been this scared before, and it was exciting! She didn't know she could feel this scared!
Suddenly the person tried to attack her! And now she realized this was a demon... She had only heard- okay, not heard. She had only been told a little about them and that it was a myth, but it couldn't be! Not when it was trying to attack her! NOT WHEN IT WAS ABOUT TO KILL HER-

A person dashed over, attacking the demon before it could hurt her. And she stared in awe. Her mystery hero was attacking with these weird, bladed nunchucks. The man was tall, had white hair, and looked as if he were wearing a uniform. He seemed to have bedazzled it with all the bright gems. The man fought the demon, and she felt a blood pump, but this time in excitement! Watching the man fight with his weird weapon and explosions!!!!
Eventually, the fight ended, and Hana mustered up the courage to go talk to him. The man seemed surprised by her strange accent that came from her deafness, but the conversation was short and friendly. And then he left. Hana didn't learn much about the man other than his name and that he worked for a place called the Demon Slayer Corps. From then on, she knew she wanted to become one of them. Hana wanted to fight demons too. It eventually did start "training," but first, she needed to escape her family. It was an average night, but a horrible argument between the whole family had happened. Apparently, one of Hanas friends had met had mentioned her to them, and now they were mad at her for wanting to actually live life! It was then Hana knew she needed to leave the family now. When Hana was supposed to be asleep, she began to pack up her stuff. All the money Hana had and stole some from her brother (Okay, not some. It was more like all of it). She grabbed a bag and some food for her journey, and she ran away into the night; the wet grass tips with dew on them soaked her socks as she ran.

The beginning was rough. Having to get used to this life and live on her own. But soon, she got used to it and enjoyed it. Every so often, Hana would get the odd job here and there to make some money. It was one of these days when Hana saw a person in the same uniform as her hero, and Hana ran over to the person, quickly asking questions. The man was surprised at the child being aware of the Demon Slayers but answered all her questions happily and showed her a few moves saying that if he ever met her again. She could show him these moves he would give her a book about the breathing forms. And Hana got to work. First, she needed more money to buy a katana to train with or at least a wooden one, which meant she needed to work more. But it was put to good use once Hana got her new wooden katana. She trained many hours a day, training into the night. And then she met the man again, and as he promised, he gave Hana the book and additionally a book on how to use a katana since she had been so diligent to this mission of hers. Hana had met many other Demon Slayers along her journey, each one teaching her something new. It may have taken four long years. She had reinvented sound breathing almost down to the one Tengan used himself. They weren't precisely alike, and Hana's was much wilder and harder to control, but that was okay. She liked her way. It suited her perfectly.

One day Hana was showing the Demon Slayer who gave her the books, said that he thought she was ready for Final Selection, and said he would make sure they knew Hana was coming. He gave her when and where it would be, and the man was off. She had only seen him three times, but she considered him and all the other demon slayers who helped her to be her teachers.
Facts about her fighting style: Hana's attacks are on a much larger scale and are unable to be precise, and they cause lots of damage. So, when it comes to precise attacks, her regular attacks were left to do this damage. She also does
Name: Tobu Maiagaru

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Physical Appearance: Tobu has jet black hair that is barely above his shoulders(He sometimes cuts it, and sometimes he keeps it in a bun). He has one long hair that pokes out at the top. He has light brown skin and black eyes. He has a defined muscular body and tiny little scars on his hands from fish bites. He is about 6'1 in height.

Personality: Tobu has a outgoing personality and is very much a extrovert. However he also don't mind spending time by himself fishing or cooking. He loves the outdoors and spending time with people he find fun to hang out with. He can be very protective of those he would call close friends. He isn't the smartest person but he knows all basic knowledge, he doesn't mind learning more things. When angry Tobu can be reckless yet ruthless, and in battle Tobu gives it his all.

Regular Clothes: Tobu wears baggy sweatpants and a open hoodie with a t-shirt underneath.

Slayer Uniform: Tobu has the regular slayer uniform on, however he wears a black and white checkered haori that is handmade by his master.

Color of Sword: Royal Purple symbolizing Gravity(His true breathing technique)

Weapon: A Basic Katana

Shape of Handguards/Tsuba: Tate Ito Gata

Breathing Style: Wind Breathing and Gravity Breathing

Backstory: Tobu Maiagaru grew up with his widow father in a small fishing village. His mother died from childbirth and his father was heartbroken, however he held no ill will towards Tobu. He treated Tobu with nothing but love, he taught him basic knowledge and soon showed him his favorite hobby: Fishing. Life was peaceful until one fateful night, a fisher was fishing at night until he pulled the most unusual fish. It consumed the fisher and was let loose in the town. For about a month the creature would hide in the water at day, and kill and consume in the night. Eventually a person was sent to the village to put a stop to the beast. That very night the beast decided to choose Tobu's house to feast. The beast attacked Tobu and his father, they put up a fight but they couldn't for too long and eventually they were cornered. In a desperate attempt to protect Tobu, his father shielded him and was pierced straight through the heart. The beast was about to kill Tobu but the person came just in time to slice the beast's head off.

For about two weeks Tobu was broken. His whole life ended in just one life, he couldn't even bring himself to fish it brought him too much pain in his heart. One night Tobu had a dream where he was actually able to talk to his father, they had a nice long conversation. In the end his father told him to continue on with his life and do what will make him happy again. When he awoke that morning he knew what he wanted. To protect anyone from the same events that he had to go through. So he packed all of his clothes and his fishing rod, fished one last time in the village, and set off to find a person just like the one who defeated the beast from before.

For a whole month he traveled japan searching, every night he exercised so he could get stronger. Eventually from word to mouth he heard about a monster terrorizing a village. He knew that if he went there he would find a slayer there. So he set off towards the village and for about four days he waited for a slayer to come. Well and behold a battle went off in the village and the beast was defeated. Before the slayer could leave Tobu approached them and begged for them to train him. Since the slayer was not very high ranked he offered Tobu a better offer. He could suggest him to former hashira, Tobu would not give up this opportunity even though he had no idea what that even meant.

After meeting the hashria he was eventually accepted as a student and his training begun. First off he learned the named of the monsters: Demons. He also learned a powerful way to defeat them: breathing techniques. After the first two months he learned the way of the katana. After ten months he learned wind breathing. It was quite difficult because most of the techniques are wide in scale and take up a lot of energy. Now Tobu could have taken the exam that year but his master offered him one more thing, a additional breathing technique. He warned Tobu that the technique is nothing like he had ever practiced before, and that he was in for some intense training. Tobu accepted without thought and they begun.

The breathing technique was the gravity breathing technique. It was derived directly from sun breathing and had 5 forms. However unlike other techniques these techniques rank from five to one. Five being the easiest while one being the hardest. This training took an entire year for him to really adapt to the breathing technique and even be able to use each of the techniques. After using each technique his body would face harsh repercussions but in exchange massive and precise power.

After the final year of training he told Tobu one last thing before sending him off to the final exam. Use wind breathing in almost every situation and to only use gravity breathing when absolutely necessary. With that Tobu headed off to the final exam.
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Consider me intrigued!
Name: Shoda Mokuami
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Physical Appearance: He has an overall smaller physique for his age, standing at a measly 167cm (5'4). Mokuami's always in good shape, but always seems to have an unconfident stance. He has olive skin with grey eyes and cardinal-red hair kept in a ponytail with short bangs.
Personality: Mokuami has a massive inferiority complex brought about by his short stature and life spent in poverty. This has caused him to have abysmal self-esteem and tendency to be untrustworthy of others. He finds it hard to relate to most people, and definitely has a difficult time adapting to new situations. Still, with the right support from his trainers over the years, he's been able to make steady progress on his abilities. Despite not wanting to, Mokuami always finds himself in difficult situations spurred on by his innate curiosity with the world around him. He knows that "teamwork makes the dreamwork", but even talking to new people can be difficult, as he spent the bulk of his childhood travelling thoughtlessly from place to place. After his rigorous training, he became very humbled and could even assert a leadership role, something he wouldn't have thought possible prior to it. He still has pretty terrible social skills, though...
Clothing: (Just describe the appearance of the regular clothing and the Demon Slayer uniform they will wear afterwards) He typically wears a sandstone-colored haori with a trellis pattern adorning the sides. His solid-black kimono he wears underneath is cut rather short, possibly from increased mobility.
His demon slayer uniform:
Color of Sword: (Basically the color of the sword you will receive after the entrance exam in the Final Selection)(Also the meaning behind the color) Maple - the tree its name after symbolizes peace and serenity - and those two things are what every Demon Slayer must bring to this world.
Weapon: Almost a cross between a standard sword and a yari, with a thin, paddle-like blade that turns into a sharp point at the end. It has a sturdy, leather handle much like a sword.
Shape of Handguards/Tsuba: (This will be removed once the swords are reforged)(This basically protects the holder of the sword from harming themselves with the blade) A simple, but hardy square.
Breathing Style: Stone Breathing
Backstory: (Also add the reason why your character chose to enter the Final section to become a Demon slayer) Mokuami was born into a group of travelling merchants, who aspired to connect the region in a single trade network. However they never accomplished this goal, and were relegated to being poor, nomadic traders over time. He had two, younger twin siblings: a boy, Otani and a girl, Matsuura who were about 2 years younger than him. When Mokuami was 7, his family had a very close run-in with a horrifying demon, but managed to escape after it shifted interests to the villagers who were rampaging towards it. This scarring experience led Mokuami's parents to decide to send him and his siblings to be trained by a wise, old demon slayer who lived in the area named Goto. Goto lived in a quiet temple, and had an understudy named Mayoko. They both specialized in stone breathing. It seemed that Goto was often very dismissive of them, but Mayoko almost empathized with them. Either way, they received most of their training from Mayoko. The three siblings made great process over time, something Goto took very long to realize. Eventually, he asked their parents if it would be alright to train them to become demon slayers, rather than just for protection. They hesitantly agreed to this offer. And so their formal Demon Slayer training began at age 14 for Mokuami, and 12 for Otani and Matsuura. His siblings often pressured him to pursue training longer and harder, as he would naturally be eligible to become a Demon Slayer sooner than them. By the time Goto passed away, around 2 years into their training, he had become very supportive of their training, as the three had a knack for this. Although he did say one grim remark: he "wasn't sure" if Mokuami's shorter stature would allow him to access the true potential of Stone Breathing. Mayoko, who took over as their trainer, was quick to disregard that remark and continued to train all 3 normally. She had always been supportive of them, and naturally worked well with Mokuami as she could easily encourage him to pursue grander feats. At the rather early age of 16, Mayoko was fully convinced that Mokuami had the skills and utilities to reach great heights, and began training him Stone Breathing. It was possibly the most exhausting year of his life, but it also taught him how to apply his newfound skills to various situations and they began working at confidence training as well. From sunrise to sunset, every rainy day, every scorching day, every freezing day, he was proving his worth. Whether it be helping the nearby villagers, or taking on a few minor demons here and there, it seemed to have granted Mokuami enough prestige to have him invited to the Final Selection. He couldn't refuse it. Not ever. This was his only chance at truly making a name for himself. Otani, Matsuuri, Mayoko, even the villagers were cheering for him. He wondered if Goto was looking down at him on that day, smiling from the heavens.
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Name: Nemu Shiawase

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Physical Appearance: Standing at a comfortable 5'6, Nemu's hair is a white colour that fades into a light pinkish colour. His eyes are grey and cool, almost empty. Without his clothes, Nemu's body is well toned while not being too muscular. Weighing in at roughly 125lbs, he isn't a giant by any means. His face often has a soft smile, as he seems to always be tired. It has a nice warm appearance for the most apart, until you look at his body. Littered in scars and tattoos you really wonder what kind of life such an innocent face could've lived before ending up as he did.

Personality: Nemu for the most parts comes off as lazy, impractical and simply like a bratty child that's just wanting to sleep. To a lot of people it's confusing how he is able to even wield a blade let alone fight demons. He is stuck in his head a lot, trying to figure out what sort of dream he just had, if he's not doing that he's talking about his dreams or he's asleep. Nemu is a very empathetic and somewhat emotional person, which can be surprising to most. The type to sit next to you for hours just to listen to you if he has to. Not one for working under someone in a team or leading one, he holds freedom above all else. The ability to have full freedom, seeing others tamper with it is enough to anger him and drive him towards violence if need be... However in combat he completely changes with two outlooks. The most common change in his personality is that he becomes more child like, simply refusing to acknowledge danger or anything at all. Toying with opponents before ending them himself, he has an elegance in his movements and his fighting style in general... it's almost dreamlike. Mystical and an awe to watch, combat to him is just another dream. However the second outcome to his personality in combat is more ruthless as it seems to act more animalistic. Everything seems to be out of desperation as if a wild beast has been let out. It creates a certain tension that's filled with fear. However even with both outcomes he seems to lose that empathetic side to him in combat.

Clothing: Nemu's clothing outside of combat is usually a loose fitting male kimono, with the base colour being white. Ontop of that he has his haori, its colour going from the top down starting as white before becoming purple in colour. It's patterned with pink clouds, and yellows star patterns with his back having a large moon on it. Interestingly enough his entire outfit is littered with different lucky charms, some hidden more than others. The most notable would be the numerous blank Ema he keeps inside his haori, this always leaves Nemu have a wooden clack sound whenever he moves only heard by those paying close attention. Why does he keep them? So that every shrine he goes to he can place one up with his wish on it. His demon slayer uniform isn't much different from others except he always has his haori on it while the trousers have been made baggier.

Color of blade: A light purple blade with dashes of yellow specks like stars.

Weapon: Nemu's main weapon is his Nagiscythe. A weapon that's a hybrid of a naginata and a scythe. A curious weapon for sure, the default form of the weapon is a naginata a weapon with the blade on the side of the weapon at the top. This makes it ideal for slicing and stabbing movements as the blade is shaped similar to the moon, allowing him to easily slash and stab through his opponents. However by changing his hand position and twisting the weapon, this causes its mode to shift as the blade falls forward so it is horizontal now. Effectively turning it into a scythe, ideal for hooking opponents and tossing them around and with the weight of it he can even make clean heavy cuts with it. Nemu also possesses two other weapons, a pair of Kama that are not made from nichirin metal and a pair of brass knuckles.

Shape of Handguards/Tsuba: Although Nemu doesn't have a hand guard on his scythe he does keep a lucky charm bag at the bottom of it.

Breathing Style: Dream/Nightmare Breathing also known as Breath of Dreams- This breathing styled was derived from a practitioner of mist breathing as they tried to copy and surpass moon breathing. However this goal was seemingly impossible so instead they settled for a style that was similar to love breathing as an alternative technique they could master alongside mist. This incomplete technique was later taught to a student who found out the true nature of the technique and doing what they could they started to adapt this style to be similar like moon breathing before ultimately creating the amalgamation you see today. A technique that had to stand out in order to prevail. A technique so mystical and mysterious it could only be described as a dream. This was the birth of Dream Breathing. A very interesting breathing style as it's techniques seem to never be the same, leaving others around wondering if it was all just a dream with techniques only being differentiated by the damage they cause. The most intriguing part of this breathing style is that when used the user seems to enter a different state of consciousness. A state that lies between dreaming and being awake, essentially causing them to sleep walk. In this state the user appears wide awake however there's something different about them, you can tell by their eyes. It's as if they have stars in their irises and their pupils are foggy. Though while the user imagines the battle as a dream in their head, their body is acting on its own will. Fuelled by the will to live, it attacks and dodges on its own. The attacks and patterns are all determined by whatever "dream" the user is having, meaning that no battle will ever really be the same as it's almost impossible to read this style from previous battles since its always changing. It isn't impossible to defeat as the user is still human at the end of the day, meaning they can be brought down by demons that lie outside their skills and expertise. However you can never have dreams without nightmares, such goes with this breathing style. After accumulating a certain amount of damage, the user is put into a state of fight or flight as everything becomes critical. It stops holding back and starts fighting as if the next attack would kill, this gives it the beastly and oftentimes animalistic behaviours seen. Attacks are all made to be as violent and brutal as possible as they leave no room to breathe pun intended which has led to some claiming that this is the true state of dream breathing. While the user imagines the battle to take place in a dream like state of place, their blade work is very nimble and focuses heavily on evasion, dexterity, agility and striking so hard that you give your opponent a "painless death", sending them to the land of dreams for all eternity. Though funnily enough not every technique has to be done in this dream like trance, some can be done while fully conscious though. Users must be extra careful not to misjudge an opponent before engaging since dying in their dream often means that they've died in the real world too, which is why it's one of the more risky breathing styles as it causes users to completely throw any sense of danger out of the window. An also very stamina draining breathing style too, overuse of techniques while in that state will often leave users unable to move due to the amount of slack they're giving to their bodies without realising it. The same goes for damage they have to their bodies. It seems the only way to wake someone up from this dream is for the user to lose that threat of immediate danger. However there are a few ways that also work, splashing with cold water, clapping both their ears at the same time, killing them. The list goes on.

Backstory: Nemu was born a bastard, his mother a courtesan and his father he never really knew. He grew up in a red lights district which already didn't give him the best start to life and it only got worst as he was abandoned by his mother when she left with a wealthy man, leaving him alone to be raised by the bums of the street. This already made Nemu's life pretty difficult as he grew older he had to learn what he could off the streets. It wasn't long till he found himself a new trade, dog fighting. Found in a small area of the district, boys around his age fought each other in "matches" as they were bet on by older men. These fights didn't have no timer and it was often till one person was unconscious or dead. Winners didn't gain much money but it would've been enough to keep them going for the next week. Weapons were allowed as long as it wasn't bladed. This is where Nemu picked up his first weapon, a pair of brass knuckles he used to fight. To say he was a well known fighter would've been an understatement as he had a great winning score. What made him so popular was how vicious he fought, fighting always as if his life depended on it. This caused him to gain a strong fighting spirit but an even stronger will to live. But life as a dog fighter wasn't exactly right for him. Every day it was wake up, eat, fight, rest up, and repeat. It was a cycle he was trapped in. Sure life in the district was alright but he couldn't help but feel trapped within it as if he had no way to escape this cycle.

As he grew up, he eventually did something that would later change his life for the better. He ran away. He escaped the district's street life hold on him. He had to escape it. He needed to be free. This continuous cycle of his life just blurring past him. He wanted to live his life and explore the world outside. He needed to explore the world outside. What could be there? Was there anything there? After running for days on end, only resting to sleep and eat, Nemu arrived at a little farm village. A small village where the main income was from their crops. They took him in, amazed by how such a young boy could have such a scarred body. They treated him as one of their own as he joined in on the farm life. Here he learnt about the Kama. A pair of small scythe like tools used for farming. He never intended to use them for combat but after being taught how to hunt they were his go to weapon. He became somewhat decent with his weapon of choice as he used them. Everything was going well for him, almost too well for him. Something had to be off surely? Well you wouldn't be wrong in thinking so. It turns out this village had a tie with a particular demon who awoke at night to eat anybody passing through the town. The only reason Nemu was never eaten was due to the fact that in turn for his life one member of the village gave up theirs for his place. Only in a year of staying there, Nemu found out about the village's dark secret. Realising that this monster lived within the town, Nemu tried to confront it which went about as well as you'd expect. Almost dying in the process he was saved by a figure in white. They wielded a spear like weapon as they easily disposed of the demon. This person? They would become Nemu's only true family, his mentor and his friend. They were a demon slayer that wielded dream breathing. Watching them fight, seeing how free they were during combat, Nemu left that village and instead joined the slayer as they took him under their wing.

For the next 4 years, they trained Nemu, looked after him, and essentially acted as an older sister to him. Not being too much older than him, their training was odd. It involved a lot of blind folded related tasks. Repetitive training that seemed almost tedious. His weapon for training? The naginata. A large spear-like weapon, he spent every single day with that weapon until it felt like he was one with it. However no matter how many times he used it he always felt like there was something missing as if he could improve with it. And that's when it hit him, why not turn this naginata into a weapon similar like a scythe? This is what lead to the creation of his current weapon. With his master, he learnt about demons and the demon slayer corps. He also found out that demons once used to be human, this finding? It kind of was burnt into his head, they used to be human. This lead to him developing a mindset towards demons filled with sympathy. They were just tortured souls and if he became a demon slayer he could put them to sleep. Finally let them rest from their suffering. However even with his 4 years with his master, he had only mastered four moves of the total 12. And only 2 of them he could use while fully conscious. The reason for this? He still needed to practise more with the technique he just needed to trust his body more. He needed to, if he could then maybe just maybe he could access the full arsenal of dream breathing. However even with 4 techniques of the total 12, his master decided it was enough for him. Just enough to go for the final selection. Why? She had taught him all she could with dream breathing, it was up to him to master it.

Other: His collection for lucky charms? Yeah it started with his master, she gave him one lucky charm a day as he stayed with her. Each one he collected and kept safe with him. Often times if he feels like it he'll just give you one randomly.
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