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Digimon RP Reboot


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So Tailon has been working on this for a while, and I've been helping him here and there. We figure we're just about ready to create a new and improved Digimon RP! So, I'll be setting up this discussion topic where we can throw ideas back and forth and work out our characters. This RP is currently FULL. The following people are in it:
  • Tailon
    (Removed from the RP due to inactivity.)
    StellarWind Elsydeon
If you're not one of those people, please do not post here.

Now then, as for plot, Tailon has currently worked out that an insanely powerful digimon is fucking with the digital world, causing mayhem and destruction, and corrupting other Digimon at random. Only Digimon with human partners are immune to the corruption, and that's where our characters come in.

Our characters wake up in the Digimon world, none of them having ever seen a living Digimon before. Once there, they find their partners and Digivices. Unlike the last RP, which was based around Tamers, this one will have more of an Adventure feel to it. As such, we are not going to require you to have a Humanoid Mega stage. We won't require the use of Digi-Eggs for armor upgrades either, they'll be considered part of a normal line. You'll unlock your Digimon's Mega form by fighting and besting a superpowered version of one of the other Ultimates your Champion Digimon could Digivolve to.

We're also allowing you to create your own Digimon if you should choose to do so. We both trust that the five of us are mature enough to know how to not create a Mary Sue. If you do create your own Digimon, we just ask that you leave a detailed description of them and their powers here for reference sake when the RP is ongoing.

So! Feel free to work out your characters and shoot any ideas you have at us. As for me, I'm going to consolidate a few ideas of my own. For now, I'll leave you with this: The line I claim is Veemon, Flamedramon, Wingdramon, and Slayerdramon, and, to unlock Slayerdramon, my Wingdramon will have to best an AeroVeedramon in battle.

UPDATE: Because it hasn't been posted already, I'll add it to this post. Your character can be of any nationality, we just ask that they know how to speak English. As for ages, Tailon would prefer 12-15ish, but so long as they're teenagers or in their late childhood you're fine.

UPDATE 2: It has been decided that Digimon does exist in the real world of the RP- in the form of an obscure trading card game. As such, you may know about them if your character is, or knows someone who is, into such things.
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I'm going to be creating my own Digimon for this RP, but I was wondering if I could still connect it to canon Digimon? For example, if he were to armor Digivolve into a slightly redesigned Submarimon. I was also thinking instead of making two Ultimate forms, just making one of the other Ultimates an existing Digimon.

I don't mind fleshing out the line a little more if you guys don't want me mixing it with canon Digimon, I just might not have a visual reference for all of them if I do that.


So Rex, Stel and I were considering having the RPers initially be split into two groups at the outset and bring them together after some exploring, what do you guys think?


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Creating new Digimon for old lines is perfectly fine. Tailon's actually creating a whole line based around Monodramon, so there shouldn't be an issue so long as you're not using one of the more broken Digimon. Also, as far as I am aware, we won't be touching the Digi-Eggs or Armor Evolutions. Most Digimon that I've checked have been able to Digivolve to the armor form without the use of the egg, though I've only checked Digimon that interested me, so I can't say that every Digimon can do the With or Without thing. http://www.dma.wtw-x.net/ is a good reference if you need one.

Expanding a bit more on what Tailon said, due to our odd number it would be a 3/2 split between the characters. We didn't want to go anywhere with the idea before asking what you two though, Virgil and PM. For now, I personally would just like your thoughts. If we do decided to go with it we can decide who is with who to start once all of our characters are built.
I'm okay with the two group thing. Are we going to meet our Digimon as eggs, or In-training or rookies or what? (Just asking because my Digimon's fresh level is adorable but I doubt I'll ever get to use it since it's the first stage)

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I'm all for splitting up into groups at the start. The scenario could even work like in the Anime where we're on our own for a couple of minutes before encountering someone else. That way everyone has a partner until the two groups find each other.
I guess I'll post this now, the first three levels of my Digimon line. I also have a drawing for the champion stage but I'm gonna save that for later.


Level: Fresh
Attacks: Acid Bubbles - fires pink bubbles from mouth

Level: In-training
Attacks: Seed Burst - Throws explosive seeds to ward off enemies

Level: Rookie
Attacks: Savage Claw - Ginghamon strikes the foe with sharp claws

My character's name is Wyatt Crawford, he lives in the city but wishes he lived in the country. He has never heard of Digimon before and is somewhat technologically illiterate. He has a sister who is a year younger than him, and they get along most of the time.

I haven't decided much else, I'm waiting to see everyone else's characters before I work all the details in.

Also, do we know how our characters will get their Digivices? Shooting out of the computer, falling out of the sky, etc. Or are they just going to have them when they get to the Digiworld? I always thought you needed a Digivice first before you could go to the Digiworld.


You bring up a good point about the Digivices. I guess, depending on the environment at the time, it would either appear from nowhere, from a piece of tech, or transform from something in the instant before everyone gets transported?

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Cell phone Digivices! D:<

Silliness aside, my chosen line is Otamamon->Gekomon->ShogunGekomon->Pukumon. To Digivolve to Pukumon, ShogunGekomon would have to fight SkullScorpiomon. I'm still working on my character bio so... yeah.


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I'd put in a vote for the Digivices appearing if that's what we're doing.

Anyway, I believe I've got all the info I need to post a general outline of my character.

His name is Kyle. He's 14 years old, white kid, blond hair, blue eyes. Mother's a surgeon and is always busy. Father dotes on Kyle and gives him pretty much whatever he asks for. He's home schooled, and thus had no real chance to make friends his age. He's sheltered and has no idea how the real world works. He's a nice kid, though.

Veemon... Well, anyone with actual experience with people would realize that he's not someone you generally want to hang around with. He's manipulative, and just a bit rude. He'll say what he needs to say to get on your good side. Kyle takes to calling him Lloyd as a nickname, which Veemon accepts, on the surface at least.

I've decided that, in contrast to Ryan's Digivice, which I believe was Cyan, Kyle's going to have a Crimson one. I'd make this thing look fancy but instead I felt it was better to just play with it in Gimp until I got the colors I wanted. I think this color provides an interesting, to me at least, contrast between my two Tamers- hotblooded Ryan got the calm Cyan, and even tempered Kyle got the more animated Crimson.

Veemon's Digivolution goes Chibomon - DemiVeemon - Veemon - Flamedramon - Wingdramon - Slayerdramon. His alternate Ultimate is AeroVeedramon and their battle at the Pyramid involves AeroVeedramon bursting out the top of the building.
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Meet Meital Klein! She's 16 years old and hails from a city somewhere in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area of Israel (though not from Tel Aviv itself).

She is of average height (around 1.65m) with shortish and slightly wavy dark brown hair, honey-brown colored eyes and a tan complexion. She wears a light brown utility vest over a grey shirt, dark green combat trousers and dark brown combat-style boots. She also wears small drop-shaped earrings, a wristwatch and a bronze-hued necklace featuring a trilobite-shaped pendant and iridescent beetle wings (It was made specifically for her by her mother, who is a jeweler, as a birthday present, and it's probably her favorite non-living thing in the universe).

Meital had a keen interest in arthropods of all sorts for as long as she can remember herself. Insects, arachnids, crustaceans - if it has an exoskeleton and segmented appendages, she'll be all over it. Unfortunately for her, however, none of her immediate contemporaries ever seemed to share her interests... well, that would be an understatement, really. Most were either grossed out by, afraid of or just plain hated arthropods for no reason. The was hardly the worst quality of her contemporaries, though - they were also shallow, vapid, obsessed with appearances, social status and lowest-common-denominator pop culture (for as long as it was popular, anyway) - and worse, many were manipulative, fake rumor mongers. Not exactly what one would consider a healthy environment for a crazy bug lady.

Needless to say, Meital got tired of the social game's bullshit in record time and decided that she's going to do her own thing, and if people aren't going to like her for it, fuck'em. Over the years, though, it's become a relatively equal blend of confidence and over-compensation - she's so committed to being herself sometimes that it may almost give the impression of a defense mechanism against getting near people that may hurt her. Deep down, though, she does wish she could find people who would like her and accept her for who she is.

In her spare time, Meital runs a Tumblr-type blog about arthropods (both real and fictional) and researches a lot of information relevant to her interests online. Since most of these interactions are done in English, she developed an excellent grasp of the language (She has a bit of an accent, but it isn't noticeable). Some tumblrisms have merged into her general mode of speech - but she doesn't sound like a hyperactive brainless fandom derp... except when she's squeeing about awesome bugs - don't be surprised if she suddenly stops, stares and squees about a 'precious baby' that is actually a tiny spider that you can barely see!) It is through her gathering of information about arthropods that she found out about Digimon to begin with - and while she doesn't play the game, she does appreciate some of the creature designs. When she's not hovering on the internet, she likes taking walks in parks in search of interesting bugs and dabbles in photography. She has a bit of survival know-how that she picked up from her father, as well as from an orienteering club she was a part of in her middle school years - though how useful that would be in a completely alien world like the Digital World remains to be seen.

Meital's partner on her journey through the digital world is Isomon, a bio-mechanical, amphibious Crustacean Digimon. Needless to say they bonded instantly - mostly because Meital thinks its the most adorable Digimon ever and Isomon was really impressed by her confidence and straightforwardness. Isomon doesn't speak all that much at first, but over time it will come out of its shell, so to speak.

Isomon attacks by rolling around into a ball and generating energy, slamming into its opponents and discharging this energy (Morph Ball). Occasionally, it may charge large amounts of energy into a delayed release capsule which will proceed to explode, releasing destruction over a large area (Power Bomb).

Amphimon, Isomon's Adult/Champion form, is better geared for combat, with attack patterns resembling those of the ancient guardian Torizo of Super Metroid - it is fairly fast (and may roll around into battle as well as walk) and attacks by charging its claws with energy and releasing an energy wave by slashing the air (Guardian Slash). Using the same energy, Amphimon can stop projectiles directed at it, catch them and then cast them back at their origin (Inertial Canceller). This only works for projectiles that have a physical presence and are larger than a certain mass - don't expect it to stop bullets or energy weapons, but missiles? yes.

Bathynomon, the Perfect/Ultimate form, sacrifices Amphimon's agility for added endurance, making it an effective tank. While it can also direct charged energy to its claws and uses them in battle at times (Omega Claw), Bathynomon prefers to utilize the cannons mounted on its head and arms to fire wavering plasma pulses. (Plasma Wave)

Finally, Malacostramon, the Ultimate/Mega form is a full on amphibious tank - complete with a cockpit-type structure that can be used to 'pilot' it. Malacostramon's primary weapon - and its deadliest - releases a massive barrage of homing high-energy projectiles that lock on to multiple targets and launch, leaving behind trails of glowing light (Crystal Flash). The power of the attack and its area of devastation is massive indeed - but it is balanced by its requirement of a fairly lengthy charge-up time. For moments where such will not do, Malacostramon fires bursts of energy from its mouth, or lunges with its head and claws at closer range targets.

This thing is Meital's ultimate opponent, GranEbidramon - an alternate evolution of Amphimon (and also a more 'natural' evolution for Ebidramon, but that's unrelated to our RP). I was trying to get a sort of nice middle ground between Ebidra and Amphi and... somehow ended up with a mantis shrimp Ultralisk I guess. Attack names are pending, but I'll come up with a few by the time this encounter becomes relevant. XD

Meital's DTD is this shade of blue - which works rather nicely with her semi-aquatic Digimon.
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Making this a double post so it won't clash with my character bio.

Every story needs a villain. This one is ours.


A long time ago (or at least, in digital cycles) Two mighty Digimon clashed - the noble guardian, BanchoLeomon and the fierce destroyer, Darkdramon. For ages they've clashed, locked in stalemate (as endless rivals are wont to do). Needless to say, dear readers, this stalemate was broken. Wouldn't be much of a story if it wasn't, now, would it?

No computer-based system is infallible. Spontaneous glitches and resulting corrupted data are well known to happen and provide minor (and sometimes major) frustration to millions of users worldwide. But in the Digital World - the shadow of Earth's networks - such glitches result in brief rifts in existence itself.

Naturally, anything as complex as the Digital World possesses some form of a self-repair mechanism - an 'immune system' of sorts designed to eliminate aberrations and keep the greater whole in a state of functionality. However, this system is not infallible either - and in an incident with probability so low that it was dismissed as impossible - the Digital World blinked right as the two combatants struck each other.

The rift caught both Digimon in the moment of connection and fused them into one body, whilst keeping Darkdramon and BanchoLeomon's Digicores intact and separate. This incomplete, unstable Jogress Evolution (or DNA Digivolution, if you will) resulted in what the 'Central Dogma' of the Digital World considers an absolutely impossible singularity - a Digimon that should not exist.

A Chaosmon.

The unstable nature of a Chaosmon marks it for elimination as an aberration by the Digital World's immune system, leading to a brief lifespan - and both the digicores (who retained their strong will) are aware of this. The Darkdramon side, however, refused to take this 'inevitability' lying down - and began a campaign to incapacitate the Digital World's immune system in order to allow his new body to continue existing - for after all, with such a powerful body he could become an unstoppable force of destruction.

Aware of the Darkdramon side's aspirations and unwilling to risk Darkdramon's core gaining full control over the body should his own digicore attempt to depart the forced fusion - BanchoLeomon's digicore swallowed its pride and remained within the Chaosmon body, attempting to fight off and delay the Darkdramon side as much as possible. Darkdramon, however, seems to be asserting itself as the dominant side - and the Chaosmon body now wanders from area to area (to avoid an immune reaction) and corrupts the Digital World to the best of its ability wherever it arrives. The world's outward appearance blurs and shifts, areas shattering to reveal circuitry and binary code, or fluctuating wildly with no clear pattern. Lesser Digimon are driven to complete madness while greater Digimon seem to give in to the dark sides of their psyches. At times, Chaosmon stops its rampage as the BanchoLeomon side becomes strong enough momentarily to hold it in place - but these moments are becoming few and far between.

In an act of desperation, the Digital World's immune system used a BanchoLeomon induced lull in the attack on its very being to send out a cry for help into the real world. A group of youngsters chosen by the Digital World were entrusted with Digivices - allowing them to link their hearts and strength to those of Digimon - and thrust into the fray.

Will they be able to unlock their true potential and defeat Chaosmon? Will the Digital World's destruction be prevented? Will the RP die before we even get past the first boss? Will I ever stop rambling and get to the point?

Maybe. We'll just have to POST IN THE RP and see!


Now that I'm done furiously typing, I'd like to point out a few more ideas that we brought up in the conversation that led to this ramble.

The Darkdramon side clearly wants BanchoLeomon dead because this second will fighting it and causing it to 'hang' every once in a while is definitely not helping its cause. However, Darkdramon doesn't want to lose the power from BanchoLeomon's Digicore - and it spends large chunk of its time trying to find a way to neutralize BanchoLeomon's will while keeping his lifeforce.

He succeeds eventually and somehow discovers of a way to make itself even stronger by consuming other great Digimon and neutralizing their core in a similar manner - first choosing to pursue the ancient guardian of the sky, Valdurmon. Chaosmon eventually defeats Valdurmon and consumes it - now capable to replace one of its arms with a Valdur Arm (I'd imagine that it would normally choose to replace the BanchoLeomon arm rather than the Darkdramon arm, but it could probably swap them at will - there is only one dominant core now in this three-cored clusterfuck after all).

Our Chosen Children/Digidestined/Steves are not alone in this - the Digital World eventually invokes its weapon of last resort, the Royal Knights - which means that this time they aren't a bag of dicks for a change. Mind you - most of the royal knights will probably not be involved - perhaps they'd be occupied with protecting and attempting to restore order to currently disrupted regions, perhaps some will even be corrupted and become enemies after all. But two Royal Knights take on a special significance.

Omnimon and Sleipmon.

Having a dual nature himself and being sort of a 'Reverse Chaosmon', Omnimon would probably be actively chasing Chaosmon around and preventing it from hanging out in one area for too long - I'd imagine they'd be relatively evenly matched. That is until Chaosmon eats Valdurmon and uses some shit-hits-the-fan dual-cannon move on Omnimon.

Omnimon would then proceed to do the typical Digimon thing and give what remains of his power to the Chosen, allowing them to have the final piece of the puzzle to digivolve into Mega.

Sleipmon will come into play close to the final battle, by which point it is more or less the last Royal Knight - and Chaosmon will consume it as well, becoming UltimateChaosmon - because it is pretty damn obvious that a final boss has to be a huge freakish nearly unbeatable clusterfuck that will take some mOtHeRfUcKiNg MiRaClEs to stop. Once UltimateChaosmon is defeated it's possible that we could purify the three damaged digicores using the power of the digivices, which would allow BanchoLeomon, Valdurmon and Sleipmon to be reborn as well someday because that's just the sort of cliche that Digimon tends to go for, too.

Yeah, I think that sums up everything.

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Now that the villain was clarified, it's time to talk Digivices.

Introducing the Digital Touch Device


As its name suggests, the primary means of interaction with the Digital Touch Device (or DTD for short) is a touchscreen. The device has only two physical buttons - the Power Button (along its side, can be used to turn the screen on or off) and the Home Button (under the screen, instantaneously taking the user to the home screen). The back of the device features a data scanner that shall be elaborated on soon.


When the device is off, a screen guard digitizes into being, protecting the screen, displaying only the time. The device itself is still running, of course - and it is possible to set the device up to beep should something that demands the user's attention present itself.

Basic Digivice Features

Right. So now that we're familiar with how the device looks like, let's get to know how to work the bloody thing - starting with the basics.


This is the DTD's Home Screen, and its hub of operations. This is the first screen that loads when the device is activated. The five different function pages of the DTD can be accessed via a carousel menu. The text indicates the function of the icon currently up front (when the device is turned on, the icon up front would be that of the last screen used before the last turnoff or shift to Home Screen - defaulting to the Digimon Analyzer). Note that one can simply press the icons right on screen rather than rotate the carousel - then the selected icon will rotate to the front automatically. Pressing it again will take you to the relevant screen.

Long-pressing the clock (or dragging the top bar down a-la Android smartphones) will allow access to a configuration screen allowing setting of the clock, switching between 24 and 12-hour time modes, setting an alarm clock and configuring whether or not the device will beep upon notifications from various screens. This can be accessed from any screen and I haven't bothered giving it its own interface screen because it's basic smartphone-type stuff.

The Digimon Analyzer


Not much to say about this feature - it's the most straightforward of the bunch. Point the Digivice's scanner port at a Digimon, get a helpful analysis. Simples.

(Also, purple fuzzies because I can.)

The Location Monitor


Every Digivice needs a Deus Ex Machina radar and ours is no exception - except that ours also comes with an area map and some probably useless geography information.

The area map can be zoomed in or out by pinching the map area closed or opened, respectively. A long press on a map location allows you to place a marker on the map which can be tracked on the radar and/or transmitted to other Digivices in the area (for setting up a rendezvous point, for example).

The map and the radar can track the DTD's current location (marked in green), other Digivice signals in the area (marked in orange), other Digimon in the area (marked in red) and any set map markers (marked in blue) at any given time. Which features are to be tracked at a given moment can be controlled by simply tapping the relevant lines of text. (in this example, for instance, tapping the 'Tracking Digivice Signals' will turn it off, replacing the text with 'Not Tracking Digivices'.


One of the most major features of the DTD is its powerful Digimodify system, spaced across two feature screens.

Digimon are composed of many layers of data wrapped around a central core - the Digicore, containing the Digimon's core program and in essence its 'soul'. However, these layers often have harmless 'holes' within them - the higher the level, the more such holes exist.

These holes can be used as 'modification slots' and filled with foreign data - usually auxiliary programs that provide boosts to the Digimon's vital stats, but even elements of other Digimon may be used. The Digimon's body will eventually reject the grafted data, often taking a period of 'cooldown' before the same type of data may be grafted onto the Digimon again.

The Data Matrix


The Data Matrix allows management of such modifications. Other than displaying the vital stats of the Digivice Holder's partner Digimon (including a rotatable holographic display of said partner and an indication of their their code integrity - represented by color changes on damaged areas), the Data Matrix screen contains an indication of the amount of Modify Slots available on the target Digimon. The bottom of the screen features an inventory, displaying modifications stored in the DTD's memory and the amount of modifications slots they require to equip. Long-pressing a modification icon will display more in-depth information on it (such as its name, a more detailed description, activation and deactivation conditions etc.) as well as the possibility to delete the modification, create a copy of it, or send it to another Digivice. There is a limited amount of modifications that the device can store - this is related to the complexity of the modification moreso than the number of slots it would take on a Digimon - should this limit be breached, a space manager screen would be accessible, allowing you to sort things out and free some space (this screen can also be accessed from the configuration menu).

Equip a modification by dragging its icon from the inventory onto the Modifications Equipped list or the Hologram. Unequip it by dragging it from the Modifications Equipped list to the inventory. Modifications are equipped in a deactivated state (as demonstrated by the Power Boost mode on this Floramon).

To activate a modification, simply tap it. Active mods are displaye din a lighter green (as demonstrated by the Speed Boost). The 'Charge Remaining' bar may decrease with time or in one (or few) iterations, depending on the modification. The boosts, for example, are time based, whereas the Twin Sickles modification drains after one use.

A modification that has been 'exhausted' is deactivated and enters a cooldown period (its color will shift to orange on the display) during which it cannot be activated again (though it can be unequipped. this will not affect the modification's cooldown period, though). When cooldown ends, the indicator will flash briefly then revert into ordinary deactivated mode.

The Scanner


The DTD is equipped with a powerful data scanner, capable of downloading, analyzing and encoding this data into modules that can be then uploaded into a Digimon's modification slots. Such data may originate from the dispersing particles of dying Digimon, from some rare points of concentrated data and various other sources.

When the Scanner screen is accessed, the screen on the left is shown - a large scan button. Point the scanner port towards the source of data and hit the SCAN button. a scanning beam will collect the residual data and process it. When the process is complete the Scan button will expand, revealing a list of modifications salvaged from the scan. The two individual halves of the Scan button will now feature 'Save All' and 'Discard All'. Tap either of these to save or discard all the scanned data.

If you wish to be more selective about the modifications you save, tap modifications to de-select them (the default state is that all are selected, hence 'Save All' and 'Discard All'). the text on the buttons will shift to 'Save Selected' or 'Discard Selected'. Once all scanned data has been either saved or discarded, the Scan button will reform again.


Naturally, Digimon are capable of evolving due to energy spikes, emotional feedback and any other assorted Deus Ex Machina elements. However, the DTD Digivice allowed for more controlled evolution via use of..

The Digivolution Matrix


The Digivolution Matrix features a bar representing the amount of energy available for evolutionary purposes (this bar represents relative rather than absolute values) and a rotary dial. turning the dial clockwise drains energy from the bar at the bottom of the screen and fills the progress bar segments around the rotary dial (once this bar drains completely the dial cannot be turned clockwise further). Crossing any of the 'notches' on the progress bar will trigger the possibility of evolution to the level represented by it. This will be indicated by a change in the display at the center of the dial:


As the bar is rotated the evolution symbol will glow brighter - and when a level notch is crossed, the text (indicating 'Digivolution' for Champion and 'Ultimate Digivolution' for Ultimate) will appear (or change if 'warp evolving' from Rookie to Ultimate, for example).

You may be wondering why there are only 5 segments to the progress bar when there are 6 evolutionary levels. That is because that is all we get at first. Once we defeat our personal arc bosses (super-powered ultimate levels of our partners, remember?) and we receive the power to evolve into Mega from Omnimon - the final segment is unlocked and then we can do this.


It's called Omega Evolution because it's the final evolution AND because we get the power to reach that level from Omnimon, whose original name is Omegamon. Of course we might just call it 'Warp Digivolve' when announcing our evolutions, but this is what the DTD will show. XD

Finally, now that I've bored you all to death with all the crazy shit you can do with the DTD, I leave you with a template that you can download and screw around with the colors thereof:


Remember: the lighter gray is the Digivice's base color and the slightly darker grey translates into a slightly darker version of the Digivice's base color. Note that the template doesn't include the cover (the cover is the slightly-darker-main-body-color) - the screen is green because it's a color I sampled from the actual interface for simplicity's sake.

I still haven't decided what color I want to make Meital's - but I'll update her bio whenever I do.


Oh no I finally made a bio. Meet James!

Name: Jaime “James” Alvarado
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Age: 15
Height: 5’ 9”
Weight: Average
Hair: Thick, black hair is usually kept out of his face with a pair of brown strapped, mostly useless goggles on his forehead.
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Clothing: James generally wears basically the same clothing he would when tinkering in a garage. A brown leather jacket, either on or around his waist when warm, a white t-shirt, and a pair of jeans, with a pair of black work boots for shoes.
Identifying Marks: The goggles. He also tends to have a few adhesive bandages on various small cuts and burns from working with electronics or machines. At the RP’s start, he has two on his left hand, one wrapped around the side of his palm and one on the second joint of his ring finger.
Musculature: Average
Personality: James is fairly collected and snarky, though he can often get overwhelmed when dealing with crazy stuff. He generally enjoys meeting new people and seeing new things, particularly finding new toys to tinker with.
Skills: He’s picked up a good deal of skill with machines, learning about cars from his father at a relatively young age, and from there graduating to various other bits of machinery dissasemblage up to computers and various other complex electronics. Oddly, despite his skill with the mechanical aspects, he is not very good with coding or software. He also speaks Spanish fluently due to being raised in a bilingual household.
Past: James had a happy childhood. He grew up in a loving family, and a successful businessman for a father meant he got all sorts of toys to tinker with, usually “upgrading” them in various (usually dangerous) ways. James doesn’t know the first thing about Digimon, but when he does find himself in the Digital World, he is more than eager to learn everything he can about a realm that mirrors the networks of the real world.
Family: Mother, Father, and two sisters. They will go unnamed for now.
Love Relationships?: None

His Digivice color is purple, like so.

His partner Digimon is Phantmon, pictured here in sketchy, overlarge forme:


His attacks are Fireball Charge and Water Spray his line goes Phantmon -> WarElephantmon -> AncientMammothmon -> Ganeshmon

I haven't managed to draw the others, so description time.

WarElephantmon simply appears to be an oversized, muscular African Bush Elephant, wearing a helmet and a large, elaborate cloth drape. The helmet features a small protrusion that holds the upgraded version of the gem on Phantmon's head, now featuring three upper points. He also has a saddle, which is worn on top of a cloth cushion. The cushion's lining and the drape have Digicode embroidered into them which reads "WAR ELEPHANT". His attacks are Blaze Crusher and Freezing Torrent.

AncientMammothmon is a gargantuan mammoth, clad in the armor of an Indian War Elephant. Once again, the crystal has upgraded and become a six pointed star. The toes on his forelimbs are now distinct digits, and he can temporarily pull himself up and use them for simplistic hand-like things, such as hitting. His attacks are Fiery Meteor and Icicle Storm.

Ganeshmon is similar in appearance to his namesake, the Hindu god Ganesha. He is an absolutely enormous bipedal elephant with four arms, and wears a modified form of traditional rajput armor, sans the helmet. He instead wears a golden circlet containing the crystal, now shaped like a lotus blossom viewed from above. His upper pair of arms hold twin khanda swords, while his lower pair holds two crystals one glowing red and the other blue, both shaped like lotus flowers from which he performs his two attacks: Fire Hazard and Water Chain.
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It's finally here!

Herbert Zane
Gender: Male
Hometown: Conway, South Carolina, USA
Age: 12
Height: 4’11”
Weight: 100lbs.
Hair: Light brown buzz cut
Eye Color: Green
Clothing: Pale blue jeans, brown thick soled shoes used for outdoor activities, a plain forest green shirt, and a camo jacket.
Identifying Marks: Two puncture wounds on the top of his left foot from getting bit by a copperhead.
Musculature: Average for a kid his age, fit from spending so much time outside.
Personality: Very optimistic. Herbert always sees the Brightside of every situation even if the only positive thing he can think of is “At least I’m alive.” Herbert is also an outdoorsman. If he is inside for too long he gets restless and feels trapped. Outside he feels free, going on hikes in the woods, camping, hunting, or just playing in his backyard in the fresh air and sunshine. As a result he does not watch much TV or spend a lot of time on the internet so he has no idea what Digimon is. The only electronics he’s good at using are his flip phone which he only uses to call home and the microwave to heat up his food. Other gadgets are beyond him.
Skills: Orienteering, cooking on a fire, hunting, anything needed for wilderness survival.
Past: Herbert has loved playing outside his whole life. As mentioned above he feels trapped when indoors which is why he does not like going to school except for Gym class (when outside anyway). Both of Herbert’s parents work to support their three children so home schooling is out of the question. Herbert’s backyard boarders the woods so he spends a lot of time going for hikes, hunting, or camping back there when not playing in his own yard. While he loves the feeling of grass beneath his feet, Herbert learned to always where shoes when venturing near the woods. Three years ago Herbert treaded to close to a copperhead and nearly lost his life after getting bit. This however did not scare him from the outdoors, but rather gave him more respect for nature and taught him to be more cautious and mindful of his surroundings.
Family: Older sister, younger brother, mother, and father
Love Relationships?: None. Only just started to notice girls

Herbert's digivice color will be the green one Stel used in the exposition post because it suits Herbert best. Hope you don't mind me stealing it ^_^

Digimon: Otamamon -> Gekomon -> ShogunGekomon -> Pukumon

Otamamon is a snarky prankster who is very good at getting himself into trouble but very bad at getting himself out of it. More than once Otamamon decided to pick on a stronger Digimon who wasn’t put up with his crap becoming an expert at running away and no stranger to physical pain. One would think he would learn his lesson but Otamamon is either stupid, a masochist, or both.

I have one quick question before I actually post in the RP proper: Since this is loosely based on Adventure 01 are we on File Island or a different location in the Digital World? Forgive me if this was already answered somewhere, I just want to get my facts straight before posting.


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Our take on the digital world is unique to our RP, so there won't be any locations from the Adventure verse, no.

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Hokay, so. Discussion re: the current lighthouse led us to agree that its design is based on the Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria and that it should be one of seven locations based on the seven wonders of the ancient world, five of which should serve as the sites of our Ultimate Battles (as in, our ultimate forms VS the alternate ultimates that unlock one piece of the Mega Evolution puzzle). Perhaps these Ultimates function as 'Area Guardians' (or bosses) that have become corrupted and defeating them (and scanning their data) 're-activates' the area and releases whatever piece we needed? Just an idea.

However, since it was just Tailon, Rex and I in chat at that moment, I figured we should probably discuss the specifics in the thread so that @Psycho Monkey and @Picnicker Virgil (tagged for attention-drawing) can also get a choice as for what particular landmark they want as a setting.

So we have settings based on The Great Pyramid of Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, the Mausoleum or Halicarnassus, the Colossus of Rhodes, and the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

I need an oceanside location for my battle, so I may have to claim the Colossus of Rhodes in advance (the Lighthouse will probably not be a battle location since it's where we start the thing and backtracking through the digital world will become rather difficult once corruption zones spread that far). We were thinking that maybe the Masoleum would be a great location for P_M's character since his ultimate opponent is SkullScorpiomon (and Xros already did the Pyramid/SkullScorpiomon thing XD) but that's just an idea.



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I've gone ahead with the lighthouse either being the Lighthouse at Alexandra or a perfect replica thereof.

Expanding on the idea a little further, I am quite fond of using the Hanging Gardens as a hub sort of place, an oasis in the desert if you will, which has a town and shops. This would leave the other five locations between the five of us to use. However, given that Virgil's planned Digimon is food based, the gardens might work well for your Digimon. Therefore, if you want to use it, I won't raise any objections.

Which leaves us with five, or six, other locations. I personally need something with a lot of air space, and thus I'm kind of SOL. However, I do have an idea that makes use of the Pyramids of Gaza if no one else ends up using it.

Psycho Monkey

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After doing a bit of research, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus seems to be a good location for my battle with SkullScorpiomon. Overall I like this idea about the seven wonders and I'm glad you guys were able to come up with it, though I'm kind of disappointed that I wasn't there to join in the planning. Oh well, what can you do? :p

I figure which ever one is left after everyone has made their selection can be the location of our hub/final boss battle/what have you.
I am quite fond of using the Hanging Gardens as a hub sort of place, an oasis in the desert if you will, which has a town and shops. This would leave the other five locations between the five of us to use. However, given that Virgil's planned Digimon is food based, the gardens might work well for your Digimon. Therefore, if you want to use it, I won't raise any objections.
I don't mind you using the gardens. Actually, the Digimon I have in mind for the Ultimate battle is Persephomon, which is based on the Goddess Persephone so I think the Temple of Artemis would work better for my battle anyways. Plus as long as I'm allowed to destroy it I think it would be a good place for a fight.

So I was typing my post and I remembered we were all splitting up, so I'm not sure where my character should be at this point. He was on the beach/heading towards the lighthouse but I guess he should be somewhere else?


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Virgil, I would say yes. But hey, you get to make up the place you and PM start at!

As for destroying, I'd say that's fine. As areas fall to corruption it's not likely we'll be revisiting them. To be honest my plan for the Pyramid at Gaza results in the Ultimate Wingdramon has to battle bursting out of the the pyramid, so at least if we can't destroy them we're SOL together!

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Hokay. SO. After I basically put on my DM hat and went HOLD IT! on the story, it's high time we discuss what the hell do we do next.

Things have gone a bit pear-shaped with events on the Wyatt/Herbet side of things. I realize that you people needed something to do, but yeah. It's far too early for evolution to start happening and the plan was for all the digivices to end up activating together rather than whatever the eff just happened. However, we kind of have a problem here. With PM kind of forcing this Fangmon battle a bit earlier than anticipated and the ratios of forces involved it's a bit difficult to see how they're going to pull out of that one WITHOUT fucking over the collective framework. <<; So the question is, honestly, what do we do now.

We could have Fangmon distracted by larger worthier prey or another invasion to its territory by an actual threat which could actually give these people a chance to make a damn break for it and head for the lighthouse, for example. But even that requires some planning - and I figured that I might as well bring this into the discussion thread before we do anything else.



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The easiest course of action, and the best for foreshadowing, would be to have something bigger scare Fangmon off. Wyatt/Herbert don't have to see it, perhaps they just feel it. Or maybe they don't understand what's wrong with Fangmon at all. It only requires a small amount of rewriting, as well.

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Yeah... Sorry about that. ^^; The set up was just too perfect to ignore and I do take full responsibility for the mess we're in. I like Rex's idea of something scaring Fangmon off like maybe one of the knights or something (unless it's to early for them to show up ^^; ). Stel's idea is also doable since Fangmon's profile says the species is rivals with Garurumon. Maybe a Garurumon shows up and the two wolves go at it?


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So Stel and I, with some input from Tailon, have been working together in Chat planning what to do in Digimon. Most of this stuff is subject to change depending on your input, PM and Virgil, and how events go leading up to these points. Feel free to add anything you'd like us to do with these guys so we can discuss it as a whole.

For now, however, we are proud to present to you:

The Fall of the Royal Knights.
  • Beginning of the End: Shortly after Chaosmon's formation, Omnimon began to hound it, with the eventual goal of slaying Chaosmon. Unfortunately, before the events of the RP, Chaosmon, or its influence, has already slain four of the Royal Knights, Crusadermon, Examon, and UlforceVeedramon. It has also claimed the lives of the knight in training, Huckmon, and its companions Sistermon Blanc and Sistermon Noir, causing Gankoomon to pursue it as well.
  • Human Introduction: Sometime after achieving Champion Forms, our heroes encounter Craniamon and Leopardmon, two of the surviving Royal Knights. The two are responding to the pleas of a village under assault by Digimon crazed by the corruption. Working with the heroes, the pair manage to save the village, Craniamon specifically downing the head of the pack, either an Ultimate or Mega level Digimon, with ease. The group celebrates their victory together.
  • First Chaosmon Encounter: Later that night, Chaosmon appears before the heroes for the first time. Craniamon rushes it and is instantly destroyed. Chaosmon's presence drives the villagers into a crazed frenzy, and they overwhelm and kill Leopardmon as well. The party is lucky to escape with their lives.
  • Pursuers: That morning, the party meets Omnimon for the first time. The Knight is searching for survivors after having driven Chaosmon from the area. After revitalizing the group's spirits, Omnimon pursues Chaosmon. Sometime afterward, Gankoomon also grills the party for information on Chaosmon, leaving shortly after hearing that Craniamon and Leopardmon are dead.
  • Disorganization: The loss of Leopardmon robs the Knights of their strategist, and without it, the Knights have trouble posing a unified front against Chaosmon's advance. The group will encounter the surviving Knights several times over this period, all of whom are traveling alone. One such encounter with Magnamon drives Veemon to admit his manipulation of Kyle, driving a wedge between the two. Gankoomon begins to show the effects of prolonged exposure to corruption, becoming more disjointed in his thoughts and increasingly hostile to the party.
  • Search for the Wonders: Magnamon witnesses the fall of the first Wonder Ultimate at the hands of the party. It is this event that convinces the Knight that the party is the last, greatest hope for the Digital World. Magnamon accompanies the party on a Locomon ride to the next Wonder, only for a Chaosmon flyby to corrupt the line and force Locomon to Digivolve to GranLocomon. Magnamon saves the party's lives at the cost of its own, getting too close to the corruption in its effort to stop GranLocomon.
  • Achieving Mega: By this time, Darkdramon has overpowered BranchoLeomon within Chaosmon. The monster assimilates Valdurmon and uses its new found power to mortally wound Omnimon. Omnimon passes the last of its strength to the party, unlocking the ability to Mega Digivolve.
  • The Final Battle: The remaining Knights gather in the Hanging Gardens to protect the area from Chaosmon long enough for the citizens to evacuate. Gankoomon succumbs to its corruption and kills Gallantmon, before challenging the party to a fight. Following its death, the party rushes to the site of the Final Battle with Chaosmon in time to witness Chaosmon assimilate Kantaurosmon and completely destroy Dynasmon. With the death of the last Royal Knight, the party takes on Chaosmon for the future of the Digital World.
Sir Not Appearing in this Roleplay: Because Alphamon exists as a sort of last-case scenario, it will not be appearing in the RP, instead being kept in stasis while the Tamers save the Digital World in its place.
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I like this. I think it's a good idea to have at least some structure to the RP so that we all know what we need to do next and where all the pieces need to go. That way we're not running around like headless chickens who RP ourselves into a corner like Virgil and I did before xP

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Hokay, so. Now that Group A (that is to say, @Rex , @Tailon and myself) is done with the expogab, we need to figure out where exactly do we join them up with group B (that is @Picnicker Virgil and @Psycho Monkey ) and actually activate our god damn digivices, because there's only so much lag this storyline can take.

Safest bet I can think of is send Group A to meet with Group B in the general direction of the city they're headed for and meeting halfway through (I'd imagine that with the whole disorienting mess that the Fangmon maze was for group B they probably haven't gotten TOO far from the general lighthouse area), apply Fangmon battle/five-digivice-activation-sequence/someone works out how to digimodify. Any input from the rest of you? ESPECIALLY Group B.

Psycho Monkey

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Man, I need to stop going to bed at midnight my time because you guys always seem to plan RP stuff at that time! XD

But yeah, I definitely agree that we're probably still in the woods somewhere so it shouldn't be too hard for you guys to find us. I think somehow we've had more time pass in our section than you guys have but that mess can work itself out when we finally meet up. Hopefully we can keep things on track and get people to post more regularly once Groups A and B join forces.
That works for me. I agree with PM, things will probably pick up once we're all in the same group. And I like that we'll get some closure on the whole Fangmon thing.

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Alrighty, now that Digimodifications are a thing it may be a good time to point out some basic sorts of ones that can be acquired and where to find them.

Digimodifications are compiled by a DTD Digivice from scanned data acquired from defeated Digimon (which dissociate into a cloud of loose data upon defeat) or occasionally specialized 'draw points' where loose data flows to the 'surface' layer of the digital world. Three types of Modifications exist:

Plug-Ins are the most basic of modifications, tending to take up the least modifications slots and have the shortest cooldown times (first-level Plug-ins tend to take up 1 modification slot and have a cooldown rate of 5-10 minutes). They function as temporary boosts to the various attributes of a Digimon. Plug-Ins come in a variety of magnitudes and delays - with longer-lasting, higher-powered plug-ins taking up more modification slots - and come in five categories: Power, Defense, Speed, Health and Energy.

Power, Defense and Speed are all fairly straightforward. Health and Energy Boosts temporarily increase the Health or Energy bars' maximum value while providing a charge, similar to the addition of an energy tank/subtank in the Metroid/Megaman games. Excess health/energy provided by said charge lingers even after the modification enters cooldown and the Health/Energy bars resume their default values (unless it exceeds the default maximum).

Note that Health represents the total damage a Digimon can take before it cannot sustain its code integrity and falls apart, whereas Energy reflects stamina and endurance - a completely exhausted Digimon may be unable to fight or even revert to a previous evolutionary form in order to prevent itself from losing integrity.
Attack Mods
Attack Mods are derived from Digimon and allow a single use of their signature technique. These are some of the more complex modifications, often taking up the most modification slots - depending on the species and level of the originating Digimon - the higher the level and the more potent the attack, the more modification slots it takes. These usually have a rather long cooldown period.

Also often derived from the non-weaponized elements of Digimon, Items are the most diverse class of modifications, with the most variations in number of uses, cooldown period and modification slots. Advanced armor plating, self-repair modules, metabolic boosts, specialty accessories - the sky is the limit, provided a Digimon has enough slots to equip it. Be advised that some Digimon have better compatibility with some items than others.

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Double-post (to be merged later) to store data re: our upcoming plot arc.

With Fangmon defeated, our party moves on towards the city on the horizon. It is a reasonably-sized city located at a point beyond the forest, where the land rises into mountains. Shouldn't be too far away from where we are although there is still a bit of a walk - and by the time we get there the question of food, water and shelter for the night rises.

When we arrive, we find out from the locals (probably some sort of village elder?) that the city's location was protected from the Corruption by an artifact somehow linked to Flaremon (created by Flaremon? A conduit for his Light? This requires a bit of thinking) - but the artifact has since been stolen by a gang of self-serving bandits who have fled into their lair in a series of ruins located in the nearby mountains. Naturally, we agree to help them reclaim their artifact in exchange for aforementioned food/water/shelter for the night. Cue some character development and sleep. End of Day One.

On day two we set off to the ruins where we engage in a series of battles against the bandit gang - mostly composed of strong rookies, maybe an armor-evolution or two. We should be able to handle these with modifications alone - but eventually we must deal with the gang leader, a relatively strong champion, and facing off against him requires us to unlock the power of Digivolution - introducing at least one or two of our Champion Forms.

A battle later, the day is won - and we return the Artifact to the city, where it is re-instated (although in a feat of foreshadowing, Veemon may ask why we don't just keep this corruption warding item for ourselves). With the day saved, our heroes get a general idea for where the hell to go next - and move on.


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As a general recap, and also adding the discussion we've had in chat, we've found a use for all seven wonders.
  • The Pharos of Alexandria is the starting location for the adventure. Within it we met Flaremon, who guided the party together and gave is a general overview of what it was they needed to do.
  • The Hanging Gardens of Babylon is the main hub, and also the location of the final battle. Throughout the RP, we will be able to tell the status of the world based on the health of the plants and the continued flowing of the garden's water.
  • The Pyramid at Giza is my (@Rex) claimed wonder. It is the location of Veemon's Alt Ultimate battle.
  • The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus is @Psycho Monkey's claimed wonder and the location of Otamamon's Alt Ultimate battle.
  • The Colossus of Rhodes is @StellarWind Elsydeon's claimed wonder and the location of Isomon's Alt Ultimate battle.
  • The Statue of Zeus is @Tailon's claimed wonder and the location of Phantmon's Alt Ultimate battle.
  • The Temple of Artemis, formerly @Picnicker Virgil's claimed wonder, is now the location of Chaosmon's assimilation of Valdurmon and Omnimon's mortal wounding. It is also the location where Omnimon bestows upon the party the power of Mega Digivolution.

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So, now that Day 1 of our Big Damn Digital World Adventure is ending, it's time to plan our raid on the Bandit Headquarters.

First of all, we can finally put a name and a face to our charismatic and fearsome bandit leader - a Centaurmon. Being the next major boss of our story, when we battle him we should all be at Champion strength - but considering we've only battled once, against a champion very weakened by Corruption, we really should brush up on our battling for a while before we trot with that beast. Taking into consideration the sort of pacing various Digimon series have - and keeping in mind that we are an RP rather than an anime and so we can't quite do a number of 'monster of the day' episodes - here's the general outline we've come up with.

Starting off, we should have a few early battles against some strong rookies/lower level-and-or-middling-armors early on into the mission. Perhaps group attacks by scouts/random mooks out on patrol as we sneaking around the mountains to the bandit stronghold. These encounters will have us knowing what we're doing a bit more than what we did against Fangmon, and the challenge level should provide us with comfortable transition and familiarization with our abilities (Ponchomon and Mothmon strike me as CHOICE candidates for at least one such encounter because of how incredibly stereotypical Ponchomon looks and how Mothmon could provide ridonculous machine gun support).

As we actually infiltrate the fortress, but before we face off against Centaurmon himself, we will find ourselves at odds with his four lieutenants - Kabukimon, Baromon, Sepikmon and Flybeemon. They are all powerful armor levels, probably with their own minions - and facing off against each would require one of our partner Digimon to evolve into their Champion level.

Or at least, that would have been the plan - if Flybeemon wasn't basically the inevitable Starscream of the lieutenants. Once one of the lieutenants falls (and Veemon evolves into Flamedramon), Flybeemon realizes its opportunity and approaches us in secret, in an attempt to help him unseat his boss. While he makes preparations, we take out the other two lieutenants by way of distraction (Phantmon and Otamamon should evolve into WarElephantmon and Gekomon along the way) - which leaves only Centaurmon himself. Flybeemon makes his attempt on Centaurmon and for a while, he even appears to actually be winning - but then, the leader taps into the power of the relic stolen from Wire, supercharging itself, deleting and absorbing Flybeemon with ease.

So now it's four of us versus a very pissed off, charged-up bandit leader. Veemon/Phantmon/Otamamon evolve into Flamedramon/WarElephantmon/Gekomon, and sometime during the battle, Isomon will also evolve into Amphimon. Even with four champions and digimodifications equipped, Centaurmon should give us a run for our money - but eventually (and inevitably) we win. Once word gets around Centaurmon and his Lieutenants are down, the fortress breaks into chaos and infighting - which will allow us to secure the relic, possibly rescue whatever captives are around, and Vamoosemon out of there.
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