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Demonic Contract (RP Discussion/Sign-Ups)

For hundreds of years, great civilizations have come and gone. The legendary Roman empire, the Ottomans, and even the modern corporate empires. The year is 2017, and the world continues as normal...
...except something is different.
For years, humans have prayed to gods and asked for the aid of angels while fearing intangible demons. This is religion, and Christianity, the most successful of which, has spread all across the world over the last few thousand years. It talks of a great ever-watching god, holy angels, and devious demons. And for those few thousand years, none have ever appeared on the mortal plane.
This, however, has now changed.
Hell has a new ruler, one who took Satan's throne 15 years ago, who sees the potential in humanity and wishes to help them reach that true potential. Now, many demons appear across Earth, partnering with humans and making unbreakable contracts to create an everlasting bond between mortal and demon. Many consider these demons evil beings, but their partners call them trusted friends and companions... most of the time.
However, God is not a fan of this. Angels, just like demons, have been partnering with humans to send the demons back to Hell. The mortals, of course, are caught right in the middle. Will you partner with God to strike back the denizens of the Underworld? Or will you join with Satan's former servants to preserve a new form of life?

...so yeah, that's the basic premise. There are a few things we need to get out of the way first. Such as... rules! I'll post them right here.
1) Follow the regular Pokecharms rules.
2) There is no character limit, but you're not allowed to have a human that is partnered with both a demon and angel. Also, no angels siding with the demons or demons siding with the angels. You are allowed, however, to have a human/angel/demon that is not bound by a contract.
3) Mythology surrounding demons and angels will give way to their movesets and abilities. Try to stick to a species of demon already established, and if you're making a new one then go REALLY in-depth about their race. However, don't make it OP, like being able to destroy planets or stuff. I do have the right and power to decline any character or request a revision.
4) This RP has a quality assurance check - that means not just anyone can jump in. If I've never RPed with you before, then I'll require a suitable RP sample of your previous RP work. If I don't allow you to join because of a lack of RPing skill, don't take it personally. Read over the rules, get RP experience, improve! That's what it's all about.
5) To assure you read the rules, put Satan somewhere in your bio.
6) Passage between Hell, Heaven and Earth is EXTREMELY circumstantial, and I will be required for approval of such a thing.
7) As Hell's new ruler is my character, I am in charge of forming Hell's power chain. If you wish to have one of your characters join the hierarchy, then please talk with me about it in a Private Convo.
So now that you've ideally read through the rules, it's time for you to create a character! We have three separate forms for the races, and you'll need to fill them out separately.
Demon/Angel bond(optional):
Human bond(optional):
Holy Weapon:
Human bond(optional):
So yeah! I'll submit my characters later, just feel free to fill out a form and stuff. I look forwards to getting this started! (FYI we'll start when we get four people.)
@SismicFlareCharmander @Il Fantasma @Stormursa @Jagson @GreninjaTrainer013 @Mewtwofan259 @Dave Strider @Charlespark would you folks be interested?
The humans don't necessarily learn new abilities - the demons are trying to help the humans become a better race in mind and body, but through natural means. (Though it varies from demon to demon...) Humans can get special abilities, but these are specific and always included in the contract. This also varies from case to case - circumstances, you see. The kind of powers demons and angels are limited to is dependent on the demon/angel's rank, age and mastery of their arts. Demons and angels naturally receive their power, but depending on the terrain their abilities can grow stronger or weaker. For example, an angel's power would exponentially increase in a holy place like a church, and a skeleton demon would grow stronger in a graveyard.
Ill wait for some other people to post some sheet so I can get a gist on how other will form this. As it still seems a little under developed atm. I am intrigued by the idea tho.
Here are my characters.

Name: Shard Tempus
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Has brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin. Normally wears a blue Sonic the Hedgehog t-shirt, jean jacket, black track pants, blue sneakers, black socks and black fingerless gloves.
Personality: Relatively shy and quiet, Shard is quite passionate about fairness and equality. He also likes to stick up for the little guy. Sometimes, however, his cowardliness gets the best of him.
Backstory: Had a happy life with his parents until high school, where he decided to move out and make his own way. He is still saving up for college. Has lived in Toronto all his life, and bought an apartment at 18 years old.
Demon/Angel bond: Naomi
Extra: Trained in Aikido and fencing. Is also acrobatic.

Name: Naomi
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Race: Half-Kitsune, half-human.
Powers: Fireball (your ordinary fireball), Firebomb (a fireball that explodes on impact), Firepillar (a fireball that when dropped on the ground creates a torrent of fire for a few seconds), Flamethrower (a stream of fire that comes from her fingers), Soulfire (a fireball attack that strikes directly at a foe's soul), Fireblast (nine firebombs on the end of each of her nine tails that come together to create a massive fiery blast).
Appearance: When in her Hell outfit, Naomi usually wears a white Japanese kimono with fire symbols all over it as well as a red crop top and blue shorts. When in her Earth outfit, Naomi wears a grey zip-up sweater open in the front with the same red crop top and blue shorts. Naomi has orange hair, yellow eyes, pale skin, orange fox ears on the top of her head and nine short fox tails.
Personality: Chipper and fun-loving, Naomi is extremely devil-may-care and manipulative. She just wants to have fun. Despite this, she is quite sympathetic and kind towards her friends in times of stress, and prefers to keep all her emotions bottled up and hidden away.
Backstory: Naomi's father, Naeris, was a Kitsune who sneaked into Earth before Satan's fall, and fell in love with a human. Taking a new name and appearance, Nathaniel and Matilda had many loving days. When the two had children, however, they realized they were unable to hide the monster side to them. Fearing persecution from all sides, Nathaniel made the choice to give up Naomi and Moarne to his best friend, Surtur. Surtur was Naomi's father figure, and quite the awesome one, too - a fire demon casual councilman pimp who wears rectangle glasses. Moarne became the right hand of Dormammu, Hell's new ruler, and Naomi lived her life as a trickster. Naomi has now traveled to the human world, being chosen by Dormammu to go change some shit.
Human bond: Shard Tempus
Extra: Naomi is the ultimate troll.
My first human was long in making, since @Eeveechu151 shared the idea. I present to you, Cail and Gunaas. They hunt those that would encroach on sacred land, earning themselves the title of Warden.
Name: Cail
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetero
Appearance: Cail walks with pride, tall and strong. He wields his mighty axe with pride. He is rarely seen without his helmet, a wolfish monstrosity.
Personality: Gunaas' blessing is largely present in Cail's newfound ability to largely ignore pain. His strength grows the closer he lies to death, so Cail is incredibly reckless, knowing he will most likely not be stopped.
Backstory: Cail grew up on his farm, with his brother and parents. He spent most of his time fighting the local wildlife, keeping them away from the farm. He drew attention from hell soon after his father's death at the hands of wolves, having killed them himself. Gunaas, a being of war and violence, arrived to broker a deal. Several typos later, he can now wear Gunaas as a suit of armour, becoming even more powerful.
Demon Bond: Gunaas
Name: Gunaas Age: Some hundreds of years old
Gender: Male Sexuality: N/A, unconcerned about love.
Race: Being of Violence. Powers: Hitting things hard. He revels in combat, enjoying it to a large extent, and transferring this enjoyment to a smaller extent with Cail. Much of the contact shares his power with Cail.
Appearance: A horned demon, huge in size and strength. He looks human, minus the grey skin and horns. And the war paint.
Personality: Reveling in violence, his primary instinct is hitting things. Be it with his fists, his horns, a tree, whatever the nearest smashing implement is. He's not picky. He respects power.
Backstory: Gunaas remains largely distant from the arguments of Hell, only caring if he can be allowed to hit things. He was drawn to the burst of violence that Cail released, and managed to convince him to get a contract. He misspelled a word, and now he is forced to become a suit of armour if the need be.
Human Bond: Cail
Extra: Satan
I'll get started on my other pair later
Name: Alan Swift
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Appearance: Alan is a tall, lanky looking guy, with ruffled, hazy brown hair and deep emerald eyes. With a moderate skin tine and lackluster build, he looks like a good runner, in which he is.
Extra: Is fast, like, really fast. Olympic athlete speed and stamina.

Name: Gabriel, the Mighty One.
Age: This is only a concept to Gabriel. By Human standards, Gabriel is as old as Satan himself, but not as old as GOD.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: He is an Angel of the LORD. This question does not apply to him.
Holy Weapon: Fiery blades of holy creation. Indestructible blades of the LORD.
Powers: Gabriel's power has no clear definition. He follows the LORD and his instructions. He is given power by the LORD.
Appearance: He is an Angel. With four majestic wings on his back, radiating purity, and wearing white robes to display his purity. Like the LORD, he has no clear form, but can appear as a human-like figure for the sake of humanity.
Backstory: Gabriel has appeared many time throughout the HOLY BIBLE, including his first recorded appearance, where he explained to Daniel about the rule of the kingdoms of Medo-Persia and Greece. He also told Daniel about the premature death of Alexander the Great. He also gave Daniel the prophecy of CHRIST's coming. Gabriel remained throughout most of the book of Daniel, before reappearing in the book of Luke, where he was sent by GOD to give instruction and direction to the Virgin Mary, and explained to her she would soon carry the JESUS CHRIST. He has also appeared to Zechariah (The father of John the Baptist), and Joseph of the Old Testament.
Extra: He is not an Archangel, as he is the successor of Satan, now the Angel to the LORD as his 'right hand man'.

Name: Jesus Christ, the Redeemer.
Age: He died in his thirties on the cross, but is now, by man's terms, over 2000 years old.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Jesus Christ does not require a sexuality, but he would advise others to remain or become heterosexual.
Holy Weapon: Most of the Angels and Soldiers of the LORD would have weapons of holy and terrifying creation. Jesus would rather fight with his words and his love rather than his totally awesome fire sword, but against a demon, Jesus Christ will cast them back into the shadows of hell, a prison to pure evil.
Powers: There is no true limit to the power of the LORD, and Jesus, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, would have a very similar power. His is greater than Gabriel's but not that of the LORD's.
Appearance: Jesus Christ was depicted as a lean, but powerful man (having been raised as a carpenter, and walking for miles every day), with a long beard, but his appearance now will only be true to the beholder. Only those that see him will see what they believe they see.
Backstory: Having been born to a virgin mother, Jesus was raised quite well by her and his earth father. He was a perfect child, never throwing fits, and seemed to be wiser than his two parents. He soon left home to begin his journey, his path, which he knew quite clear from the beginning. He preached the word throughout early Asia, Africa, and Europe. He became a figure of divine power among the people. Soon though, GOD filled the hearts of man with evil, and a desire to kill Jesus, for the plan of GOD to work. Jesus was taken away in the night from his disciples, and tried in the early court. He was tortured unlike any man before, and hung from a cross to die for claiming to be the son of the LORD. After his death, he fought Death, Hell, and the Grave, and succeeded in completing GOD's plan. Jesus Christ had saved the souls of humanity, opening up the gates of heaven for those who believed. For those of pure hearts. He was resurrected 3 days after his death, appearing to his disciples, before returning to his heavenly home. He warned man of the coming apocalypse, a revelation. That day, is finally upon us, it would seem.
Extra: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ cannot be killed, for it is not the will of the LORD.
@SismicFlareCharmander Looks good! Approved!
@Dave Strider Definitely looks good, but in this universe God is not all-powerful. Sure, he has a lot of power, but not enough to destroy dimensions. Also, Death and Life exist as entities in this world. Ironically, Death is a pacifist, but will fight for the sake of his love - the former human, Rebirth. Being directly Gabriel and Jesus may be pretty OP, though. Also, sure you don't want to take a demon?
I don't think being a demon in an rp will look good on the list of bad things I've done in St. Peter's book when I get to heaven, lol.
Nah, I'm good. I think I make a better good guy than a bad guy. Plus, me being raised a christian and all, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take these godly beings, also being afraid that somebody wouldn't use them right if they took them.
I doubt GOD would want to destroy any dimensions, personally.
Hey, I dont think I ever rp with you, so if you want I can pm you some links to rps I have posted in.
Name: Halt
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexuality: straight
Appearance: tall and slender. He wears glasses, and has a dark red color hair that Halt wears long. Halt normally has a pair of blue jeans, and a black and silver flannel shirt on. His body is shaped more to running, such as long legs and arms, but a shorter body. His face normally has the look like he would snap your neck if you say something he doesn't like, even if he knows he couldn't.
Personality(optional): He is straight forward, and would have problems telling lies. Even if it means it would hurt feelings. Halt has very little care for other peoples problems, and acts very calm and relaxed in many situations.
Demon/Angel bond(optional): Sethen
Extra: na
Age: 38 when turned to demond
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight
Race: earth demon
Powers: Basic control of metals, and increased strength and endurance.
Appearance: a stone faced humanoid creature, that has no expression whatsoever. He is a being of the earth, so he normally is made of materials found in the ground. His eyes are a dark gemstone, and his body is made of stone.
Personality(optional): basically the same as Halt, except he has no emotion whatsoever, and knows how to convince someone.
Backstory(optional): He was once a mine worker who was caught in a roof collapse. When he awoke in hell, his body had absorbed the rock that fell onto him, and the satian liked his his look. The devil made him a torturer, until he was sent to make a contract with someone to help him change the world into what his new leader wants to see.
Human bond(optional): Halt
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...soooo yeah. No offense to any Christians or Jehovah's Witnesses or Anglicans or anything like that, but
I am making God the villain here and the demons the good guys. Considering God is sending down his literal army of angels to eradicate a society he considers as tampering with humanity and being the root of all evil, not exactly 100% the best for our demon folk. They just want to help humanity improve! ...but then God happens to notice and sends angels to eradicate Dormammu's people.

Oh, and yes. Life and Death are separate entities from all of this, and exist on a different plane. Heaven, Hell and Earth all exist on different planes of the same universe, and Life and Death exist on the spiritual plane. So yeah. This RP doesn't exactly adhere to the Bible (it'd be hard for me to do that anyways, since I'm Atheist and barely remember anything about christian texts), it's more so loosely based on ideas proposed by it.

And @Glaceon trainer yeah I'll need some of your stuff in a PC, and did you mean to post that early or...?
If GOD is involved in this, then he created humanity from dust, and women from the rib of Adam. Being the creator of humanity, he's nearly eradicated humanity multiple times here for their idiocy, but there was always somebody to hold him back, like Moses, Noah, and Jesus. You're idea here, is almost a repeat of what Satan attempted in the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, telling them they'd become like God if they follow his instructions. God made man in his image, and when Satan tampers with that, it is befouling God. So, essentially, our characters may view God as the villain here, but really, God did warn that all non-believers would succumb to the coming apocalypse. To conclude my speech, God is simply staying true to his word, as always.
But as you say you're atheist, I suppose I shouldn't bombard you with my knowledge of the holy bible, but I stand by what I said. You're idea is pretty much a repeat of the past.
Yea, sorry about that. Im typing on a tablet, and the post button is extremely clost to the backspace button. So while I was typing, I hit post and had to edit to post the rest. Give me a little while to pm you some examples of my previous roleplays, or would you want examples of new work for this roleplay, because I can do both.
Hey, like I said. This isn't a universe where the bible is right. And believer or not, I just don't think that it's right to, y'know, eradicate an entire race of sentient life forms. And I guess that's the main building blocks of this RP.

...in actuality, I already know what God is in the context of this universe. This will be a point of contention in the RP later, so don't click this spoiler if you, y'know, don't want it spoiled.
God is actually the last man from the previous universe, who (through the means of incredibly advanced technology) gained immortality and the ability to play god. The old universe - our universe - was destroyed, and only this new God remains. God then created a facsimile to the old world, making a new Bible and recreating life forms to match the old ones. What he didn't expect, however, was another who was able to do the same as him. This is Dormammu, who created a living and vibrant Hell filled with life of many different kinds. In this world, the only reason the Satan affair even happened was to give God an excuse to rule over Hell as well as Heaven. So, uh, yeah. That's what God is in this RP. The reason no one - not even the Angels - have seen his true form is to uphold this air of being the true god that was supposedly eradicated with the old world.
If you wish to discuss this with me, Dave, feel free to do it in a Private Convo for the sake of not spoiling the RP.

And @Glaceon trainer looks good! Approved!
Human Form:

Name: Joshua Kenpii

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Appearance: Joshua has black almond eyes, and straight black hair. He is slightly shorter than the average, and has a fit body. He generally wears black shorts, and often prefers white or black t-shirts.

Personality(optional): -

Backstory(optional): Joshua is a half Spanish and half Korean boy who lives in United States nowadays. He had a regular life, with his busy parents and a younger sister.

Demon/Angel bond(optional): Schivi

Extra: Joshua never met with Satan.

Demon Form:

Name: Schivi

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Race: Fallen Angel

Powers: Create plants: Creates plants. Animate Plants: Gives life and controls the plants around. Throw Thorns: Creates and throws Thorns. Spreading pollen: Spreads out a dangerous cloud of pollen, causing catastrophic exhaustion to the beings inhaling it. Throwing Acid: Throws a dangerous natural component in a shape of cone, which can even melt iron over time. Tanglevines: Ivies, thorns, dead plants and even soil comes out of the earth, trapping an area into a dangerous cage like thing.

Appearance: Schivi has green eyes and hair, and even green wings. He is quite tall and fit. His skin is lightly tanned. He generally wear shorts, and prefers being topless most of the time.

Personality(optional): -

Backstory(optional): Schivi is one of the youngest angels. He had the potential, and so he was trained too hard to fight against demons since his childhood. One day he was punished for watching humans of his own gender and nothing else could make Schivi happier. He was free to do whatever now, after all.

Human bond(optional): Joshua.

Extra: Schivi met with Satan once, actually. He was not that "bad".
...wait. Wait wait wait. @Dave Strider What you said earlier about this RP pretty much being history repeating itself...? Far more true than you think! xD
Anyways, I think we've got enough people now. I'll start up the RP in just a minute.
Name: Haemis
Age: ~1800
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Race: Luescrum
Appearance: Haemis’ skin is smooth and pale, completely unblemished and pulled taut over his angular bones. He’s gaunt and gangly in shape, standing at 6’2 and weighing in at a staggering 160 pounds. His shoulders are sparsely spaced apart from his spindly neck, supporting an oblong head with greatly defined jaw and cheekbones. His curved eyes are without pupils and an unnatural lilac hue, set a meagre distance from his thin, triangular nose. His head is decorated with a mop of thick, white hair stylized into an unruly undercut. White bandages take up much of his upper torso, engulfing his neck and spanning over to his leftmost arm. A band-aid can typically be seen arching over the bridge of his nose. In an instance of extreme agitation, Haemis’ corneas will expand to fill the entirety of his eyes and branches of dark veins will appear visible surrounding both eyes. Blood will generally begin to flow from his nose, but the intensity and location of the bleeding depends on the severity of Haemis’ own enmity. His head may detach from his neck, to which he will hold the head by its hair as one would hold a lantern with his unbandaged hand. The bandages wrapped tightly around his neck and arm would slacken to reveal that the flesh beneath them has been rotted away to chunks of raw muscle and bone.
Personality: Easily excitable and overwhelmingly curious, Haemis pertains a certain brand of childlike innocence unique to his age. He's exceedingly emotional, although susceptible to mood swings and rare moments of complete solemnity. His sensitivity often results in loneliness and a longing for physical contact. Despite having been treated poorly by humans, demons, and angels alike, he's reverent and respectful to everyone regardless of their origins, but is specifically resentful of divine spirits by nature. He's forgiving and understanding and fiercely protective of those he cares for.
Powers: Haemis is able to use his bandages as extra extremities in times of need, able to extend them to upwards to ten metres from their original length. He cannot be killed by earthy metals and can induce bleeding or blood poisoning in someone by placing his skeletal hand on them.
Backstory: Haemis is an Eastern-European minor demon of pestilence, responsible for the blood disorder hemophilia. He befriended the minor demon responsible for albinism, Palletius, in his youngest years and grew particularly fond of him. Although much of his own kind found humans as lesser than themselves during Lucifer's reign (including Palletius), Haemis had become infatuated with them. Once Palletius had discovered that Haemis harboured a secret love for them, he was shocked and appalled. Haemis was driven into hiding from his fellowmen, fearing his own demise at the hands of those who found his interests shameful. Since the rule of Dormammu, Haemis has come out of hiding and strongly advocates for peace among all three planes of existence: Heaven, Hell, and Earth.
Human Bond: N/A
Extra: Satan.
Name: Aaron Black
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Appearance: Fair skin, light brown hair in messy spikes, and light blue eyes. Tall for his age with a moderately fit build. A fitted black short sleeve hoodie with thick white trim running along the seams. White wraps on his hands going up to his elbows. Baggy black jeans, and black sneakers with white trim. He has an old leather sheath on his back holding his blade. A large, razor sharp tooth attached to silver handle..
Personality: Aaron is a fairly kind and decent person, going out of his way to help those in need. He’s also rather smart and can be quick witted with rude or cocky people. People seem to have a natural attraction to his ‘good vibes’ and he grows bonds easily. Although his greatest attribute is his seemingly unnatural last second reflexes. Theyve saved him more times than he cant count.
Backstory: Not much to know really, Aaron had a decent childhood with good parents. He was raised well and into a kind yet firm young man. One day he just happened to be tracked down by a powerful two headed demon named Eros and Oros.
Demon Bond: Oros and Eros
Extra: He has a blade made from one of Cerberus’ teeth. It secretes a poisonous substance commonly found in wolfsbane plants. This blade also allows him to attack ghostly being which may normally be intangible.

Name: Eros and Oros
Age: Almost as old as Cerberus, being one of his first disciples.
Gender: Genderless
Sexuality: None
Race: Archdemon
Powers: Super strength and endurance. Shadow walking (Allows them to seemingly melt into shadow and travel from one area to the other almost instantly as long as the shadow carries over to that location.) Cries of Despair: If Eros and Oros release a loud screech at the same time, they can induce a state of vertigo. They also wield two long, pointed spears that glow a dim burnt orange color.
Appearance: Large slender being, pale ash colored skin, black horns on each head, and pointed ears. Tattered red cloak that gets darker towards the bottom before trailing off into a black wispy tail. (He has no legs and seems to hover slightly off the ground.)
Personality: Both heads have a similar dark humored nature. Although if left alone to long, Oros and Eros will often bicker with each other over who's right on the subject at hand.
Backstory: He is one of Cerberus’ oldest servants making him extremely powerful. Due to the battle between heaven and hell, the mouth of Hades has been sporadic and uncontrollable. Souls began slipping through and getting free. Because of this Oros and Eros were sent to find a pure hearted boy to bond with (Because a corrupt soul may use the blades power for himself). This boy would be tasked with collecting the escaped souls and trying to bring this war to an end.
Human bond: Aaron
Extra: Satan